Katie Holmes Says That Suri Is A Very Strong Woman

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie, 29, shared of Suri at Thursday’s Glamour magazine kickoff event for V-Day’s 10th Anniversary, “She’s a very strong woman.”

“I’m very proud of her,” Katie added. “She’s actually teaching me a lot – probably more than I’m teaching her.”

“She’s very smart and strong,” Katie concluded. “And really magical.”



  1. Elley says

    I think Katie used the word “woman” because Scientology’s believe babies/children have lived years before. I agree if Suri is such a “woman” she wouldn’t need the BABY BOTTLE. But I agree, when most parents speak about our children, we recall cute stories or different things they have done. They also believe in little to no punishing, it may leave a negative impact on them, so their is no saying “no”.
    I have 3 children and when I saw each of my children I said they are to beautiful for them to be Brats and no one want to be around them. There is no excuse for a child of Suri’s age to be bitting her Mother and if her Mother allowed it she is doing damage to that child’s future years, no one in the REAL world will allow that type of behavior when they get older, for example take a look at Paris Hilton……..
    JJ as for breast milk/formula I agree it is a parents choice, I and MANY experts on the subject feel and have scientific proof breast milk is better for an infant. I would like you to at least try to come up with more than one individual, and what type of expert training does this person have, for your stance. I really wouldn’t reply on your comments but you have come acrossed so aggressive and uninformed in your opinion I couldn’t let it go. I have worked in the medical field for years and I have never heard barely milk coming close to breast milk/formula.
    I also feel Katie got into her relationship so fast and was romanced by her childhood dream, she didn’t know what she was doing and now she is doing what she needs to do to be with her baby and make sure she will have the means necessary to care for her child when she sees a way out, if she can get out.
    I really like the idea of a film being made about the Scientology cult.
    I also think it is such a shame for Katie to be so young a beautiful, and trying to look like she is 20 years older. If Tom wants a woman 20 years older go out get one and let Katie be Katie.

  2. oriana says

    Spoiled rotten Brat looks just like Tom in this picture of her screaming her head off, over wanting her bottle! She needs a good spanking on her little fanny!!!

    Katie is not that smart intelligence wise, sorry, but true! I think a lot of mistakes will be coming out of her mouth more than more!

    Sorry Jenna, you know I love you hon!!!!!

  3. cherisse says

    I thought the same thing, but think about it she might have ment women because every female is basically going to become a woman. Maybe she ment to say something else but something else came out her mouth. Everybody makes mistakes.

  4. Jenna M (UK) says

    #79, kids have tantrums. Its no big deal. And anyway, with all thoe flashbulbs going off in her face and crazy people screaming her name, who can blame Suir for being a little crabby? She’s only a year old – she was probably terrified.

    Ok so what Katie said might have sounded a little odd, but I don’t get why everybody is fixating on it and condeming her for it. She is an adult woman, she can say what the hell she likes.

  5. oriana says

    I say Katie, spend that money girl! I don’t have a problem with her shopping, go for it, every single day! I had rather her spend it on her and her daughter than the nut cases at Scientology get their Alien paws on it. Keep it up Katie!!!!!!!!

  6. Shadow Girl says

    I think all those $cieno “not” drugs Tom’s putting in to her breakfast in the morning is just making her extremely loopy all day. She doesn’t consider what she says beforehand, so she sounds just as bat$hite crazy as her old husband.

    In Touch mag says Tom’s worried about his hag’s reckless and relentless spending recently. WHAT TOOK HIM SO LONG?! She’s a compulsive shopper and needs Dr. Phil!

  7. oriana says

    Mia, I am surprised he didn’t direct Silence of the Lambs, I think he would have done an excellent job!

  8. Miapo-cca says

    Well Gene Hackman is one of the greatest of all times..he has such a range of roles its almost unbeleivable the way he switches between drama, comedy and action..

    The birdcage is a remake of la Cage aux folles

    and oh I finally figured out why the cultologist worhsip suri, leah rimini is on the celeb baby site with her daughter and she probaly will having surgery befor her next birthday!

  9. oriana says

    This is for Mia, I know Gene Hackman is a serious actor, I am thinking about him winning the Oscar for Unforgiven with Clint, but I absolutely loved him in The Birdcage! I laughed till I cried and I love that movie! My son got it for me one year for one of my Christmas presents and I watch it all the time.

