Nicole Kidman Reportedly Pregnant!

Nicole Kidman

(In the above pic Nicole and Keith were snapped on November 27th)


Nicole Kidman is pregnant, according to The Daily Mail.

The Golden Compass actress, 40, told friends and family over the Christmas holiday that she and husband Keith Urban, 40, are expecting, the UK newspaper reported.

Nicole and the country singer have been married since June 2006. There are no details on when the baby is due.

She has two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise – Isabella, 15, and Connor, 12 – but their relationship is strained. “They call me Mom,” Cruise’s new wife, Katie Holmes, said recently.

Nicole has talked VERY openly about wanting another baby. “I’m yearning to have one,” she told Vanity Fair in September. “I think I would be very sad if I wasn’t able to have a baby. Keith knows I want one, and he has been getting there slowly.”

In an interview in February on Oprah’s Oscar Special, Russell Crowe asked the actress if she planned on getting pregnant. “I hope so,” she replied.

When Russell remarked that he’d like to see Nicole “walking around barefoot and pregnant,” the actress agreed – “I’d like to see that, too.”

Nicole told Vogue last year: “I always thought I’d eventually live on a Fijian island. I love the idea of being in a sarong, with hair down to my bum and kids following my around and hanging out.”

After her split from Tom Cruise in 2001, Nicole admitted she’d suffered an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage at one point in their 10-year marriage. “From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies. And we lost a baby early on, so that was really very traumatic,” she told Vanity Fair.

Three months into their marriage, Keith checked himself into the Betty Ford clinic for three months to treat alcohol addiction. “We had to dig really deep,” Nicole has said.

Nicole begins an eight-week shoot for The Reader in Berlin next month, but after that has no movie projects lined up, the Daily Mail reported.

Awwww…I hope this is true for Nicole’s sake! That would be so wonderful!



  1. voiceofreason says

    If this is by choice it’s very wrong. A person witlh about a year of sober time is in no position to have kids. I know because i’ve been there, and unless you’ve been there, or you’re a professional mental health specialist, then you don;t know enough to comment on the subject. JX2 said “if the child is born with some kind of birth defect or mental disability there is always the option of giving up the baby for adoption”. HOW COLD! A disposable baby! As if to say, “Oh, i’m sorry, this kid has defects – let’s trash it and TRY AGAIN! 40 is NOT the “new 30” as far as having kids goes. The chance of downs syndrome or other defects is significantly higher. Does anyone really think that Nicole and Alchoholic Keith would devote their life and time to raising a “special” child? No way, obviously. At best they would pay a lifelong string of Nannys or Nurses to provide basic life support for the kid, but the child would certainly never be loved.
    I swear, some people should be sterilized if they can’t behave responsibly. Celebs think that just because they have money, they are relived of having any moral imperative, and can behave any way they want. Want proof? Can you say “BRITANY”?

  2. Daze says

    Nearly everyone I went to school with chose to establish their career and get their “ya-ya’s'” out as a couple, before starting a family. Most of them did it successfully as no one wanted a large family. Just a child or two. At our 10th High School reunion, most were not yet married and very few had a child. At our 25th reunion, (average age 43), most were married or coupled ( the early birds were mostly divorced and single again…those who were married 15 years prior) with school age kids and toddlers, and their families more secure financially, their careers (not carriers…lol) established and they were more mature, patient and attentive as parents and on a higher comfort level themselves in who they are, and where they are in life. I experienced motherhood all three ways, early, middle of the road and late. I have treasured the later one and had more time and patience. I love my son whom I grew up with, but I feel he got the raw end of the deal. Yes, I had more energy to play with him, but I was not able to offer him what his 16 year younger sister has. If the poster who misspelled career as carrier and grandchildren as grankids and choice as…something else, if you had finished school before having children, you may have been able to help them with their homework say, past kindergarten. Go back to school, honey, it can be done with kids, it is just more difficult. I went back to college at 30 with young children. You can too.

