1. says

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  2. Aryan mum says

    What a beautiful white child.She doesn’t deserve to have that freak Angelina Jolie as her mother,raising her in that zoo.Brad Pitt should grow some balls and get her out of there.

  3. Nicki says

    Decorum-Personally I don’t care if she drops it or not. She can post whatever she wants. I asked her to ignore me.
    Because I thought it was funny (and a bit dramatic). OK so it wasn’t proper behavior in your view. So you probably won’t find this funny either……………..I am going to listen to some AC/DC they do my theme song…..Inject the Venom. Good song.

  4. Decorum says

    It’s people that laugh at the other persons expense that is causing the dumbing down of America. Nicki if you think that Deeds should drop the matter of you maybe hurting her feelings then why do you keep bring up the word venom? At first I thought Deeds was being a drama queen, now I have my doubts.

  5. Jenna M (UK) says

    Well Deeds I personally only read Time Magazine, Newsweek, the Big Issue and Metal Hammer but if its celebrity gossip you’re after, you won’t find much of that in those! Perhaps People magazine? I think Angelina has chosen to give a lot of interviews and exclusives to them, which means she at least trusts them.

  6. Deeds says

    I don’t like reading “rag mags” If I want fiction I’ll get a good book. Can anyone give me the information on what mags to read and ones to avoid?

  7. oriana says

    Oh Thank you so much for the link on Jeff Chandler! I love him!

    Yes, Captain Kangaroo was a Sargent (may have spelled that wrong) and a tough Marine, he was like 76 I think when he died. I know Mr. Rogers came back from the War and became an ordained minister, was quiet and reserved the rest of his life, but he could take a man down in mere seconds! Something some bullies need to think about, you just never know who you are going up against!

  8. Nicki says

    oriana~all the roads going up to your way are curvy,lol. I am sure it is much more for the younger set anyway. I went once when we first moved to Fresno, enjoyed myself but wasn’t “drawn” to go back time and time again. Maybe 1 or 2 times if company were visiting, but other than that it was fun. Maybe I’m just getting old, lol.

    I didn’t know Harvey Levin was gay, doesn’t matter either way to me, I just don’t like him on his TMZ show or the website. He misrepresents most things. I do get a good chuckle out of some of what he says on Peoples Court. But thats about all I can take of him.

    Most of the men back then served in the military. I knew Mr. Rogers was in the service, but a Navy Seal? WOW. Those are some tough guys and I wouldn’t put then and Mr. Rogers in the same sentence. Thanks for the info. Kinda changes my whole view of him, lol.

  9. oriana says

    Nicki, yes, Santa Cruz has the Boardwalk, very popular tourist spot! 29 miles from me but have to drive over the hill, very dangerous curvy road too!

    I do like Harvey Levin, he is Gay you know. I watch TMZ and they seem to be everywhere!!!!!

  10. oriana says

    Nicki, how well do I remember Chuck!!!! I loved all those shows, The Rebel, Have Gun Will Travel, yes, I remember way back then! I did love Jeff Chandler and didn’t know he sang! I would have loved to heard him. I loved John Garfield too. Whenever I am inside The Roosevelt I think boy, if these walls could talk! Robert Taylor, another gorgeous hunk!

    It just goes to show, we never know about these people!

    Lee Marvin was such a tough guy, not very well known he was a decorated Marine serving at Iwo Jima and buried at Arlington beside four star generals.

    Just look at Captain Kangaroo, he got the medal of honor, Lee Marvin said he couldn’t hold a candle to him, also a Marine at Iwo Jima, so soft spoken. I think the best one that was so nice and easy going, was the toughest of all, he killed over 25 men in hand to hand combat, a war hero and a Navy Seal, MR. ROGERS!!!! Yes, soft spoken Mr. Rogers, he came home, kept his tattooes covered, became an ordained minister and put the war behind him.

    We just never know the truth behind all the hype and the false PR that is put out there. And the gossip rags are the worst!!!!

  11. oriana says

    Jenna, good to hear from you, you are one of my absolute faves on here! I just can’t get into the Marilyn Manson thing and he is very popular! I saw Sharon Osbourne on TV once talking about him and he is a close friend of her and Ozzy.

    I heard BBT and Angie both talking about the Velcro room and they didn’t understand why anyone would think that was odd. I myself would prefer a nice Sunroom but I am too old fashioned I guess!

  12. Nicki says

    oriana~I forgot to mention my favorite star from when I was a young girl. I always said I would marry Chuck Connors. Remember him? Lucas McCain- The Rifleman? He was my dream man. A single man, raising his son and always teaching him the right way, no matter how hard it was. I thought he was “it” in my book of what a future husband should be. And to boot he was gorgeous and ripped!
    We changed our Directv 6 months ago-just paying for more than we watch-and I was bummed to find out that we lost the station that played The Rifleman reruns for an hour or so during dinner hour. We are saving about $30 a month-so I will check the video stores and find out if I can get them there. He was just so cool, lol.

  13. Nicki says

    Jenna M. (UK)~I had a neice come out a couple years ago for 3 weeks-of course she brought with her all 200 or so CDs-her favorites. My favorite of all of them was Marilyn Manson-Lest we Forget, the best of. I actually LOVE the whole CD (the 3 remake songs I could skip, but he did them well)
    I have many CDs of my favorites and I can’t say I enjoy every song on each CD. Not many other artists I can enjoy the whole CD-Stevie Ray Vaughan is the total exception to that.
    She also read a book about him(his bio I believe) and she was so informed about him as a person, I was impressed with all she knew. (her parents flipped when she was listening to him, so she equiped herself with the facts-they now will listen to him when she pops in a CD–they love the 3 remake songs on Lest we Forget,lol, but do like some of the others.)
    I did get a chuckle out of the Charles and Marilyn mix up too. Sometimes we all read something wrong, and only after notice it.

    The locket/vial/tub-o-blood, whatever it was, was a sweet gesture, I just hate how the tabloids made her out to be a vampire, freak, etc.
    If you wouldn’t do that with your current one, maybe you should look for one you would with. LOL.

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh my goodness, its going to take me ages to reply to all this! Sorry for taking so long, just been extremely busy of late with college, work, family, a new relationship and caring for a very sick friend!

    Oriana and Christina, thank you for what you said about me being intelligent and articulate! Oriana, I don’t think I am a nicer or more considerate person than you, or anybody else for that matter, but thank you for saying that!

    Chrissy, thank you for the link which has Angelina Jolie’s full quote rather than what the press interpreted it as, I hated it when so many people criticised her for that without bothering to check the full facts.

    Nicki and Christina, I happen to think that the locket/vial/whatever it was of blood was a sweet gesture between the two of them! After all, what is blood between lovers lol? Its something I wouldn’t have any qualms about doing with a lover myself (maybe not my current one though!) if I loved them enough.

    Also Christina, I loved what you said, ” No mother should have to prove their love for their child to the world… just as long as the child knows it.” I think thats an importnat thing for people to remember.

    Oriana, I love antiques too! And about Angelina being “odd”, I don’t think she is odd, I think she is individual. Which is a good characteristic to have in my opinion. The velcro room thing is unusual (if its even true), but it sounds like fun and wasn’t hurting anybody, so where’s the harm in that lol?

    Something I noted about Nicole Kidman’s rep, she did not in fact, “lie like a dog” as you said! In fact, I thought at the time that her words were very carefully chosen, too carefully chosen. She didn’t actually state that Nicole was not pregnant, she just spoke about the amount of rumours flying around Hollywood!

    Lmao at Christina confusing Charles Manson with Marilyn Manson! Lol sorry Christina, but thanks for that it amused me greatly! I’m a big (Marilyn!) Manson fan. I know a few people who have met him and spent time with him (I’m very jealous of this!) and they both say he is in fact a very pleasant man and is very fun to hang out with.

  15. Nicki says

    oriana~Santa Cruz has the carnival/fair thing along the beach? Went there once, it was fun.

    About BBT-I wonder how his other children feel about him gushing about his newest daughter.

    Do you mean the website for TMZ or the TV show? The half hour show just started maybe a couple months ago. The website has been up for sometime, not sure how long but for awhile now. I don’t like Harvey Levin, but do check in on TMZ.

    Yes the 30’s would have been an interesting time visit. Jeff Chandler and Tyrone Power were gorgeous men. I prefer Jeff and it is a shame he died so young, 42 is just too young. Did you know he sang also?

  16. Christina says

    LOL… you are right. I did get him confused with Charles Manson. LOL

    Marilyn is actually very nice and INCREDIBLY intelligent. Though I do find him “spooky” and “odd”. But he is sort of smart because without his make-up, you wouldn’t be able to recognize him and he can maintain a private life – no one would know it’s him… sooooo funny that I got the two confused. LOL

  17. oriana says

    Oh please,please, please tell me at least one thing about my BENNY! I want my hair to stand up on my head!!!!! Ha!

