An Expectant Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban In Australia

Nicole Kidman

The day after confirming their baby joy, Nicole and Keith were snapped in Paddington, Australia, on January 8th.



  1. says

    Hi,Nicole Kidmen&Keith Urban
    What have you decide on a name for your Baby. We Hope it Healthy too.I was just wondering if you have alittle Boy what will you name Him and if you have a little Girl what will
    you name her. Jill

  2. Elley says

    I am very happy for Nicole and Kieth. I have stated to my friends several times I would like to see Nicole Kidman pregnant, I read she has wanted a baby from HER womb for some time. She wanted to experience the joys of pregnancy and grace of birth. I hope and pray all the best for their family
    I do believe Tom does everything in his power to keep Nicole as far from their children together as he can. I think he can be a very hard, cold person if he so chooses.
    Katie may be as Sweet as pecan pie, but for her to make certain her statement, “Isabelle and Connor call me MOM!’ was placed in that article is one of the most mean things I have heard.
    Nicole has an inner beauty, hopefully Keith sees it and is doing everything he has promised her, to stay clean. They will make a beautiful family.

  3. Jx2 says

    Dingbat – You forgot to end your sentence in “eh?” for example, “us folks here in Canada – we live on icebergs, eh?” LOL

    FYI – Amy Whine- house is British not Canadian!

    You should go soak in some Baileys – I hear that it’s good for the old joints and arthritis – HAG!

  4. oriana says

    Jx2, I am sure the people up there in Canada enjoy you! Do you dress and act like Amy Winehouse? That is how you sound like to me. I bet they just cringe when they see you even coming thru the door at the grocery stores!

    Have to go now, fixing to fall back into my drunken stupor!!!!

    Jenna, put down that bottle of Jack Daniels hon, or else you may end up like me! Ha!

  5. Jx2 says

    One of the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption is the loss of short term memory – Mrs. Potato Head- I rest my case!!!

  6. oriana says

    It is amazing to me that some people can be sarcastic but don’t recogon it when it is handed back to them!

  7. oriana says

    Jx2, Taken to the booze again!! Now I know you really don’t know what you are talking about! When did I ever lay off of it to start back up again!!!!! Ha! Now, I’ll have a little sip for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jx2 says

    I see that you have taken to the booze again – what on earth are you talking about??

    I was being sarcastic – Archie Bunker’s wife – dingbat!

  9. oriana says

    Jx2, if all it takes to make you so elated and happy is to rhyme Tia and Mia, then what in the world have you been doing for fun all this time?

  10. Jx2 says

    Ohh! I’m so tickled – Mia and Tia rhyme…oh my goodness! How cute is that??? Imagine the odds… I’m just so elated that I found a rhyming name…gee that is swell *sigh*

    I find giddy cheerleader behaviour like that nauseating 😉

  11. Tia :) says

    Mia and Oriana, i agree with the both of you. I actually have read about scientology…it isnt for me, thats for sure!

    Mia you made me laugh…haha, i knew what you ment. we rhyme! haha!

    Dori, i agree with the annoyance! I havent answered my door after that…or i get my husband to 😉 haha!

  12. oriana says

    Don’t know too much about the Jehovah’s Witness, don’t even know how it got started, but I do acknowledge them as a religion whereas I don’t the Sci Fi Channel Scientologists.

    My brother (ex) in law is one and he has never tried to start in with me, he knows better! Ha! Had some friends that were years ago but they did their thing and I did mine.

    I admire a lot of qualities of the Mormons but don’t believe in the planet Kolob when I die, was raised a Baptist all my life, and I have to say I like the Catholic faith very much.

    Mia is absolutely right about reading up on Scientology, please everyone, if you have any doubts, just read about it and educate yourself! I still am in shock over Jason Lee! I would never have thought it!!!!!! Again, Stop the Madness!!!!!!!!!! And No, I don’t think Tom is leaving his body like Hubbard said he did and flies to Mars and back! For God’s sakes, I hope he isn’t flying over my house tonight!!!!! Ha!

