Nicolas Sarkozy With Carla Bruni & Her Son

Carla Bruni

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy, 52, and former model Carla Bruni, 40, were snapped sightseeing with Carla’s six-year-old son, Aurelien, while on holiday in Jordan.

According to the French media, a wedding has been booked for February 8th or 9th – a date which has not been denied by Nicolas’s spokesman.

Nicolas has two sons, Pierre and Jean, with his first wife, and one 10-year-old son, Louis, with his second wife.



  1. Sarah says

    Dori, I have been to France more than the average person can count and as an American, I have never been disrespected. Stop generalizing.

    Sarkozy actually supports a lot of US policies and not all French people are anti-American. I’ve experienced quite the opposite actually.

    However I wish he’d stop cavorting around with Carla Bruni. She is basically a slut… she had an affair with the son of the publisher she was dating and that’s how she ended up with Aurelien.

  2. open2culture says

    Lest we forget….
    Time to look back in history to see who have played a part in shaping our nation. Liberte, egalite, fraternite???? the Statue of Liberty, the war with England, the influences of Voltaire, Rousseau, and others?
    I am not French, but love different cultures and languages. I find it appalling when we are so closed minded sometimes. The worst repression of freedom was naming french fries Freedom fries!!!! Is this where a great nation is headed? Is this what our Founding Daddies envisioned?
    Where are we headed??

  3. dori says

    so thats a reason to call me stupid ????
    I happen to have part of family in Grance in Clermont to be exact… calling names is not neccessary

  4. Nenesse french says

    Dori you’re stupid!! I’m french and I like american people. I know they are not like Bush. And in France there are muslims but not only!! Jewish, Christian, …. Don’t believe the things what you’ve heard!
    Sorry for my english… I’m french and Dori you know, French people always speak french and they can’t learn english because they’re like Sarkozy who doesn’t speak english 😀

  5. 2teens3beans says

    It’s ok Dori, you didn’t offend. I think it’s a good thing that people can speak civilly about their different viewpoints. You’re a good egg!

  6. dori says

    also when I travel I do try to speak their language.. I always make an effort to communicate in the language of the country.

  7. dori says

    well maybe you’re right maybe I am stereo typing but France wasn’t the same place to me recently as it was back in the 70’s I was disappointed. I apologize if I offended anyone.

  8. 2teens3beans says

    Dori, I think you are a nice person who is getting some bad treatment from others on this board. But I just totally disagree with your view here. I have been to France more than once, Paris and the Loire Valley region. I found rude people and friendly people in both places. Any big city will have it’s share of rude people, yes, even American cities. That is no reason to stereotype.
    If you saw a lost French tourist in your town would you speak French to assist them? I doubt it. When one visits a foreign country one should make an effort to communicate to locals in their language, not expect them to speak yours.

  9. dori says

    why would any American like the French when they have so openly stated their dislike of Americans. They are arrogant and self centered and think they are better than everyone else. When you go to France if you are American they “pretend ‘they can’t speak English won’t help you if you’re lost and I pretty much can’t stand them. That is in Paris… in the countryside it’s a different story. Paris is so overrrun with Muslims it’s not even French anymore.

  10. Laurène says

    Ok, I’m French and I don’t speak very vell english.
    Alors je le dis en français que cela me fait bizarre de voir Sarko sur un site comme celui-là. En tout cas sachez que tout les français ne sont pas comme lui. Nous sommes aussi des gens bien et intelligent. Pas comme cet energument qui se croit beau…

  11. 2teens3beans says

    Please don’t start with the French bashing, like people were so fond of doing 5 years ago. Because many of the French people disagree with the actions our “fearless leader” has taken since he has been in office is no reason to bash them. Hell, most Americans I know can’t stand Bush and his war machine either. He & Cheney have made millions off this war.
    I am American and love America, but I also love France! (And I don’t like George Bush – can you tell?)

  12. Nenesse french says

    Don’t hate french people please… Sarkozy is maybe the president, but all french are not like him…

  13. Elise says

    Etonnant de voir une photo de notre président de la république sur ce site !!! un véritable président people ! après c’est un autre débat peut etre allier people et présidence ?….

  14. Liza says

    Well I am not sure anyone said anything about being anti-American, which is not the same thing as disliking the U.S. Just because someone does not support U.S. policies (and who would blame them) that doesn’t make them anti-American or horrible by any stretch. The U.S. isn’t the center of the universe, not everyone has to bow down.

    He’s actually much more supportive of U.S. policies than Chirac was. This is actually what he is quoted as saying about the U.S., “I’d like to appeal to our American friends to say that they can count on our friendship. But I would also like to say that friendship means accepting that your friends don’t necessarily see eye to eye with you.”

    So dori, it seems you need to recheck your sources.

  15. Liza says

    It does seem that his wife was involved in an affair in 2005, only to have them reconcile, but uncomfortably so.

    It also seems that when they announced their divorce in October, that it was an expected announcement after months of rumors running around political circles in France.

    While we can question why he is choosing to marry again so soon after his divorce, he DID NOT leave his wife just to take up with another woman.

    And who cares if he doesn’t like the U.S.? What does that have to do with anything? Or are you one of those people who think anyone who dislikes your country must be horrible?

  16. Christy says

    I am not a fan of his but Dori (#6), I have to respond to your post. She let him know after they married that she didn’t want to be in the limelight and then SHE, his wife, proceeded to have a very public affair. Pictures were everywhere and no one denied it. He begged her to come back and she did, but after he became the President of France, she again left him and he filed for divorce. So, while he has a track record, so does she. If we are liberated women then we too must take responsibility when we stray as well. Nort defending him, he is an odd guy but his wife is interesting in that way too.

  17. dori says

    He’s an arrogant French man who jumps from woman to woman. From the things I’ve read about him he’s not a supporter of the USA not to mention the minute he was elected president he dumped his wife. What a great representation of his country he is!

  18. dori says

    See what I mean Miapocca sometimes you say great things and I agree with you ….. sometimes it’s like you are two different people. I like this Miapocca.

  19. boo says

    Don’t know who he is….( or didn’t til I read he was Frances President)…. but judging by the previous 3 posts he’s a real winner!

  20. Miapocca says

    Well, cant manage relationships, seems the this presidency will be over after soon …ahahha…It defies stupidity when a man goes happily playing step dad to another man’s child AND NEGLECTS his own…why werent HIS kids bonding with them..ahahhaha

  21. momof3 says

    He’s such a media ho. Took him a few days from anouncing his divorce to shamelessly flaunting his trophy woman.
    Can you say midlife crisis?

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