    I won’t care Benny darling! I am here for you always!!!!

    Can’t go to Hamburger Hamlet now, here it is a Hooters? Oh well, can go around the corner to Mel’s Diner!

  18. oriana says

    Christina, my Dear! I think you have Marilyn Manson confused with Charles Manson. I did read that Angie and Marilyn were friends and he painted a group of Nude pictures of her back in her Goth days. That may be totally false gossip also but I have heard others say that they were definitely friends and he is a good artist.

    I don’t care for him but I have also heard he was a nice person too.

    Yes, I guess a lot of her weirdo behaviors were a long time ago, it just doesn’t seem that long ago to me with her and BBT. I guess he wasn’t ready for a small child when she adopted Maddox for he certainly seems like a devoted and proud father to his little daughter. I heard him on Jay Leno talking about how he was wrapped around her little finger, he just lit up talking about her!

  19. Christina says

    Oriana – sweetie, you are still judging AJ on things she did almost a decade ago. Also, I cannot believe you put Marilyn Manson in the same sentence as AJ. He’s a sadistic cult leader who viciously killed people. AJ did nothing in her past that hurt other people with malicious intent. Odd is odd. If you think she is odd because of her past behavior than you may want to rethink liking Benicio. He has done things that would make your hair stand up. I’m not going to gossip negatively about people and things I know because it’s unnecessary but honestly, if what AJ did strikes you as odd and unnerving, trust me when I say, she’s definitely NOT the only person in Hollywood. She has said a thousand times over, she was “self destructive”. I think it takes more bravery and more testiment to one’s character when they are able to recognize their own faults – own up to them and move forward and better themselves.

    Anyway, still adore you!

  20. oriana says

    When did this TMZ start? I just noticed it a short time ago. It must be expensive to hire all those people! I do like Harvey Levin though.

    I do think it was more than 2 or 3 drops of blood, did BBT wear a locket? Again, it could have been false reporting.

    I don’t trust or believe in anything I read any more about these celebs, just look at Nicole Kidmans rep lying like a dog just a short time ago! I don’t understand why they just don’t say anything say No Comment, why lie? They lose all credibility when they do that.

    Nicki, just got back from Outback and almost froze coming home! Too cold for me. Did you ever go over to Santa Cruz? My nephew left Sunday for U.C. Santa Cruz, he will be a Biology and Environmental Science major. So proud for him!!!!!!

  21. oriana says

    Nicki honey, it is a great picture of all of them, I do like Brad clean shaven though. Benny (now Christina has me stuck on calling him that) looks good either way! Do you see a resemblance to Brad with him?

    Thank you for the info on Applebees, I plan on going this weekend. I will let you know! It does sound delish!!!!!

    ON BBT and Angie, I could never see them as a couple. I just didn’t get it. I like him and I do think he is very bright but I saw him on Jay Leno one night talking about how he has some weird habits. He hates antiques, said he thought they were haunted (I love them myself) he also said that he and Angie are still friends and still talk sometimes.

    I remember when they were on the Red carpet together acting and talking very trashy to me. That was when they had their room in their house with velcro walls and they had suits made where they could throw themselves against the walls and scream their head off. That does sound a little weird to me, but I am a normal person, I would have a Sunroom built! Ha!

    He really is an odd person and I guess they both connected with one another. I still think she is an odd person, like Marilyn Manson is, a real wacko to me!

    This is going to be too long so will write again in a few minutes.

  22. oriana says

    Christina, I am truely sorry for your loss, I just had the impression he was still a practicing attorney. My Dad died on Easter Sunday back in 1978. I wasn’t close to him because he was always gone, and he cheated on my mother and was a terrible alcoholic. He worked for the U.N. for two years after he retired as a Colonel from the U.S. Army.

    My hat is off to all the Army Brats on here!!!!

    I do love Sydney Pollack, I think he is a good actor and he seems like someone I would enjoy conversing with.

    The big shots in Hollywood don’t impress me that much, I do like Spielberg but don’t care for his wife that much. I thought he and Amy were a nice couple but guess that wasn’t meant to be either.

    I wish I was back in Hollywood in the 30’s! That would have been interesting, especially with the paps and rag magazines like they have now.

    Nicki, do you remember Tyrone Powers and Jeff Chandler? Now there were two gorgeous men!!!!!!!!

  23. oriana says

    Deeds, I think you got your feelings hurt as well as getting ticked off, it was a year ago so forgive and forget, although I do know it sometimes is hard to do. I can see Nicki being blunt in stating her facts and feelings but I have not found her to be vicious at all, and I have to say, I have been a royal pain on here sometimes too.

    Nicki had a major blow this year losing her beloved pet so let’s forgive and pray for each other.

  24. Christina says

    Nicki sweet, get over the venom thing. I personally don’t care as I’m fully aware I can seethe out some venomous comments. I think it’s great that you champion to defend them and I think you respect a difference in opinion. With that said, you never have to apologize to anyone more than once. Your sincerity is there and Deeds seems smart to accept it.

    AJ does NOT have a publicist. Never has. She has never wanted one because and as she stated, she doesn’t care and what she says is what she says. She said “locket” – correcting someone that it’s not a vial. No matter, it was almost a decade ago. I respect that she doesn’t feel the need to justify herself. And if her statements are taken out of context, so be it. It cracks me up when people wonder where Shiloh is and why they don’t see her w/AJ. There are more photos of Shiloh w/AJ than Brad. Furthermore, she breast fed Shiloh till she was 6 monts old… any woman who has breast fed knows what a great moment of bonding and love that is (so no one yells at me, feeding a child w/a bottle is bonding too!). No mother should have to prove their love for their child to the world… just as long as the child knows it.

    Ok… side note, I think she is pregnant again. She is wearing a lot of loose fitting jackets contrary to her form fitting jackets. A lot of my friends her size didn’t start showing till they were 3 months. Her face is fuller now and check out the photos from the Critics Award… another big jacket while all the other celeb women are wearing dresses. I’m interested to see if she removes her jacket. LOL

  25. Nicki says

    ***sorry I don’t know why the “have for” is in the end of the quotations,mistake on ?me ? I would like to clarify that.
    (plus many other typos I didn’t notice, lol. sorry)

  26. Nicki says

    Christina ~and your probably right but you and I know it was a locket and not a vial! Which did make “her” sound like a vampire…..He took none of the hits she did. She was the one who had every vile thing thrown her way. She still made it, without trying to explain herself to stupid tabloids.
    I do agree with most of what you are stating, basically 95% of it, and the old boyfriend story did bring back a few “oh thats why I’m not with him” stories, and VERY funny.
    It may have been 2 or 3 drops, (I mean, how much can you fit in a locket???) But I guess my whole point was it WASN’T a VIAL of blood. (and that is what the younger, and yes older people believe, have for ) It was a locket!!
    (I hope I didn’t inject any venom in this post, I didn’t try too.)
    Thanks for your posts. I do enjoy reading them.

  27. Christina says

    Nicki~ they did NOT bleed themselves in the locket but it was more than a mere drop. A drop of blood is barely visuable unless you are up close to it. If you see past interviews when they would show the locket, you will see there is more than a drop. The locket was full not half empty. I would venture to say at least 3-4 drops. Either way, it’s nothing severe. I think BBT just wanted to clarify to people that it’s “drops”. During that time the media made it sound like they were vampires, bleeding each other and had bags of blood in their refrig. LOL BBT was just trying to clarify, hey people it’s drops nothing more… basically minimizing it.

  28. Chrissy says

    Christina, it’s terribly easy for people to judge other people’s actions. Your story is humorous. I had a boyfriend take the hair from my hair brush and put it in a bag so he could smell it when I was out of town. I guess he liked the way my hair smelled. My friends and I have very similar strange stories but lovely memories now that we laugh about.

  29. Nicki says

    Christina~ Why do you say it was more than a drop of blood she wore around her neck? They may have done more but BBT said in at least 2 personal interviews after they weren’t together that she wore a locket around her neck with a drop of his blood. And yes I do remember the “things we did”, although I never caught my hubby (a 7 year first love before marriage) picking his nose, but I remember his stinkin” farts that he would let rip at any given time (while asleep) so if we aren’t sleeping face to face, my back is touching him and my nose safe!LOL.

  30. Christina says

    It was more than a drop of blood… funny though and odd but truthfully, it’s NO different than when we are kids and plick our fingers and join it with our BFF and make a pack… friends forever. Remember that odd thing we did and/or others did? People sometimes do odd things to show and express their love for each other though more often than not, don’t share it with the public the way they did. I guarantee that most of us when we were younger and had a passionate lover (boyfriend, whatever) we did certain things we would never think we would do. I think it’s funny though odd, still funny and their way of expressing their love to each other. Even they laugh about it now.

