1. Ginette says

    I hope you had a very happy birthday on April 17th! By coincidence, that is the same day & year of my daughter too!

  2. Blair says

    True, it’s cold out…but there are far cuter options out there for appropriate winter wear than what she’s got on.

  3. alaina says

    she dressed like that maybe i dont know………………………………. it cold out beside i seen violet im “girls” cloths such as overall dress dress with flowers on them baby doll t shrit with a little skirt

  4. Blair says

    She’s dressed like a boy in this picture…(Violet) I know people will attack me for that comment, but the best part of being a little girl (In my opinion) is dressing up in pink and purple, lace and ruffles, tutus and tiaras….So kill me…I’m a sterotypical “girly-girl” and I love it.

  5. Cathi says

    i just can’t believe how often jen takes violet on walks in NYC with no stroller! what is up with that? the streets of manhattan are so crowded with hords of people and crazy drivers. no wonder she is always carrying her.

    i hope the predictions of divorce aren’t true. i really like ben and jen together!!

  6. claudiazz says

    Violet is cute, Jen seems to be an attentive mom, but these pics are getting boring. Same subject matter over and over. Jen & Vi at the park, Jen with Vi in the stroller, Jen carrying Vi. The child looks the same in every pic because we see them almost everyday. How about some pics of someone else instead for a change or at least until the season changes and

  7. Jx2 says

    Jen appears morose here. Something must be up…she looks like a woman scorned. Could her marriage be on the rocks?

  8. Al&J says

    Oriana ~ I have to agree. Tiger’s baby is one of the sweetest little things I have ever seen. Big beautiful eyes…but all her other features are so tiny and cute. I also love that she has such a mutlicultural/racial background. With Tiger being Thai, Chinese, Native American, African American (hope I haven’t left any out) and his wife being from Sweden.
    Dee and Brianna ~ Suri isn’t all that cute..her personality IMO is what makes her cute and the same can be said about Violet as well.

  9. brianna says

    i find suri to be a strange looking baby first of all her eyes are too far from her face her nose is too big for her face and she have a 30 year old women face in a baby body if you find suri to be cute then you guys find sadie madison sandler to be the most beautiful baby in the world

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    ^^^^ I don’t think you can speak for Tiger Woods’ baby, because the baby’s a SHE!!

  11. Dee says

    Violet is adorable. I can’t believe someone would think Tiger Woods baby is ‘beautiful’. I think he’s very plain, nothing special. I don’t think Suri Cruise is that cute either. Shiloh is gorgeous!

  12. oriana says

    Tiger Wood’s little baby is just precious! Looks just like him too. I know his mom is a proud Grandmother!

  13. Al&J says

    Jean ~ I would say somewhat. Maybe it’s because the pictures are always of the same ‘typical’ thing. Jen and Violet on a walk or at the park or the farmer’s market. All nice wholesome things ofcourse but the repetition could bore one to death.
    Violet is cute in her own way. She’s happy, expressive and full of energy but not beautiful IMO. Maybe as she begins to grow develop and mature this will change. When I think of beautiful I think of Shiloh and especially Tiger Woods’ baby.

  14. luckylee13 says

    I love these two..I don’t find them boring at all.She IS a great example to other celeb moms. They always look like they enjoy each other so much and just look so down to earth. And kudos to Jen for dressing like she can actually play with her daughter on the playground.Not just carry her around in pricey outfits that make for nice pictures.

  15. Jordyn says

    Okay, just a thought here, but doesnt Violet look like Jens co-star Victor Garber???? Just throwing it out there!

  16. 2teens3beans says

    Violet sure is a happy baby. I think it’s great the way Jen is so focused on her daughter… she’s a good example to other celeb moms.

  17. spanna88 says

    violet is so beautiful and its nice to see a celeb mom spend so much time with her kid and puts violet first!hope they have another baby soon!

  18. onatear says

    Jennifer has always had full lips. Maybe her moisturizer has a plumper in it. As for Ben, why think the worst? Must they do every single thing together? THis is a baby site, so maybe he just doesn’t hang out with Violet all that much.

  19. kaykay says

    I love Jennifer and Violet, But I do wish I seen more pic’s with Ben but Who am I to judge? Anyways does her lips look bigger to anyone else but me? Or does she just have a pouty look?!?!

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