Dr. Phil Harassing Britney

Britney Spears

TMZ has learned that Dr. Phil visited Britney in the hospital this morning and accompanied her out of the hospital via a secret tunnel. Reportedly, she may return the favor next week by appearing on “The Dr. Phil Show.”

The show is taping a special about Britney Spears on Monday, which will air on Wednesday. They requested video of Britney from TMZ on Friday. Apparently they are trying to get Britney on the show on Monday.

If this is actually true, it is sleazy beyond belief! Dr. Phil is such a cheesefest…he started out with a veneer of classiness, but now he seems to just be another Jerry Springer. Dr. Phil said of Britney and her family back in May, “In the Britney situation, I know Lynne, and she’s a good mom, and yet you still see what’s happened here,” he said. “They have too much money, too much power, too much influence, and not enough maturity to handle it. That spells real problems.”

“Most child stars lose it once they grow up, and it is a long way to fall from stardom and adulation to not even being able to get work,” according to Dr. Phil.

And, “The thing that gives me hope about Britney is that she is a devoted and loving mother, and I hope those children may be the north stars that keep her on track long term.”

Well, if he is genuinely interested in helping that is good, but it is hard to believe that his motives are pure and unselfish.



  1. Melissa says

    wow Jx2, Joey you say you are the same person so why the hell are you answering your self.OMG and you should have nothing to say about Britt heree because you seem worse then her already.

  2. joey says

    19. joey | January 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    My new years resolution is honesty, so here goes……. sigh…. I AM Joey and I AM JJ and I AM Jx2 and I AM fAntASy. I don’t have any real friends, all I have are you guys. My hateful words are just a defense mechanism. I’m really sorry but I don’t know how to stop it.

  3. Jamie67 says

    Everything Phil McGraw does,he does for his self-promotion!!
    He is using the Spears family.
    If he really cared a bit about them,he should’ve done the talking behind closed doors don’tcha think..!!!
    As mother myself,my heart cries for the two boys..and for Britney,i’m not a fan of her but i do really feel sorry for her,she needs her mom badly!!

  4. **S says

    I like Dr. Phil. And I think he has permission to do a show on her because he is friends with her mom, Lynn. Or maybe, Lynn came to him for help. Who knows, as long as she gets help, fast.

    Those poor babies…

  5. Ali says

    he may mean well….i think he feels really bad for her i feel so awful for britney myself! she needs prayers!

    i do not think my kevin is all that in anyway.he looked at her as a bank book in my opinion. she seemed to be o.k. till she met him!

  6. DeeDee says

    I think Dr. Phil could be a huge help to Britney & her family IF she will only listen to him. I don’t call this harrassment.

  7. dori says

    well if Mary Tyler Moore looks like a cow guess I’m a cow
    but you look like donkey
    so I guess that means you’re an a-s-s

  8. joey says

    dori get a life already….and for your info…I did not write #11. ohhhhhh and let the WM know..hahaha…you’re too funny.
    Go back to sleep you inbred c-o-w.

  9. momof3 says

    Who cares what his motifs are. He might be able to help her. Heaven knows that she is surrounded by leeches who live off her fame instead of trying to help her. Makes you wonder that, with all her money and access to the best medical help, she got in this mess. Probably because everyone in her entourage is on her payroll or have an agenda.
    It’s obvious how good a job her parents have been doing …
    It does not matter if Dr Phil is a fame h* or not. Her family should have intervened ages ago, before this girl became a danger to her kids and herself. It’s sad that a stranger has to do it.

  10. boo says

    Dr Phil ROCKS… I’m glad he is stepping up to TRY and do something to help this Girl… she is Definitely in Need of some… and hopefully Phil can get the wheel spinning to get her on the path to recovery.

  11. Liza says

    Of course he had permission to see her, how else do you think he got into her hospital room? He’s a friend of the family! Like i said before, there is no way he would have been given any access to her unless she and/or her family consented to him being there.
    And he is likely not treating her. Nothing he has said has led to the assumption that he is participating in her treatment.
    Therefore, she has nothing to sue him for, although the jump to cry “sue!” all the time is a bit much.

