Brad Pitt & Pax

Angelina Jolie 

Brad Pitt and Pax, 4, were snapped having some fun at the site of Brad’s Make It Right charity, which builds homes for families affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.



  1. Nicki says

    oriana~I like the Manicotti and Capellini Pomodoro. I also like the Minestroni soup salad and breadsticks.
    Dessert Torta di Chocolate. Now I’m hungry,lol.
    Take care.

  2. oriana says

    Nicki, what are your three fave dishes at that restaurant?

    I also want to say that I am disappointed about AMH getting shut out for Best Picture, I have always said I think the story should be told and she did a fantastic job in the movie. She was shunned and I am kind of surprised after the Golden Globe nomination, guess you just never know.

    I do think Julie Christie will probably win the Oscar, she seems to be the favorite along with Cate Blanchett.

    Atonement’s actors were shut out too, very surprised at that!

  3. oriana says

    Deeds, you are hilarious!!!!! Ha! Now I am really in a good mood today! Good morning to you my Dear!

  4. Deeds says

    Brad and Pax aren’t driving. What you don’t see in this pic is Clooney on the side with a remote control.

  5. Nicki says

    Decorum all the new pics added are on the first page. Only 3 new ones added today, none of the Jolie-Pitts. This site sporadically adds new pics. Sometimes 2 or 3x a week, once in awhile once a week. Other sites update everyday, some everyday all day, but those aren’t strickly just about kids.
    The last pic of Brad and Angie I saw was at JustJared posted Sunday.

    Check the home page for the newest posts here today.

  6. Decorum says

    Are they going to add a new pic and subject any time soon? I’m new at this, how often do they change?
    HI ALL!

  7. oriana says

    Nicki, thank you honey, I know it can be so aggravating when that happens! I am about to freeze tonight and the fog is terrible today! Flights cancelled for almost two hours this morning due to it being so heavy!

    Christina, I haven’t seen it but will get around to doing so. I did hear that Julie Christie did an outstanding job. I wanted Angie to win only because of the storyline and I don’t see her winning the Oscar either if she is nominated, and she may very well be.

    I haven’t seen Atonement either but plan on going this weekend if not too cold for me to get out of the house.

  8. Christina says

    I’m a fan of AJ and thought her performance was fantastic; however, there were other great performances and Marion playing Edith Piaf in Le Vie en Rose gave an INCREDIBLE performance. I personally think she should have swept the awards with her performance but because it’s a foreign film and independent, it’s most unfortunate she might not get the recognition.

    If you haven’t seen the film, check it out.

  9. Deeds says

    I said it before and I’ll say it again if AJ get an Oscar for a mighty heart it would be tragic for the other female actors that she would go up against. I like Brad and i like the kids, AJ, not so much.

  10. Nicki says

    And for the spelling police I do see I made a mistake with piece, after writing it 27 times I could care less.

  11. Nicki says

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!! all I did was leave out the name of the resturant and didn’t name my 3 favs. Nothing else I can think of as to why it wouldn’t post. Amazing other posters can write the c*** word and say all kinds of vile and disgusting things but I can’t write about food.
    This will be #172, at least 8 are awaiting moderation. I’m sorry I had to cut it and print it backwards, but part 2 and 3 are exactly what I wrote (I saved it and copy and pasted it today) but part 1 would not take I have no clue why.

    oriana, not many people I would even try again for, I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your post. Maybe next time I should talk about being on parole, or curse a lot, or threaten others then post my post-it would likely go through now-how sad,LOL.
    Take care.

  12. Nicki says

    This is so beyond worth it to even post at this site, if it wasn’t to you oriana I would have given up long ago.
    Short and sweet of part 1- We do have that resturant, eat there often, I have 3 favorite dishes there.
    Please enjoy a peice of cake you deserve it after that dinner,lol.

  13. Nicki says

    AHHHHHHHHHH-that isn’t posting. oriana~
    OK basically I wrote about cutting you a piece of cake because you deserve it after the dinner you had. We do have Olive favs there-Manicotti, Capellino Pomodoro and the Minestroni soup/salad/breadsticks. And the dessert I already mentioned. (fingers crossed again.)

  14. Nicki says

    OK now part 2, fingers crossed—-
    I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly either. That is why after making digs about her I was thrilled to see he had to own up to how generous she truly was. Nancy Grace is alright but sometimes comes off a bit wound up. Sean Hannity drives me crazy, he never lets anyone, mostly Dems., finish an answer.

  15. Nicki says

    That doesn’t work either. How ridiculous when the crap that got posted last night on the newest threads, and I’m writing about Olive Garden without a curse word or talking about taking down another poster. I don’t get it. How about backwards………part 3–
    I was hoping she would win also, but we have a few more awards to go. She will get an award from, I believe it is The Independent Spirit Award. And the NAACP is honoring her. There is always next year, The Changeling sounds like it could be award worthy.
    Take care.

  16. Nicki says

    Never mind it won’t post there either. I guess I didn’t curse enough, talk about being on parole, or threaten any other posters. I will try to post it tomorrow.
    Olive Garden-dessert-Torta di Chocolate. Just in case I can’t post it, remember that, lol.

  17. Nicki says

    oriana~ I can’t post my response to you here for some strange reason. I will try in the Angie and Shiloh thread.
    Sorry about that.

  18. Nicki says

    Well I posted it 3 times this is just frustrating.
    We have clowns on the newer threads posting all kinds of ridiculious crap and mine won’t post. Maybe I should curse and threaten other posters then it might get posted. Just crazy. I will try in a bit again.

  19. Nicki says

    oriana~I will cut you a piece of cake, you deserve it after your lean cuisine spaghetti.
    We do have an Olive Garden. We just used a g/c my hubby recieved for Christmas from his guys at work. I almost always get the soup/salad combo. I love the Minestroni soup. Manicotti and the Capellini Pomodoro are two of my favorites also. Of course the breadsticks are a must.
    Try the Torta di Chocolate for dessert, yummy.

    I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly either. That is why after making digs about her I was thrilled to see he had to own up to how generous she truly was. Nancy Grace is alright but sometimes comes off a bit wound up. Sean Hannity drives me crazy, he never lets anyone, mostly Dems., finish an answer.

    I was hoping she would win also, but we have a few more awards to go. She will get an award from, I believe it is The Independent Spirit Award. And the NAACP is honoring her. There is always next year, The Changeling sounds like it could be award worthy.
    Take care.

  20. oriana says

    Nicki, choc oreo cake sounds wonderful honey!!!! Enjoy!!!!

    I am having a Lean Cuisine spaghetti dinner, not exactly what I would like to have. Going to Olive Garden this week? Do they have one there? My brother said they do in Nashville so probably in Atlanta also for kimora’s mommy. Not that she needs the soup and salad but it is very good!

    I have never heard that Brad gives 1/3 of his salary like Angie does and I definitely admire her for “walking the walk”. I am not a huge fan of hers personally, but as far as her acting skills (I was hoping she would win the Golden Globe award) she is an excellent actress to me, and I think everyone admires her generous nature.

    I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly, he seems so hypocritical to me. I kind of like Sean Hannity quite a bit and I do like Nancy Grace. Who I really enjoy is Chris Hanson, now he just has a way about him that I enjoy.

  21. Christina says

    People magazine is the most established and trusted celeb magazine in the celeb world. It is the belief (and very true) to sale first exclusive photos lessens the bounty for photos in the future -accurate. Whenever u see exclusive photos from celebs (ie. weddings, babies, etc.) that’s the intent. AJ and Brad are NOT the first to do this. Most of all of them donate the money. Demsey did it for his twins, the redhead on Desperate Housewives did it, Douglas and Zeta Jones did it for their wedding photos (1 mil was their price). This is a very common…

    Also, let me point out when a celeb gets paid for a film – 20 mil example. 5% goes to legal, 5% goes to their business manager, 10-15% to manager, 10% to agent, and sometimes a certain % to PR (depending on deal). They pay out anywhere between 30-40% to their team and of course, the artist pays tax on it as well. Basically about less than half ends up in their pocket. Even the 4 mil received they have to pay taxes on even if the entire amount goes to charity unless People paid the charities directly. Furthermore, only a certain % of donations can be accounted into a tax write off. Only a % of what AJ donates is able is be written off; with that said, she still continues to give more without any financial advantage nor motive except to give and do some good in the world with it. She definitely “walks the walk”.

