Britney & Her Boys In Photoshoot

Britney Spears

Just weeks before her hospital visit, Britney Spears took part in a photoshoot with Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

“She was very loving,” OK! photographer Dani Brubaker says. “She told me she loved her children and that they are her life. I’m told that when she saw the photographs she literally cried for over an hour and stared at them all night long.”

A friend added, “The only reason she’s doing this is because she wants her sons to look up to her onstage and be like, ‘That’s my mama,’ and be proud of her. She’d put her life before them and die for Jayden and Preston. They’re her whole world. Britney has always said, ‘I would die for my boys if that’s what it took to prove I loved them. I’d do anything for them.’ ”



  1. says

    brittany not 2 be mean or anything first i want 2 say i lov ur songs they very very good u could sing that something best ur good at but boutt ur kids ur sons 2 lil boys lik i said not 2 be mean but u need 2 fix up ur life and change 4 ur 2 boys stop doind drugs and alachol n stuff lik that if u really care boutt ur kids u will do whats best 4 them doing drugs iz not the best thing so stop doing drugs its best 4 u and ur kids k hope u stop doing drugs ur the best brittany just be better k no more drugs do it 4 ur family husband and the people who u care bouttt u k good luck brittany hope u do better ur the best brittany just remember that love u brittany u rock good luck k (; (: from sabrina godd luck (:

  2. Jenna M (UK) says

    Oriana, let me know when you try it out, and whether or not you like it lol!

    Jx2, its quite difficult to tell whether you are being sarcastic or not sometimes lol (sorry), but either way, try the recipe, you might enjoy it!

  3. Jenna M (UK) says

    Cranachan Recipe (for Oriana!):

    300g raspberries
    One cup double (heavy) cream.
    2 tablespoons runny honey.
    2 tablespoons single malt whisky.
    2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal.

    Put the oatmeal in a cool, dry pan and turn on the heat to simmer. Toast the oatmeal till golden brown, stirring occasionally (should take about 15 minutes). Once the oatmeal is brown, turn off the heat and let it cool in the pan.

    Place the cream in a bowl and whisk up until soft and fairly thick. Add the honey and single malt whisky and fold it in with a whisk until its soft and creamy.

    Pick out some of the best raspberries for decoration and add three or four to the bottom of each serving glass, leaving a few for decoration. Add the rest of the raspberries to the cream mixture and fold in carefully, breaking up a few of the raspberries to obtain a slight colouring to the cream.

    Spoon the mixture into the serving glasses, then add cream to the top to make an even base for the oatmeal. Using a teaspoon, evenly sprinkle the oatmeal over the dessert. Add a raspberry for the finishing touch and chill for about three hours, or overnight.

  4. oriana says

    I was diagnosed as being a Diabetic in 2001 when I had my leg amputated, at that time, after my surgery I was put on insulin. I am overweight now because I don’t get much exercise being in a wheelchair so you are right in that area. When I say have you ever heard moderation, I would assume that everyone doesn’t eat a whole bag of cookies, crackers, etc., being diabetic or not! I think exercise is just as if not more so, important than watching and counting calories and sugars.

    I don’t smoke, I do like a glass of wine and champagne now and then, love Bailey’s and I enjoy a beer sometimes too. Can’t drink that much because of my meds I am on but I must admit, I would love a good cold beer more often than I am able too.

  5. Jx2 says

    You must have type 2 diabetes – which is what happens to people who overeat and gain a considerable amount of weight – as they AGE!

    With Type 1 diabetes on the other hand – insulin dependant diabetes – moderation is not the only factor to keeping blood glucose levels from going high…what a person eats is equally important!

    Obviously you have Type 2 diabetes and are overweight – which is why you are focusing on moderation as a key element!

  6. oriana says

    I read the ingredients on the back of the bag, and who is going to eat the whole bag at once? Maybe you would! Just a few at a time won’t hurt, my doctor says Graham crackers are good also for Diabetics to eat. Have you ever heard of Moderation?

  7. Jx2 says

    If crackers are made with wheat product then they sure as he*ll are not suitable for diabetics! They are high on the Glycemic Index which means that they are quickly absorbed into the blood stream. Sugar alone is not the only ingredient that diabetics need to worry about; there are also a lot of carbs in crackers…which can spike a diabetics blood glucose level. How do I know all this? There is a diabetic in my family and I have created many meals for this person, including desserts and snacks, so i know what works and what doesn’t.

  8. Jenna M (UK) says

    Aha thanks for clearing that up!