  10. oriana says

    I wonder if the women give their fakey salutes like Tom does when they go to the Center? It is just plain stupid to me!!! Tom nor David or soldiers, unless they are Storm Troopers for Star Wars!! Scientology is not a branch of the Service! It is an insult to our brave men and women in the military in my opinion. I don’t like it at all!!!!!!

  11. miapocca says

    Gene Hubbard would certainly make a good hubbar..ahahaha…excellent excellent casting…ormaybe philip seymour

  12. oriana says

    The kid is a total brat and Katie acts like a Robot to me. Suri will end up having more sense than Katie! It wouldn’t surprise me one bit when she gets to be a grown WOMAN years down the road, she may end up being the head of Scientology with all her grooming and training for it!

    I would suggest for people to educate themselves about this Cult and then form your opinion, and believe me, I think there should be a movie made about it. I think Gene Hackman would be good in the role of Hubbard since John Wayne is dead and gone!

  13. kelly says

    a woman…. she still like’s the bottle. katie you are going to need a bottle to. i can’t stand the whole family. so, suri is now an adult woman . she still carries around a baby bottle, aloud to do what she want’s, no disciplne. i guess her being a woman, she shound not be able to shake those horriffic temper tantrum’s. i saw them in a store where suri found a marker while she was crwlind around on the floor while mommy was shopping. katie bent down to get the marker,suri thru such a temper tantrum what did katie do???? gave right in to her and once again suri got her way. i hope she did not use that on all the expensive clothe’s. but, katie would of just paid for everything, she shop’s so much and money is no problem. well, i don’t like suri or zahara, they are going to be hellion’s in the year’s to come, can’t wait for that. she need’s to hang out with violet affleck. she is a sweet girl. alway’s smiling and happy

  14. miapocca says

    Katie H is hilarious..and no barley water is no urban legend .,.the issue with the cruises is that thier life is soaked in scientology is it serves to do your homeowrk before aggressing others on here especially when you yourself are not conversant with scientology and something as common to scientologists as barley water is disputed by you…dont know what you all think ,but I beleive in scientific research and as long as MILK is supported by scientists as the best nourishment out there, then so be it ans any mother who denies thier child peferctly good nourishment for no reason other than that their cult leader says so it bonkers and when they leave the cult they will regret their stupidity as other have…anyone remember Jim Jones and David Koresh?..

  15. Generic name says

    I think this pic is old..the one taken in Paris..what more can I say about her..every time I see her pics..always on my mind that she’s like” hitting two birds in one stone” fame and fortune

  16. Katie H says

    “Tom is great. He’s wonderful. He has shown me the greatness of chocolate. And Suri, the strong woman in our barley water family has shown me the greatness of tantrums. Tom is wonderful. Oh, and did I mention that Nicole’s kids call ME ‘mom’? Tom is wonderful. Everything is magical…. sort of like Disneyland magical.”

  17. Jx2 says

    Yes – Tia – to each their own. I agree 100%. As for the barley water – It can easily just be an urban legend…I’m not a Scientologist and I would prefer not to read up on it because it’s a waste of my time. In some Eastern European countries I know for a fact that honey was given to colicky babies. And rice milk was also given to babies that had runny stool or other similar issues associated with breast milk.

  18. Tia :) says

    JJ i already told you…give it up. When you have children come back and talk to me. Im saying it’s best for the child. to each his own.

    Look it up if you dont believe me about the barley water…i mean, how could you not know…you know everything right?

  19. Jx2 says

    Like I said Pokaroo – take a hike. I do not even want to read your comments because they are a ball of confusion.

  20. oriana says

    Deeds, I do think they are happy. I think Tom is extremely happy with Katie whom he loves and can control. I think he is especially happy beyond belief with Suri and she probably gets her way about everything. I have heard that ignorance is bliss, and that is true. I don’t think either of them are ignorant, Tom is totally smart and he knows exactly what he is doing, Katie, I have doubts about her intelligence but I don’t think she is dumb, just weak.

    If she has agreed to total dominance by Scientologist then to me she sold her soul, can’t believe her parents go along with it but guess they saw it was out of their control, why not broker for as much money as possible in her best interests? The dad probably thinks it won’t last and at least Katie will be well provided for.

    If she ever does try to break away from Tom’s grasp, and by that I mean get out of the Science Fiction, then she will be in for the fight of her life to keep Suri.

  21. oriana says

    Yes Abbe, I do say exactly the same thing about John Travolta and his nutcase job of a wife too! They are even worse, they hide their son away because he is autistic!

