Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child, her rephas confirmed!

“The couple are thrilled,” Catherine Olim says in a statement.

For Nicole, this will be her third child. She and her former husband, Tom Cruise adopted two children during their marriage: Isabella, now 15, and Connor, 12.

As for where Nicole and Keith, who will be a first-time parent, may bring up their impending arrival, the couple, though both from Australia, purchased a farm near Leipers Fork, Tenn., a half-hour southwest of Nashville, in 2007.

The couple have been married for 18 months.

Before the couple even started dating, Nicole made her desire for more children clear. In April 2005, she told reporters that her biological clock was ticking. “I have got hormones running through my system,” she said. “That is why I sit wriggling, saying I want to have a baby.”

Awwww! Congratulations!

In this picture you can really see Nicole’s joy as she lunched with friends at Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney on January 6th!

Nicole Kidman



  1. oriana says

    I would think that Tom is very pleased for her and wishes Nicole good luck and happiness. I also think that she has definitely moved on and is glad for Tom and his new family.

    I think Katie is a good mother and I think Nicole will be a fabulous mom. They have both moved on and I would think at the very least are cordial to one another.

    She will be happy in Nashville and they will settle into the community. Beautiful homes around the Franklin, Tn. area, it is where most of the Country Music stars live.

    I just hope Keith doesn’t blow it!!!!!!

  2. Generic name says said “generic’s comment always lead to dislike him,so what generic name if you hate him,who cares;you just swallowed your own spit and gag by saying you hate him,and any way lets face it everyone attacked him all of a sudden since he divorced Nicole”..
    and what’s that mean..did I attack Tom?..and did I just said that ” I did shut my mouth, b’coz I don’t want to say negative about him” did I clear that up to you?..hmmm..know what I read all the post here..I read some says ” they hate Tom”..but why all of us here..Its me your poking your nose to care about my comments!..honey read again my comments in # 31..for you to know and read properly.. “she looks so happy…i hope she will have healthy pregnancy..hmmm..
    what would be Tom’s reaction?” did I just catch your attention?! again Good luck to you! (-_-)

  3. Generic name says

    say-u-see-me ..My goodness!! I really don’t understand why you mislead the issue..Yeah I admitted in my comments in # 76 that I don’t like Tom..and so you said; who care’s? and again I did shut my mouth b’coz I don’t want to say negative about him!..but it seems that your bothered..b’coz if wont say those! really! I’m so confused b’coz at your comments in #70 you mentioned ” hate” and “discrimination” when I did not said those!! and I’ll tell you once more…go read again my comments in can you said “hate” and ” discrimination” when all I’m saying is “what would be Tom’s reaction”? are a very hard headed woman! so when I said my OPINION IS MY OPINION! is that so hard to understand?..I told you earlier that this a free blog..I/we are all entitled to post our comments..may it NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE! and negative comments doesn’t mean I/we are discriminating a certain person its still an opinion and liked what you said before its a freedom of speech! I/we are just pleading our opinion here..No one has the right to question that and again liked what I’ve said before not all of us here liked the person we are arguing with…and so I/we will say anything about him..I hope you understand okay?..OMG! my post comment in # 31is just two it says; “she looks so happy…i hope she will have healthy pregnancy..hmmm..
    what would be Tom’s reaction?” Is that so intriguing!? see-u-see-me…I don’t want to argue further about can say what you want to say so am I…Good luck! (-_-)

  4. Christina says

    It’s always bemusing to me when people remain hung up on the past; especially past relationships of celebs. Tom has moved on. Kidman is happily married to a wonderful man and her dreams are being fulfilled. I think we do a disservice to them and ourselves to them. Meaning, if your friends liked your exhusband and constantly bring that up to your new husband, how awful for him and you.

    Please don’t misinterpret and think I’m saying you cannot have your opinions on liking and/or disliking any names mentioned but to continually tie them together is in my opinion, lessening their new found joy.