  22. Nicki says

    Decorum- I have never heard Brad gives 1/3 of his income to charity. I know Angie does. Bill O’Reilly while looking for something to slam Angie with had to change his tune after he had her checked out and found out “she walks the walk.”
    The money from the People pics, all of it was given to charity in addition to Angie giving 1/3 of her income.

  23. Decorum says

    I saw on CNN last night that People magazine is owned by Time-Warner. It also said that People magazine is pretty right on. They also said that People had the first public picture of Bard, AJ, and Shiloh on the front cover. The mag paid $4 million for it. No wonder they can afford to give 1/3 of their income to charity.

  24. Nicki says

    oriana~I just saw your post. I am eating garlic bread now so after dinner I promise I will have something sweet, fattening and delish.LOL. (We have a chocolate oreo cake just waiting!)

  25. oriana says

    I was disappointed in her on that celebrity show, I wanted her to punch Omarosa in the face but it actually seemed like Omarosa got the better of her. I thought she would be tougher. I think her Agency is upstairs over the Kodak Theater across from Jimmie Kimmel? The next time I go down there I am going up there and peek in!

    I do think she is still beautiful but she was certainly a stunner in her younger days.

  26. Christina says

    Janice is HYSTERICAL. She’s like that all the time… very high energy and over zealous. She’s not a druggie, at least not anymore. She just naturally has that much energy and has always been opinionated and completely out of her mind.

  27. oriana says

    No, the one on the corner by my house was all sold out of them. I am going to check again this week! I was disappointed for I was looking forward to it!

  28. oriana says

    Christina, how are you today? I was watching Janice Dickinson last night and thought of you. Do you know her? She seems like she is on something all the time to me! She is rude as Hell, but I do like the way she takes up for her models on the Shoots. I feel sorry for her assistant, he looks like he is in pain most of the time!

    Nicki and Deeds, let’s all just have something sweet, fattening and delish to eat and enjoy ourselves!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nicki says

    Christina~OK, as the judge you have ruled to throw it out! Great thank-you. And as the judge you can put me in timeout if need be,lol, and there will probably be a few times I will resist,lol, but will relent eventually. Thanks for being the voice of reason. I will now take my overdue timeout,lol. But will be back tomorrow, having this matter resolved will make it more enjoyable. Thanks again Judge.

  30. Christina says

    Hey, do we need to put the 2 of you in a timeout???? LOL LOL LOL

    BOTH of you are smart intelligent women arguing the same point but can’t see it because you’re both too attached to being right. Nicki apologized if she offended anyone. Venom was meant toward someone else who has dropped it herself. Deeds your arguing something but unfortunately piggy backed another argument separate of you. Now, both are in defense mode over a mute point. Both of your defense attorney spoke on your behalf (Oriana) and me, the judge has a ruling: I’m throwing both arguments out of this courtroom! LOL LOL

    Joke: Did you hear about the guy who couldn’t get it up? (you say “no”) Answer: put your husband on the phone and he’ll tell ya. LOL

  31. Nicki says

    In the last the threads the only time I responded was to say your sock story was cute and after you posted #115 in the last thread. So yes you did lie—it was you who brought it all up again.

    A few people have told me I was mean to them. I wasn’t trying to be but I guess it came off that way to them. But unlike you, they dropped it and we have agreed to disagree.

    If you want to be dramatic so be it. I can’t remember the last time I responded to you except for the 2 times I mentioned.
    Again you brought this all up again, not me. (See #115 in the Angie and Shiloh thread, and then tell me who started it again.) So yes you did lie. I will respond when you use my name.

    If you are talking about early last year–move on. It is hardly worth it. If you can’t take it stop mentioning my name.

  32. Deeds says

    I did not lie. In many threads I have asked questions that were not directed to you and you chose to respond. Think about it. Am I the only one on any thread that has told you to leave them alone more than once, am i the only one that has told you to get off your high horse and leave them alone? The answer is NO.

  33. Nicki says

    Deeds~I have left you alone. You need to stop the innocent lil lamb act. You started it. In the Angie and Shiloh thread go back and read your post #115. That is where you started it. Nowhere else did I direct anything to you OK let me correct that, in the Angie and Zahara thread I did comment about the story you told about the socks when your son was in second grade. I said it was a cute story.

    And I did say “I was sorry to bother you.”
    Do I expect an apology from you for starting it all up again?……..No……….just don’t lie about it.

  34. oriana says

    Decorum is new, I do like her name!

    I think I will go to Starbucks and try out your Treat you like Deeds, meet you there!!!!!!! Have a good weekend!!!!!!

  35. Deeds says

    Thanks for caring Oriana. I guess the problem I have is it went on longer than anyone thinks and I never received an apology, I begged her to leave me alone but she still responds to my postings and I don’t believe that she will ever quit. Actually I never read her comments and I forgot about it. Until I was having a real bad day and I remembered. You’re right I should have left it alone. As for Decorum where did she come from?

  36. oriana says

    Decorum and Deeds, I have been called many names on here, one legged old hag, stupid old fat cow, I have been made fun of my disability of having one leg and being in a wheelchair, and I don’t dwell on it, so just overlook anything that hurts your feelings. I do say speak up and voice how you feel but you cannot dwell on it forever!

    And if a person says they were misunderstood or they are sorry, then move on, it is 2008 and everyone makes mistakes. I myself have apologized for comments I have made and for hurting and being rude to someone so let’s look to a new year and try to be more respectful. I know I have to practice what I preach for sure!

    And for you that called me an old stupid cow, now I am not Stupid! Ha! The rest of it, may have to go along with you on that one!!!!

  37. Decorum says

    It’s people that laugh at the other persons expense that is causing the dumbing down of America. Nicki if you think that Deeds should drop the matter of you maybe hurting her feelings then why do you keep bring up the word venom? At first I thought Deeds was being a drama queen, now I have my doubts.

  38. Christina says

    Actually, the money they raised they handled over (all of it) to an organization and I believe FEMA as well with the notion that it would be given to the victims of Katrina. It was the organization and FEMA that did a poor job and misguided them (George and the other 4 or 6 members that organized the charity telethon).

  39. dori says

    You’re right Nicki .. there was a scandal about some funds raised by Georege Clooney a while back and the money never got to where it was suppose to.

  40. Nicki says

    Christina ~I agree with you 1000%. I guess I was saying if a celeb was backing it, I would want them to believe in it. And I do donate for the cause, animal shelters, and not because a celeb advertises it, but because I believe in it.
    I guess I was trying to say if a celeb is a voice behind what they are raising money, and “walk the walk” then it is more meaningful. I gave to the stars raising money right after Katrina~ and I am wondering where those dollars went to.
    It needs to be, any money raised and donated, headed by someone, and not just thrown at “whoever” is in the governement at the time. Noone who raised money wanted to put the time and effort in to make sure it went were it needed to go. That is why I would rather see if someone is “true” to the cause, not just throwing money to whoever. JMO.
    Thank-you for “not injecting your venom” on me.:lol:

  41. Christina says

    Nicki~ I donate to the “cause”. The cause is what I believe in definitely not due to who is involved, talking about it. I believe, do the research about the cause, if you believe it’s a great cause and it touches your heart and you have faith that the money is going where they say it’s intended to go – brilliant, here’s my money. A LOT of people donate and support a cause by giving money and don’t physically participate. There are so many tax breaks for the wealthy (especially in my business) and soooooooo many foundations and charities to donate for what you said “tax purposes”. I absolutely DISAGREE that celebs donate for tax purposes. MOST don’t have the time but mean well in their hearts. And there are hundreds and hundreds of PRIVATE fundrasiers and charity events that the public and press are NEVER invited to and you will see celebs there in support. Not every charity wants a face to represent it. I don’t know what else to say without becoming venomous. But to be nice about it, they give from their hearts and do not need nor want the recognition and phrases nor have the time. They are just normal people like you and me, donating to causes that touch their hearts.

  42. Nicki says

    Please let me correct a piece of that last post…….I have donated to causes that I haven’t seen anyone promote. I should change that to -I have donated more to the causes I believe in because of the actions of the people involved. If they are doing it from the heart, and it is clearly visiable, you know you donation is well spent.