  13. dori says

    I also had the Jehovahs witnesses at my door and couldn’t get rid of them No matter what you say they have an answer that seems to come right out of their bible . They are annoying. Next time they show up I’m not answering the door.

  14. Miapocca says

    Sometimes I read certain posts and its so obvious how ignorant some people are about scientology…simply find the definition of a cult and then read about sceintology and then it willbe obvious to you why a whole family adn a whole group of people can perpetuate a lie.

    You ignorance is extremely baffling in light of the fact that yo have the internet at your diposal to read about all these thing..You can beleive what you want, however try to make intelligent comments and not just stupid statements based on the fact that you like the look of somebody. Celebreties at ALL times are selling an image, so what you think you know and like might just be the made up facade…

    I think Britney is the only one showing her true colors..ahahah

  15. Miapocca says

    I know what you mean Mia..I have had Jehovah whitnesse spreach to me in my bathrobe on a cold winters day,..they just wouldnt go away and I would let them in adn it was soo cold and I was too polite to slam the door in their face.

    I got invited to a new christian spiritual church and those wer the days..I had on a silver rosary ring..the young man decided that he was going to preach to me about the evils of the catholic church..he forgot to ask me wether I was catholic or just wearing it for fun..ahahha

    I actually read a posting by an ex scientologist who said we shoudl try to have patience with the members because when you are in it you really dont see what is soo obvious form the outside

    I see I have zero tolerance and respect for anyone who uses religion to obtain material things or to HURT OTHERS …….people like that are no better than Hitler….
    and they should be on trail for crimes against humanity.

  16. Tia :) says

    JJ, that has actually happened to me. 2 of them knocked on my door, and i said “sorry…im a not interested” and they said “We’ll it looks like we’ve come right in time to save you” I was shocked! haha…needless to say…i again said i wasnt interested and started to shut my door and they were shouting that i was going down the wrong path…a whole bunch of crap

    Mia, i dont think i would hate someone because they belong to a cult either. I would just want them to respect me, and not push it on me. I had a friend who was born again christian…she was always trying to get me to leave the catholic church…it got old fast. I say, respect me, i’ll respect you!

  17. Miapocca says

    I dont think you have to dislike someone because they are in the cult…I always knew Jason lee was one as well as Juliet lewis who was teh suri of 1970, she was born into it…

    However the cruises are just sickening..and hoiw the heck do yo know she is not running in a marathon ….for now sources say she is and She will probably think wisely to pull out rather than assuming a place that she didnt earn..but then thats most of her life right now…if she runs I counsel other folks who want to run but did not place in the NY to sue the sh-it out of the planning committee…

  18. Jx2 says

    FYI – Jehovah Witness is also a semi-cult. They go from door to door trying to convince people to join their ‘organization’…and have even been known to question/argue with Catholics about the existence of a ‘son of God’…personally, I’m agnostic and don’t follow any train of religious thought but I’ve run into Jehovah’s before and they can be scary.

  19. oriana says

    Hi Tia, my husband is Catholic, we have Mormons in the family, my brother in law is Jehovah Witness, I have family that is Baptist and some Pentecostal, a great friend from Iran that is Muslin, but yes indeed, Scientology is a Cult, not a religion, and it is scarey!!!!!!

  20. Tia :) says

    hahaha Oriana!! I agree with you though. I am never, ever one to judge someone else’s religion. I was raised a catholic, my daughter is being raised a catholic…i have jewish friends, muslim friends, friends who go to baptist church…but scientology to me…it’s just scary!

  21. oriana says

    I was shocked to read where Jason Lee is a Scientologist too! Shocked!!!!!! I love him! Stop the Madness!!!!!!!

  22. Tia :) says

    Im not saying that Suri isnt Tom’s (which we know she is) I just think she’s alllll Katie. She looks exactly like her mommy!

  23. miapocca says


    TomKat Skips Katie’s Premiere Party

    It was a mixed bag Wednesday night for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They came to the red carpet for “Mad Money,” Holmes’ first film release since their marriage.