  5. say-u-see-me says

    2teens3beans,you’re just about the same as generic name.Im not a fan of him.who cares about what you say either,ithink you just cant stand the man that broke nicole’s heart.besides,generic’s comment always lead to dislike him,so what generic name if you hate him,who cares;you just swallowed your own spit and gag by saying you hate him,and any way lets face it everyone attacked him all of a sudden since he divorced nicole,and when he fell in love with katie,so dont tell me im a fan,prefer will smith at any # 76 comments;yeah…yeah…

  6. Generic name says

    see-u-see-me! I forgot to tell…so you are Tom’s big fun..just don’t forget that not all of us here liked him the way you do! If I don’t liked him! I just don’t like him. Period. But still I did shut my mouth b’coz I don’t want to say negative about him.

  7. Generic name says

    #72..2teens3beans..yeah i agree with you 100%
    and to # 70 see-u-see-me!
    You better read it again and analyzed properly my comments in it says; “What would be Tom’s reaction”? and I’m asking it to no one in particular..not even to you! and as I’ve said it again if you don’t like my comments in #31 you can always drag down leave, and don’t read it! you said that this is a free blog! though I mentioned that earlier to you..but you said…
    “Yeah,you are full of life however,it is also full of hate and discrimination against someones religion.Like I said,during their marriage together you never did criticized his religion or what ever he did in his life.” and at the last paragaph you said again
    “keep in mind discrimination leading to hatred is not free at all,freedom of speech but to offend someone…”
    I’m so confused about your comments/reply…AGAIN go back to my comments in #31.. I did not say that I’m against to his religion nor I did not said that I hate him!! so I don’t see the point why you said those to me…You know what..let’s not argue about this anymore..Its just a waste if time..
    by the way..haller to you 2teen3beans

  8. 2teens3beans says

    I’m so happy for Nicole & Keith. I can’t stand Tom and I think he’s a bizarre person.
    To say-u-see-me: you’re going a little overboard with your comments to Generic Name and frankly they don’t even make any sense! I don’t get why you’re going after Generic Name. What discrimination are you talking about? Did you even read her post correctly?

  9. Marilyn Ware says

    I am so happy for Nicole and Keith.She has been waiting for so long,now her dream is about to come true.We can thank God for a prayer answered.Best of wishes to them both.

  10. oriana says

    Now the latest silver dress is beautiful to me! Tom is looking dapper but he looks shorter when he puts on a suit.

  11. say-u-see-me says

    To#66;Generic Name,
    I think you are not reading my comments properly.I didnt call you attention seeker or rehab grad ,I was calling Keith a rehab grab and Nicole attention seeker.Yeah,you are full of life however,it is also full of hate and discrimiation against someones religion.Like I said,during their marriage together you never did critisized his religion or what ever he did in his life.Where were you during all those interviews.And for the record I dont need to seek attention bacause my life is not under tabloids.Besides,it bothered me because I have religion that it doesnt exist here,so if you find out what it is you’ll probably freak-out,and critisize it as well.It is just sad about you.really.any way thanks for your reply back,like you said,its free but keep in mind discrimination leading to hatred is not free at all,freedom of speech but to offend someone…hmmm. well,happy new year to you too,no offends taken from what you replied,hope you do the same.good luck on keith.

  12. Christina says

    No, the court threw out Tom’s UNDER 10 yr. She got half. TRUST me over 80 mil… she’s doin’ just fine!!!

  13. oriana says

    dori, I like Grecian style dresses, some of them, but the one she had on was not pretty or stylish to me at all, Just looked like half a sheet pulled up, no style at all!!!!!

  14. oriana says

    Why am I under moderation? Just because I am not an Alien?

    I think Nicole got a dirty deal regarding the 10 year marriage situation, what is wrong with saying that?

  15. Generic name says

    #60 say-u-see-me..

    Did I say something wrong?..No I did not! I’m just curios of what WILL BE Tom’s reaction b’coz I didn’t know that he said those! so what’s the prob.? I don’t need to have a LIFE! coz I had it already in fact I’M FULL OF LIFE! AND I DON’T NEED to share this to rehab grad nor I’m not an attention seeker…remember this is a FREE BLOG! so I’m entitle to say everything I want to say, so you are too! I don’t understand why you react that way about my comments…If you don’t like my comments you can drag it down and don’t read it.. but it seems that you bother to read and question my comments on # 31…so its YOU who is attention seeker NOT me..(-_-) happy new year!

