Keisha Castle-Hughes & Daughter

Keisha Castle-Hughes

(I don’t think that this pic is new, but I hadn’t seen it before.)

Keisha Castle-Hughes, the Oscar-nominated star of Whale Rider, announced she was pregnant when she was 16. She and high school sweetheart, Bradley Hull, welcomed daughter Felicity-Amore this past April. “It was just the most amazing moment,” she has said of giving birth.



  1. Nicki says

    She looks happy here, I wish she’d been older to have a baby, but still she and baby are beautiful!!!

  2. oriana says

    Yes, Tia, they have Spam McMuffins like we have Egg McMuffins! My nephew almost passed out when he saw it! And they serve rice with their breakfast there also.

    I do love Hawaii! Back in 1997, two years before I met my husband, I was there for three weeks on vac with three girlfriends. I met this guy, I swear he looked just LIKE Antonio Banderas! I could not help myself, I had one major fling with him over there, we corresponded and phone calls back and forth for a year. I was almost 15 years older. I still have some pictures! He sent me a huge portrait, I kept it for awhile and then sent it back.

    I still have fast heartbeats when I think of him! Hawaii is beautiful, the fragance of flowers when you get off the plane, I love it!!!

    My romance come to find out was one of the biggest playboys over there but he liked me for some reason. I think he thought I was rich but I think he enjoyed me also. Yep, that was my last fling and I had butterflies whenever I thought of him! I had to say Aloha to him though, my son would have died and it was just one of those unexpected flings, I was with him to be WITH him only twice, was too nervous to even enjoy it, but Oh he was something special to me!!!!!!!

  3. Tia :) says

    boo- thats so nice! A white one would be lovely. Our’s has a hemy in it…not too nice on gas..but it makes up for it in the looks department!!

    dori- Im jealous!! my husband was mentioning he would like to go for our 10 yr anniversary…we still have about 6 years to go…but its a nice thought!!

  4. boo says

    lol..whats funny Tia… Is For the wedding My Moms Friend and her husband Lent us his Car to get to the ceremony ( without the Hubby of course) and it was a navy Blue Dodge Charger….absolutely GORGEOUS car and it had a Hemy (sp) and the funny thing was we had already rented for the day a white one… so I got to drive in 2 chargers that day…lol..I felt like a princess!!!lol

  5. dori says

    Tia I hope you get to Hawaii it’s an experience everyone should have in their lifetime. It’s a joy to senses.. the tastes smells and scenery ahhhh just wonderful. I was 50 when I got there and hope you will get a chance to go someday.

  6. Tia :) says

    do they reallly oriana? haha! I would love to go to hawaii one day…one day!!

    Boo- It is a lovely car isnt it? My husbands is navy blue. It’s his baby.

    Lunch today dear JJ was a turkey sandwich…no time for eating while working as a busy nurse.

  7. Jx2 says

    Tia – pet !! Ti ti ti Tia!!!

    As seen on TV…
    Just rub the seeds in her head pour some water on it and watch her hair grow…it’s that easy! It fun for the whole family…collect them all…Mommy Tia, Daddy Tia and Baby Tia!

    Whats for lunch today Tinker Tia? Spam and eggs?

  8. boo says

    We Used a Brand New White Dodge Charger as our getaway vehicle for our wedding…. It was a GORGEOUS car and My Husband and I looked pretty hot driving around honking the horn in that baby!!!lol

  9. oriana says

    Well if I am boasting about driving a 2001 Chrysler van then I am in trouble! My husband has a nice car but it is five years old and way too many miles on it. So yes, I am happy with my wonderful luxury van with all the dents and some screws missing out of the seat!

    I did have some nice cars but was stupid for ever buying the Mercedes in the first place, it wasn’t my idea, it was my husbands and the car payment each month was nuts, $1078.00 and the maintenance was outrageous also! If I had it to do all over, I would have gotten a Jeep Cherokee like I wanted too in the first place!

  10. Tia :) says

    Man, are you a saint or what JJ? *barf*

    Good Evening Kimora and Kariah’s mommy and Oriana!
    I have a Mazda 3…haha. I love my little car! My Husband has a Dodge Charger…It’s a verrry nice car. We love it.

  11. Jx2 says

    Looks like someone else has caught the boasting bug!

    I H*A*T*E automobiles. I have never ever owned a car and do not ever plan on buying a car in this lifetime. So, at night – I sleep well knowing that I have not contributed to greenhouse gases…. 🙂

  12. oriana says

    HI There Tia, hope all is well!!!!! Still cold here and more rain to come. Guess you may be getting more snow also.

