KFed Awarded Sole Legal & Physical Custody Of Sean Preston & Jayden James

Britney Spears

(Above the young family is pictured in happier times)

Britney lost her child-visitation rights Friday following her 72-hour lockdown for a mental evaluation.

Kevin Federline is “awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the minor children,” court Commissioner Scott Gordon said in a written ruling after an emergency hearing.

Scott Gordon said Britney’s “visitation with the minor children is suspended pending further order of the court.”

The order is in effect until January 14th.

After the 40-minute hearing, Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said: “There are no winners here.”

He said he was “not happy about any of the events that have happened.”

Police responded to Britney’s house on Thursday night after she refused to turn over the boys to Kevin’s bodyguard after a visitation day. Kaplan arrived at the house “to bring a document … that identified the existing court order” about custody, he earlier told the Associated Press.

“I was up at the guard gate where (she) lives,” he told AP. “I did not go in” to the home.

On Friday, Kaplan and Britney’s attorney met privately with the judge in his chambers, then returned in the afternoon for a closed hearing.

Britney, meanwhile, is not facing any criminal charges – for now.

“The LAPD is not planning to file any charges against Ms. Spears at this time,” Officer April Harding teold People magazine. “The investigation is ongoing.”



  1. carliegh says

    Dori, Britney was already bonkers long ago the record co. and media didn’t pursue her back then with the relentlessness that they do now. It seems to me that once she had that spur of the moment wedding to Jason Alexander that she took leave of whatever senses she may have had left. It’s sad that there are two little boys involved, but as far as I can see Kevin has been the only parent in a position to do anything at all to protect them, while I have voiced my dislike of him in the past, I do not blame him for taking whatever measures he has to do to take care of those baby boys. The kids are what is the most important and Kevin has in my opinion stepped up and done quite well under the circumstances. He keeps them out of the public eye and doesn’t parade them around to garner publicity….at least they have some type of stability with him and that right now for SP and JJ is priceless.

  2. dori says

    very good Carleigh… but in a way he is driving her to insaity and if you think about it he’s quite the party boy himself how stable is he? Compared to her very stable but compared to the rest of us not so much.

  3. carleigh says

    I believe Britney has been mentally ill and suffering from PPD untreated for quite awhile. I believe she had a form of stability when she was with Justin, then she ran off and got married for all of a day and was divorced. Then she met Kevin Federline and if everyone remembers correctly…she pursued him and lured him away from his pregnant girlfriend. This right there showed me that Britney has always used whatever methods at her disposal to get what she wants. She has never acted rationally or done things with a clear thought out plan of action. She’s always been very over indulged from her childhood until present day. She has always needed a man around her to “guide” and “protect” her and she runs from man to man looking for someone to fill her lonely voids. She has been allowed to run completely unsupervised from a very young age and anyone who disputes this check out her sister Jamie Lynn’s conduct and recent headlines. This whole family is coming down around the seams and it’s sad, but not really that surprising to me. As far as Kevin not getting anymore of Britney’s money, that’s true as far as spousal support but he does get a housing allowance and quite a hefty amount every month in child support from Britney, so he’s not hurting and nor should he be, he has been the only stable force in the boys life since the day they were born. We all have watched Britney in her bizarreness and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down or relenting, she doesn’t need to expose her boys to her wreckless behavior…and she desperately needs help before SP and JJ have no mother at all.

  4. dori says

    thanks Ali… it just erks me to no end that somehow he’s comming out of this like a hero of some kind when he is just a party boy who doesn’t hold any kind of a job and is living off of Britney It’s no wonder she’s going off the deep end she can’t believe it either. I jus pray she gets help and gets her kids back and he dissappears into obscurity.
    I hope Dr Phil and his no nonsense approach to people can wake her up. Maybe this is what she needs.
    Praying for you Brit….

  5. onatear says

    On this site several months ago, I said she was mentally ill…maybe with postpartum depression. Whatever her diagnosis, let’s hope and pray, she will listen to the doctors, and take the medication necessary. She could be a good example for so many young people who suffer from the same thing.
    I really do feel sad for her little boys, and her, and just hope we see a turn around this year.

  6. oriana says

    I don’t think she ever got over Justin myself. I have always thought he reminded her of him, I read once, and it may not be true, he was a backup dancer for Justin, tried to copy his walk, his way of dressing, style, etc. I think she was messed up mentally way before she ever met Kevin.

  7. Ali says

    dori, i soooooooo agree with you!!! she was fine till she got involved with him! her is in his glory cause he is getting money!
    so sad…. she should get better just so he goes back to where he came from.