  16. Christina says

    Tom does a lot of wonderful things for the community that people do not know (plus it’s expected component of Scientology). Nicole and him, have to find a way to get along – they have 2 children together. Tom first, cheated on her w/Penelope Cruz (again Scientology extremely powerful to shut down info). Secondily, he tried to claim they were married under 10 years (shy of just a few days or a week) so that he didn’t have to pay out under California divorce law for marriages past 10 yr mark. Nicole was extremely hurt by all of it. Yes, she made some digs shortly thereafter, but who would blame her? I think the 10 year issue was really disgusting on his part and such an insult. Scientology to me is almost like a Hollywood family “mob” – they stick together and protect their own. THOUSANDS of people in Hollywood are members. Furthermore, he is known as a major control freak (not only in his marriage but also on the set of a film) and Nicole would know that best… any woman who has been in a controlling relationship and gets out, realizes it – will inevitably have a lot emotional things to confront. I like Tom as a performer but in my opinion, he is an actor who believes in his own celebrity and hype.

    I liked Katie’s dress. But I tend to like “greek – roman” style designs.

    Oriana- yes I’ve attended award shows across the board (Oscars, Grammys, etc.) Grammys is great fun. Oscars a little boring because it’s so long but the parties all week are a lot of fun. The Globes is the best party – much more relaxing.

  17. Jx2 says

    The dress that Katie was wearing in the People mag (gray one-shouldered smock) is actually quite lovely.

  18. Jx2 says

    The dress that Katie was wearing in the People mag (gray one-shouldered smock) is actually quite lovely. I personally wouldn’t wear it however…too shapeless but I think she carried it off nicely. I really like her hair cut too…the chic bob – 1920s flapper look is so glam!

  19. say-u-see-me says

    To Oriana,I like you comments#29&#30.You in other hand #31Generic Name,who cares what Tom thinks now he said it before,an exwives are exwives,he cares for them wish them luck and happiness,do you see him or hear him brags about her during interview,’re sad human get yourself a life and share it with rehab grad and attention seeker.

  20. dori says

    Oriana what dress are you speaking about? The one from the Golden globes? She seemed to be live on the show..while most of the other stars were pre- recorded messages.

  21. say-u-see-me says

    I am afan of both Tom and Nicole but.In sydney my family lives 3 blocks from their crib.Nicole acts very shy alot and calm while Tom is outgoing and down to earth.Nicole however has dark attitude that no one knew.Lets just put it this way,if your spouse divorce you and you know you didnt do anything wrong will you not bad slam him or her,yes and you all know it.however if you knew you are the one who caused why your spouse divorced you,you will never critisize,say bad things about him/her especially if youre getting the money.Ask that to yourself,because when they were still married no one talks and critisizes him,he was the favorite son in law in Sydney.It is ashamed you all have such hatred toward someone.Why cant you just let them be if you hate him[Tom]so much.

  22. say-u-see-me says

    maybe this time she stops talking about Tom,who is beyond over her.It’s sad that after he divorced her the attack is all on to him.Bad comments given to him.Maybe if he didnt divorce her you will never talk bad things about him nor call him gay.Why are you all forgetiting the facts that she always want attention,her very own dad said so during her marriage with Tom.He divorced her and still kept on bragging he loves him,and it’s sad because she likes to deny things then it will comes out when its done.Why cant she be honest like Tom.It’s personal info but she forgot she’s in movie business.She needs to stay in Austalia.My family resides 3blocks from them,and its a pity for all to bad slam someone who has been kind,honest&cares about. Maybe this child of hers will call her mommy,cuz there must be reasons while her two kids dont like her & not call her mommy.Instead of slamming Tom,why dont you all ask her& ask yourelves,what did Tom do so bad,other than his honesty,love for Katie,being scientology.Ask yourself first if you havent critisized anyone and did like he did for Katie then critisize him. Good luck on her pregnancy,hope she&the baby wont inhale the drugs thet have at home

  23. oriana says

    #35, I saw Katie in her dress in People magazine, I just clicked on People and saw the pictures. The dress looked awful to me!