    I really think JJ is someone trying to keep things stirred up.

    Kimora’s mommy, I had a new Mercedes in 2000, had 4 miles on it, I had it for one year and when I lost my leg it was too low for me to get in and out of. Sold it, bought a Chrysler van, love it! Has the sliding doors on both sides, that is nice. My Mercedes was so nice, E320. I loved it but not convenient. I bought a Lincoln in 2002, it sat in the driveway, only drove it about twice a month. It was beautiful, Pearl in color, sold it to my brother and shipped it to Ky, cost almost $1200.00 but he paid for it!

    My hubby has a M-Class, but too high, can’t get up or out without banging my leg so can’t ride in it. Guess I will have to stick with my ole Van! Ha!

  13. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oriana and Tia; I know I can always count on you guys! What matters is that I AM a good mother….not that people on this blog believe me. I know the truth about my life and my family, so I don’t owe it to JJ to convince her….in fact, I don’t owe JJ anything!

    For fear of being called “vain” if I mention the name of my hawte ride, I won’t be specific; but I have to say Oriana…you’re a pretty good guesser! 🙂

  14. Tia :) says

    No you’re right JJ i dont know her….but i do know that i have no right to judge someone parenting…someone i dont even know. I do know that Kimora and Kariah’s mommy is a very nice person that i enjoy talking with. She sounds like a loving mother to me.

  15. Jx2 says

    Cool Ranch Dori-to! – is there something wrong with you? why are you becoming such a nuisance? WE all know that Joey was impersonating you, as she/he was doing to me also…chill-ax lady – you’re getting just as bad as she/he is!

  16. dori says

    19. joey | January 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    My new years resolution is honesty, so here goes……. sigh…. I AM Joey and I AM JJ and I AM Jx2 and I AM fAntASy. I don’t have any real friends, all I have are you guys. My hateful words are just a defense mechanism. I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to stop it.
    remember saying this joey?
    get a life loser

  17. Jx2 says

    And I suppose that you know this person, Tia-mo?
    She is merely a voice (an annoying, self-absorbed egotistical and vain voice) on this blog. She can be any number of people, heck – SHE can be a HE for all you know.

    No Or-IDA – she’s not a Lexus type – she’s a donkey type – that’s what KooKoo rides a jack*ass!

  18. Tia :) says

    JJ, you dont even know Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy , so how could you even say she isnt a good mother? What other posters are saying they love your comments? Joey? aka you? From what iv read above, people think you are bitter and sad, like i said. I really do hope you’re not as lonely as you seem.

  19. oriana says

    I can’t picture Kimora’s mommy driving a Hummer, she seems more like a Lexus type to me! Hope all is well and warm down there in Atlanta tonight! It is freezing here in San Jose!!!!!

  20. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Gretel- thank you so much! Your comment was so sweet; I’m really glad that you decided to offer your input. You have picked up in a small amount of time what many are still learning….and I would say that your observations are dead on! Don’t worry…it doesn’t seem odd to me at all. You’re also right about the other posters on here; most are very nice and supportive! We sing each others praises! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you’ll continue to check back periodically. 🙂

    JJ why do you have to address me in every post? I find it very amusing that you think I would bother to be like, “Hey, Corinne, Acaijah, Ciahnna, could you please post a nice comment about me on Babyrazzi so that it appears I have a fan base because I’m thinking that this one person’s comments are being appreciated too much.”
    Truly JJ…you’re a riot!! LOL Believe it or not, you are not my family’s dinner time conversation!!

  21. Jx2 says

    Brilliance KooKoo – it’s great that you get your foster sisters to leave comments on the blog in order to praise you because you feel very envious now of the fact that other posters are actually saying that they actually appreciate my comments…what a sly little viper you are…trying to make it seem that you have a “fan base” when it’s merely your extended family leaving comments to make you seem important…and special much like something only a family member would do.

    You ONLY seem like a very smart, wise, beautiful young woman….and an EXCELLENT mother BUT you are NOT!!

    Gretel go find Hansel – and eat a gingerbread house together…your overly sappy and saccharine comment has given me a toothache…perhaps you and KooKoo should go for a drive in her Hummer and get some lollipops to suck on and then you can both sing the praises to one another about what BFF you are…LOL

  22. Jx2 says

    Mystic Pizza – I was invited on this blog so that i may entertain you all because the blog was losing popularity…if I go away the blog might have to shut down.

