An Expectant (For The 4th Time!) Brooke Burke Updates Her Blog

Brooke Burke

The following is excerpted from Brooke’s blog at Baboosh Baby:


Thanks to everyone who is patiently waiting for their Tauts. All styles are on back order and I am scrambling everyday to get merchandise in ASAP…so sorry. There are more pregnant women out there wanting to save their tummies than we thought!!!

Yesterday was Rain’s first birthday and we both spent it sick in bed. She was in urgent care the night before getting a breathing treatment and came down with bronchitis. Poor baby! What a way to celebrate #1. The holiday season has been filled with sickness and I finally got it too. Last night all our power went out and it is freezing in Malibu. David made a roaring fire, we lit all the candles, and the three of us snuggled up, sick, on one couch to keep warm. It should have been romantic, but it was far from it.

BTW, are the men in your lives passionate during your pregnancy? Should we even open that can? LOL! Anyway, I’m sick, not feeling too sexy, and looking like a penguin. Thank God I only have a couple more months to go.

Love, Brooke

OMG! Poor girl! Best wishes to Brooke and her family.



  1. tuki says

    because you do not do a thought instead of being so a prostitute and devote yourself to take care more of your daughters instead of embarrassing you so much? as hurt him or do with david what with your previous husband you will remember me

  2. Sheniqua says

    WO BROOKE CALM DOWN!!!!! Not everyone wants to know about yo sex life. Yo are not the only one with a sex life, but do yo see us talkin bout it? no. This aint that kinda site. this is written by babies for babies, keep it G girl HOLLA

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