  24. Nicki says

    oriana~ what about Rudolph Valentino? He was gayer than gay, even though married a few times, EVERYONE knew, and still woman swooned over him. (my grandma, and Mom, still knowing) So I guess it is the fantasy they want to enjoy with the movies. (I don’t care for silent movies they bore me, but he was “pretty”.)

  25. Christina says

    … yes, Hollywood will keep and protect the gay secret if money is involved. But keeping it secret vs making it public – no way!

  26. oriana says

    Christina, about being Gay and being a leading man in Hollywood, look at Rock Hudson, gorgeous and I am sure all the Insiders knew about him, and he was definitely a Leading man right up until he croaked practically.

  27. oriana says

    Christina, I can only imagine how many in Hollywood have indulged shall we say! I think now it is the going thing to be bi-sexual! I myself have seen some boobs I have wanted to squeeze!!! Yes, Mia, it is true!!!!!! Ha!

    I do see a resemblance to Katie and I will read Morton’s book but I definitely think Suri is Tom’s child. It is time they took that bottle out of mouth, maybe at bedtime would be okay but I think she is too big to be carrying that bottle around as much as she does.

    I saw where when George Clooney was asked what he thought about Nicole being pregnant, he answered, well at least she isn’t 16 years old! Ha! Sounds like George to me!

    You know as far as being Gay does, it doesn’t bother me at all, never has, even before I found out my son was Gay. I love Anderson Cooper, LUV Him!!! And my all time favorite is Nathan Lane! He is so cute and funny to me!

    I used to go to Gay Bars when I was dating my last husband, we loved the Drag Queen shows!!! Those girls were GORGEOUS!!!! My husband would be out on the floor dancing away, we had some of the best times!

  28. Christina says

    Furthermore, a lot of people now-a-days accept gays and lesbian but how does everyone feel about BI-sexuality??? A lot are BI and that is a very controversial issue. Is Tom gay? I don’t think so. Is he bi? Perhaps. AJ openly talked about her lesbian encounter and it would shock you how many people/celebs are bisexual. (Don’t ask me names, I won’t tell.) A lot of FALSE stories are printed and tabloid sensations and BS but from what I know and my thinking, when it’s targeted at their sexuality, there tends to be a more truthful factor to it. With that said, a lot experiment due to age, rebellion, and most importantly, DRUGS are a huge factor. And a lot decide later, “Ah, I’m straight. I was just experimenting (trying it on) and it wasn’t my thing.”

    Again, I don’t think a person’s sexuality should define nor be a factor in judging their ability as a performer and the public acceptance but unfortunately, box office does. The world is just coming to terms w/accepting gays and lesbians BUT definitely NOT bisexuality especially in men.

  29. Christina says

    Oriana- lol, no I’m not an Alien from a spaceship.

    First, there is a major backlash going on against Scientology. Scientology is an extremely powerful group and a lot of people had a certain “safety distance” from the group and there are a lot of people involved. It’s HUGE that Nip/Tuck is taking a truthful crack at them in one of their storylines.

    Re: the book. Suri does resemble him but so does Kate. Don’t forget, Nicole had a few miscarriages w/Tom so it is extremely logical that it is in fact his sperm.

    Oriana- re: gay rumors, I will say this, most of them are TRUE hence why you see very few celebs suing over it. Though a lot of people have no issues w/gays and lesbian; unfortunately for an actor and actress, it can sometimes be an issue. Example: if Cary Grant was gay, do you think he would have ever had a chance to be a leading man heartthrob that he was? NOPE!!! Anne Heche had a major backlash on her film career because of it. Talent should speak for itself but it’s a game of money and it’s been proven that a person’s sexual preference (gay/lesbian) does effect their market-ability.

  30. annie says

    I’m thrilled for Nicole, good for her! As for who Suri’s dad is? Hmmmm. I’ve never thought it was Tom’s. Just remember, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I’m looking forward to reading Morton’s book.

  31. Miapocca says

    The custody arrangement is on the smoking gun in the divorce petitions. Tom got lucky with that since he was the once that petitioned for divorce on no grounds other than being pupetteered by miscaviage to get rid of a wife who was no long into scient-ology and would support miscaviage thieving….
    they have 50% of the year each with the kids…but there are some scien-to-logy issues that limits nicole’s role…apparently when they are in australia, she enrolls them in catholic school

  32. Miapocca says

    Anne hectch is a disgrace and she should not be dating another human but a pig…she is disgusting and hurts people in the process her do called self discovery…

  33. Just me says

    I agree with #8, Tin. Then again, maybe she wasnt another kid because the others are with Tom.