  43. Nicki says

    I think if any actor, actress support a cause they actuallly believe in, they would stand behind it wholeheartly!! The others in my opinion are just looking for a tax write off. Why support something you won’t stand behind?
    I love the MIR foundation~Brad is out there on the line, and actually BELIEVES in this. That is what makes it right to donate to it. If a person stands up for what they believe in then I will listen and decide if I want to contribute to that cause.
    I have donated to many causes but it wasn’t because someone told me to, it was because I saw someone dedicated to the cause and made me believe they would follow through. A bit of an example-Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Paul Newman, etc.. they did the work and they believed in thier causes. If someone is hiding for a tax donation write off, I have no time to even listen to them, I guess cause they aren’t talking..

  44. oriana says

    Nicki, thanks for that last link, loved it! Also, didn’t realize that about Valentino! Interesting!

  45. Christina says

    In my opinion, People is the best. Any mag that is not paparazzi. Also, for me, I prefer mags that have interviews with the celeb.

  46. Deeds says

    Will someone give me the name of an honest “rag mag” to read.
    Sorry this a duplicate post, I left it on another thread and didn’t get much of a response.

  47. oriana says

    Nicki, I love Ryan Phillipe, he is so cute and a good actor to me of the younger group. No, I haven’t seen that one but will rent it if possible. I loved him in Traffic!

    I do see an older Brad when I look at him, especially Brad with dark hair. Benny seems so intense and serious. He does look kind of grungy though to me. I don’t think he is married either.

  48. Nicki says

    Ooops-been around for 8 years, lol. It was one I enjoyed. I do want to see Things We Lost in the Fire. I have seen the trailers and it looked intense.

  49. Nicki says

    oriana~Way of the Gun, 2000. I liked that movie with him-it wasn’t a smash hit, but him and Ryan were good in it. I liked him in Traffic also. 21 Grams I couldn’t get through as a movie, so can’t comment. But he does in a way remind me of Brad……….but I will say he looks much more unbathed in general than Brad ever has. But he does have a smoldering sexy look to him.

  50. Nicki says

    oriana~Things we Lost in the Fire? I heard that was wonderful, somber but they both did great in it. I haven’t seen it yet either. Most recent one we saw was I Am Hero-I loved that, but cried my eyes out with what happened to Sam, hubby did too. Both said afterwards-Had we known that was going to happen, we would NOT have gone. But it was a good movie, Will was wonderful in it. I believe you said you saw it, or am I wrong? If so did you like it?

    Did you see the movie, sorry forget the name, with Benicio and Ryan Phillipe(sp)? It has been around for 4 years or so-hang on let me look it up.

  51. oriana says

    Deeds, he is an excellent Actor also, I want to see his recent movie with Halle Berry, I haven’t seen it yet.

  52. Deeds says

    I looked at the link that Christina posted. Oriana I didn’t know how handsome Benico(sp) before I saw this. When ever I look at pictures of AJ & BJ , BJ always seems more relaxed and happy when he is around his friends (without AJ) maybe it’s a guy thing.

  53. oriana says

    Oh I love Don Cheadle, he is one of the best around!!!!!

    Nicki, thanks for the picture!!!!!

    Christina, I am glad they will still be getting some money, not so much for trashy Paris but I am thinking about the two younger brothers. I wonder if they will go into the Hotel business any? I like the father too but Cathy Hilton seems so fakey to me at times. She is beautiful though and seems like a devoted mom, I just don’t understand the partying and club hopping with teenager children.

  54. Christina says

    No she is definitely in her first trimester. Time will tell. But I will point out that when u look at all the photos on all the press links which by the way are NOT paparazzi, not one photo of her standing up without the jacket on. Furthermore, Brad is socializing w/everyone (u can see on the photos) she remains seated. And, the show is only shooting tight on her face but not getting her standing even when they stand for standing ovations (Don Cheadle). And yes, they can prearrange and make sure that the camera crew shooting the shows respects their request.

  55. Nicki says

    Christina ~Thanks for the link to the great pics. Much apprieciated. (I guess I stand by my 4 months pregnant “bet)’…….but no bet, lol…..maybe 5 and a half months. Like I said we will know soon. I have no doubt a baby is on the way, and all I will do is wish them, and the children, the best!!!

  56. Christina says

    Go to an industry press website and check out the photos posted thus far from the Critics Choice Awards.

    Make sure to click on Editorial photos and type her name in. She’s wearing a black dress, meat on her arms again (gained weight) and her boobs look big. She’s sitting in the photos so you can’t tell but let me know your thoughts.

  57. Nicki says

    Christina~there is no question they are planning to have more children. They have both said it in thier interviews………..but I would have to say……..without a bet,lol,…..I do think a baby is due soon. She has been wearing jackets for the last 3 months. We will see what or when things transpire. You may be in the know…..probably are, who knows……..but it is no secret they are planning on more babies. I wish them the best for all thier children.
    How far along do you think she is? I guess about 4 months. Thats just my uneducated guess, without betting……(don’t like to lose my money, lol.)

  58. Christina says

    Critics Awards are coming on… AGAIN, AJ is wearing a big jacket (note every other woman is in a dress NOT jacket). I think she is pregnant. Her face is fuller and she is wearing a jacket that is not form fitting. Note that all of the recent pics she is wearing a big jacket which contradicts her normal full length body fitting jackets in the past. Who wants to bet me that we’ll hear something soon that she is…

  59. Christina says

    re: Baron Hilton. He did exactly what his father – Conrad Hilton did. He too gave 92% and left the rest to his heirs. It won’t hurt the heirs, only decrease the lump sum they receive at the time of inheritance but they will continue to receive money. Basically, Hilton hotels – franchise – consistently making money. The money rebuilds as long as the hotels continue to be successful. They will ALL still individually be millionaires and receive money as time goes on and the hotels continue to turn a profit. I think Conrad was extremely smart to set up his future generations with this concept and setting the example. They all have to work for their money and yet, still be set financially. Trust me, they will be fine and 30 years from now, Paris father and/or Uncle will do the same (not sure who is appointed Executor) and when he does, there will be millions back in the inheritance pool – it will replenish itself like it did for Baron.

  60. Christina says

    One of the reasons why I decided to start posting is because of all the misconceptions. Most celebs don’t stand on the line but a lot do that you do not know about.

    Go to and you can check out events as they are happening and fundraisers geered in the entertainment biz. A lot of celebs give “unconditionally” like any other person and truthfully, they make a sh** load of money to do so. A lot don’t feel they need public recognition and feel it’s there duty to donate and be involved given their luck. Honestly, if you donate money do you search out recognition for it? No different for a celeb. Most people give from their heart without agenda.

    I think AJ “inspires” Brad and Brad inspires her as well in ALL areas of life.

  61. traveler says

    It’s sad that more celebs shy away from being the front person for a cause simply because the media likes to knock people down. If anything, maybe we should be doing something about the tabloids and crazy paparazi instead of joining in the feeding frenzy. That might go a long way toward making the world a little bit more enjoyable.

    Anyway, kudos to all those celebs who care enough to try and help where they can. I’m sure there are many lives that are better because of their efforts.

  62. Deeds says

    Christina~thank you for your posts. You are a very informed person and your way with words make your comments enjoyable to read.

  63. oriana says

    Christina, thank you for all the info, I wished I had known a lot of this earlier. I do like Charlie Sheen and I love his father! It is commendable for him and I am glad more people know about it.

    I honestly didn’t think Jennifer or Brad did anything to help anyone in any endeavors so that is a surprise to me. I really thought that Angie was the motivation behind Brad. I think it should be made public for any celebrity when they do good deeds, it might encourage others to step up to the plate.

    I enjoy you very much and I am very happy you are on here! A very enjoyable, entertaining person with lots of insight and knowledge, hurray!!!!!!

    I wonder, what are your thoughts about the recent news of Paris Hilton’s grandfather leaving the bulk of his money to charity? Interesting if he sticks to it!!!!!

  64. Christina says

    Bottomline, a lot of people don’t have the time to commit. It boils down to “commitment”. And there are different varies of commitment. As far as I see, Brad is committed to his humanitarian efforts in more way than just one. We all live with the “there just isn’t enough time in the day” to do things. The truth is, there is and it depends on what you are committed to – some things have to give in order to make room. A lot of rich people don’t have the time so only donate money and others make the time and donate both money and time. Bill Gates made a decision that it was “his time” to dedicate his time to charity and doing it fully.

    Anyway, Oriana I think you are a great person so please don’t take my comments wrong.

