Britney's Family Accuses Dr. Phil Of Violating Trust

Britney Spears

Britney’s family is accusing Dr. Phil McGraw of violating their trust by his public statements about his hospital visit with the troubled pop star and his call for her to receive therapy.

Family spokeswoman Lou Taylor, a business manager for mother Lynne and daughter Jamie Lynn Spears, appeared on Wedneday’s Today show and also said that at no time had the family planned to do a show with Phil McGraw, despite his statements about such a program. (Phil McGraw later said the scheduled episode would not go on as originally planned.)

“He was not invited to make this a public display,” said Lou Taylor.




  1. ange3 says

    Is -he even a real doctor?. He sure does not act like one but rather like talk show host in bad need of a rating boost …I would not trust him wih my problems…As for the spears family, where-do we start?. By the white trash mother who screwed up her daughters life..Actually She is the one who needs therapy, probably more than her girls. What a sad pathetic bunch… The media is also to blame for enjoying the decline of Brtitney, who is nothing more than a lost kid,who does not know that it time to get the hell out of the spotlight and hide somewhere for a year or two so she can get back on track,if she ever does… As for the other daughter, she is following big sis’ steps,and that also is sad…

  2. Cathi says

    these people don’t know how to do anything in private! even squabbles amongst themselves are printed in tabloids all over the world. this is ridiculous. no wonder brit and jamie are screwed up. they have never and will never lead “normal” lives.”

  3. oriana says

    Wanted to add, So What if she called him? That didn’t give him the go ahead to blab about it, she had faith in him and he did violate the trust, no two ways around it! He is going to try to justify his running his mouth but I don’t think it will work.

    Wouldn’t it be the same thing if Lynn had called a Lawyer and he got on TV and blabbed about it? Same lack of protocol to me.

  4. oriana says

    I wonder if Lynn is in therapy and counseling? Maybe Dr. Phil can start with her and do some good.

    He should have kept his big mouth shut, I really think his celeb status has gone to his head. This incident has taken him down a notch! The reviews from his peers, the medical community has not been kind, they are professionals and he did not act like one!

  5. fee says

    the problem with his statement is that he made one. Even though he didn’t release any information about her condition, he didn’t go to see her as a friend. He went as a doctor. As a doctor, you CANNOT release any information. Anyone who is in the mental health field though, has even stricter guidelines. You aren’t even technically supposed to verify if you have seen someone due to confidentiality and ethics.

  6. Grip says

    Dr. Phill… man, back when he was on Oprah..I thought the world of him. Once he got his own show he started getting so sensational and I just did not like him as much. This would be a big low. Who knows though because The Spears are such trashy publicity whores, heaven knows what is really true.

  7. oriana says

    He should have kept his mouth shut, if he wanted to go see her, help her, whatever, it should have been private, not made into a pubic affair.

    That whole Spears family is nuts to me and I am sick of them. Her father probably feels his hands are tied, she is a mental case, her mother has been no help at all and the sister will follow right in her footsteps. The mom will end up raising another misfit!

  8. JESS says


  9. carleigh says

    Someone needs to bring this issue to the public, because this family has covered for Britney long enough. It’s sad to say but maybe a person in Dr. Phils position can bring some more light onto this situation and if it gets Britney the help she needs then so be it. Her family has been very vocal about Jamie Lynn’s situation but none of them have come forward to speak out about Britney, why is that?? Are they afraid for her safety?? As if her public tantrums, breakdowns, nether region peep shows weren’t enough to signal a big cry for HELP!! The Spears family needs to go to court and have Britney committed and take control of their daughter before she winds up dead.

  10. Jamie67 says

    Well…what did i tell ya?
    He’s a creep and i don’t like him one bit!
    He’s doing this for his own publicity,i mean he says :”she needs less publicity” and talks about her all the time…Duhh!!

  11. says

    It stuns me that the Spears family wants to bring up yet ANOTHER issue surrounding their family at a time like this. They could have gone to Dr Phil on their own and kept all this private, but that’s not their style now, is it? As #2 pointed out, these are the very people who sold the pregnancy story a little while back. They are attention-hungry, just like Britney. I think what Dr Phil did is the LEAST of their worries. Besides, there was probably a breakdown in communication – he thought it was for a show, they thought it was just between them. I don’t think anyone could argue that he has their best interest at heart. Who knows how close they are anyway? Just a LITTLE more drama for this family.

  12. flugen says

    Whatever……I think he just wants to help her. I think somebody needs to. I was on her side and now I don’t know where those sweet little boys need to be……sad.

  13. me says

    oh please, give me a break. all these people think about is money, every single one of them. how hyprocritical is it of them to release such a statement when frigging lynne goes selling the story of her 16 year old’s pregnancy to a magazine? how sick do you have to be to do something like that? I agree that Dr. Phil crossed the line with trying to do a show about Britney, but on the other hand they’re the ones who called him up and asked for help. anyway, all of them are seriously screwed up

  14. dori says

    wow I don’t know what to think of that statement. I was hoping that he was trying to help her… now I’m not so sure,,,perhaps he was trying to boost his show ratings.

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