    In the lobby of the Mann Westwood Village theater, Cruise graciously shook hands with yours truly and Holmes and I shared a reluctant hug.

    But that was it. The couple left as the Callie Khouri-directed feature unspooled and they weren’t seen again.

    Even though co-stars Diane Keaton, Ted Danson and Queen Latifah made it to the lavish Overture Pictures premiere party at UCLA Westwood’s Royce Hall, the Cruises were a decided no-show. Tom’s cousin, actor William Mapother, made it to both events but didn’t know what had happened to his hosts.

    RelatedColumn Archive
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    The “Mad Money” event was otherwise jam-packed, with Mary J. Blige, Rosanna Arquette, T-Bone Burnett, Tate Donovan, Bud Cort, Arianna Huffington, producer Lawrence Bender and loads of Hollywood heavyweights (such as Kevin Huvane) eager to see this pleasantly funny if not completely plausible comedy make its debut.

    Luckily, I’m told Overture’s financial exposure on “Mad Money” is only $6 million, so they’ll make that back. The company, overseen by Chris McGurk and Danny Rosett, has a number of more anticipated releases on the way, including “The Visitor” directed by Tom McCarthy (“The Station Agent”).

    “Mad Money,” by the way, does feature a reference to crazy ol’ Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” cable financial show. It’s a sly moment, and one of the few as the three ladies — Keaton, Latifah and Holmes — along with husbands and boyfriends decide to steal from the Federal Reserve over a three-year period.

    Where some heist movies like this might show characters’ motivations as paying for a child or an elderly relative’s illness or surgery, or justifiable revenge for some terrible act — a la “9 to 5,” the movie that inspires this — we are simply lost. “Mad Money” is just a movie about greedy people who can’t stop themselves from stealing. It’s hard to feel sorry for them or to identify with anyone.

    Thankfully, “Mad Money” has Keaton carrying the bulk of the story. Khouri surely knew that Keaton can do no wrong, and can explain any strange behavior. Latifah is like a movie’s Rosetta Stone — she’s the voice of reason when things go awry. You don’t mind watching them for 90 minutes.

    Holmes is a different story. Before Cruise, she was on a good career path with “Pieces of April” and a few other little movies after “Dawson’s Creek.” Her role in “Batman Begins” could have launched her into a whole new realm. “Mad Money” is an odd choice. Her part is small and pedestrian. Holmes seems like she’s in a frenzy throughout the movie, unable to locate or center this intangible character.

    Cruise and Holmes may have skipped the screening and the party because they knew the movie was a dud. Then again, there’s this new book about Cruise, the announcement of Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy and a revelation of Will Smith being even more involved in Scientology.

    Interestingly, not one of Katie’s new “best friends” came to support her at “Mad Money.” There were no Beckhams, no J-Lo or Marc Anthony, no Leah Remini, Will or Jada, Travolta, et al. It was as if the word was out to keep all of the Cruise cabal away for the night.

    They might have been right to stay away. While “Mad Money” is perfectly nice, it’s also totally incomprehensible. It starts with a flash forward that makes it seem like you’re already in the middle of the film. That’s only one of several plot contrivances that don’t make sense.

    A short way in, the many characters who are held for questioning by the police for grand larceny are interviewed MTV-style about their adventure — which we still haven’t seen. It’s a mess.

  24. Jessica says

    Suri looks so muc like Tom, the squinting of the eyes, and the smile. Even her strong character andenthusiasm as so like Tom. I guess a conspiracy that she was fathered by some one else is much more interesting and makes more news.

  25. Malayka says

    First Katie is not running the boston marathon, get your facts straight before b**ching about people. I have never had any doubt that Suri is Tom’s she even has moment where she looks like Tom’s mum. Besides if the conspiracy theorists stuck to one theory, Klein or Bill Mapother or Hubbard, then I would give credence to their crazy and sometimes sick theories.

    Like Oriana I don’t see Katie pulling off a life of a lie. And Tom’s kids? His sisters, her family? You think all of them can be in a such a big lie to dupe the world?