  65. Christina says

    Oriana~ I read on another post that you felt Brad’s charity work is a “trend”. I disagree. Brad and Jen have always donated money to causes. A lot of people think this is something new for him but to distinguish what is new, what he always did “behind the scenes” he now does out front. Bono is actually the person who has been trying to get hin to move in front instead of staying behind the scenes (Bono and Brad both stated that in an interview). A lot of celebs donate money and FEAR to be a front person. A lot choose this route because the history of media and the world is to knock them down for their efforts. You can see that on the many postings here. Clooney is another example of this, when he first stood strong and upfront for 9-11 Fundraiser, he was bashed. Most celebs donate anonymous because they don’t want the recognition nor the negative comments that always happens one way or another. Even now, Oprah is receiving negative comments for her efforts. Another example: Charlie Sheen. He donates to all the children and local hospitals to all the cities he’s on location at. He’s done this his entire career. Donating a porportion of his check received from the project. Jen is now the face for St. Jude Hospital but the truth is, her and Brad supported St. Jude for years. Audrey Hepburn received critisim for her efforts. Princess Di did as well more so AFTER her divorce. If Charlie suddenly started anouncing his donations, would that become a “trend” and doesn’t matter he’s been doing it since he was in his early 20s. Another example: David Schwimmer has been a strong supporter of The Stuart House (abused children) for many years and every year they have a fundraiser and a lot of people come out in Hollywood. Imagine if they had someone like Julia Roberts as the face, there would be a HUGE media coverage on that simply because of the public demand for Julia (same as Brad). This is not a trend. I think as we (EVERYONE, celeb or not) get older, we want to do more. I know when I was in my 20s I wasn’t thinking about starving children until I saw it for myself and wanted to do something about it. No outsider is going to influence how I spend my time and money unless I want to. I’m sure a lot of people have made donations because of the awareness celebs have brought to it… so are we who donate due to a celeb bringing awareness, are we in the “trend”? That doesn’t make sense to me and I find it slightly insulting.

    No matter what celebs do, they will be criticized by the people and media. Bill Gates said it best, there comes a time in a persons life that stepping in front and doing something is necessary to bring awareness. (He stepped down from Microsoft and openned a Foundation with billions of his own money.) Does that make him trendy?

    The world is falling apart in some ways and I’m getting tired and scared and frustrated by it. It is time to do something especially in this day and age. Thousands of years of war, religious war, discrimination and repression. Women having no rights. The list goes on. I’m tired and frustrated with it and started to do something and I think celebs feel they have a moral obligation to do it as well, especially with the amount of money they earn.

  66. Kimberly TX says

    I’m a Jen Aniston fan! I don’t care much for the Jolie-Pitts but respect their humanitarian efforts. I try to watch and read everything about Jen. She’s beautiful, gracious and funny! I saw the interview on Good Morning America and heard it from her own mouth that she and Brad are still friends and talk and that there is no drama between them. I really wanted to believe that Jolie was a homewrecker but Courtney Cox and Aniston said in her Vanity Fair issue that Brad was honest during their marriage that he developed feelings for Angie but nothing happened. Cox even goes further to say he is not a liar, honest man. I am married and I did develop feelings for a co-worker and I told my husband. Together we worked it out and he understood and told me that he too had that years back with someone at his job. I was lucky. Also, Pitt did several interviews saying that the break up had nothing to do with children and Jen not wanting any. He said that is a bullsh** lie and not the truth. Relationships are complicated and I think they grew apart. Sad. I liked them. But I think what is important that they both have moved on with their lives and I think as a Team Aniston we should too.

  67. oriana says

    traveler, he may be a womanizer true enough, and I don’t doubt it for a minute, but that is not a huge strike against someone to me. Look at Bill Clinton, heck, look at JFK! I have to admire Arnold for all that he has accomplished, strong Will and Ambition, something that is sorely lacking with a lot of men in this country today.

  68. traveler says

    Arnold? Bleh! The gropenator is not someone I like or admire. Maybe if he’d keep his hands to himself. With a wife and three daughters, you’d think he’d have a little more respect for women.

  69. oriana says

    Thank you Christina, I have seen The Ivy on TV and thought I would like to go have lunch there one day. I always wondered if it was for famous people only or if the everyday person in L.A. ever went there.

    I am in a wheelchair, I had my left leg amputated due to a blood clot about 5 years ago so it is hard for me sometimes to get into some restaurants.

    I did stay three years ago at The Roosevelt one summer for three days and loved the location. We found another place on Santa Monica but too small, you probably know all the fancy places, do you have any reasonable ones to suggest? I am going to go down to Hollywood sometimes this Summer and take a couple of Special Olympics clients to Universal and do the Hollywood thing. I do love it down there!!!!!

    I just really hope they can reach some kind of reasonable agreement soon, too many people affected by the Strike!

    I am one that does like Arnold, I liked him as an Actor and as the Governor both.

  70. Chrissy says

    Here’s the entire interview with AJ re: the “blob” comment. You will see for yourself that it was in fact the interviewer that suggested newborns are “blobs” NOT AJ. AJ merely agreed. She did NOT say directly Shiloh was a blob but that newborns compared to older children are like “blobs” because their personalities have yet developed. BUT it was the interviewer that suggested blob.

  71. Christina says

    Hollywood is still Hollywood not government. All the different branches support each other (SAG, WGA, DGA except perhaps the Producer Guild).

    SAG- only 10% of actors/actresses work steadily in SAG. All others are striving to make it. Plus, working actors (ex. series regulars) get paid per episode and get a GREAT paycheck (starting 17K & up a week on a sitcom).

    The studio has been trying to negotiate but WGA has been rejecting their offers and we are talking about pennies – literally pennies. I do understand that they want more but they also have another opportunity in 3 years to negotiate more. I think WGA is being greedy as the studios have tried to meet – half way. Again, over pennies. Most of the points of the negotiations have been met but DVD and online. Again, pennies.
    Writers that are working get paid a bundle!!! Especially TV writers.

    I’m not for the studio,BUT I think they have shown they are trying. I do think the WGA is being irresponsible by allowing the strike to happen especially during the holidays and I think they are being a little too greedy.

    And, our Governor – The Arnold (LOL) has pleaded for them to work together.

    Oriana – you can get a reservation to The Ivy. Just call in advance. And yes, wheel chair accessible.

  72. oriana says

    What can the American people do to change it? What can we do? Voting doesn’t seem to have helped, everyone says , Go Vote, even the young have done it more, but I don’t see any significant changes? It is depressing to me! It really is!

  73. traveler says

    Of course they are. These corporations pay the politicians millions of dollars. The politicians get rich, the corporations get the laws they want, and the American people get shafted.

  74. oriana says

    traveler my dear, you are 100% correct!!!!! I also think the government is in bed so to speak, with some of these corporations also! Pitiful!

  75. traveler says


    Oh, I know there are a lot of people out of work and that’s sad. I don’t blame the writers for that though. I blame the big heartless corporations (which in my opinion have totally take over this country and not in a good way).

  76. oriana says

    I wonder if an everyday common person like me could get seated at that restaurant, The Ivy? Is it just for famous people? I wonder if it is wheelchair accessible? Of course it is very expensive, I guess I will have to stick with Pinks and Hamburger Hamlet!!!!!

  77. oriana says

    It had to hurt a lot of people without jobs, especially during the holiday season. I thought it would have been settled by now, I am surprised it has gone on this long. I am definitely for the Writers and am very happy to see the Stars supporting them. I think if the Golden Globes award show takes a big hit it may help the writers a lot.

  78. traveler says

    I sort of don’t blame AJ for not reconnecting with her father. She was estranged from him before and decided to let him back into her life. He must have done something bad to cause the estrangment again. I do think what he did was horrible regarding his plea on tv. I wouldn’t want him in my life after that either. He put Mad’s adoption into jeopardy. Who’s to say that if they make up, he won’t pull the same crap again. At least this way if he does do something, she can always say that they haven’t spoken in years and therefore he has no knowledge of her or her family. It protects the kids from any government official that might want to try and take them away.

  79. traveler says

    I don’t know. I can see where the writers are coming from. I’d be angry too if some big corporation was cheating me out of money. Money they do not need and could easily give me for the work I do. Plus, I find it interesting that the actors are supporting them so eagerly. To me that says something. I know that most of the actors don’t really need the money, but no movie star that I know is happy about paychecks stopping. They live expensive lives. So, apparently, the writers have a case.