    I’ll share a personal example: I was in love with a guy who thought he would pick my nose while I was asleep. Naturally I woke up, startled. He then put that particular finger in his mouth and said, “that is how much I love you.” LOL. I was creeped out though I understood his odd way of expressing his love, it’s odd and I laughed my ass off but not in front of him. I did NOT return the sentiment by doing the same thing. LOL. It’s gross!!! But for him, he felt because it was so gross that nothing about me would ever gross him out and he loved everything – even my snot! Yeah, still gross but the intention behind it was sweet. LOL Cannot believe I just shared that!!!! LOL

  31. Nicki says

    Jackie ~Thanks for that. I was guess I was being a bit sarcastic (Ok Deeds-my venom) with the apology, with it coming off as an actual apology. And we do have personal conversations here, but usually it is later in the thread, other than a hello, how are you. The recipes and such are much later in the thread.

    Kimberly TX~ I’m glad you read the actual article and not the tabloid and internet sites “take” on it. It is always best to read an actual article from a person and form your own views from it, than from the tabloids or an internet site, just looking for hits. They will always cut and paste anything that will get a reaction. The reason, I think, again JMO, Angie doesn’t respond to the made up crap, is because
    1) She doesn’t read it.
    2) She would spend 8 hours a day responding to the crap “cut and paste” jobs the tabs and internet sites post.
    3) She does do legit interviews and basically says it all, and very honestly, and if people want to read the other crap, she doesn’t have any control over that.

    There are others, but you get my drift. She is busy with her life.

    And kind of off topic…………Just let me say about the “vial” of blood she wore. In more than 2 interviews with BBT, he has said she never wore a vial of his blood! It was a locket with a drop, “a DROP” of his blood in it. And this is the first time I have mentioned (injected my venom on) this.

    . Deeds-If you are talking about early 2007 and now, Please don’t compare the two if that was our only interaction. If you can’t get an exact quote right…then don’t post it. If we were arguing because you used half a quote from a tabloid or an internet site (Perex, Dlisted-(by the way I do enjoy) or TMZ, or whoever) then I guess I said what I said (gosh isn’t it early 2008-let it go) because you wouldn’t read the TRUE article by Angie or Brad, just the “cut and paste jobs these sites post to get hits. Please lets just ingore each other, OK? I have made you upset with me since early 2007, and really it’s not worth it is it.
    Please enjoy posting here and just ignore me. You will find MANY wonderful posters here. (A few that are sick and vile), And some that are headstrong, but basically a wonderful group of women here!!!!!

  32. Christina says

    Oriana- my father passed away years ago. If you could be so kind to stop mentioning him, I’d greatly appreciate it. (You did not know this so naturally do not take offense). Syndey Pollack is extremely humorous and an actor’s director. To distinguish, Michael Bay is a technical director whereas Pollack is moreso story, message, character, so forth.

    Also, I don’t think most men know how to handle and/or manage their pain alone. Women are more equipt though many leap into another man’s arms quickly (rebounds). It’s a catch 22. How long is the right amount of time to move on? Jen chose to hang on to her friends and Brad chose the comfort of another woman. My GF’s husband died and 3 months later she was engaged. We were ALL shocked but 16 yrs later, she is still married to him. He was there when she really needed someone. I think divorce is much like a metaphoric “death” – painful for everyone involved. Jen said so herself. Brad said it was one of the most painful things he’s had to experience. I think both suffered greatly and both were humiliated on some level since it was so public… no one enjoys having something failed and end. I agree, everyone needs to move on especially since they have. Jen is doing great and happy and has had several relationships since him.

    I don’t consider myself a “fan” of any celeb. However, I am a fan of human beings. And as such, Oriana you are the same to me as Brad, Jen and Angie. If you were a great plumber, I’d be a fan of your work! LOL

  33. Deeds says

    I’m not sure when it was, sometime early 2007. I came upon this website. Being new and not knowing i was setting myself up. I gave a readers digest version of something AJ once said. To make a long story short I was blasted by Nicki because I didn’t use the exact words. It went back and forth then Nicki told me that I am a pathetic idiot and I am crazy because the comments I post are comments from the voices I hear in my head. That no one could disagree with her as much as I did without being nuts. That was the last time I ever read a comment from her. I also contacted the WM and asked her to remove the post about me hearing voices, which she kindly did. Nicki has the privledge(sp) to comment about anything she wants, I however also have that priveledge (sp). I guess it’s not that big of a deal I just happen to think she is rather harsh. However you got her to cut you some slack I’ll never know.

  34. oriana says

    I have wondered what happened to Zybella also. I didn’t always agree with her either but I liked her very much. And Xena, I am really missing her and send love and prayers her way!!!!!!!

    Mia, Behave yourself this year!!!!!! NO, just be yourself, I enjoy you too! Ha!

    Christina, hope you stay with us! What about Sydney Pollack? I love him! I hear he is a good Director also, does your Dad know him?

  35. oriana says

    Deeds, you are one of my favorites on here and I enjoy you. I do disagree with Nicki a lot regarding this family but on some things I definitely go along with her thinking. Nicki is indeed very special to me and I wish she lived close to me.

    I haven’t read where you supposedly hear voices so that is a new one on me! Have to laugh at that one! I haven’t detected venom out of her either, she can be quite to the point and I don’t see her playing any games, she says how she feels.

    I don’t like this couple but I do admire their efforts in helping others. I think as another poster wrote, it is time to move on from them with Jennifer and I can easily see where she has remained on friendly terms with Brad. I think she was hurt over his faster than the speed of light, running to Angie one month after they filed for divorce but that is how it goes with a lot of people I guess.

    It is a new year, hopefully we can all be friendlier to one another even if we disagree.

  36. Kimberly TX says

    Chrissy, thank you for the post! I was not a big fan of Jolie because I thought how horrible for a mom to call her child a blob but after reading the actual interview, I see that she did not say “Shiloh is a blob” I was really stunned to see that it was the person doing the interview that said it about infants and she just agreed. I also understand that there is a difference with babies at different stages and ages. A lot of people don’t like her because they think she said that and took to defense. I did. I feel sort of bad about that. I don’t know why she does not come out and straighten it in the media. I also think the writer should have come out and said something in her defense because there was so much media on her calling Shiloh a blob. Not the case. Thank you for cleaning that up!

  37. Jackie says

    Nicki~ don’t apologize. As I see it, you have done nothing wrong and the back and forth with you and Oriana shows that you two have managed to develop a friendship here though I do think it’s a tad odd to have the type of personal exchange on here but posting is new to me and perhaps that is just a common thing. Deeds is making a joke regarding voices, not a very funny joke and odd sense of sarcasm but oh well. In all actuality, all opinions are voices, ones’ voice.

  38. Nicki says

    Deeds~Tha is your opinion, you are welcome to it. But I don’t agree with this-“she corrects and informs everyone who doesn’t share the same opinion as her.”
    One example on here-oriana thinks Brad is a puppet. I couldn’t disagree with that more. Did I say one thing about that?
    I may not do it with class….. but “she uses all the venom she can muster??” I have a different opinion on that, but I’ll try to watch the venom I use.
    I don’t know what you are talking about with the voices?
    (but that didn’t sound like I used all the venom I could muster, either.)

    Sorry Deeds-I will be happy to not infect you will any of my venom again. I am sorry to bother you.

  39. Deeds says

    ORIANA~when someone makes a opinion on this site and Nicki doesn’t agree it’s like she is a lioness defending her cubs. you have said “As for Nicki, she is on top of her game and she has corrected me, disagreed with me and informed me, more than once”. In case you haven’t noticed she corrects and informs everyone who doesn’t share the same opinion as her. She doesn’t do it with class, she uses all the venom she can muster. Do you know that i hear voices and they tell me what to type on this site? Oh no it couldn’t be my opinion it’s the voices. According to Nicki all my comments are formed from the voices.

  40. Nicki says

    oriana~thanks for asking. They had a great christmas and a houseful of friends and family on New Years eve. People seem to be getting used to “they way is is and will be.” A very wonderful thing, she was so happy and laughing when I talked to her. All very good. Thanks for asking.

    Chrissy thanks for all the links to actual interviews she gave, not the cut and paste jobs some sites provide. It is frustrating when people try to quote what she said, but have never read the true interview she actually gave.

  41. Chrissy says

    Check out a quote from AJ back in June. Rarely do you see this statement but only hear the things the media has twisted as negatives. I wish I could find the full transcript of interview re: “outcast” – If you were able to read that, you would learn that the question she answered was: “How does Shiloh get along with her adopted siblings and do they notice their physical differences yet.” – AJ responded to that in comparison ONLY of their physical difference and approached it as a humorous statement

  42. oriana says

    Nicki, I keep meaning to ask about your friend and her husband? Hope they had a nice Christmas! I have thought about her a lot and every time I start to ask about her my mind wanders, friends, every time you think, there goes ignorant oriana again, have mercy, I am just getting senile! Well, I will admit to a little ignorance! Ha!