    Oriana, Cranachan is one of my favourite desserts (the “ch” in that is pronounced as in the Scottish “loch”, not like the “ch” in “church”!). It is basically raspberries mixed into cream with oatmeal, honey and whisky. It is absolutely delicious, you should try it! I can post the recipe if you want?

  9. oriana says

    The goldfish crackers are good for Diabetics, low in sugar and sodium, and cheap, about .99 cents a bag.

    Jenna, what is a good dessert you eat over there? I still want to try that Devon cream!!!!!!!

  10. Jx2 says

    I live in another country and as such many US products are only sold here in US shops and markets such as Wally-Mart and Costco, which I never shop at …I mainly shop at local Canadian markets that carry alternative products which cater to my healthy lifestyle.

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    When I say goldfish, I mean Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers….they’re very common in the U.S. Sorry I guess I figured they were sufficiently well-known. No, I certainly don’t eat goldfish fish; I don’t eat any fish being a vegetarian!

  12. Jenna M (UK) says

    I’m sorry Oriana but the goldfish comment threw me too – surely you don’t actually mean goldfish goldfish? I’m hoping this is just the name for something else that we don’t have over here in Scotland…

  13. oriana says

    Jx2, even you have seen them in the gro. store or drugstores, they don’t cost that much and are low in sugars.

    Please, stop playing dumb, I know you have more sense than that, actually, I think you are pretty knowledgeable on many subjects and like to get things stirred up.

    Stirred, not shaken! Ha!

  14. oriana says

    dori, she is simply put, white trash with money! Same as LIndsay and Paris. They will pick up any man, look and dress like they would be standing on a street corner with the common street walkers. I have seen high class hookers with more style than them.

  15. dori says

    her photog boyfriend is separated not with his wife and from what I’ve hear on ET they already broke up. Can’t take talk of her seriously anymore it changes from day to day.

  16. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, I had morning sickness really bad with both my sons, for about four months nonstop! No cravings, I just ate everything! Gained about 50 pounds with the first one, it was hard to get off too, I was only 17!

    You may go early so let us know as soon as you can what is happening. I am praying for you!!!!!

    I see Britney with her new man, doesn’t seem to bother hero one bit he is married! It amazes me these young girls have no morals at all! I don’t think it is solely mental illness that is her problem, I think is simple arrogance of having money and fame for so long, she feels whatever she wants she is entitled too! I don’t see any remorse, regrets or even common decency out of her!

    She dresses so trashy, look at Paris, and Lindsay Lohan, none of them have any class about them at all!!!!!

  17. MysticMommy says

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped because you can see Brits hair has overlapped Sean P’s hair… I think that would be difficult to pull off. But yes, the leaves are odd… it’s not autumn so they really don’t belong there.

    Kimora & Kariah’s Mommy – congratulations on your baby to be! I have one child and she also has a K name, her name is Kira.

  18. Tam says

    she loses custody of her two kids and then someone wants her and her kids for a photoshoot faking shes a good mom? yah good work.

  19. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Hey Oriana! Well, not any special cravings per se. Mostly Goldfish and just fruit in general. Nothing much exciting I guess! Did you have interesting cravings during your pregnancies?

    Hey there Ms. Jenna! Yes; we’re very excited….we’ve been taking “bets” on when the baby will come. I’m officially due on the 23rd of this month, but I have a history of going early, so we’ll see!

  20. oriana says

    Jenna, my husband has a lot of relatives in New Zealand, Auckland! It is beautiful over there! He is lucky to be moving there. I have a niece that is a Nun over there also.

    I do love champagne!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

  21. carliegh says

    #54 any number of people can wish and want things for Britney….the key is for HER to want the best for herself and to make that happen she has to hit bottom and get help and the slowly climb her way back to the top again.

  22. Janie says

    I actually read in the newspaper that these were private photos taken for postcards. But Brit failed to get the photographer to sign a confidentiality agreement and he sold them to OK.

  23. life is cruel says

    i just want to give britney a big hug and wisk her off to private island with the boys and help her get back on top form and i hate people critisising her as if i had paps in my face all day everday since i was 17 id be pissed off!and her mother should be helping as britney is a amasing performer and also very beautiful i want her back with a decent producer a number 1 single a decent boyfriend and her babys back!

  24. Jenna M (UK) says

    Oriana, I was drinking white wine and champagne at the start of the night but ended up on the Jack Daniels as usual lol! My uncle is moving to New Zealand on Monday so we were having a goodbye dinner and party for him. I really, really should not be let on a computer when I’ve been drinking though lol, its bad enough when I phone people!