  80. oriana says

    Ha! Yes indeed, she was a total flop on the MTV awards, and she actually seemed surprised about it! I don’t find her in the least bit entertaining!

    Well, as long as Benny prefers women, anything is okay with me!!!!!!!!

  81. Christina says

    Re: Benny. Not sure what his current status is re: love nor what his taste is.

    Sarah Silverman is obnoxious and I can’t stand her! Just a LOUD mouth. She bombed on MTV Music Awards – BRILLIANT!!!

  82. oriana says

    I do love my Jimmy!! Can’t stand his girlfriend though, not at all!!!

    I feel so bad for the Writers, it is bound to be hurting everyone down there. Even the tourists are suffering. I wish something could be resolved soon. Can the big time Studio head honchos give any push to anyone to do something? It is a bad situation indeed!

    My hubby said is raining down there also, hope no mudslides where you live at, especially in the canyon areas could be hurting.

    On Jon Voight, thanks for the info, I have wanted them to make up so he could see the kids and they could get to know him, I always thought it would be good for them to get to know each other.

    You have a good evening my Dear!!!!!!!! A true pleasure for me to have chatted with you, looking forward to it more often!!!!!!!!

    Oh Benny, can’t stop thinking about him, what kind of women is he attracted too? Blondes, Redheads, Asians? Short, Tall, please tell me not the dumb model types! My heart would break!

  83. Christina says

    I’ve never met Jimmy Kimmel so no but perhaps have him try by showing up, sometimes they have last minute tickets at the booth and/or VIP ticket seats that no one picked up… basically, keep calling, there might be a last minute opening.

    RE: the WGA strike. I think it’s out of hand. The WGA are not negotiating and 25 million dollars a day is estimated at being lost (ie. restaurants, independent companies, crew, staff, agencies cutting paychecks, lay offs – not pretty). Given our current economical status, it’s a bad time to strike and over pennies! Studios will be settling with the DGA (Directors Guild) and everyone is hoping they will come to terms w/the WGA. Plus, in 3 years the WGA can go back and negotiate more again later. So many other people are suffering due to this strike… it’s HORRIBLE!!!

    LOL… Skylar is his goddaughter NOT daughter – false rumor.

  84. oriana says

    Christina, I saw him on TV crying and pleading with her to get help. I thought, Oh Lord, is there something serious about her we don’t know? Then I read where she was furious over him putting her adoption of Maddox in jeopardy because of it, that I could see turning her against him.

    I didn’t know he was a Republican, I myself am a staunch Democrat but will not vote for Hillary, I don’t trust her but I do think she is brilliant. He does seem very quiet and I loved him as the Pope on TV. I have heard that this Skylar was his Goddaughter and then read there was speculation she was his actual bio daughter. More gossip and rumors!

    He was one gorgeous man in his younger days, I actually think Shiloh favors him a lot too.

    Nice to meet someone so interesting on here my Dear!!!!

    What is your take on this Writer’s Strike? When do you and your Dad think it will be settled?

    Please don’t laugh at this, Oh, go ahead, I would! Have you ever met Jimmy Kimmel? I love him, my husband drove down from San Jose yesterday and tried to get in to his show but was all full. I Jimmy!!!!!!!

  85. Christina says

    I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to share my knowledge and opinion on Mr. Voight. I will say this, his best friend and biz partner is producer, Steven Paul (Baby Genius franchise) and they used to have a softball team during the summer. He is also the godfather to Steven’s niece – Skylar from BRATZ movie which Steven produced. From meeting him personally at those events and other events, Voight is a quiet man, nice and considered “awkward”- doesn’t say much. He’s an actor’s actor “artist” mentality – what do I feel? what do I think? Method actor. He is also a Republican and believes we should be at war w/Iraq. Lets just say he contributed to Jolie’s issues as they have ALWAYS had father/daughter issues. What you hear from Jolie and her brother, I do believe – in my opinion – to be honest and not unhappy children making up stuff.

    Jolie had a HUGE impact on revamping his career and he used it to his advantage. When her career was growing, he clinged to that – perhaps he meant well in the way of not wanting to see his daughter eaten up by the Hollywood wolves but I definitely think he had his own career as an agenda. Voight’s career was “dead” and was barely getting acting jobs. Mr. Voight knows darn well that his emotional breakdown and plea re: his daughter’s mental state was “suicide” and poisonous. I think what he did was horrible but I’m not surprised either. Lets just say if you think Jolie’s behavor in the past was weird, lets just say, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  86. Christina says

    Oriana – to answer your question, no – Jolie was never committed to a mental hospital; however, I think possibly you have it confused with her research that she did to prepare for her character, GIRL INTERRUPTED. Actually most of all the actresses visited a mental hospital to prep for their character. Plus, make no mistake, if Jolie spent anytime at a mental hospital for personal reasons, her father would have announced it just to humiliate her.

    Here’s a website for any of you that want to check on “truthful” stats about any celeb you want to know. It’s supported by the industry and used by and for the industry.

  87. Nicki says

    oriana~Oh yes he is. We are members here, it is a public course, but we have some benefits paying the dues we do.
    He only gets to golf 2 or 3 times a week, but maybe, if we are still here, when he retires he will take full benefit of our membership here.

    I agree with what kids are allowed to do, without supervision. I will say the kid next door is very careful, but he has also mowed the yard, on a rider mower for the same amount of time. That to me is as dangerous, but I have watched him for the last 3 years and he has always impressed me with his safety. Although he does go up the hills at daring angles, on purpose, lol, but he is very careful.
    I guess his parents know how he is and ?? maybe are watching him through the window?? But I am still watching him everytime he is mowing, or driving down the street with his lil brother on the golf cart.
    And they aren’t the only kids that age “crusing” in the golf carts unsupervised.

    Glad the weather is better today for you. Hope it gets even better for you! Best to you.

  88. oriana says

    Christina, just curious, what is your father’s thoughts on Jon Voight? Has he ever met him? I read long ago that he is a highly respected man in Hollywood and a likeable person. It seems that way to me. Thank you! Oh, and I do love George Clooney!!!!!!

  89. oriana says

    NIcki, is your hubby a golfer? It must be a beautiful area where you live! Lucky You!

    I too find it amazing and unbelievable about the young kids! Another prime example of the world we live in today, way too much indulgence with the kids, and it is everywhere. I think it is a tragedy in the making!

    Yes, it is very messy in San Jose, Santa Cruz highway closed, steady rain, high winds 89 mph yesterday, it is better today, thanks my Dear! Having a quiet evening!

  90. Nicki says

    OK, have no comment on the PR stuff…except Brad and Angie ,,,,,,,,the A listers they are will NEVER have to call any ratzie to take thier pic. Yes they are in MO and in a gated community. Who would bother, like the last 3 years, try to hang out and try to get a pic when they come out of the gate? Ha HA Ha.

    OK sort of OT……………I live on a golf course. We have lived here for 3 years. The kids next door have been driving thier parents golf cart down the street………..not out back…down the street as long as we have been here. The youngest just turned 4….he doesn’t drive, but is a passenger………no helmet, no seat belt, , no parental supervision(I have a big problem with that..but they aren’t my kids.) Every other kid drives the golf carts down the street to get to the pool in the summer months. I am beside myself at the begininng watching this………….NO adult supervison while going there, but NONE had on helments or saftey belts.
    This cart looks much safer than most of the golf carts here. And most of the children driving them are under 8 without supervision, my neighbor was 5 when he started driving the golf cart around, with his 2 year old brother. (again no helmet, no safety belts…… that right ……of course not…………but I am not judge and jury.)

    oriana~I hope the weather is going well for you. I see many problems going on in CA. Best wishes!!

  91. Christina says

    Oriana – no need to apologize re: the lawyer thing, everyone assumes that and my dad was still a “bull dog” when it came to working out the deals. LOL

    Here’s a few PR distinctions: Mischa was shot coming outside of her house w/the dogs a few days after her DUI. Most PR machines don’t send photographers to the home, they (paps) just sit there on their own accord. But sometimes on location, especially that particular church in Beverly Hills off of Santa Monica Blvd, possibly a PR stunt though the word is, she is trying to find something “healthy” for herself. However when you see pics at restaurants and clubs in LA, those are paps not PR. Most popular places here have paps waiting outside. If the client does something wrong depending on if it’s illegal or gay rumors, the PR machine sets up ways to clean their reputation but not necessarily photo ops if that makes sense. Gay rumors, major PR machine clean-up/cover up.