  34. bambamswife says

    I think it is so nice that Nicole Kidman is pregnant. I agree_ enough about Tom Cruise. I like him though. It seems that the bigger the celebrity, the more gossip. I even heard once that Nicole Kidman didn’t want to have her own biologocal child because it would ruin her body. All of this is just garbage and people who believe all this nonsense are just as bad as the people who write about it. Congrats Nicole and Keith.

  35. kim--original kim says

    I’m SO happy for her and Keith! Congrats to them. And who cares what publicists say/don’t say. After a while it becomes obvious, pregnant or not!

  36. dori says

    psycho joey is posting under my name now

    19. joey | January 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    My new years resolution is honesty, so here goes……. sigh…. I AM Joey and I AM JJ and I AM Jx2 and I AM fAntASy. I don’t have any real friends, all I have are you guys. My hateful words are just a defense mechanism. I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to stop it.

    remember saying this joey?

  37. minkysmom says

    I don’t know anything about their personal life, but it seems like Keith isn’t trying to be as involved as Kate is with her older children. You don’t have to be trying to take over as mommy to be good to your step children.

  38. cookie monster says

    I am so happy for them. She has always stated that she would like to have a biological child of her own and I am so happy her dream is coming true. She obviously loves her adopted children, it is just ashame that she can’t spend more time with them. Scientology/Tom will not allow it I guess. At least this child has a chance at a normal upbringing, you can’t say the same for her other 2 children.
    I hope and pray that this is everything that Nicole and Keith wish for.

  39. Generic name says

    she looks so happy…i hope she will have healthy pregnancy..hmmm..what would be Tom’s reaction?

  40. oriana says

    I REALLY cannot take too much more about Tom Cruise! I think he is a great actor and loves his family, other than that, that is about it! I like Kate/Katie but I have doubts about that marriage lasting forever. I do love Suri’s pictures, I think she is very cute and I do think she is Tom’s child.

    Christina, I am praying you are not a Scientologist!!!!!!! It is none of my business but I sincerely hope you are are not an Alien!!!!!! But I will still like you anyway!!!!

  41. oriana says

    Christina honey, I definitely think the celebs personal business is just for them alone, I just find it hard to accept when one week a publicist is in denial then the next sharing with the media. It makes me doubt everything they say. Look at all the back and forth about who is Gay and who is not? I don’t care, my oldest son is Gay, but when it comes to people like Jody Foster, who is a proven talent and a decent person, it isn’t anyone’s business true enough, but why deny or not speak up?

    When Ellen finally came out, it wasn’t a shock to anyone, and I do love her, can’t stand that Anne Heche though and never could.

    I say in this day and age, the stars and personalities should speak their mind and if that offends someone, tough ass!

  42. Christina says

    Oriana you are so funny. LOL

    Actually I don’t think it’s anyone’s business if an actor/actress choose to keep their pregnancy to themselves. Sadly, Kidman has had several miscarriages during her first trimester and a lot of women (celeb or not) wish to keep it private till they past that 1st trimester. I don’t blame her nor think it’s wrong that her reps chose to deny it. It’s really their individual choice. Perhaps saying nothing is better and perhaps her publicist didn’t know either… that happens often that celebs do not tell their reps. Again, personal choice. I don’t personally care if a PR person chooses to lie about something like this that is so personal and private.

    Either way, congrats to her and Keith. Keith is an AMAZING performer – incredible guitar player.

  43. oriana says

    She does look so happy in this picture. I want it to work out for her. Sorry Jacquie, I can’t stand Keith, I think he really let her and himself down shortly after they married, I think he came close to blowing it, I actually thought she could have done much better than him.

  44. oriana says

    I don’t know why her Rep lied about it a short time ago for! I don’t believe anything these lying Publicist say any more, I am very happy for her and I hope she carries the baby to full term.

