Denise & Her Girls At The Boom Boom Room

Denise Richards

Denise Richards and daughters Sam, nearly 4, and Lola, 2, were snapped shopping at the Boom Boom Room Follow the Yellow Brick Road Gifting Wonderland on January 12th in L.A.



  1. Lisa says

    Those kids are usually sucking their thumbs or crying. I was surprised to see smiles on their faces

  2. 2teens3beans says

    ^^ Aww c’mon. How can you say Sam is f.u.g.l.y? I actually think she is the cuter of the two.

    Joeysgirl80…. you are one scary lady. Get some mental help hun!

  3. Dear joeysgirl80 says

    I think you are hilarious! Very funny! The little one isn’t that bad but the older one – F-u-g-l-y. And Denise looks like a trans*vestite.

  4. joeysgirl80 says

    As I said, I do try not to judge since I am such an awesome christian – PTL!!!! Judging is usually done by people of other religions like jews or muslims, thats why I needed to clarify.
    But, since I think those children are very unattractive I guess the good lord can make mistakes sometimes when he is creating his little blessings. Poor, poor Denise, you need all the christan hugs you can get being saddled with those girls. (((((HUGS)))))

  5. Um... says

    Those aren’t tablets, that is a tin from Starbucks, either mints or gum. I know, I’ve gotten plenty of tins like that!

  6. Generic name says

    Haller! I hate this pretentious! cute little girls though, especially LOLA…Lola in Turkish mean GRANDMOTHER!

  7. joeysgirl80 says

    I try not to judge because I am such a christian woman, but those children are very unattractive! God bless poor Denise! (((HUGS)))

  8. Blair says

    OMG! FINALLY some pictures of these precious little girls! Sam’s hair is getting sooo long, it looks adorable! And Lola is cute too, but I must disagree with most and say that I think Sam is cuter. She does look like her father, but I don’t see why thats considered a bad thing…Sam’s goregous and has such a rare beauty…while Lola is as cute as a button too, she seems to look just like every other child on the playground…nothing too out of the ordinary…and I would know….I am a transition preschool teacher for a class of two to three year olds! Great picture!

  9. Dnice says

    Finally a picture without her holding them and them sucking their thumbs. I always got the impression that they are spoiled. Cute.

  10. squeekysue says

    I think these girls are lovely, but… I think she dresses them horribly too. In other pictures of the girls, their clothes have been tattered and or to small, mostly one is dressed nice and the other not. (I’m thinining of the halloween pics)

  11. DeeDee says

    Jx2 – They are dressed like cute little girls, she probably insisted on what she wanted to wear.
    Sofimee – Lola does NOT look like her Dad, thank goodness!!

  12. Jx2 says

    Sam-I-am has butterflies on her dress and strawberries on her head…yeah…right – “very” styllish…she looks like a stick of Bazooka bubblegum! LOL

  13. oriana says

    Sam is finally smiling! She is getting very tall, both girls are. Lola looks just like Denise’s mother, they are sweet girls. I do like the way Denise dresses the girls, very stylish and cute.

  14. Cathi says

    wow. it’s been a while since we saw sam and lola! this shot of them is so cute. sam is wearing the same outfit as the barbie doll….awwww. lola’s polka dot skirt and braids are adorable, too.

  15. says

    wow, her children are smiling for the camera, not sucking their thumbs! Has this ever happened before? It must not have been paps taking the picture, usually those kids look miserable.

  16. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ LOL!
    Yes, she sure does look like Charlie. I think she’s cute and so is Lola. Denise on the other hand…… scary.

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