Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns To The View With Her Son

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Check out these two cute clips of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s return to The View this morning. The first is here at People magazine and the second is here at Us magazine. Elisabeth looks amazing and Taylor Thomas is adorable! Taylor Thomas will be 2-months-old on January 9th.

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  1. dori says

    no Joey, actually I’m a midwesterner, Chicago in fact…. home of Al Capone and other gun toting gangsters.

  2. oriana says

    Mia, what do you think would happen if anyone that worked for them ever decided to talk? They couldn’t take anything if they didn’t have anything if Tom did sue them?

  3. Miapocca says

    Someone should teahc Dori to show a little respect for herself , that will solve all her problems and others will actually finally show her the respeeect that she craves so badly……….

  4. dori says

    psycho jopey posting under my name

    19. joey | January 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    My new years resolution is honesty, so here goes……. sigh…. I AM Joey and I AM JJ and I AM Jx2 and I AM fAntASy. I don’t have any real friends, all I have are you guys. My hateful words are just a defense mechanism. I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to stop it.

    remember saying this joey?

  5. minkysmom says

    he looks like her hubby. and I think she is conservative but hasn’t done anything to make me think she was a bigot.

  6. Sandra says

    Wow I am the only one that doesn’t think her baby is all that cute. Maybe when he gets more hair, but for right now he isn’t that adorable in my eyes!

  7. Nicki says

    I don’t care for her either. But her lil boy is absoultely adorable.
    I like this pic, basically only the baby. Lil Taylor is a beautiful baby.

  8. Kelsey says

    Many people will argue that Elisabeth is a closed-minded Republican, but on today’s show she was very open to the presidential candidates of both parties. She stated that she wished she could combine the policies and beliefs of Romney (rep.), McCain (rep.), and Obama (dem.) together. Regardless of whether you are a democrat or a republican, I think we all in some way can relate to the mentality that no candidate is perfect.

    And now to comment on the topic…I think both of her children are so cute!

  9. oriana says

    Oh Lord kaylie, I cannooootttt stand that Anne Coulter, her and that Rita Cosby makes me sick to my stomach! That voice on Rita is enough to drive anyone nuts!

  10. kaylie says

    I hate her because she’s a hateful right-wing bigot with a narrow view of the world.but she way better then homely ann coulter

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