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy, I forgot you were pregnant until Oriana mentioned the cravings, when are you due again? You must be so excited!

  25. carleigh says

    I will be completely done with school in 6 months. I was originally going for the RT certification program, but the school just got a bridge program through which will allow me to sit for the state registration exam if I go and extra two semesters so that’s what I decided to do.

    Yes, my fiancee has a good job..he works for a teleco here in Missouri and makes very good money. He’s never been married before so me and the kids are his first taste of family life of his own so to speak.

    I never reprimanded anyone I simply wrote down my opinion so if someone felt chastized then that is their own perception. Sorry for them if they took it personally but I used no names and like anyone else on here I won’t apologize for having my own opinions and observations.

    Thanks for the congrats ladies, I hope you are both doing well and having a great 2008!!

  26. dori says

    Congratulations Carleigh What great news Looks like 2008 will be a good year for you! When are you graduating?

  27. Cathi says

    the boys look so cute here. why does brit keep changing the color of her extensions/wigs? that alone is confusing to little kids. pick one color and stick to it, girl!

  28. tEzzIeFfiNbAbII says

    iF shE cOulD mAkE Uh bAbY dEn ShE sHoUlD bE aBlE 2 TakE cArE Uh 1 wiT hEr dUmB aSs N hEr SiStA iS fUkkIn pRegNanT N hEr whiTe Ass SaId “gOoD” Wat ThE fUk

    tEll YaH dUmB Assk pEopLe
    dEsE dAyEs a bLaCc PerSoN WoUlD
    NevAh Do dAt DumB shYtT yA DiGg

  29. Dee says

    She looses custody and is out cavorting and partying he next day…kind of contradicts her whole die for them story!

  30. oriana says

    #39, where there is life, there is always hope. A new prescription and a trip to the hospital won’t do it! She has to have long term extensive care and counseling along with the proper meds for the chemical mess up in her brain she is going thru. Plus I think she is arrogant from all the fame and money, her attitude along with her mental illness will prevent her from seeking help any time soon.

    I really hope she doesn’t get the kids back any time soon.

    kimora’s mommy, any special cravings you are having?

  31. oriana says

    carleigh!!!!! Congrats to you honey! I am so thrilled for you! Did you finish your school yet? I know you had your plate full there for a while. I am so happy for you, I truely am! Hope he has a good job! Ha!

    kimora’s mommy, fresh pot of blackeyed peas tonight and corncakes cooked on top of the stove, with some hot Chow Chow!!!!!

    Now I hope this comes thru to you all!!!

  32. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    By freaks, she seems to think that that includes me!! Carleigh just finished reprimanding JJ and me on the Katie Price thread. Like I said on the other thread, do NOT group me with JJ! She and I are similar only in that we’re both headstrong and opinionated.

    That’s too bad that you’re being moderated Oriana, because I’d like to hear what you have to say! I hope you have a good evening. Are the black eyed peas Christmas leftovers, because I seem to remember you sharing that recipe on another thread.

    Dori I never got to thank you for your hair care tips. I never knew that your girls were adopted, which is fantastic!

    Peace shawties…..I’m out. 🙂

  33. Christy says

    Would you get clean for them and learn to behave as a mature women, thinking of them first? Easy to say we would die, we are usually not asked to do that. But the little things that create character and represent inner strength, that is harder to do every day for all us moms. I am not sure she knows how to do that yet, hope she learns.

  34. carleigh says

    Thanks Dori and Oriana, nice to see you ladies are still hanging tough around here…glad to be back again. I am almost done with school and my bf proposed over Christmas so I am newly engaged. Happier than I’ve ever been. I have some extra time on my hands so I thought I’d come back and liven up this place It’s just nice to see the regulars on here and I see that like usual we still have the freaks flocking too…some things never

  35. Anya says

    can anyone tell me who’s holding that big leaf? if you look britney has her hand around jayden so its not her…and sean’s hand is outstretched but its not holding onto the leaf…also if someone were holding the leaf you would be able to see where its scrunched if you know what I mean – strange!…maybe some bloggers do have a point and it is photoshopped…???

  36. Grip says

    Well, if she doesn’t clean up her act she will end up dead…not for them, but in spite of them. BE a mother. Get the help you need Brit.

  37. oriana says

    Under moderation tonight!! What the Hell is up with that!!!

    I’ll just go eat another bowl of blackeyed peas and cornbread!!!!!