  3. Tia :) says

    For once in my life, i agree with JJ. Im sorry comment, but its actually nice to come on here once in a while. I enjoy it!. I too have a husband, a daughter, lovely family and friends…but this is fun too 🙂

  4. oriana says

    I watched the cutest movie last night called Dinotopia! Kids would love it. I am going to buy it. I was amazed no cursing, no killing, no nudity and such a very nice story.

  5. Jx2 says

    #51 – strangely enough, I happen to agree with you…there is a ton of snow outside and quite cold and as such, I choose not to go outside very often in the winter…I do not own a television and my computer is my only source of entertainment…I do have a life which includes a husband, a career and a plenty of friends and family to keep me busy…in the new year I will be kept even busier with the fitness club I joined recently, and in the evening with the artsy-fartsy classes at a local College, so I will become more of a blog legend and less of a blog poster come January…but for now let me get my jollies 🙂

  6. onatear says know, some people don’t have the greatest life in the world, and reading about celebs can be a nice distraction. K & K’s mom…thanks, I will always be checking to see what your next wee one is, pink or blue!! I like to read the interaction between young mothers, especially the ones who love their kids, and want the best care for all the children of the world, like Brittney’s kids.

  7. Comment says

    Ha. I drop in once in a blue moon to see the pictures and yes I do read some of the posts. You people are so weird. You must not have lives to be on here and know every little detail about a persons life, a celebrity at that, and get into heated arguments about it. I can understand talking to each other about people you know personally, or talking to each other to get to know each other, but these posts are so far out to me. Is this all you do is sit in front of a computer…and it looks like more hours in the day than not…and comment and argue over a person you’ve never met and probably never will? And then some of the mean things you say to each other…wow! I’d have to say that you don’t have many outside interests or friends. Go outside, do something constructive, go somewhere you can meet a real person and have a conversation. Just come to sites like this for a few minutes a week and then leave. Another words….GET A LIFE!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  8. Daisy Boo says

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy 🙂 I have an appointment on the 3rd of January so i’ll find out how far along i’am then. I’m guessing roughly 7/8 weeks if I’ve worked it out correctly lol.

    I shall keep you updated though 🙂

    As for Joey, I feel sorry for you. You must be one sad, lonely and bitter person!

  9. Toby says

    Having babies before you’re 20 years old, is really like a baby having a baby. No knowledge whatsoever at that age. They only know how to spread their legs. Congratulations Nicole and Keith.

  10. Slapstick says

    People…let me give ya a little reality check on the age thing… no one knows when they are going to die. OK? So some of these lovely young “ladies” like Brit”ho”ney and her little sis will probably run themselves into an early grave long before some of the 40 (ANCIENT!) yr olds do….. get a big time grip on reality.

  11. Al&J says

    I was just about to say Congratulations and now I’m hearing that it’s a rumor and not the truth. Darn. Well maybe her reps are only denying it much like J.LO until they can confirm that everything is ok…someone mentioned Nicole having issues with this in the past so maybe they are waiting a bit.

  12. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    You guys I think #5 Alison was being sarcastic…I found her comment quite funny.

    On another note, I already thanked you guys for reporting the comment about me on the other post, and thanks for taking the initiative for Daisy Boo as well….and thanks for the congrats!

    Daisy Boo I know you just found out about your pregnancy, but do you know exactly how far along you are and when you’ll be due?

  13. Tia :) says

    Joey, you are one sick son of a bi*ch. I also reported that IT

    Daisy Boo, congrats to you darling…ignore sick people like this!

  14. oriana says

    I don’t have a lot of faith in Keith, I think he let her down and himself down so soon after they married, she had to be brokenhearted!

    I think the sneaky way Tom filed for divorce was dirty as Hell too!

    Yes, Nicki I probably would enjoy your friend, I too hope all is well with her and her family.

