Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Welcome A Son!


Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman welcomed a baby boy on Saturday at 10:05 p.m.

This is the first child for Christina, 27, and her music executive husband.

“Christina and Jordan are proud to announce the birth of their son Max Liron Bratman. He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy!” a rep for the couple told People magazine. “Mom is resting and doing well!”

Despite various media reports that Christina had her baby on Friday, Max – 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 20.5 inches long – arrived late Saturday night in L.A.

In a message later posted on her official Web site Sunday, Christina tells fans, “Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world.”

The singer also posted a special video of her song “Save Me from Myself,” with footage from the couple’s personal wedding video.

“Just a little something to say ‘thank you’ for your undying love and support,” writes Christina. “It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life!”





  1. Dewey says

    then we would go home and take care of Wyatt and Chris and then a montage of san francisco will apear.

  2. Dewey says

    then we would go home and take care of Wyatt and Chris and then a montage of sanfrancisco will apear. So post as Derel gggrrrrrr. Work with me webmistress

  3. Dewey says

    Then Leo, Paige or Wyatt would or* us and we would look for you like hide and seek and tag you out.

  4. Dewey says

    See Paige’s latest hair styles and help Billy (she looks like a girl but we think she is a man because of the name so maybe you should be her Bella) and her demo* sister who is trying to vanqui** us as I speak.

  5. Dewey says

    Whatever it doesnt matter you are just Derrel so post like that or you will become a demon and we certainly dont want that cause then I would have to find the girls, we would look you up in the book of shadows then scry for you then Piper would have to make the potion which she hates so thanks. Then we would hear Piper B*tch about her latest Leo problems. Who Prue has slept with lately then I would get to talk about how I cant find love then fall in love with Coop aka Cupid my man so dont make fun.

  6. Sheniqua says

    ok, christina i luv you and all but i am TIRED!!!!!!! i am tired of only seeing little white babies on this website! I aint never seen a BLACK baby on babyrazzi!!!! It’s just like watching the 6 oclock news!!!!!! I know a site that does have some black babies on it!!!!!! CELEBRITYBABYBLOG!!!!!!! GO to it B****** luv u guys…

  7. Nicki says

    Congratulations to Christina and her family.
    She does have a beautiful voice.

    fee~thanks for that info. Thats so sweet.

  8. Lauren says

    Congratulations to Christina and Jordan. They seem so happy. Can’t wait to see the first pix. I watched the video on her website. Wow, amazing! I love her!

  9. fee says


    I have been reading that the name Max means “The Greatest” and Liron means “my song”. So Max Liron is Christina’s greatest song. cute.

  10. Tia :) says

    I agree Kasey. I’v always been a Christina fan…i think she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard…besides Celine Dion ( but thats my opinion 🙂 )

    Congrats to the happy family!!

  11. Kasey says

    Hey, I watched the video on her website that includes some wedding footage and loved it. Her voice is unbelievable and I think she is a beautiful person inside and out. She is one of the few young people that seems to “have it together” and that is something rare these days.

  12. pat says

    Congrat’s to the both of them. I can’t wait for the pix. I love this photo Christina looks beautiful here and they seem so happy together. Love the baby name.

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