    Now I can’t stop thinking about Benicio!!!!! I can’t help myself!

  43. oriana says

    Christina, I envy you! Was it hard to refrain from hugging and kissing him? Or did you! Ha! My husband thinks he looks like an older Brad Pitt with dark hair, and I agree. I could go along with the not bathing I suppose, but he would have to put on some deodorant!!!!!! I do love him! I’ll hold my nose if I have too! Him with hand, my nose with the other!!!!! My faves are him, you are much younger than me but I know you know who Gene Hackman is, an incredible actor, and of course I love JACK!!!!

    I also am very impressed with Matt Damon’s acting ability. I saw the Good Shepherd, he was wonderful in it, I also liked the name Clover in that film too. I guess the group today in Hollywood celebs as far as male actors go, Benny, Ha!, Matt and I think Leo is really doing great too. I am not that gung ho over Ben Affleck although I do think he is gorgeous, maybe it is just the film roles haven’t been right for him yet?

    Thanks for your responses, I enjoy them very much!!!!!

    I looked at the site, interesting about Lana Turner, I loved her in Imitation of Life!

  44. Christina says

    Yes, I know Benny… Benicio. He’s gorgeous in person and REALLY sweet with a wicked sense of humor but I will warn you… HE does not shower often and does not believe in deodorant. I know someone, can’t remember which posting as this back and forth, cannot keep straight (a newbie) but someone said Brad looks dirty and smelly. I hate to say this but Benicio dresses stylish (grungy stylish like Brad) but WOAH, stinks!!! I LOVE him and think he is extremely talented and should be a much bigger talent; unfortuantely his drinking has gotten in his way in the past. If you like what you see on camera then you will love him in person as he looks the same on film as he does on camera.

    But yes, Benicio is an INCREDIBLE talent and one of the best actors of his generation.

  45. Nicki says

    My neice is visiting………her input was this………”Talk “atcha” soon” LOL.
    Be safe. Many prayers your way.

  46. Nicki says

    oriana~just try the Maple Butter Blondie. But don’t think of Banana Fosters,lol, but is is very good.

    Always will say a prayer for you. Be safe. Talk “atcha” soon. Take care.

  47. oriana says

    Nicki, just read about your hubby’s friend in Fresno, it is horrible down there! So far the Fog here is in San Francisco, some flights have been cancelled. Mostly rain and wind in my area! Say a prayer for us!

    I will check and see where the nearest Applebee’s is to me, I think there is one not far away.

  48. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear Thank you very much honey! We have been buddies for a long time now and I know we will from now on out, that makes me very happy!

    I do find some good qualities, many good ones in fact about this couple, and I have been very verbal about how I think Brad is sincere about his work in New Orleans. I guess it does seem like the middle of the road sometimes with me but I find a lot of things good about people I don’t care for all that much.

    Anne Heche, can’t stand her, but I do love that TV show Men in Trees, she is a Star in it so have to watch it! I also love Regis but can’t stand that Kelly Ripa, so I watch that too, sometimes.

    I love Whoopi Goldberg but The View makes me sick so pass on that. The point is, there are people I read about it and watch that I am not a huge fan of.

    Angie to me is beautiful, I have always said I think she is gorgeous, her complexion is flawless, I think she is committed and dedicated to her causes, I just feel an uneasiness about her for some reason. I know you like her and admire her, and rightly so in a lot of areas,, so glad you can understand and yes, tolerate me! Ha!

    I am warming up to Christina, hope she stays on here longer, I forgot to ask her if she ever met Benicio del toro, now that is a reason to turn into a stalker if there ever was one! Ha! Love him and a tremendous actor, Brad is getting better, and I am thinking of Babel, but he is not in Benicio’s category! I am right on this Nickiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Ha! Have a good Sunday my Dear!!!!!!

  49. Nicki says

    oriana~Applebees- today we went, and had the Maple Butter Blondie (had it before….but not for a long time) it is almost, ALMOST, as good as Banna Fosters. Of course not as good, but still very tasty.
    Hope the weather is mild for you there.
    A worker from my hubbys work, in Fresno area, died Monday going to work…….the heavy fog was to blame. (I know you have more to deal with now………..but be careful.)

  50. Nicki says

    97. oriana~Yes oriana, I do consider you my friend. And you are open to the facts about this couple, although you don’t care for them. You have said some wonderful things about them……..I will say many more good things than bad things, but I agree your opinion is just that…your opinion. And everyone except JJx2 or Joey or whoever who wishes evil, vile hateful things on the posters here,is welcome to voice thier opinion. I agree with a healthly discussion.

    I hope you are safe, with the weather you are having on your coast. Take care.

  51. Christina says

    Oriana, Chrissy is in PR. I worked in another field but if you work on an executive level in any area of entertainment, you get an understanding and knowledge of how each different area works.

    Happy New Year!!!

  52. Christina says

    All PR is confidental and everyone has to sign a lifetime confidentiality agreement – standard. Not to mention, I think it’s unethical to speak about your client. Also, only the first line was directed at Jenna. I’m doing research for a friend and I’ve never even heard of this website till recently. LOL But a lot of PR companies have people who’s job it is to do website research (google). And hey, if someone called me a celebrity stalker, I’d resent it as well. LOL

    I look at it this way, if someone doesn’t know something for sure, ask and/or question it and/or language it in a way that is “responsible”. Though my background is in entertainment, I would NEVER claim to know everything and/or something I do not.
    Knowledge is power. The only thing we as individuals have true control over and responsibility for are our words and what comes out of our mouths – in this case, write. (Man, I sound like a preacher now! LOL)

  53. oriana says

    Christina, I resent you calling me a celebrity stalker, that is how I took it. As far as me being ignorant to knowledge, that has been true more than once, and will probably be true in the future also. However, when it comes to this vocal and very public couple, I feel my thoughts about them are correct, and again that is my choice.

    Don’t group Jenna in with me, she IS a much nicer person and more considerate than me, I am glad that you can see she is articulate.

    As for Nicki, she is on top of her game and she has corrected me, disagreed with me and informed me, more than once, she also has accepted me and we are friends. Nicki also knows that I have not bad mouthed them constantly and have voiced my thoughts on the good qualities I have observed about this family.

    I would be interested in knowing what PR firm in Hollywood did you work for? Or is that confidential information? How many movie stars and celebs did you represent? I do believe that PR for celebs have different styles and regulations than for corporations and regular clients. I may be “ignorant” on this point also?

  54. oriana says

    Professor Jackie, where do you start with a response to me? Here’s a tip, DON’T!!!!! That will solve the problem!

    Chrissy and Christina have actual experience? What PR firm in Hollywood did they work with? What celebs and Stars did they work for? Do they know this couple personally? I have my own opinions, I will speak up for what I believe in and think just like Angie does. NO, I don’t travel to Third World countries, I don’t adopt, (well, I do animals), I also have never had a room in my house with velcro walls where I go to throw myself against and scream my head off like she did either!

    So yes, I do read about them, look at their pictures, same as I do the Presidential candidates, whom I don’t know or agree with all of them. And if that makes me moronic, then I guess I would continue to be a moron.

    And yes, I am judgemental, and that is my problem, not yours, so don’t worry about me and please don’t address me in the future!

  55. Jackie says

    Oriana~ where do I even start with your response. First, you brought up a point that was lame and moronic in my opinion (since you keep talking about your opinion let it be known it’s my opinion). Your specific choice of words are moronic to me. Specifically “I doubt it” regarding going to bed at the designated time your friend Nicki pointed out. Further extending with another type of statement like you know for a fact “I’m sure they stayed up later than that”. You choose words like you think you actually know that your opinions are facts and are seething with cynical judgement. And again your friend Nicki pointed it out that there was an actual timeline of eating early enough to get the kids to bed. If anything you were arguing a moronic point without any concrete facts based off of anything AJ and BP have done and said. It is my strong opinion that unless you actually know something why bother saying it? Nicki came back shortly thereafter to contradict you. At least Chrissy and Christina have actual experience in what they are sharing. Opinions are based on how something causes you to react. Judgement is judging someone and there is a distinction in the 2 words.

    I believe Christina (at least that is how I interpreted it) and myself felt and feel that a lot of your statements are judgements. Jenna M. states her opinion. You make a judgement. And you quite possibly are a very sweet and kind woman and if so, why do you judge these people?

  56. Christina says

    Oriana/Jenna M.

    You both have your opinions and I have mine… It’s that simple. And as many postings as there are here, I’m supposed to actually remember you have 2 grown children? LOL. With that said, then you know you can put your child down at 7:30 but they don’t fall asleep till 8:30 and anyone whom have more than 1 child (4 for me) knows they goof around at bedtime. Plus, when you have a team of nannies and have stated over and over that you have a set routine as AJ has said numerous of times; it’s the nannies job to see to it the children follow it and not to mention, important for parents whom travel as often as they do to continue and strive to have that “routine” normalcy in place.