  15. Christine says

    I’m happy for her if it’s true but I hope it’s something Keith wants too. She said she’s had to talk him into it and I think it would be bad if she got pregnant without him wanting it too (especially with him dealing with his alcoholism). Hope it works out for them in the end.

  16. Nicki says

    Daisy Boo~ I agree~ What goes around comes around. But you shouldn’t have to deal with anything as vile as what was said. I was sick to my stomach reading both of those posts. ( I will be glad when school vacation is over.)

    oriana~ I don’t get why some posts are moderated and the absoultely horrifing ones get through. I have never reported anyone before, but those were………….completely vile.

    Let’s hope this place will get back to the main topic, BABIES. Best wishes to all the happy MOMS awaiting thier bundle of joys!

    OT– Has anyone heard from Braydie? I was wondering about her lil girl that was due in April of ’07.(?). I’m sure she is busy but does any of the regulars here know how things are going? Her first girl after 3 older boys must be a nice thing. I remember her hubby, with boys helping, making a handmade cradle for the baby. That’s the last I heard form her.
    oriana you would probably like her, she wasn’t a Brad and Angie fan,lol.
    Her oldest son got hurt really bad while she she pregnant (his first year in college) and she was with him until he recovered. A very loving and wonderful Mother. I wish Braydie(looks like I’m spelling it wrong?) and her family all the best. Would love to hear from you.

  17. 2teens3beans says

    #14 Joey, we have all put up with way too much c*r*a*p from you. But what you said to DaisyBoo was way out of line.
    You’re going down.

  18. Daisy Boo says

    Thanks Oriana and Nicki. I don’t have time for all that BS with Joey to be honest. What goes around comes around 🙂

  19. oriana says

    Nicki Dear, I saw that post #60 and it was vile! My comments will be moderated but that trash is allowed! I just don’t get it! Good for you!

  20. Nicki says

    I reported post #14. (as I did with post #60 in another thread). Lets hope it will be deleted. Personal attacks are one thing, it is childess and stupid, but to wish tragedy on a pregnant woman is vile and unacceptable. I am hoping they will be deleted. (and banned).

  21. Susie says

    Sorry Onatear, they call her Nicole and Katie mom. Because Katie is brain dead and goes along with Tommygirl.

  22. Daisy Boo says

    Real classy Joey. Grow up! and for your information my pregnancy is going just fine thankyou very much.

  23. oriana says

    I hope she is preggie and it is a healthy full term baby. She deserves to be happy! I am not that crazy about Keith, I think she could have done better but I want them to be together and be happy.

  24. Kelkel says

    Liza, excellent post..especially about the whole “adoption” thing. I have a child with disabilities and although he was not born with them, even if he was I would NEVER have given him away just because of that!! Ignorant people should keep their mouths shut!! THX for posting, I totally didn’t even see that one til you mentioned it!

  25. Liza says

    1. 40 is not too old to have a child. It happens all the time, and naturally.
    2. As previously mentioned, Nicole has been pregnant, at least twice before, both of those times while she was married to Tom Cruise. It was never a matter of not wanting a biological child.
    3. I don’t see a great deal of evidence that her relationship with her children is strained. Yes, she has stated that they do not call her mom, and Katie has said they call her that, but that’s about it. She has continued to have them with her while they are on school breaks and such.
    4. The idea of giving a baby up for adoption simply because it is born with birth defects is disgusting and someone like that, shouldn’t be a parent.

    I hope she is pregnant and that she finally gets this.

  26. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I think Nicole would be a really beautiful pregnant lady. I don’t think she’ll “balloon up” because she has a very tall, lanky body type.

    Onatear I’m sorry…I know that the trashy posts on here can get frustrating, and I’m not sure why the WM moderates the harmless ones and allows the others to be posted. I remember some of your previous posts, and I enjoy your comments! So stick around if you can bare the idiots; if not, I hope you have a great 2008, and let me know if you find any other blogs with less profanity and downright ignorance!

