A Possibly Expectant Nicole Kidman With Keith Urban In Sydney

Nicole Kidman

While her rep continues to deny reports that she’s pregnant, Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban were snapped out for a bite to eat before taking in a show at the Wharf Theatre in Sydney on Thursday.




  1. oriana says

    I for one, don’t believe a word about what the Publicist say! They lie like dogs! I would think they should be more truthful, if they don’t want to confirm anything then don’t confirm it! Or at least say No Comment or that is Private info instead of lying like they do all the time.

  2. nioami - uk says

    I dont think she’s pregnant! FANTASY is there any need to be so crude and horrible? If your going to be like that go and spread ur filth elsewhere!

  3. Sofimee says

    when is who ever runs this site going to realize “fantasy” is crazy and block her?? seriously it’s just disgusting!!!

  4. Cathi says

    i have to comment on her hair….WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? the giant blue bow and the ringlets? it looks so bad on her and the blue bow doesn’t even match her outfit. she looks so much better when her hair is down.

    but i sincerely hope that she is expecting! all this speculation must be so hard for her to read if she is not pregnant. also, why would her relationship be “strained” with her children just because they call Katie “mom?”

  5. Generic name says

    well i hope its true! but if not…then stop the speculation let’s wait when will they announce that she’s preggy…the more there’s speculation the more she will not get peg. or much better she will be..(pressure)…lol

  6. kim--original kim says

    I think she chose that dress on purpose to end the speculation…. I say she’s not pg at this time, but I hope she can become pg in the near future.

  7. 2teens3beans says

    She wants this so badly, so I hope it’s true. She deserves happiness after her first lousy marriage to the alien.

  8. miapocca says

    Her name is Nicole…Nic is the name Cruise coined for her just as he did kate…seems he is no thappy to have a women as is but has to rerrange thier lives and change thier names too…wash a wanker

  9. Lauren says

    I hope Nic is pregnant. She may be but is just keeping quiet. Look how Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera let their bellys do the talking. 😀

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I love how there’s a “hmmmm” after the description of their activities, like grabbing a bite to eat and seeing a show at a theater is cause for speculation! Too hilarious…..

  11. Tia :) says

    I remember in an interview a few years back, someone asked her about the divorce. She said that was only for her and Tom to know about. I wonder too…

    I agree with Boo though…i really dont thing shes pregnant

  12. lola says

    The only thing I am eager to know is that why she and Tom
    split,she sure has so many things to say,so many hidden secrets …
    It is obvious that it was Tom who wanted the divorce and
    Nic was very depressed during that time.
    Some day she will speak up and tell the truth.

  13. Just me says

    I agree with Boo #1 …
    There’s nothing to speculate about, she doesn’t even look pregnant. At least with J. Lo, it was obvious.

  14. Christy says

    Here is my logic on this. If she is pregnant after a series of miscarriages and probable fertility drugs or IVF, she waits until 3 months along at least to confirm. Either she is still in that window and won’t confirm or she is not pregnant. I am sure ultimately she can be via IVF etc. but usually a patient waits because it is so touch and go in the early days esp. if you have older eggs or m/c issues. Best to her!

  15. boo says

    Why put pics of an “Expectant Nicole”… if she’s not actually expectant….why not wait til its Confirmed??!!

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