    Clearly you did not get the meaning of celebrity stalker stuper – it’s a bit of an oxymoron and metaphor that cancel each other out – it means in simpler terms, someone who thinks they know but knows nothing – ignorant to knowledge.

    I like Nicki and think Jenna M. is articulate… so there ya have it.

  57. oriana says

    #85, Jackie, what was “moronic” about me saying I don’t think they go to bed at 7:30pm? I never said I thought she was a bad mother if she lets them stay up later? Where did I write that at? I personally don’t see anything wrong with kids staying up later that, I usually put my kids to bed by 9:00pm, after baths, and family time. If they got sleepy by 8:30pm then they went to bed early some nights.

    Don’t put words in my mouth and act like I said or implied something I didn’t just because you don’t like me!

    I just made a simple comment I didn’t think they go to bed at 7:30pm, if you find that moronic then you are really in for a shock later on, I could come out with much worse than that, you sound like an idiot to me or someone just trying to start some crap with me!

    Jenna, I am also an Army Brat! Ha! My father was a Colonel in the Army, stationed in Korea, I think and have always said, it is wonderful to travel and see the world, I do think when kids get a certain school age they should be settled if possible, that is just my thinking, we didn’t have tutors when we traveled and my Mom stayed home with the kids. It is a different world and a different society now than way back then so things work out better now.

    I wish I had been able to have experienced more adventures but I didn’t relish changing so many schools.

    You have a nice weekend over there! Wet and rainy here, mudslides also!

  58. oriana says

    Christina, Boo Hoo! If you have read anything about me at all, like you say you have, you would know I have two grown sons. I took them out at 5:00pm to dinner, I also took them out at 7:00pm for dinner. Big deal!

    I think they probably did go out to an early dinner, I still don’t believe she puts them to bed every night by 7:30pm, maybe Shiloh, but I find it very hard to believe that Pax (whom I like and always have) and Zahara (whom I don’t care for and never have) go to bed that early! Especially when in the Summer time it is still daylight at that time.

    Celebrity stalking stuper? You can’t be that ignorant! If that was the case everyone on here would be labeled as stalkers, I am not up to date on them as much as a lot of other people are, that is why things have to brought to my attention, like my dear friend Nicki informed me the blue coat Shiloh is wearing was worn by Zahara months earlier. I didn’t know that, and Nicki certainly is not a “stalker”!

    If you don’t like me or what I post about what I think, that is your choice, I don’t give a damn, I don’t care for Brad and Angie that much at all, but I have posted many times about some of the good qualities I think they have, maybe you chose not to read those.

    And a lot of my “insults” have been based on FACTS not tabloid gossip.

  59. oriana says

    Jackie, the reason I read about them is because they are written about EVERYWHERE just like Britney Spears is, I don’t care for her either! My opinions are just that, my opinions, no one has to agree with me.

    I am not making my assumptions off tabloid crap, as you say, I have made my assumptions off of Angie’s own words and actions. She wasn’t shy about voicing her opinions and way of thinking, so if it is good enough for her, it is good enough for me. Angie has given many interviews over the years and she has made it clear about how she feels about a lot of things I don’t agree with but that has been her right to do so. Same as me and Jenna, and everyone else on here.

    Your low tolerance for me is too bad, who cares? I don’t always post negative about them, I have said I think there are good qualities but to me, they are not Saints, and I only speak the truth about what I think and feel.

    Jenna is an intelligent thoughtful young lady, she looks at the whole picture and forms her own opinions, I respect her for that. Thank you Jenna Dear for being a fair minded person!

  60. Susie G. says


    i read something you wrote on another posting here and I agree with what you said. I never quite understood why anyone reads and comments on people they seem to have such a strong opinionated disliking for. i don’t like donald trump so i do not read his stuff and i do not watch his show because there is no point to read and watch someone i do not like. i guess i kind of understand when someone post regarding the subject matter but when they just start off with a bunch of insults about not likeing the person they are reading about i find that strange.

  61. Jackie says

    Jenna M. I have a low tolerance for cynicism and my opinion is that Oriana is always posting something negative about them. Why? For someone who seems to me to not like them, she reads about them and post a LOT. To me, that is bizarre. I don’t eat something I don’t like and I don’t care to read about people I don’t respect nor like because I don’t care. I respect any person involved in charity and humanitarian efforts and respect the work they do. ALL celebs personal business is none of our business but most importantly, not our place to judge so when someone slams another person they do not know, makes assumptions especially off of tabloid crap – it’s BS. I don’t know Oriana but based off her many opinions, I get a sense and can draw my own opinions from her very own words. If you feel so strongly about your opinion re: opinions than take your own advice and lay off me… or are you one who does not practice what she preaches?

  62. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh, I agree with Chrissy about the Jolie-Pitts making the right decision by having their children with them when they travel rather than in a boarding school or whatever. Its nice to see someone with actual experience of what we’re talking about giving their opinion.

    My partner was an army brat so she travelled around a lot with her parents as a kid. She had a great education, a stable upbringing, saw a lot of the world and her and her brother are both well-adjusted and normal adults! It certainly didn’t do them any harm, in fact if anything it was beneficial to them.

  63. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Hey Jackie and Christina, lay off Oriana! She was only posting her opinion, same thing every other person (including both of you) on this site was doing!

    Personally, I don’t think its any big deal if Angelina and Brad let the kids stay up late one night to see relatives, plenty of other parents would have done the same and it is really none of our business (I mean if Angelina had been stumbling out of a nightclub at 1am with the kids then it would be a different matter lol!).

    But that’s beside the point, we’re all grown-ups here and there was no need to be rude to Oriana and make childish insults towards her just because you disagreed with her!

  64. Nicki says

    The person who spotted them at the resturant said her Mom told her to be at the resturant at 5pm. She said at 5:30 the whole clan walked in. Her Mom was holding her daughter and Brad said she was a cutie. (I can only guess, but maybe her Mom owns or runs the resturant….they did make reservations….her Mom called her around 3-3:30 and her, hubby and daughter went around 5…..About 5:30 they all walked in.) So I’m sure they had plenty of time to make in back and be in bed around thier regular bedtime.

  65. Jackie says

    OMG!!! Angie let her children stay up late one night passed their bedtime? That’s AWFUL! Horrible mother!

    oriana the joke, christina is right. your comment was moronic and really truly get a life that u have to pick on every little thing. i see u a lot on babyrazzi and u never have nothing nice to say. u don’t know brad, angie, jen, the jolie-pitt clan. u sound like the gossip girls in high school and u never grew up.

  66. Christina says

    Oriana~ do u take your children (if u have any) out to dinner???? They had 11 children at the pizza dinner and I’m sure there were a few other young ones as well and not to mention, last I checked restaurants are open for dinner approx. 5pm and given that this is an Italian restaurant, I bet it’s open all day. Perhaps they had an early dinner as most all parents with children do and MOST parents put children that young to bed between the hours of 7:30-8:30pm. The more and more you post Oriana, the more you shed light on your “celebrity stalking stuper” not to mention common sense!!! Gee, lets post something so silly like “AJ let her kids stay up late one night so she could have a family dinner out with the extended Pitt family.” Your comments most of the time are so filled with cynicism and ridiculous that you should post “oriana the joke”.

  67. oriana says

    I find it very hard to believe they send them to bed at 7:30pm, I doubt that! When they all went out for pizza with Brad’s family, I am sure they stayed up later than that.

  68. Nicki says

    Chrissy~good point. I remember in one interview with Angie she said they do stick with a routine with the kids. She said 7:30 (pm) is still 7:30 no matter where they are. (7:30 being the younger ones bedtime- Maddox gets to stay up a bit later.) They seem to be doing a wonderful job with thier children.

  69. Chrissy says

    I read a posting but cannot find it on this particular site but it appears a lot of the same people write on all the different postings on this website… so forgive me for jumping to a different topic.

    I am an adult of privileged childhood – silver spoon whatever label u wish to use… my parents are extremely wealthy and I had the best boarding school education money can buy but growing up my biggest wish was to travel and be with my parents and not off at a boarding school. There have been many postings re: the Jolie-Pitt travels and is it appropriate and does it give the children stability… I think and from my experience, being physically with the parents at their young age is more important and offers up an emotional stability needed. I’m sure they have routines in placed for the kids no matter what city they are at. EVERYONE will have a different opinion on this but at the end of the day it’s their personal choice. I’m sure with time when all the children are in school they will not travel as much as a group but I’m extremely supportive of keeping the family together and that to me is what really matters.