    Jelly belly jelly beans – like i said earlier, the decisions I make do not harm anyone, whereas a mother’s decision to have a child or two or three does cause serious repercussions to our planet…it’s called overpopulation and population explosion and it is a growing concern – why do you think that the Chinese government passed a law that forces couples to have only one child ?

    I enjoy a good debate and as such can see both sides of a controversial situation however, there comes a time when I have to take a side on the matter and in doing so – I end up having an opinion, which of course, will ultimately offend people because it is contrary to what they believe. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  23. Gretel says

    Hello ladies. I don’t usually comment on Babyrazzi, but I stop in from time to time, and this particular occasion I came because I’m a fan of Whale Rider as well as Keisha.

    I took a particular interest in a few of you posters because you seem like very interesting people. I went back and read some of your conversations under previous posts and would just like to share a few observations.

    The main thing that struck me is the unsolicited hateful comments made by JX2 and directed towards Kimora and Karia’s Mommy.
    JX2: you have serious problems. From what I’ve observed, you are a very hateful, jealous, r.a.c.i.s.t. , misinformed, and arrogant person.
    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy: It may seem odd to you that a complete stranger to you has taken a particular liking to you, but I truly want to commend you. I saw that in previous posts others have been “singing your praises” as well! You really have an entourage on here! You’re deserving of the accolades, dear. You seem like a very smart, wise, beautiful young woman….and an EXCELLENT mother. I admire you I’ve read your sharings about your past and you’re very strong.

    I don’t intend to become a regular on here. I just thought that perhaps this blog could benefit from the opinion of an outsider whose opinions aren’t skewed by others on this blog.

  24. 2teens3beans says

    JJ, I named the source because obviously I don’t want to take credit for words that aren’t mine… but I happen to agree with them. They do make sense… to a point.
    Even YOU have made your choice to not have children for your own SELFISH reasons.
    But I fail to see how having a baby puts someones life in peril? Do you mean during childbirth?
    Did you know that women who never have children are more prone to breast & uterine cancer?
    I have nothing against your choice or anyone who chooses not to have kids… it’s a personal choice. Maybe you should re-examine the true meaning of “freeing your mind”, as you suggested to k&k’s mommy.

  25. MysticMommy says

    Who is this JX2 freak?
    Jx2 Why are you even on a board like this if you hate babies so much? Jeesh!

  26. Tia :) says

    My daughter was wanted from the moment she was concieved…if that is being selfish, then i dont know. She is the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and I.

  27. Jx2 says

    Kook – Your offspring are products of willy-nilly copulation – now that is more like it – blondie!

    Of course you have to romanticize the whole process of having children because your head is in the clouds and are naive to what is really happening in the world today.

    Go and drive your kids around in downtown Atlanta in your Hummer and stop by the McDonalds drive through so thay can get the Happy Meal with the plastic toy Made in China – with lead-based paint.

    You are the last person I expect to ever free their mind and see how the other half of the world lives. People in India, China, Africa who are all feeling the ill effects of globalization…and what are you feeling? You are feeling the LOVe….dream on!

  28. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    My children are products of the love between my husband and me….I fail to see having children as the ultimate selfish act, as was so foolishly stated above.

    If food, water, land, and fossil fuels are in scarcity (not denying that reality), what ought they be conserved for, if not for sustaining humans among other living creatures?

    For supposedly having an environmental conscience, JJ, you sure are lacking in social conscience; how can you care so little for people? I wonder how long life on earth would continue without babies, the “sinister threat to the future”?

    Your comments and proposals are absurd and unintelligent, as usual.

  29. Jx2 says

    jelly beans – you need to re-examine the true meaning of the word “selfish”…and not refer to a capitalist magazine’s interpretation…granted – everybody possesses varying degrees of selfishness…I just think that those who have children in many cases choose to have them for the wrong reasons and that is very selfish on the parents or mother’s part…a person who chooses to pursue a career is not putting anyone elses life in peril or jeopardy…I’m talking about children – infants – kids that are brought into this world as a “mistake” or out of a selfish desire to become a mother and the unfit mothers that decide to keep them.

  30. Ali says

    the baby is adorable! my sister had my niece at a very young age… i have to say my sister is doing a wonderful job! my niece is on the honor roll, and the captain of the field hockey team….beautiful home and lots of love! she has a college fund and is doing great! my sister has been married for 16 years(they both were teenagers) and 8 years after she had my niece my sis had another one. i know this is not the case with all teenage moms,but i do know a few good ones. i also, know older moms that are AWFUL! i think it really depends. either way i wish her the best and hope she is happy with her choice.