    Here’s the thing about AJ, she has done nothing that other celebs (even the very clean cut ones) have done. The difference is, they did not tell the world whereas AJ never held back. I don’t think you have to concern yourself re: her relapsing. Her problems were emotionally based not mental inbalance and sometimes just experiencing unconditional love from a child/children is the only remedy a person needs. She’s evolved.

    Thanks for the kind words and have a very special 2008.

  92. oriana says

    Had to laugh about the “unless you are Dracula and want to drink some blood”. Now that was funny to me!

  93. oriana says

    Christina, I do believe people can change, everyone but prob Charles Manson and Osama! I can see that you are definitely an educated and liberal minded woman. Kudos to you!!!!! I do think that Angie has changed and the kids are responsible for that. I read, it may not be true, you prob would know, that she went into a Mental ward just before she married BBT. That hasn’t been that long ago. I do think she has issues and could relapse easily, hopefully I am wrong.

    As for your father, my apologies to you regarding the attorneys and their ethics.

    I do know that in PR, even if the client is totally in the wrong, and what has been written is true, it is up to their publicist to turn it around and plant the seed of doubt, usually they come out like shining Angels, it is amazing to me! I saw a picture of Mischa Barton coming out of a church in a oh so sweet white dress looking so innocent, and walking her little dogs, another ploy, after she had pictures taken of being busted for drugs! Now if that isn’t a PR machine at work, I don’t know what is!!!!

    So good luck to you, hope to read more of your postings and Happy New Year to you also!!!!!!!

  94. Christina says

    Oriana~ I’m a strong believer people can be different otherwise why do we try to help others, educate them, offer therapy (billion dollar industry), and rehabs? Of course we all know about BBT and he’s actually a really wonderful SMART human being. I have stated in the past that a lot of what AJ has done in her past is not my cup of tea nor something I would say “hey that’s normal”. (unless you’re Dracula and need a drink LOL) A lot of things people have done including myself has made me cringe. But I look at the here and now – present day. Everything she is striving to do with her life is completely altered and different than who she was in her past. Who she is now as a woman, mother, and humanitarian – I respect. If my son dated her in her 20s, I’d freak. But if he dated a woman like who she is now, I’d be extremely supportive. She’s doing all she can to distance herself from her past and if you listen to her interview on the Actor’s Studio you will see a woman who owns her past and understands where it came from and has emotionally grown and move forward. A lot of women do things they might not want the public to know in their 20s… it’s life and it’s rebellion and anger.

    My Dad is an Entertainment attorney NOT a defense attorney. He does “business” legal work (ex. closes a deal between the studio and the director) not a criminal attorney. Completely different mind set. And, no offense taken.

    I understand Mellynn’s point and heck, a helmet and/or restraint would have been appropriate but since those particular ATV do not come equipt w/that, Brad did the next best thing, put him on your lap and hang onto him tightly. Pax wanted a ride and as the Daddy, he did it. I totally understood her safety concern… but I was not arguing that. It’s not nice to say wouldn’t it be cute if he got his head run over. I get that she meant it as a sarcastic joke but to me, it wasn’t funny.

  95. oriana says

    Christina, since you are so well connected, informed and experienced in this field, then you of all people should know how the PR machines work. They focus on all the positive aspects for their clients, whether they are true or untrue.

    With your training and experience, surely you are aware of Angie’s past history, with BBT especially. She has not been bashful about anything she has said or done, that is what I have based my opinions on, the truth about her, not just what the lying tabloids write. And I am glad they have been sued as many times as they have, although it hasn’t slowed them down any with their stories.

    I think Mellynn was trying to make a strong point and she elaborated on it to get people’s attention, she didn’t want any child to get hurt and I realized that.

    As far as your father being a big entertainment lawyer doesn’t impress me, I would think most of them know a lot of dirt and look the other way, they have too, they represent their client and I am not saying anything negative about your Dad, I just think most lawyers are crooks and morals are tossed aside. Look at Robert Shapiro, I think basically a good man and he could have cared less when he represented O.J. Simpson.

  96. Jackie says

    Ah Oriana- read the post again. I’m beginning to realize you have difficulties with interpreting and reading a post accurately. I said for those who do NOT like Brad and Angelina, why do you read about them? I LIKE them. I also like Jen… gorgeous, beautiful, smart, funny lady. How hard is it to comprehend, if you don’t like something why do it? If you don’t like someone, why bother with them? It’s a simple non-offensive question and something to ponder if one chooses to.

    And you’re losing an argument on another posting with Christina so you want to pick a fight and jump on Mellynn’s bandwagon. You seem to have so many opinions and when anyone confronts it, you back off and become “down the middle” with Brad and Angelina but yet still make negative comments to a certain degree about them.

    Christina- I agree with you. It’s not a nice comment from Mlynn and see that you are only pointing out verbatim a specific line she posted. You cannot argue with people who are not evolved. It’s knocking on deaf ears!

  97. Jackie says

    Oriana- aren’t you defensive. Never said I did not like you, I don’t know you. I said my opinion is that I find you to be negative and miss know it all when others you claim to be your friend have contradicted you. And, you’re not famous and I do not read all your post, I mostly jump over them so the hypocrite thing is a stupid analysis.

  98. Christina says

    Oriana~ I live in LA and have practically my entire life and I worked in the entertainment business as well as my brother and father. I have known Geyer Kosinski since his days at William Morris as an agent to Billy Bob Thorton, George Clooney and most important, has represented AJ her entire career. I have also known Larry Gordon (producer of Tomb Raider) and his 2 sons for over 25 years. My father was one of the biggest entertainment attorneys. I like Brad and do not follow the ideal gossip of him either. Being a slob does not mean someone smells. A lot of men are slobs. A lot of men don’t care about fashion. And if you read my post without your negative projections, you will see I said nothing to the contrary of what you said but practically the same w/less specific details.

    Mellynn has the right to say anything she wants and I have the right to state my opinion. It’s a disgusting thing to say, “Would it be so cute if Pax fell off the vehicle and had his head run over?” You have children, if someone said, “Hey Oriana would it be so cute if your son fell off the vehicle and had his head run over?” I bet you would not like it and be extremely offended and if so, why would you not feel the same feelings for another innocent child??? Must it be directed at your own before you say, hey that’s not nice.

    Mellynn, you’re pointless and trying to twist what you posted to justify/rationalize your opinion. As I said, I do agree, a child should have a helmet on and/or some sort of restraint to protect them BUT what I criticized you about is your statement “would it be cute if a child falls out and gets his head run over”. That’s not funny nor cute.

  99. oriana says

    I agree with Deeds 100%!!!!!

    Mellynn, absolutely ATV’s are dangerous, it doesn’t matter how slow they are going if they hit a bump, a child could be bounced around or OUT in a flash! Look at Ozzy Osbourne, he almost died when his flipped over. They may be fun, and useful in lots of areas, but I think they are dangerous, of course I think motorcycles are too so I could be wrong. They just scare me with children in them.

    #61, in this day and age my Dear, we don’t specifically need a man to make a baby any more! I would love to see her adopt, I think she would be a good mother, I am not a big fan of hers either but I think she is a good person.

  100. Mellynn says

    Wow, hit a nerve, did I? Christina and Jenny and whoever else believes their drivel, I am a REALIST. While what I initially wrote sounded harsh in some eyes, sometimes people (such as yourselves, obviously) need a glass of ice cold water thrown in their faces to make them realize that ATVs and the like are not safe for a three year old. I don’t care if they are going two miles an hour or twenty. I don’t care if you think I am sick…fact is, my grasp of the “real world” is much better than yours. Put that in your holier-than-thou pipe and smoke it.

  101. Deeds says

    #61,I like Jennifer Aniston more than I like “Bradgelina”, in most respects. I like the children way more than I like JA. That makes me a loser? I think 1 of the children are more special than all 3 adults put together. I don’t understand your way of thinking.

  102. oriana says

    #60, Jackie, why are you such a Hypocrite? You don’t like me or my posts yet you read them, so why spout off about others reading and posting about Angie and Brad for when you are doing the same thing?