  70. Chrissy says

    Exactly, I did not say it was “warm” – I stated it’s “warmer” during the day than night – a comparison of day vs night NOT cold vs warm. You stated previously it was 30 degrees during the day but in fact it is warmer as you then clarified in your last posting of 50s-70s daytime. I never stated that the children do NOT need to be bundled up, on the contrary they do need to be bundled up. I’m sure AJ is wise enough to bundle her children up appropriately in accordance with the weather. Furthermore, I have a son who even at a young age/infant HATED socks… still does and every chance he gets, he takes them off and hides them. I too am a barefoot junkie. LOL. My point is, you never see her children dressed inappropriately nor do we ever hear stories (even gossip tabloids) stating anything negative re: AJ’s ability as a parent and/or lack of parenting skills.

  71. Exactly says

    Chrissy, I live in La and it ain’t warm here right now. The wind will cut right through you. Although we have had some days in the 70s, around the time that pic was taken it was only in the 50s which is still cold with the wind. This last week it’s been really cold here. We have at least 3 months of cold weather here which isn’t consistant with 20 degrees but it’s still cold here until late March. So, kids do need to be covered up.

  72. Chrissy says

    I’m from the South and traveled on many ocassions to New Orleans… it’s warmer during the day than night. It’s “brisk” there and slightly windy but Shiloh probably has bobby socks, little socks on. When I put them on my kids sometimes you can’t tell they are wearing them at all. My nanny often dresses my 2 yr old while I’m handling the other 3 kids and I’m pretty sure, AJ’s nanny dressed Shiloh for the day and did in fact include socks or stockings – we just can’t see them in the picture. Also, if you looked up Shiloh on the internet you will see that most of all the pics of her are in fact with AJ not Brad.

    I really wish people would stop attacking her and misinterpreting her comments. Tea is extremely accurate. I’ve been to 3rd world countries and orphanages and you want to breakdown and cry after seeing the way it’s set up. 3-6 kids in one bed, the food, living conditions, dirty clothes, and so forth. I would and did have a lot of sympathy for them and had horrible dreams afterwards as well. Does that make me love those kids more than my own whom have been born with privilege? My heart does go out to children in orphanages as well as my pocket book. It’s truly heart breaking and to know my kids will never have to and/or had to experience that shows how lucky they are in my eyes. We have all heard from our own parents the famous saying, “Do you know how lucky you are?” – I believe Ang recognizes what she SAVED her adopted children from and their start in life compared to her bio daughter. And that has nothing to do with loving more nor less.

  73. Exactly says

    It’s freezing New Orleans. Like 23 degrees at night. And only getting in the 30s in the day time.

  74. oriana says

    I do know it is cold in New Orleans. Her hands look almost the same color as her legs, I don’t think she has on pink tights.

  75. Cheerbear says

    #16: I think that Shi is actually wearing pink tights…..unless her legs are normally that rosy looking

    #28: You can’t even seen AJ’s feet in this pic

  76. Tea says

    Jen, earlier people were complaining because she was wearing the same shoes more than once, and here you are saying she doesn’t?

    First feel free not to like Angelina, but I want to point out a few things you said, first, since when is sympathy the same as love, Angelina may not feel sympathy for Shiloh because she was born with a silver spoon, but how does that equate to not loving her??? I feel sympathy for many people but do not love them, if sympathy and love were the same thing, then shouldn’t I???

    Second Angelina donates approximatly a third of her income to the unfortunate , that is allot of money, but also remember that Celebs rarely spend what normal people would spend on a product, designers constantly give them things either free, or cheaply , it is promotion, plain an simple.

    And as for her getting on Brad for spending money, well, that was one tabloid story, so chances are it is not true, and even if it is, maybe he is bad with money, do you by chance know his spending habits?

  77. jen says

    I read in of course some article that she could not feel sympathy for Shiloah b/c she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and the other children were not. This should never be a factor in the love of any child silver spoon or no. And if this was a true statement then she should not be allowed to have Shiloah. Which you hardly EVER see her with Shiloah. And the few times that the whole family is out together Brad is the one holding Shiloah. Also she feels so sorry for the less fortunate countries and that could be commendable but she turns around and wears christian louboutin shoes worth (on ebay) for no less than $500 a pair and she has a different pair most every photo. So why is she buying so many and not giving this money to the countries that need it. Poor people and even some of the celebs reuse shoes it’s not unheard. Then she turns around and supposedly gets on to Brad for spending money! What is she? Why is she? And honestly she does not need another biological baby if she feels like that about Shiloah either.

  78. Al&J says

    Wow dori you’re a real b-i-t-c-h aren’t you. I lurk more than I post and your nasty attitude would make someone think twice about posting here again.
    Let’s review shall we? Was TM (#53) talking to you? Um…..No. I don’t think so. She was addressing comments that Oriana (#52) had made. Yet that didn’t stop you from sticking your nose in there.
    Obviously you need to take your own advice once again. Maybe you should have backed off because no one was talking to you. TM was talking to Oriana…hmmm…is this not true? Let me say it again..don’t go telling people not to do things and then go around and do it yourself. You are so full of contradictions.
    If in fact what #56 said is what you ACTUALLY meant to say then maybe you need to learn to make more explicit statements.

  79. ann says

    It so great to see Shiloh. She is so cute and so natural looking and so pretty. She can make people very happy just look her picture. Evertime I see her picture it make me so happy. She must be an angel.

  80. Deeds says

    It’s hard for me to explain because I don’t understand it myself. It’s like my mom has been married 5 times. Geez pick 1 and go for it! She’s in love then she isn’t, on and on……

    I have an idea that might everyone happy. When Z or Shiloh grow up they can wear AJ’s shoes. LOL

  81. dori says

    #55 read #56 and see what I mean Besides…. was I talking to you? I don’t think so. So why don’t you back off?

  82. says

    Deeds-Yes, I used your comment in relation to all of the negativity I see swirling about this couple. I guess the way you wrote it wasn’t necessarily negative, perhaps I saw it that way because just about every other comment here is over the top ridiculous concerning this couple. Like the constant need to pinpoint the EXACT date Brad started openly contributing to the world outside of Hollywood is so irritating! I know it’s not you saying these things, and to be totally honest, I didn’t really understand what you meant about turning their emotions on and off?

  83. Al&J says

    #57 Cristina.
    Whoa lengthy post…. but a good read and you made some good points. Thank you for providing some insight. 😉

  84. Deeds says

    Honey, I asked a question. You turned it into a negative statement. Then you point out how “everyone else” is posting negative thoughts. Do you know what you are doing?

  85. oriana says

    Jennifer may be a big advocate of St. Jude’s NOW, but what about before, two years ago, five years ago, I would be surprised if that was the case. I didn’t see her or Brad doing anything of significance to help anyone. Maybe they did and kept it secret, again, I think the publicists would have leaked it out to the press.

  86. Christina says

    I’m a retired PR person so hopefully my input will be somewhat educational in this field not to mention work in the entertainment field.

    I applaud anyone who strive to help others less fortunate (celeb or not). In my experience, I think when we travel in a circle of “do gooders” it inspires us to do the same. Not only is AJ a pertinent person in BP’s life but there is Clooney and Bono as well. I personally think he was just at the stage in his life where he was looking to do something more with his time and money and was inspired by those around him. He put his mouth in not just his money whereas before he simply just put the money in.

    Secondily, the pay out to photographers for a shot of Shiloh is substantially higher than other celeb kids including the other Jolie-Pitt clan. Working hands on with security, often times it’s a “risk” factor. Furthermore, a trick of the trade with security, send BP out the front w/other kids and Jolie out the back with the others. A lot of time and planning goes into security and planning. As all mom and fathers know, a 2,3,6 yr. old have different needs than a 1 year old. 4 kids are a handful no matter who you are and I think they are doing a great job. And as we all know, you have to keep toddlers over 2 busy – VERY busy – to work off their energy otherwise they are bouncing off the walls.

    Lastly, so much is said about AJ loving her adopted children more and so forth and the comparsion. Being in a press room, the questions are often “How do the children get along? Do they see the differences in their race and understand adoption? Does Shiloh get along w/her adopted siblings?” Questions geered toward bio vs. adoption. I think AJ answers them as honestly as possible and perhaps with a somewhat sense of humor and often times, her quotes are taken out of context. I have siblings that were adopted and we all agree with what AJ is saying and “get it”. I have BOTH my bio parents whereas they did not and though our parents were great with them it did not stop the inevitable “why did my parents not want me” and “where did I come from and whom”. It’s almost having a sense of abandonment already present the day you were born and given up. I think AJ recognizes that and traveling in 3rd world countries, the level of poverty, the horrible living situation at orphanages; it would tug at anyone’s heart. It’s just different, not less nor more love – just different. My brother is deaf and my heart really goes out to him and I’m much more protective over him AND I still love all my siblings unconditionally and protective w/them but inside I’m moreso over my deaf brother… we all are actually because we see what he has to go thru and I think AJ and BP see what can possibly be inevitable for the adopted kids vs bio and are trying to lay out a strong foundation for them. If you strip it all away and look at it in the simplest form: Shiloh is born privileged. She was born with 2 bio parents present whereas the others are not. However, now the adopted kids have privilege but were not born into it… just a distinction and yet important emotional one as the children become adults. And Shiloh will have her own set of problems as well but I definitely think she will be a humbled human being and not a spoiled brat like other kids in Hollywood.