    I think Nicole has always had always had fertility issues and for some reason, I think scientologists are the kind to be against IVF. I have also always wondered what Nicole did. By the way Nicole found out she was pregnant after the separation and asked Tom for another chance and to go for conuselling but he said it was over. She said this on Oprah.

    I like Tom and Katie better than Tom and Nicole. I hope both Tom and Nicole are both happy. Tom seems to be a new much more happier person with Katie than he was with Nicole.

  26. pat says

    It’s a good thing Nicole is the one married to Keith, she has shown faith, patience, and love for her husband, and in the end that is all that matters, again I wish the best to both of them.

  27. lola says

    Now what was that Nicole and Tom could have had
    their bio children,but adopted kids like they
    have some fertility issues?
    I know you would say there is nothing
    wrong with adoption,the problem is that
    they showed so eagerness in having
    their bios that makes one think………….

  28. Miapocca says

    I think sh elook great and a lot like Bassinger, being a little fleshy suit sher a lot ..and frankly she like tom cruise int those days when he was the Macho guy…then lenny kravitz, then tis guy, that tells you she is consistent with something..she wants the bad arse in the room..ahaha
    Fortunately she had cruise in his best years, now ishe just an aging controlling pedophilic ars-e

  29. Miapocca says


    Katie Gets Special Charity – to Run, Run, Run!

    Katie Holmes is getting to run the Boston Marathon, even though her qualifying time wasn’t fast enough, reports Us — and she’s getting an exemption to do so, something marathon organizers are calling a “charity entrance.”

    Holmes’ time at the New York City marathon was about two hours slower than she would’ve needed to get into Boston, but she’s getting in anyway. Meanwhile, she did a little running of her own last night … away from the L.A. premiere of her new movie, “Mad Money.”

  30. oriana says

    pat, I do think there is true love there for each other, I think there is a good chance for much happiness for both of them, if he doesn’t screw it up, I don’t have any faith in him whatsoever. Sorry to you!

  31. pat says

    Nicole loves Keith, Nicole wants to have her own bio. child, Keith loves Nicole, Nicole is pregnant= congrats to the couple and best wishes.

  32. oriana says

    I think she is pretty and she has been so skinny looking. I am glad she will be putting on weight.

    If Suri isn’t Tom’s then Katie would be as big a Liar, if not more, than he would be. I don’t see her being that good enough of an actress to pull it off.

    I have always thought Nicole was snobbish and cold acting but it may just be her demeanor.

    I agree that Keith had the problem all along and she had to be aware of it, I don’t have any respect for him at all. I still say she could have done much better.

  33. Kate says

    she is soooo unattractive. she looks like a semi well preserved corpse. Something is up with her hairline and skin. Looks unnatural

  34. lola says

    Bingo Dori!!!!
    My opinion is the same…
    Tom is 100% azospermic,no sperm at all,
    and this is not a rare condition,there are so
    many guys suffering the condition,but to lie about
    is not good.
    Anyway,someday am sure Nic is going
    to speak up the truth.
    I am somehow sure Tom is not Suri’s biological father.
    Just wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. dori says

    Also Tom is very controlling and forced Nicole into a divorce agreement because as he stated “she knows very well why we got divorced” Something she did caused the split….My interpretation of the divorce goes like this… and I know I’m going to catch he** for this, but here goes…. she got pregnant and suddenly the marriage ended my feeling was Tom knew very well he was not capable of fathering a child and knew the baby was not his and ended the marriage abruptly… she miscarried the child shortly after that. It’s just my opinion because I remember Mimi Rogers also making comments about not being able to have children with Tom. I am not totally convinced Suri is his biological child either.
    I know you’re going to go nuts on me now but I’m not the only one who suspects Tom is infertile.

  36. dori says

    It’s actually simple they live with each parent 1/2 of the year It gives the parents the freedom to do their movies and time with the kids. Tom keeps them in the photos more when he has them so it gives the impression he spends more time with them They actually share custody from what I understand.