  22. miapocca says

    On behalf sof retards I am honored..if it mean no tbeing classified in the same category of ocnfused intelligence as yourself

    I think you mixed up your argument, you might want to go wan tto ranting on about why breast milk is not the ultimate source of nutrition for children..I know there is a nurse here who can break down the component of breast milk for you in comparison to formula. I dont believe anyone said formula is a bad thing in itself.
    HOwever when a a company goes out of ther=ir way to promote formula as being better than breast milk then they are actually going way out..I wont pretend to know who that author is because I havent read are book. What I know is that breast milk had some amazing nutrients and other components that nourish and boost a new born immunity..this has yet to be duplicated in a formula..infact formulas have increase drastically to date..and there are children who cannot be sustained by breast milk alone or those mothers who cannot breast fed for whatever reason

    However the issue was not about breat milk and well formulated scientific formula but the use of barley water and honey which can be quite dangerous to children..botulism..

    So I think we retards arent bad afterall, we can hold an argument…you are more than welcome to feed yourself whatever you want but when it comes to a child I think its a form of child abuse to deny then available nutrients and opt for something potentially harmful to the child..

  23. Jx2 says

    #50 – you are a re*tard!! I have read the book “Beyond the Breast-Bottle Controversy” by Penny Van Esterik and know exactly what happened in 3rd world countries…women were using unclean water that had not been sterilzed to feed their infants…infant formula itself is not a bad evil monster. And women that choose infant formula are not bad mothers. I suggest that you return to your incessant ramblings of nothingness – an area that you excel in tremendously!

  24. 2teens3beans says

    This whole Scientology thing is a freaky non-religion. I live near their headquarters in Clearwater and the Scientologists walk around in front of Fort Harrison all dressed alike in dark pants and white button front shirts. I have witnessed their bizarre activities since the 70’s. They have a private school there for the little ones called Delphi Academy, actually they have campuses all around the u.s., and it was recently reported that a large percentage of Delphi graduates are practically illiterate! Makes you wonder what goes on in those schools.

  25. miapocca says

    jx2 ..please why dont you educate us on breastfeeding..maybe you want to join nestle in selling bottles to women in third world countries otherwise I dont see why anyone would have anythign negative to sya about breastfeeding!!

  26. gilo says

    I had read that $3/yr for up to 11 yrs contract, too:

    (below from msnbc:)
    “The happy couple and their lawyers have come up with a contract that will give Holmes $3 million a year up to $33 million for each year that she is married to Cruise, as well as a palatial home in Montecito, California, according to Life & Style Weekly. If the marriage lasts longer than eleven years, the contract becomes void and California’s community property law kicks in — giving Holmes half of Cruise’s rather sizeable fortune.

    When contacted by The Scoop, Cruise’s rep declined to comment… ”

    I’m entitled to my opinion so I’m going to say that I think she’s a gold-digger.

  27. miapocca says

    #32–“I know nothing of Scientology ”

    Maybe you should google and then you can find your answers instead of assuming people are just commnenting from the same ignorant perspective as yours,..

  28. Miapocca says

    I hope they dont have some wierd sexual thing goign on in the home where suri is regarded as a woman..maybe thts teh adversity she has had to face..ahahhaha…being a woman for daddy…while mummy zones out of her robotic head

  29. Miapocca says


    “Maybe in “scientology years” Suri is a woman? (Kinda like my 2 year old dog is actually 14 years old in dog years?)”

  30. Miapocca says

    Andrew Morton makes some explosive allegations in his new book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography (out Tuesday). Among them: wife Katie Holmes signed a contract to commit to Scientology and that her father brokered a high-paying pre-nup.

    Us Weekly distills the accusations in its latest issue, on newsstands now.

    Morton claims Cruise had Holmes sign a document before they started dating that allowed “Scientologists full control over her life.” The alleged document required Holmes to “turn only to Scientology’s treatments” for herself and her children’s welfare and “must never use psychiatric care or psychiatric drugs.”

    Morton maintains that Holmes’ father, Martin, an attorney, negotiated a pre-nup that would award her $3 million for each year of their marriage.

    Holmes’ rep had no comment and the Church of Scientology told Us, “Ms. Holmes never signed any agreement.”

    Holmes – praised for her glam makeover – recently congratulated Nicole Kidman on her pregnancy and attended the Critics’ Choice Awards.