  8. Generic name says

    they once lived a happy family..but now its seems that everything turns to dark…and somewhere out there…Brit lost in that dark place..poor Brit. I hope KFed is sincere about taking care of his two boys…

  9. oriana says

    DMITZ, she looked so happy and beautiful in this picture. Little did we know the turmoil she had ahead of her, and I wonder now if she suspected anything was wrong? I really think after the second baby was born was when she got worse. I too am hoping the best with Kevin, he got addicted to fame and riches, and it is easy to do. I think he is sincere and I think he does love those little babies! It is soooo sad!

  10. DMITZ says

    How sad. Britney looked so happy and beautiful once upon a time. I just don’t understand how it gets to the point where you become self destructive. I can understand being devastated when things don’t work out with the person you love, but to jeopardize your children and their well being is so pathetic.

    I hope Kevin is sincere, he seems like it. Those poor children need that right now.

  11. Lauren says

    This whole situation is so sad. The ones who suffer the most is Sean and Jayden. Especially being so little, they don’t understand what’s going on. I hope Britney gets out of L.A. and gets the help she needs.

  12. LAURIE HARRIS says



  13. dori says

    Great now the money grabbing Kfed gets his way. He is the cause of all of this and now he gets to collect on her breakdown. I don’t believe he is the better parent. The grandparents should get custody Kfeds in it for the money only!!!
    I really hope Brit will get the help she so desperatly needs and is crying out to get.

  14. Sandra says

    How odd KFed has the best interest at heart but he runs his (Spears Paid) lawyer around for everything. He was there the night Brit snapped and he was in court the very next morning. If he cared at all for the children’s well being he would do EVERYTHING possible to help Britney get mentally stable again so they could be with their mother, after all that is what children need THEIR MOTHER! Then again he is completely happy with not working and getting paid.

  15. oriana says

    When she got married the first time her mother should have seen a Red Flag then that something was wrong with her mentally. She had to see the signs even before then. I blame the mother for a lot of her problems. She has been unstable for years now.

    I don’t understand the court system being so lenient with her and her total disrespect, if it had been anyone else, a non celebrity, it would not have been tolerated at all. Double standards in L.A. for justice.

  16. Cathi says

    i agree also that she would be better off if she leaves LA. but she has to want that. we can all see that it would be better for her in the long run but can she?

  17. Tia :) says

    I couldnt agree more Kelkel, the best thing this girl could do it leave LA..for good! I feel soo sorry for her children and for her. She needs to be left alone. I couldnt even fathom losing my daughter…that would make me go crazy.

  18. says

    i know this has nothing to do with this situation but what do you think of her new video
    i think i is much better than gimme more

  19. Emily says

    What a very sad day for those two little boys. I hope Brittney gets the help that she desperately needs. I’m sure the boys are not in danger when their with Brittney because I’m sure she has house maids, kitchen help, etc (I’m not saying its okay) but the flipside you and me don’t have that kind of help if we were dealing with the same situation.

  20. Kelkel says

    I hope Brit gets the help she desperately needs. It is finally being reported she most likely is bipolar, which would certainly explain her behavior over the last year and a half. If she can get a medication that works and some intense therapy she can lead a happy and somewhat normal life. I also think it would be in everyone’s best interest(Britney, KFed, SP, and JJ, Jamie Lynn and their entire family) to move back to Louisiana for awhile. Brit can rest and heal and get healthy and if KFed would agree to it I think the boys could have a much more normal life. Moving back to LA doesn’t mean she would never have a career again. And, just remember the most important thing is for Britney to get healthy and the boys to still have supervised access to their mother. Along with that..and KFed giving them some stability, the boys should be fine and Britney can get the help she needs without having to stay separated from her boys for good.

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    God, I can’t imagine anything worse than being banned from seeing my children (even though I don’t have any yet, but hypothetically).

    I disliked Britney before all this mayhem but now I just feel so sorry for her. This must be breaking her heart. Until she is better however, I believe it is better for Sean and Jayden to have no contact with her. It is after all their welfare that must come first.

  22. Cathi says

    i think kfed loves his boys. i personally never liked him but atleast he cares about his kids. they are probably so traumatized at this point. how is britney going to react when she finds out that she doesn’t even have visitation rights anymore? i hope they don’t tell her for a few days because i don’t think she can handle that news. her mental state is so bad at this point.

  23. Cathi says

    i just wish somebody would help this girl. why is her mother not with her at this time? this is so sad to sit here and read about. i feel like echoing the sentimentof that guy on youtube: LEAVE BRILNEY ALONE!

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