    That is mind boggling to me when people like YOU have double standards! Stop being “two faced”!!!!!!!!

  103. oriana says

    Mellynn, ignore Christina, I think she would love to be their Nanny, Publicist and Maid, if she is as up to date as she acts like she is with them she would know Brad’s history. He has said HIMSELF that he not only gets in character for his films but he also doesn’t care about dressing or grooming that much when he isn’t filming or making promotional appearances.

    His classmates and teachers even said he was a slob in high school, and YES, I saw them in person speaking and giving interviews people, not just tabloid gossip!

    Mellynn has the right to say whatever she wants too!

  104. Fly On The Wall says

    For Christ’s sake, I wish to God that Aniston would have a baby this year so all you haters can get the hell off these threads and go hang somewhere else. But since you need a man to make a baby, and since Aniston hates children anyway, I suppose we are stuck with you losers indefinitely.

  105. Jackie says

    If you don’t like Brad and Angelina… WHY DO YOU READ ABOUT THEM???? It’s VERY unhealthy behavior. You read about people you don’t like so you can what, dislike them more? Say nasty things about them? It shows how small you are as a person and/or lack of substance & things to do – both most likely.

    Again, if you don’t care about them, why are you bothering reading about them??? You call him a loser but perhaps you are just for reading about someone you think is a loser. It’s mind boggling.

  106. Lily says

    Lets face it. Brad Pitt is a loser. He lost most of his appeal. I see a bad year ahead for him and his slvt. Poor kids.

  107. Jenny says


    I agree what Mlynn said was very inappropriate. It is not a nice thinng to say about any kid. Women like her scare me. It is very passive aggressive and not nice. Not nice. There is nothing cute about it.

  108. Christina says

    Mellynn – you are a nut case for even saying and I quote, “Would it be so cute if Pax fell off the vehicle and had his head run over?” That’s a SICK thing to say about any child, celeb family or not. Furthermore, I do know how fast that particular model goes not to mention they aired it live on video on TV so you actually do see how fast they are going. As for being star struck – projection on your part. Though I respect any person that dedicates time in their life and money to humanitarian causes and charity, I’m by no means stuck on the fact it’s Brad Pitt… who cares. It’s the law in most places for a child to wear a helmet even on a bicycle – everyone knows this but that is not the point of me calling you what you unfortunately have to live with within yourself and don’t try to rationalize and/or twist what I am calling you out on. Again for your small little cell of a brain…

    What you said about an INNOCENT child “would it be cute” is an extremely mean spirited thing to say… you are basically suggesting harm on an innocent child. In my book, you’re a sick person and morbid.

  109. Paula says

    Brad is a class A idiot and he will self destruct. He left a beautiful wife for a whore and he will pay for that. He smells and has a small thing. He also seems un happy most of the times these days and he is never comfortable around Jloie the way he was around Jen. I just hate him these days like most people I know.

  110. Mellynn says

    I’m not a sick woman, Christina. It’s happened to people I know. That is what unnerves me. And just how do you know how fast they are going? I wasn’t aware that the picture came with a MPH. Oh, and for the record, in MANY states, it is the LAW for children to wear helmets while riding all-terrain vehicles. You are so star-struck you can’t get past the fact that it’s Brad Pitt. Get ahold of realtiy, would you?

  111. Jacks says

    Those construction tows don’t come with seat belts or helmets. they’re slow not dangerous and yea, it is like a golf cart but a little more sturdy to move stuff and plow through mud and stuff on construction. used for dirt grounds that is why u see tractor tires on it. better that brad held pax because there are not seat belts or harnesses.

  112. Christina says

    He’s on a construction site… is he supposed to wear all white and stay clean??? Brad always looks “manly” and during the time of Juliette Lewis and the “bathing issue” – not that I agree when actors & actresses do this when they submerge so deeply into a character – Brad was in character for Legend of the Falls and was known for not showering and so forth… which by the way, a lot of actors do that for their character. (ie. Viggo Mortensen for Lord of the Rings, Nick Nolte for Down and Out in BH, just to name a few). Brad has NEVER cared about fashion – he’s the first to say it… I personally think that rugged manly look is sexy notwithstanding he can also clean up quite well when need be. Plus, he’s got his woman and family… perhaps all that matters to him is that she (AJ) finds him attractive.

    Mellynn – they are in a machine basically as fast if not slightly slower than a golf cart in a restricted area/site. And NO, it’s not cute to even say something so tasteless that a child gets his or hers head ran over. You’re a VERY SICK woman.

  113. oriana says

    This is the true Brad dori, he has looked like a Bum ever since his days with Juliette Lewis, she said he would go for two weeks at a time without taking a bath, I don’t know how Angie stands to smell him, she looks like she is very clean hygiene wise to me. Brad is looking older by the minute too! His parents are both nice looking, I don’t see Brad aging that well, not like George is!!!!!

  114. Mellynn says

    IRRESPONSIBLE….NO HELMETS. That just irritates me. Would it be so cute if Pax fell of the vehicle and had his head run over? It’s happened!! For Pete’s sake, Brad and Angie, use some common sense!!!!

  115. dori says

    They look like their having fun Is it me or does anyone else notice Brad looks so filthy all the time Dirty jeans scraggly hair he’s a dirty mess Not the hunk he use to be. He is getting older but this dirty look is not appealing to me. I bet he smells too. He was voted smelliest actor in Hollywood.

  116. Wondering says

    Why name his charity after himself. Stars lend their names all the time. It helps with fund raising.

    Note the small, partial list below. ANd I do mean partial

    Aerosmith Foundation (AIDS Research)
    Jenjo Foundation by Alan Alda after his daughters
    The Her Alpert Foundation for Painted Turtle Camp
    Lousi Armstrong Education Foundation
    Asner Family Foundatin (Ed Asner) for Office of the Americas
    Autry Foundation (Gene Autry) for Autry Western Museum Foundation
    Chuck Barris Foundation
    Irving Berlin for the God Bless America Fund (Gir Scouts and Boy Scouts)
    Pat Boon Foundation for Church on the Way
    John W. Carson Foundation (Johnny Carson) for Faith Regional Health
    David Copperfield Project Magic Fund
    The Michael Douglas Foundation for the Diandra De Morrell Dounglas Foundation
    Ella Fitzgeral for the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundatin for theCity of Hope

  117. Malayka says

    I too cannot get over how Brad always gushed about Jen. I still vividly remember his interview on Oprah where his mum and sisters attended the show and every one seemed to love Jen to bits. He even talked about how he could not wait for little Jen’s to run around the house. Now I would not kill him for splitting with her because that happens all the time even with people who love each other to bits. But they way he treated her after wards and the humiliation he heaped on her makes me wonder how sincere his feelings for her were. Now when I see him playing ‘good father’ and ‘good samaritan’ I find it hard t buy the act. I still think he just wanted a child with Jolie, screwed up his life bad when he slept with her and all this is to make amends.

    He has not spine and it appears not personality at all. He is such a disappointment. I would have respected him more if he had waited after his divorce especially since his wife had said he would never sleep with Angelina.

    Riding with Pax like that is not safe either.

  118. Generic name says

    #19 WONDERING… yeah right! maybe b’coz I’m wondering too.. why of all name he choose that kind of name for his that so bad baby?
    why do you bother to question my OPINION baby? Why not leave UR own comments here for all i care!! Opzz by the way I’m NOT against to Brad’s charity its the name I’m WONDERING baby!! Buang2x man di ay ka katok! ako pa nimo mag suicide ka diha okay?!

  119. oriana says

    Mia, you never fail to amuse me my Dear! I can’t help myself people, I enjoy Mia very much!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year to you too and have a fun weekend! I know you WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do miss Xena very much!!!!!!

  120. miapocca says

    People are so quick to cirticize or dump on mon eperosn adn some get a free pass…must nice to be in the group that always get the free pass…they cant do anything wrong can they …hilarious

    Happy New Year Ori!!
    Happy New year Xena!
    Happy New year shadow!
    Happy new year LIB!