    Plus, lets face it, if she took Shiloh everywhere with her and kept saying how much she loves her bio kid; everyone will than say “poor adopted children, she prefers her bio kid over them”. I think she has made a conscious choice to promote helping/saving a child’s life in 3rd world countries or better yet, promoting adoption anywhere. Furthermore, an orphanage here compared to their is a 5 star hotel vs an abandoned building after a riot.

    Happy New Year to everyone and may you all have a healthy, happy, loving 2008!!!

  87. My Opinion says

    I think Jen is a more elequent speaker than AJ. Doesn’t make her smarter, just smarter sounding. And Jen does support St. Judes and other charities. She’s just not as flamboyant about it as AJ. I’m glad Jen has moved on. She’s better off with out Brad no matter how it came about. I’m sure she’s seeing that as time goes by.

  88. Al&J says

    Dori ~
    Um…maybe you should take your own advice in regards to throwing out random statements. How do you know that Jen Aniston is a “whole lot smarter than Angelina”. How could you possibly know this? Have you had any personal contact with either of these woman? Engaged them in a conversation? Issued them an IQ test? I would love to see the concrete, hard facts that you’ve gathered and your analysis as well.
    It’s rude to say that others someone shouldn’t do or say something and then you yourself turn around and do the very same thing. My gosh!

  89. dori says

    #52 You don’t know what ypou’re talking about !!!Jennifer is a huge supporter of St Judes and other childrens charities. Research befor eyou just through random statements out there. She’s a whole lot smarter than Angelina as well Angie “acts like she’s smart” but usually when she speaks she sounds stupid.

  90. TM says

    #52 – I also think that Brad, when married to Jen, was sort of a victim of his surroundings. Now, not to bash Jen or anything, but, she and her friends aren’t known for their charity, nor their intellect, JMO.

    Therefore, I think being with Angie, and being around the kind of people she is (The Think Tank, UNHCR, Condeleeza Rice, Bill Clinton, etc.), has only helped him become more demonstrative.

    Also, with Angie, he has been able to see first-hand the suffering of people in other countries as well as NOLA.

    This is far different than just writing a check to a favorite charity.

  91. oriana says

    I don’t recall Brad ever doing anything to help anyone before her and his parents have donated to charities for years. I think that he is sincere now that he has gotten involved with New Orleans and I see him staying committed. However, she is the one that gave the push and probably suggested helping the Katrina survivors.

    I just don’t see Brad as having any kind of backbone about him at all and that was very noticeable even with Jennifer. I never liked her and I think he should have left her a long time before he did. He has the money and the influence to help others and I am glad to see it, I just don’t see him as a Knight in Shining glory like a lot of you do.

    I think if he was involved in a lot of charitable work before, his publicist would have seen to it we would have known about it.

    I do agree that being a father now may have a lot to do with him maturing and wanting to make the world a better place for others as well as for his own children.

  92. Liza says

    Brad was involved in charitable work long before meeting Angelina, he just wasn’t overtly public about it.

    Besides, who cares what someone’s motivation is for helping others. Does it really matter? As long as you are putting in the work and trying to make life better for those around you, who cares if your girlfriend was the one who influence you.

  93. says

    I don’t understand how a person becoming more involved in helping the world, whether his partner influenced him or not, can be viewed negatively? He’s doing a whole lot more than most, who cares what generated his interests, or whether he had them before?! Most people are affected by their partner’s interests, aren’t they? It’s just another “issue” some of you NEED to find with this couple…….seriously, find something/one worthwile to pick on!!

  94. Al&J says

    #39. I agree with you. Always the case when there is a post about Angelina. I’m not all that surprised with the nitpicking to be honest. The woman just can’t win.

    I find her shoe critique quite silly. At least she is getting a good wear out of them. I’ve actually seen her wear the same outfit more than once and a different pair of shoes to more than one function. I find this refreshing. Would you rather her wear her shoes once and then throw them away? How wasteful would that be? I’ve also seen Zahara, Pax and Shiloh in Maddox’s hand me downs.

    I do believe Oriana is right in saying that prior to Angelina Brad didn’t seem to display any interest in humanitarian causes but I would hardly call him a puppet or whipped. Rather I think that she as well as the fact that he is now a dad has changed his outlook on life. His family and his partner have inspired him to be a better person and has raised his level of consciousness and has given him new found confidence to seek out and try new things.

  95. Sara says

    #40 and # 44 – It’s possible that Brad is taking more of an interest in humanitarian things now not because of Angelina but because of fatherhood. As I’m sure all of you parents already know, becoming a parent can make a person take a more unselfish approach to life, and think more about the kind of world we are leaving to our children.

  96. dori says

    wow.. all this excitement over an old picture. This was taken with a series of photos several days ago.
    Are we all getting overtired? A lot of negativity going on here. Maybe we all need a rest. Myself included I’ve been a bit over zealous in my responses to the little brats comming in here

  97. Daze says

    I just love seeing photos of little Shiloh with Angie’s lips on that Brad Pitt face. She certainly has her Dad’s eyes and his gaze, forehead, etc.

  98. Mandy says

    #40…you said it right about Brad. No one had ever heard of him doing anything before Angie came along. But, I guess he changed to accomodate her. Yep, whoooped!

  99. Mandy says

    If those shoes cost $550.00 then she got ripped off. They look like slippers and she needs to go down to Wal Mart and buy something else.

  100. oriana says

    Honey, I called Brad a puppet because that is how I see him. It is just my opinion. What exactly did he do that was so great before he hooked up with Angie? Where were his good community and public deeds? What were his goals in helping out anyone? I only read about his love of modern buildings and not once did I ever hear of him doing anything constructive for any country, city or state. I do feel that without Angie’s motivation and prompting he would be on the sidelines like he used to be.

  101. says

    Wow, Okay, just to summarize the previous 38 statements…..AJ is a bad mom to Shiloh, AJ is full of diseases, Shiloh is fat, the kids only eat junk food, AJ’s emotions are all over the place and she can turn them on and off, AJ should stop doing all the good she does for the world and concentrate on her own family issues as well as those in the States, Brad is a puppet, AJ is too skinny and wears the same expensive shoes too often. The girl can do NOTHING right!!! This is comical, the amount of criticism she takes when she is being given awards left right and centre for her work as an actress as well as a humanitarian! Why is it so hard for women to find something good in eachother?

  102. lucia says

    shiloh is not fat! she’s really beautiful.
    And I’m sure Angelina is a good mother, and loves all her children.always are writting stupid things about angelina and brad pitt life. ok, all the people love jennifer aniston, i love jennifer aniston, she’s adorable, but she continues her life, and i’m sure that all are ok with this, but people, in their minds are thinking:”horrible angelina””they are devils……… please!!!!they are old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!angelina is amazing and brad pitt too, they are so humanitarian and they have a healthy life!!and they love her kids, they are so famous, but are people, they are normal, why, every day are writting bad things of them. this is too much.
    and to angelina jolie and brad pitt: CONGRATULATIONS!they have an amazing family

  103. oriana says

    HI Deeds, I myself have wondered many times why trash is allowed on here but other comments are moderated when not bad at all! I wonder who is making the decisions?

  104. comment says

    Dear Susie,

    If Angelina or any girl/woman had disease(s) (and I got the impression that your boys were talking about STDs), it is men who gave those to her/them. Your boys, if they know about these diseases so well, they probably have them too. After all, the phrase ‘it takes one to know one’ is quite profound an observance, for until one experience something one has no idea what it is like and how good or bad it could affect one. Unless your boys have been abstinent until marriage and marry a true virgin (which is nearly impossible nowadays), chances are they might be unclean too. What does this say about your mothering skill? Wouldn’t you then be a sorry excuse of a mother too?

  105. Deeds says

    Oriana~I’m glad you & others are not bothered by your fake Oriana anymore. That person is void of moral fiber. My question is why did the WM allow it to go on for so long, while other peeps comments were in moderation? I’m serious, if someone knows the answer please enlighten me.

  106. TM says

    I don’t know how anyone can gauge that all the kids eat are junk food, when you’ve only heard or seen them eating it maybe 3 times.

    I’m sure this family has a chef on staff, that more than likely provides them with nutritious meals daily. A few snacks aren’t going to hurt them.

    I don’t think she’s distant with Shiloh, earlier. In this pic, she’s actually looking away because she’s crossing the street!

    People need to gain some perspective.

