Jennifer Lopez: "I Was On Tour With A Bubble Gut!"

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is amazed that people were surprised when she finally announced that she was pregnant.

“I kind of feel like everybody knew anyway,” Jennifer told Harper’s Bazaar for its February issue. “I was on tour with a bubble gut!”

Jennifer, with Marc Anthony at her side onstage, told the crowd during her final Miami concert on November 8th: “Marc and I are expecting a baby!”

Having ducked the entire issue of the pregnancy for weeks, including when she appeared the previous month on TV with Diane Sawyer and with David Letterman, Jennifer, 38, speaking on behalf of herself and Marc, 39, now says, “I do realize people want to know because they’re interested, but this is the first time I’m going through this. This is my experience and my husband’s experience, and we get to hold that for a little while.”

She adds, “We’re just getting used to the fact that we’ve told everybody.”

Still, when it comes to her privacy, “I’m just feeling too protective to open that door right now,” says Jennifer. “It’s a Pandora’s box. It’s a destructive lifestyle to be out there. I know because I’ve lived it. Being on the cover of the tabloids every day for two years – it’s hard. You start forgetting who you really are inside.”

And her husband? “Marc is a really private person, and he’s been singing onstage since he was really young. He made me realize you can be an artist, and have credibility and success, without your life being on public display 24 hours a day.”

She is aware that her baby will be of tremendous interest to paparazzi, but the infant “will be whatever we are,” she says. “Private when it comes to that stuff.”

Asked how much time she will take off after the baby is born, Jennifer answers, “I don’t know – and I like that, because my life has been so planned for so many years. Once I did the tour, I really just wanted to shut it down, and since then I’ve had to do three things, including a video. It may not sound like a lot, but you know, as this point, any woman can sympathize. It is a lot. I was ready just to sit.”



  1. says

    I wish them luck. But I think what she did to Chris Judd and what he did to his ex wife was terrible. They seem rather selfish. And not very phillanthropic. Also what her father said about her conceiving twins naturally, come on we all know they did Invitro many times.

  2. JenMady says

    I wish Jennifer & Marc the best of luck. I think Jennifer is a beautiful & talented woman. I think Marc is very good looking & talented also. So I wish them the best of luck & a healthy baby.

  3. oriana says

    Ben made one of the smartest moves in his life when he backed out on the wedding, I can only imagine the pain and humiliation she suffered, any woman would! Invitations mailed out, flowers ordered, the whole nine yards, I think he should have told her before all the arrangements had been made, that was a low blow to anyone and I just don’t think he had the guts to do it.

    I also think she is a much stronger person than Ben was, he always seemed like a weakling to me. She on the other hand, is a streetwise person and a Shark compared to him.

    I always felt that his mother was against their relationship and thought Ben could do better. And indeed he did! Big difference between Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez, as day and night, decent and slutty.

  4. oriana says

    Exactly right #23!!!!!! His ex-wife is very classy looking whereas Jennifer is flashy. I would have loved to have read that book she had her lawyers stop from being published. I am sure there was a lot of Dirt on Missy!!!!! I don’t understand why anyone that knows them would be gushing over “Oh how happy I am for You”, I don’t think they deserve congrats for anything except for a healthy baby.

    He dumped his family, she was messing around with him even when she was with Diddy, she is certainly no Angel!!!!!!!

  5. Generic name says

    Marc’s ex wife was Dayanara Torres..the former Miss Universe. I think she’s more beautiful and more dignified woman than Jlo. They married twice (Dayanara and Marc) later they were rumors that Marc and Jlo secretly meeting at any place.. and I think that’s one reason why Jlo and Ben broke up (they were still together at that time). I hate Marc for leaving his family..his youngest son was i think 1yr.old when he married Jlo..the though of it really sickens me! he is so inconsiderate!

  6. oriana says

    I do agree that is very talented and has come a long way from the beginning of her career. I don’t think she is pretty at all much less beautiful.

    As for her being a mature private woman now, I would think so, after she has slept around and walked on people with no qualms or thoughts to right or wrong, only what she wanted out of life. Being a career woman and being admired for it is one thing, but anyone liking her in her personal life is another. I don’t see a mature woman, I see a selfish self centered person who is married and having a baby with someone that deserted his wife and kids to be with her.

    Tia does like her, she also likes Angelina Jolie, I love Tia and we don’t see eye to eye on some people same as Nicki and I don’t, but that is how it life goes.

    I am sure that Tia didn’t approve of Mark dumping his family for her either. I think you are can be a little sensitive sometimes, and no, I am not scolding you at all, just an observation, maybe hormones kicking in! Ha!