    And shuge stick up the anus to DOri!! ahahhahah

  121. Al&J says

    Very cute outing. Nice to see some father son bonding. Yes some caution should have been exercised but one should not compare Brad or even Madonna to Britney.
    Sorry to bring her up (hopefully it will be my first and last post) but Britney has had too many incidents where she has put her children’s lives in danger…driving and otherwise…My goodness she has had a few hit and runs, driven over people’s feet (one of the people was a Sheriff deputy), made illegal turns and crossed over double yellow lines to overtake…and when she has had her children in the car with her she’s driven around with an invalid license, she has run red lights, zipped down the highway with Sean in an inappropriate car seat (it should have been rear facing) and it was not fastened properly…the poor child could have broken his neck and she has driven in traffic with Sean on her lap, rather than him being strapped into a car seat. She was not parked. These are the ones I can remember..there’s probably more and this is why the judge has forbidden her to drive with her own children in her car because she is reckless and has little regard for their safety.

  122. Christina says

    It’s so odd to me when people think celebs use their infant, toddler, and young children for publicity. It’s very odd that anyone would think so given that we all know that paparazzi stalk such celebs as Brad, Katie Holmes, and so forth. They’re normal people doing normal things that we all do with our children. My husband takes our kids to his job sites but because he doesn’t have cameras following him, no one says “oh your using your kids”. It is important for each child to have one-on-one time w/their parents. I think it’s sweet and it’s moments like that, that often times as adults we remember well. Furthermore, they adopted Pax at 2 or 3 (don’t recall exact age) so Pax does need a little more attention to feel like he’s a part of the family – adjustment period. It’s similar to a kid going to a new school… at first they are shy because they don’t know anyone and it takes a minute to feel a sense of security at a new place and a completely different language. Remember, Pax is from Vietnam and spoke no English. That alone for a child that age is a scary experience and as both parents have said, Pax was really shy.

  123. traveler says


    No, she wasn’t sitting in her driveway. She was driving on the freeway. The paps got both pictures and video of the whole thing.

  124. Christina says

    Very sweet photo… I love seeing photos of men w/their children, celeb or not. As for the safety concerns, that is a closed off area and basically is an empty lot with a bunch of pink tents. There’s not much going on in that area as most of the nearby roads have construction so vehicle/traffic wise there is no real harm and/or danger but accidents happen all the time – just simply running pass a coffee table and bashing into that as I just did (LOL). Plus, that mini-tractor doesn’t go very fast, perhaps even slower than a golf cart. And yes, I’ve driven one myself.

    But I do agree, men tend to be less inclined to add safety precautions. My husband is always saying, “he’ll be fine… what’s a few bumps here and there.”

  125. miapocca says

    I bring up britney for fun…you dont need to be driving anywhere to have saftey on you rmind..Brintey was sitting in her driveway.not on the highway…

  126. traveler says

    Why do people keep bringing up Britney Spears? Brad may not have been as safe with Pax as he could’ve been, but it wasn’t like he was driving down a freeway at 75 miles per hour with an infant on his lap.

  127. oriana says

    I don’t think he is strapped in at all. Brad probably didn’t even consider what would happen if they got hit or was in an accident.

    And with the looney way Britney has been acting, we all know what the comments would have been regarding that trash!

  128. traveler says


    Pax probably should’ve at least had a helmet on. But then, remember Brad’s bike ride with Z in Nambibia? He’s not knownn for his safety sense.

  129. Elaine says

    I am sure they had a lot of fun, but it just doesn’t look safe to me. There is no protection for either of them if there is an accident, and I can’t see how Pax is properly strapped in if he is sitting on Brad’s knee. Maybe its a Mummy thing to spot the dangers and a Daddy thing to see the fun!

  130. Susie says

    These people make me sick. She is anything but pretty, look at pictures before she had massive face work. She was scary ugly, he needs to grow a brain.

  131. 2teens3beans says

    Very cute video Jeje, I could even hear Pax talking once or twice. I really like the Jolie-Pitts and all the efforts they put forth to help the less fortunate.
    People want to hate this family and all the reasoning in the world doesn’t seem to help.

  132. oriana says

    I have never thought they pimp out these kids. I don’t see Brad as being a strong person at all but I think he is sincere in this endeavor. I certainly don’t see anything wrong with him taking his son out with him! What is wrong with it? They have lives to live also like the rest of us. I am glad to see these pictures and I am glad to see him spending some one on one time with Pax.

  133. Cher says

    Brad is such a loser! his life is screwed up and its all for publicity. but who would want it, I mean he is living with someone who used to carry her husbands blood around her neck. Jolie is a freak!

  134. traveler says


    Jeez, lay off the man. Can’t these people take their kids anywhere without being accused of pimping them? Maybe he had to go down to the charity and felt it was a good opportunity to take one of his kids with him to spend some one on one time. Or do you think they should keep the kids locked up in the house for all of eternity. If they did that, you’d be complaining that they were horrible parents because their kids never get out.

    Besides, I’ve seen way more photos of Voilet Affleck and Suri Cruise than I have of any of the Jolie-Pitt kids. I don’t see you bashing Jen and Ben or Tom and Katie.

  135. Exactly says

    Pictures don’t tell a thing. For all we know looking at these pictures Brad hates this kid and Angelina. You said it right #19 Wondering, about pictures. The “lovey-dovey” picture of Brad and Jennifer made him look like he really loved her. But, now knowing what we know, he left her for someone else. Yep, can’t really go by pictures.

  136. candykane says

    Wow by the way you are judging these people one could think you are living with them. Everybody here knows what they feed their kids, how they spent their time with them, what they think and what they do at home. I unfortunatly only see pictures

  137. Wondering says

    #11 do you have a smell-a-computer? travels, money, cute kids, great career – I think he has a life

    #9 What is the name of your charity – or is it just that you buy Girl Scout cookies and drop a tenner everynow and then into the offering plate? And if you lend your name to a cause, will that raise the awareness of your cause or fatten the till. Maybe you can take over the MD telethon when Jerry Lewis is gone. A famous name can help finance good works.

    #13 Kid have value by how cute they are? And can’t he take his child out just because he wants to? That’s not pimping. Do you pimp your child everytime you take him/her out? Maybe your kid shouldn’t go on outings. And Brad got a lot of publicity before he had kids too.

    #14 You know his charactor traits well enough to know how much back “borne” he has. Wow, you must be really intimate with this man. Or your computer has a charactor monitor on it along with smelling capabilities.

    #16 Quick get your skeleton key and saw and get that shackle off of him. Or maybe he’ll just drive away in his vehicle. ANd do you use the same drug dealer. Or does your computer do drug testing?

    You don’t know anything really about these people. And if you go by pictures, than Joan Crawford and Bing Crosby were the best parents ever. And don’t forget the lovey-dovey pictures that Aniston and Pitt were in just months prior to the separation.

  138. Leona says

    I bet you when the kids are 10, he will have nothing in common with his who re girl friend apart from their common love for drugs. Those kids are what keeps them together. She trapped him alright. Not that he is any prize mind you. I hope 2008 is the year this bunch fades into oscurity. I wouldn’t mind if the whole lot disappeared off the face of the earth.

  139. Melanie says

    Pax is cute but Brad Pitt is a p**** whipped loser period! Now he wants us to believe he is kind. For how long I wonder.

  140. Jean says

    I don’t think Pax is that cute. Maddox is cuter. But I don’t see the need for him to bring Pax here other than for publicity and to pimp him off. If he was not with an adopted kid, he would not get as miuch publicity. Next he will come with Shiloh the messiah to get in more photogs. these people just sicken me.

  141. minkysmom says

    too bad britney was in traffic in a car. brad isn’t. stop bringing up her name on unrelated topics.

  142. oriana says

    How cute is this!!!!! I think Pax is a lucky little boy! I was against the adoption so soon for I thought they should wait till Shiloh got a little older where Angie and Brad could devote some time to her but I don’t think that would have happened either way. I think Pax is soo cute and always have!

  143. ann says

    He is an excellent father. Devoted father.These children are very luck to have him. Brad is too good to be true. We like this family. He is very good actor. We like he’s movie.

  144. katelynn says

    people need to stop comparing britney spears to other celebrity family if britney did this people would call cps from what we see britney parent skills suck she feed her children nothing but junk food she drove sean on her lap she put sean carseat face foward when he was around five months she almost drop him she tell sean to get her cigg. but calling them lollipop she leave her kids unclean while shoping for whatever that thing is call when she lost coustday(sp) of the boys she quicky hand them off to kevin she curse in front of her crying boys she called the mistakes and the list goes on

  145. claudiazz says

    Is that a safe situation with Brad driving with Pax on his lap? If this were Britney I think people would not be calling it adorable.

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