Elisabeth Hasselbeck Opens Up About How Having A Second Baby Rocks Your World

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

After introducing her new baby – 2-month-old Taylor Thomas – on The View this morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck sat down with People magazine backstage.

Elisabeth, 30, and her footballer husband, Tim Hasselbeck, also have another child, Grace, 2.

So, second child: more or less overwhelming than expected?
When they say it rocks your world? It rocks your world, having a second. What is going on!? When does this stop?! … This is the first time I’ve brushed my teeth in two months, it was special for today. And I’m constantly trying to balance out everybody’s needs. Was I a little bit of a wife today? Sure. ‘Here’s a cracker, Tim. I’m your wife.’ ‘Grace, do you want Goldfish for dinner? Okay, I feel bad, ’cause I’m paying a lot of attention to Taylor, so Goldfish it is!’ I feel like I’m constantly trying to be the great equalizer in the home. But I love it! I wouldn’t want to be anything else, and wouldn’t want anyone else doing it for me.

Do you see a big difference, boy vs. girl?
I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy, or because it’s [my] second child, but I kind of let him sit up a little more on his own. He seems a little more sturdy. I’ll go, ‘Look at that chest. He’s strong!’ I’m not super-sterilizing everything like I was with Grace. [When she was born] people would walk in and I’d have them put booties on.

Is Tim happy to have a boy at home?
He loves having a boy. There is a difference. But I feel like Taylor’s mine. Grace is his, and Taylor’s mine – forever.

Are you feeling back in shape?
I’ll get there. I’m a little frustrated because I have a little injury in my back, something’s bothering me, and I can’t run – and we’ve had really nice weather the last couple of days, and every time I see someone running I get angry at them because I can’t. But I’ll get there.



  1. Jx2 says

    Oh listen to Mother Teresa from above !

    You are just as guilty as anyone else here for being an “instigator”. Don’t pretend and make it seem as if you are a victim…seems that the pure virginal snow you want to come across as, has some tire tracks in it!!

  2. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Miapocca your posts are barely coherent and legible, so don’t even cross me with “too dumb for words”. If you’re as smart as you obviously think you are, you would have noticed by now that it’s not Dori or me that picks the fights…its JJ…or JX2 or whatever. We may be the targets, but are we the instigators? Hardly!

    Thanks Nicky dear for your comment way back! I hope to hear from you again soon. Miss you!

  3. dori says

    you just can’t help bashing me can you? even though I have said to you how I think you’re intelligent and ask you not to make derrogatory statements about me. I WILL NOT STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL AND FIGHT WITH YOU It’s actually you who ruins every thread with your multiple posts and long rantings about absoluetly nothing.

  4. miapocca says

    I am not suprised..any thread with DORI AND THAT KKK wowan always becomes a fight…just because they are too dumb for words

  5. Janine says

    You guys!!!!
    Can you all please just give it a rest and stop arguing all the time!!

    I dont post on these things as I dont find the need to since I just want to read the latest gossip in celebrity baby world, but when I see these blogs of you guys insulting one another and eachothers baby rearing ways. I and some others probably find it every un adult like you guys are acting this way, acting the age of a little child.

    Look yeah you come on here and you read the gossip and you are going to have formed opinons of celebrities. I too, do not like Elisabeth Hasselback, and was shaking my head at her statement there but I dont turn around and start to insult the people that blog on here either for something or because they talk about their kids too much. This blog is to comment on the celebrities babies and how cute they are remember? Not use it as a way to harrass and bully people. How old are you again?!

    I dont mean to be harsh, and I do apologize if I offend any one but, come on this is got to stop.

  6. Nicki says

    Just let me say- Every Good Mother enjoys mentioning thier children and are proud of anything they accomplish.
    And to bring Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy into this even before she has posted is weird. Almost stalkerish(is that a word?)
    She is a very loving Mom to her 2 girls, soon to be 3, XOXO to you.
    But stop this JJ, JJx2, Joey, and your Fantasy stupidity. People have said you are welcome, (again not me) and you are still being stuck on stupid! (I would add stuck on sick, but that has seems to be better, Thank-you for that). Just be normal and join in with the people who have welcomed you-it seems very gracious of them after the vile crap you had said to some of them. Kudos to all of them!