  12. 2teens3beans says

    I don’t like Dr. Phil. Any opportunity for a little publicity is what he’s looking for. Even if he is a friend of the family, I do think he is taking advantage of it.

  13. Jamie67 says

    I’m wondering if he had the permission to visit or treat her!!
    if so,he broke an ethics law by talking about his “findings”.
    BTW..I don’t like him!!
    I hope she sues him big time!!

  14. Cathi says

    oriana, i agree that she should have been kept in the hospital longer and that she is out of control. i’m scared for her and i am glad that dr phil is atleast trying to help. that is what she needs right now….help. i am surprised that they released her so soon. i guess the mental evaluations were not as intense as we were led to believe. did they just give her antidepressents and send her on her way?

  15. Cathi says

    i think dr phil is a friend of the family. he stuck up for lynn spears after the news about jamie’s pregnancy got out. i honestly do not think he wants to profit from britneys trouble. i believe he just wants to help her. he said in a statement after he visited with her this morning that her discharge from the hospital was a “big mistake.” He cares.

  16. oriana says

    If she left the hospital this soon it isn’t a good sign at all! Anything can happen next with her! I hope it isn’t a tragic ending and it very well could be. I think she is out of control all the way.

  17. fAntASy says

    I am so sorry and I must apologize to all of you ladies for my rude posts. I have a mental deficiency on account of my mama beats me on the head and calls me fa.t as.s and my daddy beats me on the as.s and kisses me downstairs.
    I can’t help it because I am re.tar.ded.

  18. Liza says

    Harassing her?

    Look, I don’t agree with him possibly trying to make this into a special episode of his show, that’s downright exploitative, but he wouldn’t be allowed near her or her family without their consent. If they didn’t want him there, he wouldn’t be there.

  19. oriana says

    Tia, I hope and I think he is sincere in wanting to help her. I read where he likes her mother and maybe he will be working with her also and giving some guidance and advice.

    I just feel uneasy about him wanting her to be on his TV show (if that is even true). I think she needs help, and long term help, I do think Dr. Phil is educated and has the tools to reach out to her. Someone needs too! I don’t think it should be public info, it should be ongoing and private, as much as possible with all the snoops out there, like TMZ reporters!

  20. Jodi says

    So it is sleazy for Dr.Phil to profit from Britney’s troubles? I guess you better shut this site down then, cause how much extra traffic and $$$ do you get when Britney goes crazy?

  21. Tia :) says

    Ok…while I agree that Dr. Phil is doing this for himself…isnt it kind of good that someone is trying to reach out to her?

  22. Exactly says

    I think he’s right about Britney. Maybe he can help her back to reality. Someone needs to try and maybe he’s the one. Nothing else seems to be working for her. Lay off WM.

  23. alana says

    its so obiovis(sp) that fanatsay is joey jj jx2 with his/her stuipd humor isnt weird that he or she always have to change his her name and write something stupid so peopl;ecan respond to the loser

  24. Tuann says

    Psychologists are doctors. They don’t have medical degrees, but they have Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees, and it is correct and legitimate to call them “Doctors”.

  25. dori says

    I like him a lot too but remember this …. he’s not a doctor! He’s a psychologist!
    Hecould be in it for the celebrity and perhaps to help Not sure of his motives but he’ has helped people in the past.
    Maybe being a neutral party he can help her to get the help she needs.

  26. Precious says

    I love Dr Phil…. Perhaps he could help Britney and while he’s at it maybe he can give you #1 a little counselling as well… because By the sounds of it you need some!!!

  27. oriana says

    I think Dr. Phil has let his celebrity status now go to his Head and he is all about publicity. I do agree he started out strong and I liked him, now, he is boring to me and I don’t care for him that much any more.

    Britney needs extensive care and treatment for her mental state, a week, or a few days won’t help, and being on his TV show is not a good move. I hope this is just a false rumor and very well could be.

  28. fAntASy says

    bOrInG Fu.ckInG bOrIng! I WiSh aLl u LaDiEs wOuLd tAkE A BiG StEaMy pi.sS oN tHe pOwEr lInEs lOlOlolololol

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