1. gilo says

    My post was deleted for saying that Keri finally got her son out of the baby sling after 7 months. It really is unfair and discriminatory to delete what we write when there is nothing profane, spamming, etc. going on and we’re simply stating our opinions. The woman who runs this site would lose in court over this and should really think carefully about how she runs this site.

  2. 2teens3beans says

    I never thought he looked like an old man or an alien, though apparently many others saw that in him. I always thought, and still do think that he is one of the cuter celeb boys out there.

  3. Anonymous says

    She looks so gorgeous and River is so cute in this shot. I was wondering if anyone knows who the father is? Is he part of his son’s life? Sorry I’m not more up on things, but I realized that I haven’t seen any shots or mention of a father. Just curious about the scoop on that. Thanks!

  4. joey says

    I must say that he’s not so alien looking anymore. His eyes look like their gonna pop right out of his face.

  5. Malayka says

    He grew cute! I knew he would. When he was younger, he looked like this old man. But now he has grown into his looks

  6. days says

    Finally, she’s got him out of that newborn sling—after 7 months in that suffocating cocoon! She’s finally come to her senses… I hope.

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