  38. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Sadly, he has little to be happy about! 🙁 Jayden is just sooo precious…he favors Britney while Sean Preston looks like Kevin.

  39. oriana says

    Jenna, what are you drinking honey? Ha!

    I have never seen the little one looking happy, he is always so serious looking to me.

  40. Jenna M (UK) says

    I agree muchly with whoever said that that photograph is photoshopped to death…. it totally is! For a strat I have seen that EXACT pic of Britney before…. probably before sge even had the kids!

    Also, she shouldn’t say she is prepard to die for her kids because she clearly isn’t…. she isn’t even prepared to sort out her illnes for them!

    Sorry people… i should not post while this drunk and high again haha!!!!!!!

  41. Liza says

    “She’d put her life before them”? Britney IS putting her life before that of her sons, she is choosing to forego treatment for what is clearly a mental illness, and in doing so, is forfeiting her right to be their mother.

    I realize that that is not what she meant, but it’s so clear.

  42. Georgia says

    There is absoloutly no doubt in my mind that she loves those kids, she just needs to get her life back on track. Good luck Brit

  43. Andrea says

    Saying you would “die for them” is meaningless if you’re unwilling to change your lifestyle, bad habits (partying, drinking, possibly drugs), or to simply follow the judge’s orders.
    No need to get dramatic with the language. Just clean up your act and start acting like a mother.

  44. Lauren says

    Beautiful picture. I really do think that Britney loves her kids but she’s so misguided that she’s doing all this as an act of attention. Her parents obviously didn’t teach her on how to be a good mom. I sincerely hope she gets her act together.

  45. marie says

    It’s so unerving to hear one of these tykes was a hostage, they were probably both bawling their eyes out. That’s so much commotion and struggle. It’s like she should only be with them in a caseworker’s office with guards or something. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but what is Britney capable of doing now? Like, obviously, having a monitor for the little boys and Britney’s staff present did no good at all; she was still capable of harming them and did. How much worse can this get? I’m so sorry for this situation.

  46. leona says

    That photo is Photoshopped to death. You can clearly see that Jayden has been cut out of another picture and added on to this one. The leaves are probably to hide this. Maybe Britney too for all we know – was she even there?

  47. sophia says

    I agree, saying one thing and clearly ACTING in a contradictory way, is what Brit does. She says she would do anything for her kids, yet she can’t even show up to legal appointments on time

  48. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says

    Oh snap! She gonna kill herself!

  49. JESS says


  50. carleigh says

    If Britney wanted to prove her love for her kids she would get her head outta her behind, go to AA, get sober and be the mother they needed. I don’t know if we could really expect her to function as a mother, when she appears to be in the active throws of a mental condition. It’s very sad to see that while she loves her sons in her own way, she doesn’t have the ability to function on a level that even allows her to make rational level. Hopefully someone will stage an intervention before she winds up another tragic version of ANS!

  51. Sofimee says

    wow preston is really starting to look like Kevin!!!! i hope she really cleans up her act for her kids! i mean we all make mistakes as parents but Damn!! she’s too much… it would break my heart if my kids had to go through what those two kids went through

  52. Bethany says

    Her boys are adorable, and Brit looks good in this picture. I just hope she straightens up….enough with the drama!

  53. Jx2 says

    You can tell the children were dressed by a stylist…when Brit dresses her boys they look trashy

  54. Z says


  55. dori says

    This makes me feel even worse and I do believe if someone would intervene and help her things could really turn around. Undiagnosed and untreated bi polar disease is very serious. The boys look so cute here and Brit looks so happy. I hope she can find her way through all this.

  56. kim--original kim says

    A TOTAL bunch of crap, clearly she will not do anything for them! Absolutely everything she does is against them…and only FOR herself!!! Again, I am SO sick of this spoiled brat!

  57. WHAT is the deal? says

    I am a little confused by the friend’s remark about the only eason Britney “is doing this”! You mean the pictures and the article?

    Or….does the friend mean all the wild, out of control behavior (the list is getting too long to even line it all up), the public nudity, the rehabs, the dangerous driving, the exposing her boys to seriously inappropriate actions and behavior, the defying the court orders, the locking herself in the bathroom and holding the littliest guy hostage, the getting carted off to the hospital, the constant pap foolishness that Britney clearly has a hand in, the turn over of the men in her life! You mean she is doing all THIS so her boys will look up to her and say “That’s my mama?”


  58. onatear says

    No need to die, Girl…just grow up and act mama-like with them….Do what the judge says. Anything like that is better than dying for them!

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