    For more on the Cruise rumors, check out the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

    Tell Us: Do you believe Morton’s claims?

  31. Jx2 says

    Mothers can feed their baby whatever form of “milk” they want…it does not have to be breastmilk. Of course you are partial to breastmilk and you live by your nursing title but there has been documented evidence throughout history where breastmilk was not given to infants..but rather an alternative form of “milk”. Feeding bottles were even found in excavation digs in Pompei – Ancient Rome so go fly a kite with your medical certification. I’m sure that Scientologists are not the first group of people to feed “barley milk” to infants – if that is in fact true.

  32. Tia :) says

    JJ dont you start on me. Im a L&D Nurse and if you’re going to argue medical research then go right ahead. I have nothing else to say to you on that topic.

  33. Janey says

    Give the girl a break, she is human like any of us and if she calls her daughter a woman, it is a whole lot better than blob or smart ass.

  34. Malayka says

    Sorry for thr typos here is the post again

    I noticed that Katie’s answers have changed in the last two years but after what she has been through, I empathise with her. I think she is taking it from Tom. ‘say something without revealing anything’. You have to be like that if whatever you say is scrutnised to a T. An example is her use of the word WOMAN here, it could have slipped because she uses it endearingly at home, and yet she has been called names for it. Give the girl a break, she seems like a good mother and she has always been an intelligent girl.

  35. Malayka says

    I noticed that Katie’s answers have changed in the last two years but after what she has been through, I empathise with her. I think she is taking it from Tom. ‘say something without reavealing anything’. You have to be like that if whatever you say is scrutnised to a T. An example is her use of th eowrd here, it could have slipped because she uses it endearingly at home, and yet she has been called names for it. Give the girl a break, she seems like a good mother.

  36. Jessica says

    First I don’t think scientology ever preached against breast feeding as Katie said in her first interview after suri that she breast fed. I think woman just slipped and strong was ment to reflect her character / personality which seems strong. I still don’t think we should throw rotten eggs at her for that.

  37. Jx2 says

    Princess Tia-mo – don’t start on the issue of breastfeeding….do not go there…it will wake the giant in me and trust me – you do not want to deal with the giant.
    Go and read a book on the history of breastfeeding. And then maybe we can debate this issue!

  38. gilo says

    I agree with #16 K and K’s mom. What adversity has she overcome to make her “strong”? Hmm. Maybe she really meant deep inside, she thinks her daughter’s strong-willed and doesn’t like to listen/obey her parents?

    Katie seems to always be on the defensive stance when it comes to her interviews and answers. I noticed she doesn’t answer the questions asked but circles around and says things like: “Tom’s wonderful…. He’s great… My life is wonderful… greatness of chocolate”… and now Suri is “magical”. Go figure.
    She seems to be very mixed up in her head and isn’t coherent.

  39. Tia :) says

    im sorry Abbe, but a religion that says mothers breast milk is wrong and that you should be feeding your child barley water, milk, and corn syrup is ok? Im not saying they’re bad people…it’s just a little crazy to me.

  40. Abbe says

    I know nothing of Scientology but I’m tired of how everyone bashes it and assumes that parents are any different if they believe in it. I’m not saying it isn’t “different” from “normal” beliefs, but honestly, do you people sit and say the same thing about John Travolta, or maybe a Jewish family who is Orthodox? It’s just ignorant. I’m a mother and I raise my children as I see fit and if I was famous, I’d just laugh at the lot of you.

  41. Abbe says

    And why didn’t any of you stop to comment on how she said she is learning from her daughter? That’s what a lot of parents say and I think that’s just beautiful.

  42. LMAO says

    Maybe in “scientology years” Suri is a woman? (Kinda like my 2 year old dog is actually 14 years old in dog years?)

  43. Abbe says

    Lord have mercy on the people who make remarks and bash other people for their “stupidity”. People in glass houses..anyway…

    Obviously Katie feels that her daughter has the inner strength that ALL women (as in the feminine spirit) share. You don’t have to “overcome” anything to have inner strength, spirit or character. Love can make you strong, and it’s obvious that little Suri is loved.

  44. Tia :) says

    #25- Maybe thats why she isnt so bright..haha

    My daughter is a baby…she’s around the same age as suri…i cant see my self calling her a strong woman…haha. Magical, yes…i can see that. I love the little person my daughter is becoming..but i think she has quite of a lot of years to go before calling her a woman.