  31. 2teens3beans says

    exerpt from capitalism magazine:

    “What’s So Bad About Being Selfish?
    Most of us assume that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. But is this true?
    Selfishness means acting in one’s rational self-interest. Contrary to popular opinion, all healthy individuals are selfish. Choosing to pursue the career of your choice is selfish. Choosing to have children–or not to have children–is selfish. Insisting on freedom and individual rights, rather than living under a dictatorship, is selfish. Indeed, even ordinary behaviors such as breathing, eating and avoiding an oncoming car when crossing the street are selfish acts. Without selfishness, none of us would survive the day–much less a lifetime.”

  32. Jx2 says

    I’m not preaching to others about having a family. It’s a very personal choice. What I do like to do is make people aware of the facts. When I see a very young mother with a baby, I don’t resent her, but I do hope she’s thought through the implications. The times I have had to defend myself is staggering, yet it’s not considered strange to have kids willy nilly. Everyone should be able to choose if they want kids or not, but let’s not pretend that it’s not the ultimate selfish act.

  33. Tia :) says

    You know Joey, talking about someone that way is just as bad as what JJ is saying. Go to hell. I havent done anything mean to you, leave me alone,.

  34. joey says

    Jx2 sometimes you are mean in a clever way, and then BAM you are downright mean and nasty. I have my opinions, but do not believe that babies are a sinister threat to the future…lol

    Although the world would be a better place without dori the lesbofreak, 2fatforjeans, kkk’s mommy, and tia.

    You ladies need to take up a knitting class or something.

  35. Jx2 says

    Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet.

    Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population.

    Babies are a sinister threat to the future!

  36. Ali says

    jx2 you are soo bitter about these babies on this site…. maybe, this is not the site for you. you are either jealous or very angry.

  37. Jx2 says

    “She is sporting a very typical newborn look”

    In other words : “clue*less and u*gly” which leads me to believe that most people are so caught up with praising babies and claiming they are cute and thinking that they are so great – when in reality they are extremely u*gly & a nuisance…!

  38. Tia :) says

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy , dont leave us! haha! I know what you mean though..i dont know where people come up with these ideas…which then leads me to think they’re 12 😉

  39. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oh please…some of you on here never fail to amaze me with your ignorant comments. This baby is not any more angry-looking or mean-faced than any other newborn baby. She is sporting a very typical newborn look. Some people on here sound so clueless I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just wasting my time on this site.

  40. boo says

    Pam- I feel that age does not make you a mature parent…. you can be just as responsible a mother at 16 as one can be at the age of 36…really just depends on the person!
    Judging by the way she talks about her daughter… she is enjoying every minute of motherhood and is doing a damn fine job!!!
    Keep it up Keisha!! 🙂

  41. squeekysue says

    This baby is really gorgeous, but the little mama has a VERY strong jaw in this picture IMO. I hope it is a bad picture of the mama as it does her no favours.

  42. oriana says

    When I first heard she was pregnant I was shocked to read it. I thought she was way too young and I still do. I do think she is a responsible young girl and big, big difference between her and the Spears bunch. They are very low class to me and zero family values in my opinion.

    She is a beautiful girl!!!! I do know in New Zealand, with the Polynesians, the whole family pitches in and helps with the children, I mean the cousins, the Uncles, everyone! This baby will be well loved and taken care of, no doubt. I am sure her parents were disappointed in her but still remained supportive.

  43. Tia :) says

    exactly Liza. I think if people were complaining a bit more about J.L . Spears, it’s because her sister is a mess.

  44. Liza says

    I agree Tia. When this story first broke, there was a lot of criticism both here and in New Zealand. The same criticisms that are being focused on Jamie-Lynn were being made with Keisha as well.

  45. Pam says

    Why isn’t anyone talking about how bad her mom must be and how irresponsible it was to become pregnant at 16???? Well because she’s not Jamie-Lynne Spears right. It makes me laugh how the media can alter ones view of what is right or wrong depending on the person involved. Very very interesting. Why don’t some people go think about what is the difference between this girl and JL….No difference. So stop insulting Jamie Lynne. Have a great day everyone.

  46. Precious says

    How Lovely! This is a beautiful Picture! Yes it is an Old one, seeing as the baby will be 1 in about 3 months and looks to be only a few months old here… but its a beautiful picture regardless!
    Keisha seems to be doing an outstanding job as Mommy, even though she is a young one… she sounds like she enjoys it very much!!!

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