1. Irene Lucas says

    I have followed this couple since 2003, I think there are amazing . It is a beautiful family photo and they are both very proud parents and good on them. They don’t consider themselves any better than anyone else they would like to share their happiness with the world. One day I hope to meet them and say hello all the way from down under Australia

  2. Jx2 says

    Why have you been reading all my comments? Is it because you have nothing better to do?! Ker-pow!
    So – what’s on the inside of A Mighty Jerk??? hmm AMJ?
    Slam dunk? Why don;t you tell the readers why YOU think you are so “special?”

  3. AMJ says

    I’ve broken none…why because I am a nice person inside and out, plain and simple. You however are not….I have been reading all your comments and you are a very nasty immature little girl. All you do is say nasty hurtful things about people because you probably A: have nothing better to do or B: have such low self esteem you need to put other people down to bring yourself up. I really don’t care what you like on the outside, it’s the inside that matters.

  4. Jx2 says

    Honey – I look in the mirror all the time and I LOVE what i see!! The real question is: “how many mirrors have you broken when you looked at yourself in them?”

  5. AMJ says

    I agree with #16 and #17, she looks beautiful, and she has tried very hard to get the body she has now. Don’t give her a hard time…she had a hard time getting pregnant, and now she has a happy little family…good for her! Anyone saying bad comments on here is just jealous and is trying to make themselves feel better. Go look in the mirror, are you happy? Do your breast sag, do you have muffin tops? Probably….don’t hate and be nasty.

  6. LMAO says

    I never liked Trista….especially after that “I had a baby and I’m a size 5 and I’m fat” rant she had 3 weeks after giving birth!

  7. Jx2 says

    She lo*oks like a h*orse with her bi*g te*eth and an*gular ho*rse sha*ped face. His bo*dy is awesome but in his line of work he needs to be buff. It’s n*ot exactly my cup of tea, i.e. all that muscle – but aesthetically speaking his torso reminds me of a marble statue of a Greek god

  8. miapocca says


    what on earth are man legs

    Also with some people they get a stripe down thier stomach with thier pregnancy..but in any case I will say strecthmarks galore, after all she just spread and contracted all in one year..traumatic event 🙂

  9. Shera says

    She is very pretty, he is very hott, and their baby is beautiful. I think it is great that their marrige has lasted this long. It seems they are the only “Bachelor” related couple to actually get married, let alone make it work.

  10. Melissa says

    Wow– so many of you are so nasty! Life must be pretty miserable that you have to write such venom filled comments. They are a cute family. Trista is tiny and looks fantastic. Max looks cute.

  11. Jx2 says

    Glad to see that someone else shares a similar thought! Minus the baby comment- of course…the kid reminds me of a floppy rag-doll.

  12. Mellynn says

    She busted her hump to lose all the baby weight, and what is funny is that you can still tell…she still has that linea nigra running down her belly. Can’t stand these two…cute baby, though.

  13. T-U-M-M-Y T-U-C-K says

    Looks like the plastic surgery went well. Why are they posing like this on vacation? I guess that’s what non-famous “stars” do for the paparazzi while on vacation. If you look at a famous family – they NEVER POSE! They do everything in their power to act like they are a normal family on vacation with no one around taking photos. And what’s that discoloration on her stomach in the first photo? Spray-on abs?? She has man legs.

    Let the games begin!! 😉

  14. Jx2 says

    I watched an episode of the show she was appearing on. I do not own a TV so I only saw an episode on someone else’s TV.

  15. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    What do you mean you saw the episode she was on? Trista was the Bachelorette…for an entire season, obviously.

  16. Jx2 says

    Krista is so fake in many ways. Her smile is fake. She acts fake. She might as well get fake breasts too. I do not like her at all. Her husband is so much better than her. I used to have a television and had watched the episode with her on it and she was so annoying. I felt like reaching into the television and ringing her scrawny little neck.

  17. Sandra says

    Boobs get droopy after children, ecspecially if you breastfeed. They look great but seriously they are not celebs so go live your life!

  18. mimitothem says

    they are natural looking. unlike the artifical boobs, natural boobs droop over time.
    They are a cute family. I watched them from the beginning and wish them the best.

  19. dori says

    looks like she lost the weight she wanted to lose . other than that what can you say? They aren’t celebrities yet they are the center of attention… I don’t get it.

  20. miapocca says

    As TMZ says, the camera will be ther for the divorse as well…they need to learn to stay away from the cameras..

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