Nancy Kerrigan & Husband Expecting Their Third Child

Nancy Kerrigan

Former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan and her husband Jerry Solomon are expecting, the proud father has shared with People magazine.

“We are thrilled, and she’s feeling great,” Jerry, 53, says of Nancy, 38, a 1994 silver medalist who suffered six miscarriages over eight years while trying to conceive her second child Brian, 2. The couple also have a older son Matthew, 11. “We’ve actually known for quite a while but didn’t want to say anything because of the number of miscarriages she had in the past, so she’s farther along than we might otherwise have done it. But everybody’s very excited.”

Everyone except, perhaps, young Brian. “Brian changes from day to day,” laughs Jerry, President and CEO of StarGames, a sports marketing and entertainment company. “Sometimes he thinks it’ll be fun, sometimes he doesn’t like babies, sometimes he thinks he’s a baby, so it’s really all over. … But he hasn’t figured out yet whether he’s in favor of this or not.”

Meanwhile, Nancy and Jerry need to decide whether or not they want to find out if they are having a boy or a girl: “We haven’t decided whether we want to know the sex or not,” says Solomon. “We’ve been debating!”

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  1. bonnie j says

    Anyway, let’s keep in mind the sage advice of the law enforcers of Reno, and that is:

    TAKE 3 OR LOSE 8!!!!! Either you take three seconds to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, or you lose 8 hours to traffic school!

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  2. Impervious Son says

    In all candor, I have seen Nancy interviewed and she comes across as extremely itchy, after you add the “b.”

  3. Impervious Son says

    …but anyway, she looks like her mother had an affair with Mr. Ed. Okay, not original stuff, but hey…I speak da truth.

  4. Impervious Son says

    something tells me she wouldn’t still be so sour on that whole Harding deal if she had won the gold instead of just the silver

  5. Impervious Son says

    omg Yo babydaddy how dumb can you get??? Nancy’s not doing a nude spread, she’s working on her 3rd child dude. seriously you really believe she’d do something like that with all those stretch marks god think about it. now who’s the dumb a– i feel sorry for your monkey butt. dork

  6. Big Korean Sexy Magic says

    P.P.S. Don’t call Nancy trashy, ok? Post #29…because let me tell you – it takes a married man to break up a married man’s marriage, not a single woman. Without him and without his *consent* and *willingness* and *betrayal of his own wife*, a woman on the outside has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER. If you’re going to call anyone trashy, if you must, call the man who cheated trashy, not some woman on the outside.

  7. BabyDaddie says

    You guys are such dumb a—- I swear. Nancy never did any commercials for fast food! Duh. I heard she’s doing a nude spread for Playboy sometime next year.

  8. A H says

    Kerrigan dated her future husband while he was still married to his first wife. That’s kind of trashy too.

  9. dori says

    But she was a great ice skater and an Olympic Medalist where as Tonya Harding proved herself to be nothing but trailer trash

  10. Grip says

    Yeah, she was “America’s Sweetheart” until they found out she wasn’t all sugar spice & everything nice.

  11. dori says

    stop posting sexual statements under my name everyone here knows I’m a grandmother and would not say such things JOEY

  12. Nicki says

    boo~that was funny,lol.

    Joey you are a liar. Please stop with your stupidity. It makes you look more pathetic than you really are. Thanks.

  13. boo says

    I read that Tonya is a Boxer now…. apparently she has chose to channel her rage and anger in the ring on opponents that are able to hit her back!!lol…Sorry I had to! 🙂

    As as for when this took place it was 1994 I believe?

  14. Joey says

    All I asked was a simple question–where is tonya harding?? I’m not posting crap under anyones name…And Dori quit posting that comment (THAT I DID NOT WRITE)…Gawd people…there are probably a million people that read this blog…and I’m the one posting non-sense…Anyone can take my name and write whatever they want…but its definately not coming from me…I feel like bashing a few knees in here, especially Lesbo Dori’s.


  15. who cares says

    as I recall she began dating this guy (her skating coach when he was married) oop!!! Then later he got divorced and then they got married

  16. boo says

    I couldn’t imagine the pain of one miscarriage let alone 6.
    This woman is remarkably strong… she overcame a Brutal attack and the loss of so many children…. She definitely deserves to be happy and I am so pleased that she is finally having the little bundle that she has obviously been so desparately tring to have!!

  17. Jx2 says

    That’s brutal – must of happened when I lived in Europe – did this event happen sometime between 1993 and 1997?

  18. 2teens3beans says

    #12 JJ, she is the olympic figure skater who had her knees bashed with a hammer by a rival’s (tonya harding’s) boyfriend.

  19. dori says

    19. joey | January 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    My new years resolution is honesty, so here goes……. sigh…. I AM Joey and I AM JJ and I AM Jx2 and I AM fAntASy. I don’t have any real friends, all I have are you guys. My hateful words are just a defense mechanism. I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to stop it.

    remember saying this joey?

  20. Cathi says

    thanks girls! even though i had 3 miscarriages, i have also been blessed with 4 healthy children! so, i have plenty to be thankful for! have a great day everyone. 🙂

  21. Cathi says

    ditto here as well. i hate to read the immature, offensive crap that this person puts out there.

    as far as nancy kerrigan goes—-i had no idea that she suffered thru so many miscarriages. i myself, have also suffered thru those. it is a painful, heartbreaking experience. i wish her a healthy pregnancy and birth!

  22. Nicki says

    #5- We all know you are joey and your other “made-up names”. Why after so many people accepted you (not me after the evil birth wishes you wished on others) are you still going on with this crap??? Seek out help and bring Britney along with you. Please get help and come back when you are well. You are welcome here, but you do need help.
    (and if anyone questions this I will point out #60 and #14 post in other threads………….no one should have to read them, let alone a pregnant mother to be.) Let there be PEACE!

  23. Mellynn says

    As someone who has also suffered through numerous miscarriages and is now pregnant with her third, I appreciate her tenacity and her openness about infertility. I hope all goes smoothly for them!!!!!

  24. Nicki says

    Congratulations to them. I do know they have been trying to add to thier family after Matthew. Then Brian blessed them. The very best to them with the newest addition.

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