  27. onatear says

    Children can call both their mother, and step mother, “Mom”. Other than that, the level of ignorance and trash in here, really ruins any kind of chat about celebs. Of course, no one will miss my commenting on it. My offerings with correct language and positive statements are sometimes not posted.

  28. Jx2 says

    Who cares about seeing the grand kids? most grandparents end up being used as sitters anyhow – who wants that?

  29. Kelkel says

    first of all…40 is not too old to have a baby. Second, she didn’t choose not to have a baby with Tom…it has been reported she had a miscarriage and also an ectopic pregnancy while married to and shortly after splitting with Tom. She has obviously had difficulties getting and staying pregnant. That doesn’t mean she didn’t WANT her own child. I have had numerous miscarriages and also an ectopic pregnancy. Believe me, its NO FUN!!! It is devastating. So the cruel comments are ignorant at best.

    I hope she is indeed pregnant and happy.

  30. Ali says

    let’s hope she gets to see her grand-kids.40 may be the new 30 but the bodies are still the same.let;s hope she doesn’t look like grandma at the graduation.

  31. Tam says

    Aw? She’s nearly 10 years shy of 50 – i thought you thought 16 year olds she get babies before these ladies..


    congrats to her

  32. Susie says

    Nicole doesn’t have a relationship with her two children because Tommy girl stole them from her. Because she is catholic and not a space alien she isn’t allowed to have them. I feel so sorry for her, I have read how she tries to see the kids but Tommygirl makes it impossible. Stupid Katie better watch out or he will do the same thing to her.

  33. Jx2 :) says

    If a woman can still menstruate then she can get pregnant…does not matter if she is 40 years or older…yeah there are risks involved but hey – if the child is born with some kind of birth defect or mental disability there is always the option of giving up the baby for adoption.

  34. joey says

    daisy boooooooooooooooo…didnt u say u were pregnant? well i hope u miscary the little sod. stop getting involved in my comments moooooooooooooo

  35. Daisy Boo says

    Congratulations!! I sure hope this is true! 🙂 and Joey what’s with all the nasty comments??

  36. Cheetah says

    This all sounds weird. First they dont want babies of there own with tom, so they adopt. Now they split up, and both of them would have an offspring? Whats up with that!?

    They are to old. Far to old. 40 is no age for a woman to become pregnant by choise. (accidents do happen) Its to risky. especialy when she already had a miscarriage.

    I think it isnt a wise decission. If every woman would become pregnant after there fourties, then only have of them would ever meet there grankids. That not a healty thing to happen in this world.

    Woman of the world, stop thinking you have to have a carrier first and then start on kids. Turn it arround. First kids, enjoy them and then start on having a carrier!

  37. Lauren says

    I really hope this is true! Nicole and Keith deserve a shot at happiness together. Especially after losing her kids to psycho Tom and Keith going through rehab earlier this year. A baby might be just the thing. 😀

    #5-Why would she be a better mom at 18? She seems like an amazing mom who was just married to the wrong guy to have kids with. She’d be an awesome mom if she’s pregnant with Keith.

  38. Alison says

    Isn’t she too old to be pregnant? She really should have had a baby before she turned 18. She would have been a much better mother then.

  39. Jx2 says

    Somehow I can’t picture her pregnant…she seems so stoic and icy…Like the ‘ice queen’ from the Chronicles of Narnia

  40. pat says

    I so hope this is true, Nicole would be a great mom. Everyone has a opinion on how she is with the two kids she adopted with Tom but the birth of a baby and a new marriage I think is a great thing for her, and after going through a loss of a baby, and being able to have another is everything, again I hope this is true and everthing goes perfect for her and Keith

  41. 2teens3beans says

    How exciting & wonderful for Nicole!! I sure hope that this will work out for her, with her past history of miscarriage. She seems like a nice lady and she sure got a raw deal with losing her kids to Tom & scientology. That’s a big scientology thing by the way… cutting off any family members who don’t support it.

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