  45. Analise says

    #3. oriana | January 11th, 2008 at 11:25 am

    Is Katie not that bright?

    She married tom. ‘Nuff said.

  46. says

    I think Katie is just sounding more and more like Tom – they’re both so over the top in their responses, like they need to ensure they’ve let everyone know how absolutely wonderful life really is for them in a few short words. When asked about their kids a lot of celebrities joke around and tell a funny story about them. But not Tom or Katie, they need to give a ridiculously sugar-coated answer every time. It’s getting really annoying.

  47. dori says

    woman? thats a strange statement about a child! Maybe Katie shouldn’t do interviews she doesn’t have much of a vocabulary.

  48. Joelly says

    She probably meant strong-willed, she should probably not give interviews. I agree with who ever called her a robot or maybe she’s more like a puppet? Perhaps she’s to fill an ex-wife’s shoes? The whole “I’m a classy woman and the same age as my husband” bit is getting a little old, I preferred her pre-Kate Cruise. Regardless, she seems like a good mother and I think Suri is a very pretty woman…Oops, I mean child.

  49. Yeah but... says

    Only one word “woman” but she called her “strong” twice?!?! What the does that mean? See #16’s post – what has she had to be “strong” about????

  50. K & K's mommy #16 says

    That is so true! What obstacles has she had to overcome to prove her strength. Maybe Kookoo Katie means “strong” as in “she can lift her crib above her head!”

  51. lola says

    The thing is Katie looks as if she
    never thinks,she is not bright at all.
    I haven’t spoken with the
    press,yet am sure I could have done better!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I’d like to know what adversity Suri has encountered to give Katie the idea that she is so strong. I’m not denying that she may be a smart little girl with a “magical” personality, but I just don’t think she has had to overcome hardship; she’s had everything handed to her….puzzling.

  53. Hey Boo... says

    Shut up and stop being so defensive. ” Someone seriously needs to get A life if you…” get so upset about a comment regarding your post is made. Freak. I am a parent 3 times over and I NEVER say any of my children will be 18 in a few years!!! I say – I am so glad I have 18 whole years until they are grown!!!!! Duh! Katie didn’t make the dumbest comment, you did – Boo. If you are going to post comments here – expect rebuttals, that’s the name of the game. Try to have a good day – kay??

  54. Miapocca says

    I would think she would have made the comment of HER DAUGHTER WHO CALLS HER MUMMY…AHAHHAH.poor isabella..

  55. Miapocca says

    If you all didnt know already..she is teh dumbest thing right before hasselback…..always stupid..

  56. Miapocca says

    YEAH RIGHT..meaning she is getting her own way with everything…talk about a paris hilton in the making

  57. Sofimee says

    i don’t think suri is that cute! sorry!! she’s gonna have tom’s big nose…aww, she looks sweet though, and Katie looks happy. I think she meant that her daughter is a “woman” as a metaphor, like empowering women, or maybe because she “teaches” her so much as in loving, and responsability!! that’s what i got out of it

  58. boo says

    Are you SERIOUSLY complaining about how I worded that #5…lmao… omg I wasn’t referring to ” A few years” as in 3 or 4 down the road thanks very much….Someone seriously needs to get A life if you find fault in a statement like that!

    If you are a Parent…. you would understand that we as Parents think a “few years” describes our kids childhoods.,… Because One day we are changing their d i a p e r s and feeding them bottles… then what seems like the snap of a finger they are grown up, working, living on their own with families.
    Seriously give me a break!

  59. carleigh says

    Katie just needs to interject some different adjectives into her speech. She has a very basic way that she communicates with the press and mostly it consists of ‘really great’, ‘really magical’,’really amazing’ or ‘really wonderful’….I’ve heard her use all of these sayings more than once. Maybe she should refer to a AThesarus prior to giving a comment to the press, lest she comes off like the “complete twit” that she appears to be….lol. Suri is still a very animated, precious little imp and each time I see her she gets cuter and cuter.

  60. Few years??? says

    If you call 18 a “few years” than OK. But in my world that’s not a “few years”. That was an assinine comment – what a weirdo Katie is.

  61. MysticMommy says

    Woman? That just sounds weird. But I do like that she said Suri was “magical”, I think that’s cute.

  62. boo says

    lol..That crossed My mind to…lola….I think it is more correct to say she is a Strong Child or Girl!lol…… Give her a few years and then she can use the term Woman. 🙂

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