    To me if a Rep doesn’t want to confirm anything, then don’t, just don’t lie about it, just say No Comment if nothing else. Say with Jennifer Lopez, they lied about her too in the beginning.

    I saw Cher tell Barbara Walters once to a personal question, It is None of Your Business, I have loved her ever since, these celebs should be like her, have the guts to speak up instead of lying.

    Christina will understand what I talking about!

  45. Ali says

    well, i have to admit ladies… i got pregnant first, and then got married. it happens! i was also 29 and not 16…

  46. Chess says

    i agree with you Cathi! Congrats to my fellow Aussies! Im so happy for them and wish them all the best 🙂

  47. Ali says

    i am so glad for her! i always liked her alot! i hope it works out. it is a shame her friend did not act like such a good friend and blabbed this. i hope she is not feeling pressure.

    i also know she loves her other 2 children…. the problem is tom is really pushing his views on the other 2 and brain washing them.

  48. Liza says

    When has she spoken about fertility treatments? I know that she has spoken about suffering two miscarriages, but have never heard her talk about fertility treatments. Regardless of how she got pregnant, it’s great that she is!

    I’m happy for her, but sorry that they may have felt forced by all the rumors to confirm it earlier than they would have felt comfortable. I know that once you have had a miscarriage, it’s hard to really appreciate the next pregnancy for what it is since you spend so much time holding your breath and waiting for the bottom to drop out. She has always been very private, and I wish they could have kept this to themselves until they were ready to share it with the world.

    As for her other children. She shares legal custody with Tom, but he appears to have primary physical custody of the children. Over the summer when Tom and Katie were in Berlin everyone was asking where the two other kids were, well they were with their mother on their school break. It has also been reported that they were with her in Australia for Christmas. So it appears that they are with her on school breaks and remain with their father otherwise.

  49. Christy says

    I am not sure this has to do with the men at all. She is 40 and has had miscarriages. She has made no secret about fertility treatments either and I am sure she wanted to wait because they have a slight miscarriage increase. I am happy for her and hopeful she will share about her experience to help other women who may be infertile or older or the like. Maybe she did treatments and they didn’t take but the use of hormones kick started something. This is a nice story and frankly makes me glad we live in a time where all this is available to us as women and couples.

  50. Mellynn says

    Good for them!!! Nicole gets a chance to be a real mom away from the influence of the cult. I saw Keith Urban in concert this summer, and I’ll say this…WOW!!!! I hope she has a wonderfully smooth pregnancy.

  51. Nicki says

    Awww, I’m so happy for them, mostly Nicole. I hope she has a safe and happy pregnancy! Best wishes to her and her two older children. I’m sure they will be a great big brother and sister. Babies are wonderful. All the best Nicole.

  52. Kelkel says

    sara, lots of people have 2nd families if they marry again later in life. And, whomever said something about Nicole’s other children and not being very motherly…I think Tom has alot to do with that whole situation. Clearly he controls those kids completely. I am sure Nicole would love to see them more than she does. CONGRATS to Keith and Nicole!!! Aside from Halle Berry…this is one of the best pregnancy announcements!!!

  53. dori says

    women have been having babies in their 40’s for many years Think back… Sophia Loren had her first son in her 40’s and that was in the 60’s.
    Congratulations to them …. that is great news She’s been wanting a baby for a long time. Really really happy for her and Keith.

  54. sara says

    Tom and Kidman are both trying to hold on to their youth in my opinion. Having babies at 40 is hard. I should know. They have nearly raised the other two children into young adults….I can’t imagine starting all over again.
    Katie and Keith need a child of theirs too I guess. Congrats!!

  55. tin says

    She doesn’t seem very motherly to Isabella & Connor so it makes me wonder why she would so eagerly want to have another.

  56. boo says

    Well at least it has now been “Confirmed”.
    I’m glad that she is going to get to experience being pregnant first hand!

  57. pat says

    Yea! I was wanting this to be true, she is really wanting to have a baby herself. I pray everything goes great for her. Yea again!

  58. 2teens3beans says

    Whoopee!!! I was hoping she was pg.
    Makes you wonder about the Suri paternity story that is buzzing, sounds pretty far-fetched… but still, “things that make you go, hmmmm”.

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