An Expectant Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Jessica Alba

An expectant Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were snapped at the Warriors-Spurs game in Oakland, California on January 7th.



  1. Char says

    Miapocca, you are stupid, step away from the computer and go make some real friends. Looser…..LOL

  2. carleigh says

    Mia….did you get the bar of soap I sent you for Christmas?? It’s not for your body it’s for your foul mouth..go use it and don’t stop!!

  3. Miapocca says

    what is a yale graduate doing with her herpes uneducated “latina” (as defined by jessica” ar-s-e

    Come on cash , dump the b-itich and move on, there are plenty of clean p-u-s-sys left in LA…

  4. Miapocca says

    oh my poor jessica…cash is half black…no wonder the pregnancy is putting her in a sour mood..

    About Warrens dad:

    Smart, talented African-American actor Michael Warren could have followed in the star shoes of Sidney Poitier but Denzel Washington beat him to it. Best remembered for his Emmy-nominated role as police officer Bobby Hill in the Steven Bochco crime series “Hill Street Blues” (1981), Mike’s respected turn on this quality show should have led to much bigger things

  5. Miapocca says

    Halle looks great while this ” i am not hispanic, dont speak spanish” a-r-se HANGS on to the man who was about to walk out on her H-e-r-pes ars-e …baby sure does the trick, but to stoop so low as to purchase your own rings..she is worst than the negativity she tired to sling onto the latina sister….what a sad b-i-tch

  6. Cathi says

    ok, she probably is grumpy because she is nauseous and tired all the time. remember, she is pregnant! and since it wasn’t exactly a planned pregnancy, she is most likely dealing with doubt also.

    without the aribrushed makeup, she looks like an ordinary person.

  7. tEzzIeFfiNbAbII says

    iF shE mAd ShE stuPiD bEcuZ hoW U GoN gEt mAd Wen U fuKkiN wIthOuT a CoNdOm N wAnnA LooK mIsArAbLe

  8. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I seem to recall a quote of hers saying something to the extent that people are jealous because they can’t handle her hottness! Yikes! She’s very beautiful, but no beautiful personality to match!

  9. Mellynn says

    I’m with most of you…every pic of her since her pg has been announced has shown her hiding or practically snarling. Hopefully she just isn’t feeling well and it isn’t a reflection of the current state of affairs in her life, but one has to wonder…..

  10. carleigh says

    She comes across as a bit conceited for my tastes and she broke up with this man about 3-4 months prior to getting pregnant, so my guess is that she is not entirely happy with the whole pregnancy idea. She has made self-serving statements in the press, if you google her name you will find a quote where she states “Don’t call me Latina”, which is what she is. I just don’t care for her at all, but I”m sure her baby will be very beautiful.

  11. Sofimee says

    oh please!! what if someone took a picture of you when you weren’t expecting it!! come on now!! why should she go around with a fake smile on her face for the paparazzi?? and she won’t be a whale! i hate when ppl say that pregnant women look like whales or fat or whatever!

  12. don't like jessica says

    Ever since she became pregnant, she has looked like this. Not happy at all. Not smiling either. She must be miserable to think she will be a whale.

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