Courtney Thorne Smith Welcomes A Son

Courtney Thorne Smith

According to Jim star Courtney Thorne Smith delivered a 6 lb. 13 oz. son in Los Angeles today, whom she named Jacob ‘Jake’ Emerson Fishman, OK! magazine reports. Jake is the first child for Courtney and her husband, Santa Monica media owner Roger Fishman.

Despite being nearly two weeks past her original due date, the actress insisted on giving birth the natural way rather than being induced. The 40-year-old entered the hospital last night and — after nearly 12 hours of labor – delivered her baby boy this morning.

Jake was a delivery surprise for the couple as they insisted on not knowing the sex beforehand, an insider told OK! magazine.

“They were surprised and of course delighted when Jake arrived,” the source says. “She had selected the name Maya in the event she was greeted by a girl baby instead of a boy. Courtney’s son’s middle name Emerson is also her father’s name.

“She is happily breastfeeding at the moment and bounced back so fast from her delivery ordeal that she has been given the ‘all clear’ to leave the hospital tonight if she wants.

“Everything happened so quickly that Courtney’s mom – who had flown in for the birth weeks ago – had already flown back home and wasn’t able to arrive in time.”




  1. Sam says

    It’s nice to hear of a celebrity going the all natural birthing route! And I love that she gave her son a “normal” name!

  2. Nicki says

    Aww congratulation the her and her family. Nice name. Maya is pretty also.

    dori~she was on Melrose Place and is now (if it is still on) “According to Jim” with Jim Belushi.

  3. dori says

    Congtrats why does she look so familiar to me? I can’ t place where I know her from… is she a TV star?

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