  7. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oops…you’re probably right. I guess I breezed over that last line. My b….

  8. Jx2 says

    #23 was not Dori LOL…read the last statement…she indicates that she likes them young and fresh!!!


    Nobody knows who Dori is anymore and what the ‘real” Dori is saying…it could easily be 3 separate people impersonating Dori…we shall never know because this is the internet and anything goes in the anonymity of cyber space.

  9. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Thanks Dori dear! 🙂

    Well actually my children ARE gods!! Haha. Just kidding, but they are amazing little people. I have a lot to brag about! 🙂

    Even YOU would be charmed by my little ones, Miss Hard-Hearted JJ, if you were to ever meet them…which thank goodness you won’t. 😉

  10. dori says

    JX2 & Joey shut your freakin traps already. JX2 I’ve had just about enough of you pick on Kimorah & Kiarah’s Mommy. She is a sweet girl who enjoys bragging at times but that doesn’t make her a bad person. She is young and fresh…the way I like.

  11. Jx2 says

    Now you all know what KimKarKoo-koo sounds like to me and sometimes you – Tia-MO also sound like that, obsessing about your offspring as if your kids are gods…spare us all!

  12. dori says

    as I stated on another thread….I find you intelligent at times and would appreciate your not adressing me with your negative statements poopoo face.

  13. Tia :) says

    I agree with you ladies! She acts like she the only woman in the world to have a child…give it a rest already!

  14. LAURIE HARRIS says



  15. Miapocca says

    Dumbo is back preaching..she needs to tie her tubes to save us from her dumb x chromosome…

  16. nosoupforyou says

    Yes, she reminds me of Kathy Lee. I’m gonna heave.

    In reality, Grace will be closer to her as an adult, not Taylor (if he’s normal.)

  17. Elaine says

    As I am not in the US, I haven’t seen her on The View other than a couple of clips when she was berating Rosie O’Donnell, but I have to say I find her annoying just from her magazine interviews and quotes on sites like this. I have 2 kids and I didn’t witter on the way she is doing when no 2 arrived. Her son is very cute though.

  18. dori says

    comment 1 was not me it’s joey again

    19. joey | January 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    My new years resolution is honesty, so here goes……. sigh…. I AM Joey and I AM JJ and I AM Jx2 and I AM fAntASy. I don’t have any real friends, all I have are you guys. My hateful words are just a defense mechanism. I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to stop it.

    remember saying this joey?

  19. Cathi says

    and what was that stupid comment about how grace is his and taylor is hers? WTF is this lady even talking about? i did not relate to or like any of her comments.

  20. Cathi says

    i found her comments really annoying!

    her infant son is no different from any other infant in the world and she acts like he is hercules or something. five me a break lady. also, her comment about the “good little wife” was retarded. i do not want to watch her talk about her kids…ever.

  21. Cathi says

    i don’t know why, but i find her comments annoying!

    the whole “boy” thing is ridiculous. the kid is only 2 mos old! the only difference at that age is that he has a penis and might pee in your face when changing his diaper. give me a break, lady. this is one kid who is going to be a stereotyped boy from day 1.

    her whole “was i a good little wife today? here, have a cracker.” almost made me throw up.

  22. sara says

    She reminds me of Kathy Lee Gifford on the old
    “Regis and Kathy Lee”…kids, kids, kids! Like she’s been the only one in the world who’s had a “SECOND CHILD”! UGH

  23. Ali says

    it is nice she brought him on the show but i hope she gets back to work and doesnt make it all about her kids,lol.

  24. Ali says

    when you stop looking he will be there.

  25. Liza says

    It’s not because he is a boy, it’s because he’s her second child and therefore she is not as hypervigilante and nervous. Usually, male babies tend to be weaker than females, usually through the first year.

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