  7. says

    I didn’t say she makes good choices…I said she is naturally beautiful and talented. I wasn’t as familiar with her during the Bennifer days, so what I focus on now is the mature, private woman that she has become. I have a soft spot for her because she is highly successful considering her background. Unfortunately, not everyone “has what it takes” to break out of the pit of inopportunity into which they were born….and I think that she deserves admiration for that!

    Tia is also a JLo fan, so maybe you should also question her about how she can like JLo….I know I’m not alone. If I were the only person who liked JLo, she wouldn’t be famous!

  8. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, how can you admire her with the morals that you have? You love your family, a loving mother, I can’t see you liking any woman that would have a relationship with a married man who would leave his wife and children like Mark did for her! She had no qualms at all about helping destroy that marriage and hurting his wife like he did. She is low class all the way!

  9. oriana says

    Mark’s ex-wife is beautiful, just beautiful! She really had a dirty deal handed to her, I don’t care for Jennifer at all and he is a total asshole to me!

  10. oriana says

    Generic name, I could see where she would look ordinary without all the makeup and hair blown up. I have never thought she was pretty in any kind of way.

    Sorry, kimora’s mommy, I don’t see any natural beauty with her at all, natural talent maybe, but that is it. Did you ever see any pictures of her before she got her eyebrows plucked and she had her natural dark hair? Lord, Lord!

  11. Generic name says

    KKM..that’s why I told you..they did notice easily, b’coz they though it was just an ordinary woman..they only knew it was her b’coz of the popzz I think who got Jlo a pic..and b’coz she’s not the beautiful Jlo we seen on tv or mag…that’s why they are shock!..well..that’s what my cousin told me..I never meet Jlo personally…

  12. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Well you’re cousin must not be very familiar with Jennifer at all in order to not recognize her! My goodness…JLo is a naturally beauty; we’ve seen candid shots of her and she’s still beautiful.

  13. Generic name says

    hello Oriana.. yeah! my cousin happen to meet Jlo in NY when they were in a first she thought it was just an ordinary woman..suddenly a man came inside the boutique and got Jlo a they really wonder whose this woman..and they are really shock knowing that the woman was Jlo. They did not notice that it was her b’coz she’s not the beautiful Jlo we seen on tv or mag. Her hair is dry, she has dark and big they thought is this Jlo in person?!..

  14. dori says

    oriana….mmmm …love chili too!!. We’re having cold weather again and snow comming this weekend.

  15. oriana says

    Hi dori, good morning to you today! How windy is it up there? Cold and rainy here still, chili weather, I may just fix a huge pot this weekend, I do love good homemade chili!!!!!!!

    dori, he does seem like a nice guy, but I just think he really did his wife dirty and Jennifer played a big part in it. I don’t like either one of them. She is not pretty at all to me, I saw her without makeup and Good Lord!!! She has a wide face, big wide nose, she is a good Business woman and a good talent, but he is the better talented one to me. Beautiful voice! One of the best around.

    I think she is low class and her money is the only thing that has changed her looks and dressing.

    Look at sleazy she was with Diddy, and she didn’t fit with Ben at all, he looked miserable most of the time to me. I would have liked to have read the book her ex wrote, I am sure he told the truth in there and I wished he had gotten it published.

    I do think she will be a good mother and Mark will be bowing down to her from now on out. They deserve each other!

  16. dori says

    LOL imagine a baby looking like Mark ???? it’s a scary thought! But he seems to be a really nice guy. Jlo seems to have found her soul mate. So I ask again are they really having twins? or is she close to her due date?

  17. Generic name says

    I”m not really a fan of Jlo..and i hate Marc too! but i wish Jlo to have healthy pregnancy and hope that the baby will look liked her! Can’t really imagine if the baby will have Marc’s look! that will be a scary skinny looking

  18. Malayka says

    I also got so tired of them when she was with Affleck, they looked like they had lost their focus and who they were. The way I felt about them is the way I feel about Brangelina. They will wake up one morning and realise that being on every tabloid is not the way to lead your life. They may pretend they hate it, but like Jlo, they can choose and have a more private life and give their children the stability they need.

  19. Lauren says

    I think Jennifer is totally right about this. When she and Ben Affleck were together, they were on covers of magazines every single week and people got sick of them. It’s a good idea to lay low especially if she’s expecting twins.

  20. carleigh says

    I hope that the baby looks like her, I think Marc looks like a homely skeletor scarecrow…sorry if that infuriates anyone, but JMO.

  21. dori says

    Really wishing Jennifer and Mark all the best…. does anyone know is she really having twins?It’s a good idea for her not to be so public about her life it wasn’t good when she was with Ben and I think it derailed his career.

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