An Expectant Crown Princess Mathilde Of Belgium & Family

Crown Princess Mathilde

Crown Princess Mathilde

Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium, 34, and husband Philippe gathered their three children for a family photo shoot. Elisabeth is 6, Gabriel is 4, and Emmanuel is 2.

Princess Mathilde is expecting another child in the spring. Right now she is over six months pregnant.



  1. Becki says

    Oh, they look like such little angels.
    But I can imagine that they are such a hassle!
    I can see it in their eyes.

  2. Rachel says

    I think that that whole family is absolutely gorgeous. The children look so beautiful and well behaved. It is so good to see such a breathe of fresh air with them. God bless them all and may they always stay a family.

  3. MysticMommy says

    Sooo, according to you, calling three kids “Stepford Children” is a COMPLIMENT? Yeah, right.
    Calling all black children “monkeys” is… but calling one black child a monkey must not be an insult because monkeys are sooooooo cute, right? It’s a compliment! Just like stepford children are cute.
    I agree with 2teens.

  4. 2teens3beans says

    Bella, why are you assuming that your opinion is the only valid one on this board? I KNOW the definition of racism. If someone called my kids stepford I would be offended by that – you wouldn’t. If someone said my child was too pale, pasty or needed more sun I would consider that just as rude as if someone said an African American child was too black, or too dark… you wouldn’t. You decided to call me an a.s.s because of my opinion. You are RUDE, you are a blog bully in my OPINION. You want to keep this up with me? PLEASE be my guest.

  5. Bella says

    That’s correct Lillyanna……..because by making such a bold statement you’re being discriminatory or prejudice based on race. Remind you, monkey’s are beautiful and the most intelligent creatures of this earth……..of course this is my opinion!!!

  6. lilyanna says

    i know 2 teens 3beans and oriana always think they have the right answers(sp) to everything those two always on babyrazzi mind you evrysingelday this is a r*a*i*s*i*c*t comment all black people looks likemonkey

  7. Bella says

    2teens3bean…you’re quite welcome to have your opinion as I am to mine however you really need to look up the definition of racism. if a child was dark or pale and someone pointed it out….WHY WOULD IT BE CONSIDERED RACISM??? Now if that person was being prejudiced or discriminating towards a darker or a pale skin person then there would be an issue. As to your last question about the derogatory movie I’m confused so please clarify. We really need to get over this hump that some many people like to call Rascism. If the people of Iowa can look past it maybe more people should give it a try. Now don’t go ASSUMING that I’m one race or another race because you would be surprised. Let’s just say that I’m from the best of both world!!!

  8. sara says

    LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! Why do we have to read into everything so much?? They are beautiful kids. Mine are all blond, blue eyed as well. I don’t feel that comment was derogatory. I loved the pic’s too!

  9. LMAO says

    Racism? Hilter?
    OMG…. You people read into every comment and then twist it around to make an argument!

    Bella…THANK YOU! Yes, I was referring to the movie “Stepford Children” (a sequel to “Stepford Wives”) The children in that movie also had blond hair, blue eyes and were beautiful! It was a compliment!

    Good Lord! Hitler???!!!! Now I’ve heard it all!!

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Belgium is beautiful…I was there summer of ’06 for my wedding anniversary about two months before Kariah was born.

    Very cute kids; I’m not sure why we had to get into this whole Hitler/ Aryan race business. Anyone who knows me knows that just mentioning Hitler’s name lights a fire under my butt. No tolerance for racism here.

  11. 2teens3beans says

    Bella, maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with racism… but I do see it that way because it is making reference to an Aryan, hitler-like movie. It’s my OPINION, you don’t like it… too bad!
    Just the same way it me off if people post that a child is too pale or pasty looking. Wouldn’t it be considered racism if someone said a black child looked too dark, or even worse… made reference to some derogatory movie?

  12. oriana says

    No peroxide in this family! Lovely blonde kids, all of them, even the Mama and the Papa!!!! Nice looking family!

  13. Bella says

    2teens3beans….what does saying that they look like the stepford wife got to do with racism??? Do you know the movie that the comment was in reference to? Why are you assuming that the person who made the comment wasn’t blued eyed and blond hair. You know what assuming does,don’t you, it makes an a_ _ out of you!

    BTW…..what a lovely looking stepford family.

  14. Cathi says

    the entire family looks alike!! they are all so beautiful. love the 2nd pic of the kids…precious!

  15. Shera says

    Beautiful family. The children are gorgeous and so is their mother. I had never heard of her before.

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