  37. Cathi says

    they seem a little mismatched to me, too. i can’t put my finger in it, though. maybe cause he is such a casual guy and she seems more prim and proper.

    also, i was surprised that he had a drug/alcohol problem so soon after their marriage. he must have had that problem the entire time they were dating, too. you don’t enter rehab unless your addiction has been there for a while.

    connor and isabella’s relationship with nicole confuses me. why do they live with tom? i don’t get it. if nicole wanted kids so badly, why didn’t she fight for the two she already had? even if tom is a control freak, that is no excuse. they are divorced! she doesn’t have to give into his controlling ways anymore. so, why didn’t she fight for those kids?

  38. oriana says

    Grip, do you remember Ricky Van Shelton? Haven’t heard anything from him for a long time but he has a beautiful voice! I love Vince Gill too.

    Actually, I sing a little bit, No folks, I am not trying out for American Idol! But I used to sing in church but my mouth is too big, I was drowning out the others! Ha! I sound a little teeny bit like Emmy Lou Harris if that gives you any idea. Hope you got a good laugh out of me tonight!!!! Ha!

  39. Grip says

    I’m happy for them. I hope it all works out well for them.

    I’m a big Keith Urban fan…yep, Country fan from a BLUE state! LOL! 🙂 And I do think they have a good marriage, if not, it would have fallen apart when he fell off the wagon, but they both seem to say it’s been stronger since.

    I think Tom keeps her from her other children…so this is great for Nicole.

  40. oriana says

    Anyone should be able to understand that she has wanted her own BIOLOGICAL child for a long time! Nothing wrong with that! I hope she has a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby.

    I don’t care for Keith, he is a good guitar player and very talented but I still think she could have done better. I do think they will be happy in the Nashville area, down to earth people there and good hearted people also.

    I don’t think that Tom is the only controlling husband that has ever been around and I do see him as a strong willed person but I like Tom. I just wish a miracle could happen and he would wake up to the brain washing Scientology nonsense!

    I saw a picture of him and David saluting one another, OH TOMMMMM, you are not in the Army!!!!! Cut out the crap!!!!

  41. Nina says

    Ha! You hit the nail on the head, she looks like Kim Bassinger here with those big lips!
    Nicole is such a beauty without all the anti-aging crap they do to themselves.
    All the best to her. I agree the marriage seems weird.

  42. Malayka says

    I happy for them. There is something not quite right about their marriage. Whenever I see them I get this vibe that they do not even know each other’s best color or middle name. But I hope their marriage lasts.

  43. squeeky says

    Well I don’t know what happened there. So her goes again.

    Carleigh, why did you say;

    “She’s wanted to have children for so long.”

    Nicole has TWO children already.

    Her new baby, while we all know has been much longed for, is her third child not ner first.

    The new baby will be as much Connor and Bella’s sibling as Sori is!!

  44. squeeky says

    Carleigh, why did you say

    She has TWO children already!
    Her new baby, while we all know has been much longed for, is her third child, not her first. The new baby will be as much Connor and Bella’s sibling as Sori is!!

  45. Lauren says

    Nicole and Keith look so happy together. I so wish everything works out for her. Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy. 😀

  46. kim--original kim says

    I read from an Australian news source that her mom “thinks” the baby is due sometime around NK’s 41st b’day, which is in July.
    Congrats to her and to Keith! She looks very happy, indeed.

  47. carleigh says

    Does anyone else notice that she is kind of looking like Kim Basinger in these pics?

    I hope she has a healthy baby. She’s wanted to have children for so long I wish her an easy pregnancy and a beautiful bundle that she’s longed for.

  48. Just me says

    I heard her due date is July. You’d never, ever, ever, ever know she is pregnant from these pictures.
    P.S. And , Nicole, please stop whatever you are doing to your lips. You looked so beautiful when you looked more natural.

  49. yep says

    I love Keith! And I’m rooting for both of them. Maybe Nicole will actually look human when she puts on some weight. Sorry, she’s too skinny.

  50. dori says

    I am praying for Nicole to have a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy. She so deserves this baby with Keith. Wishing them all the best. I wonder how far along she is at this time. Does anyone know her due date?

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