  107. Granny says

    There may not be anything to salvage between Angelina and her Dad.

    My sister and I are estranged from my brother. Everyone seems to think that he is the sweetest, nicest man. But my sister , his children and I see the private side of him. And it isn’t what he projects. So people just don’t understand the distance between us. After 50 years with my brother I don’t have the energy it takes to try to make it a “warm, fuzzy relationship” anymore. We have tried but life is too short to exhaust anymore of our lives and heart on my brother.

    I suspect that the public doesn’t know what has caused the problem between this father and daughter either. She may be would prefer to work on other more positive relationships now. And she is young. Maybe the future it will change.

  108. says

    #19 patti i agree with you first its britney spears feeding her two boys doritos and soda then its angie feeding shiloh chips havent celebs heard of fruit and veggies

    btw my nieghbor only feeds her 3 year old son and 23 month old daughter carrot sticks or fruit and only lets them have sweets once a month

  109. Lauren says

    Angelina seems so distant from Shiloh whenever she’s holding her. Shiloh is a cutie, though. 😀

  110. Ali says

    i think angelina and brad mean very well,but i can’t help but wonder if they are fair to always see the family out ,and they never seem to have her with them.she is also the only bio child they have and angie always stresses that out.
    either way i wish them all the best!

  111. Mandy says

    #22, Liza, you’re right about it being only a few days old. I guess I didn’t see it weeks ago but I did see it at least 5 days ago. So it’s old to me. I probably saw it on one of the other sites that keep up with the times better than this one does. My mistake.

    Shiloh only looks big because AJ is so skinny. Living in New Orleans with all the great food you’d think she gain some weight. And has anyone ever noticed she wears the same shoes all the time? Get a new pair AJ.

  112. Tam says

    Shiloh is not fat.. my baby is the same size as her and is not fat at all.. they resemble eachother aside from the lips!

  113. Amber says

    Everyone needs something to bitch about, dont’ they…ha ha

    I think she looks just like her daddy.

  114. Anonymous says

    UGH!! Angelina is a fantastic mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate people who say how nasty, selfish, mean person she is!

    She doesn’t favor her children either. (just getting that out)
    She is very happy while with Brad and her children and she has such strong opinions and is an amazing kind hearted person.
    Their children are very well-behaved, although like all children of course they do get in trouble when they do something wrong.
    But I am started to get really irritated by tabloids and side choosers of brangelina and tomkat. what is that all about.. ehh.

  115. Al&J says

    Liza.. I agree with you. You made some really great points. I heard that they were trying to reconnect by way of exchanging letters. I’m not sure how true that is. He really does need to stop talking about her everytime he goes on tv or gives an interview if he really wants to work things out.
    Little Shiloh is so precious. Look at her with both hands in the bag of chips. Ha. Ha.
    Unlike Suri who seems to pull away from Katie to do her own thing and threw one hell of a tantrum, Angelina and Brad’s children seem to well behaved in public. I can’t say anything about what happens in private, but it seems as though they are well-mannered. I remember that the security and spokeswoman at the museum in Chicago said the same thing…that all the children were really well behaved.

  116. Liza says

    Mandy, this pictures is from just a few days ago (the day they went on a bike ride through New Orleans), so you couldn’t have seen it weeks ago.

  117. Liza says

    You know Patti, if my father chose to talk to the national media about how he thought I was mentally unbalanced and needed help after being an absent crappy father to begin with, I’d say I’d feel just about the same way Angelina does.

    She has reconciled with him in the past, after he mistreated her mother and after being largely absent from her and her brother’s life while they were growing up. Then he chose to air his personal concerns about his daughter to the national media. As much as I believe in forgiveness, he’s already had his second chance and be blew it.

  118. Nicki says

    And you know this how Patti, because you see a total of 1 -2 minutes of thier day? LMAO.

    And none knows why she (and her brother can’t stand thier dad) If what is true, what say about him, I wouldn’t either. Remember she did reach out to him, she said my dad should play the part of my dad in TR movie. He got the part and less than a year later it was, no communication. Sounds like he has the problem, and who knows him better than Angie and her brother??

  119. Mandy says

    Yes, old picture. I saw this one weeks ago.

    Please don’t forget about other celebrities and local people here in NO that have done a major part in getting the schools up and running. People that work in the background that no one ever hears about. Brad and Angie are doing a great job but they aren’t doing it singlehandedly. There are a lot of people behind the scenes that give and work towards rebuilding NO that don’t make the news and prefer not to. They just do it out of goodness and love for NO. Brad and AJ need to do what they can since this is their country.

  120. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Aww, the poor thing looks like her leg is so cold! I hate it when I’m walking with my sister (who is the same age as Shiloh) and I don’t notice her trouser leg has bunched up, I feel so guilty!

    #8, I would put a baby girl in trainers, they can be cute! Though I would never buy those ones, Nike is (IMO) an ethically and morally bankrupt organisation that enables child abuse and poverty… but thats a different issue altogether!

    Oriana, there may be plenty of reasons we will never know why Angelina doesn’t want contact with her father. The fact that he didn’t even know Zahara and Shiloh’s names a few weeks after Shiloh was born (and he was probably the only adult in the western world who didn’t!) speaks volumes. Though I obviously don’t know exactly why Angelina wants nothing to do with him, I understand it. I choose to have no contact with my own father and when I have children, I am sure they will be better off without him in their lives. Blood ties are not that important at the end of the day.

  121. Deeds says

    I didn’t know this was an old picture. I love the fact (I hope) that AJ is letting Shiloh grow her hair long. Honestly I am not bashing AJ & BJ, but I have never understood how people can have a passion and desires and then BAM! they turn them off. As if their emotions are turned off or on like a light switch. I don’t understand it.

  122. oriana says

    Nicki, I do think she has changed from the nut case she was a few years ago and I think she is sincere about helping the refugees and the Third world countries. I do think the reason she has changed is because of the kids and the suffering she has seen first hand in her travels.

    However, I can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t seem to want to “make it right” within her own family, I would think the kids would enjoy their grandfather and I think he would welcome the chance to get to know them.

    This paragon of virtue is still lacking in some areas to me. I think she still has some demons she is battling and if Brad wasn’t the puppet he is it would have been much more difficult for her. She is the brains in the family to me and Brad is merely an extension of her.

  123. Nicki says

    2teens3beans ~EXACTALY. People read the tabs, and they never print the GREAT things she has been doing for the last 6 years.. Sad, sad.. She has been and will continue to rise in her efforts to “make it right” with the refugees around the world. Same as she did with helping getting the school system going again in NO, 23, schools I believe. And that was almost 2 years ago.
    They will never stop the Brad and Angelina being the people they are and will be.

  124. 2teens3beans says

    Susie, those are some pretty harsh statements. Angie is not the same person she was 10 years ago. There are many people in this world who had a wild youth and experimented with drugs. Look at the person she is today, she is a good mother and a humanitarian.

  125. 2teens3beans says

    Littlesammysmummy, I don’t care for those shoes either…. at least not with that pastel outfit.

  126. Emm says

    Shiloh is so cute.

    We complain that we don’t see Shiloh outside much, but when we do we complain about her and the family.

  127. Liza says

    Sorry excuse for a mother? On what basis are you deciding that? That YOU don’t like her?

    I’m not crazy about her. I don’t like her acting, her interviews kind of bug me, and I don’t think she is quite as beautiful as she is said to be, BUT….

    ….that doesn’t mean I don’t admire all the humanitarian work she does or that I would assume she is a bad mother one little to no evidence. In fact, from all outward appearances, she is a caring and attentive mother.

  128. traveler says

    Why is that Susie? Do you (or any of us) really know anything about her? How do you know she has diseases? How do you know she sleeps around? Let’s face it. We only know what she wants us to know. That’s how it is with every celebrity. We only know what they want us to know. And that’s how it should be.

    I think she’s a good person and a good mom. She seems to be very excited about her kids and very involved in their lives. The children are well groomed, well fed, well behaved, and well loved. What else does she have to do to be a good mom? That is the definition of a good mom. As for her being a good person, I can only judge by her actions and the words of those who’ve met her. She does a tremendous service to humanity through her charity work and she seems to really be concerned about others. And from those who’ve met her, I’ve only heard good things. They say she’s kind and compassionate. I’d take their word over some sleazy tabloid’s word any day.

  129. Susie says

    Jolie makes me sick to my stomach. My sons who are grown think she is the nastiest thing they have ever seen. They say you could end up with a disease just by touching her. She is vile, and a sorry excuse for a mother.

  130. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    The 10 most influential celebrity offspring are:

    1. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

    2. Suri Cruise

    3. Zahara Jolie-Pitt

    4. Sean Preston Federline

    5. Pax Jolie-Pitt

    6. Sam Alexis Woods (daughter of golfer Tiger Woods)

    7. David Banda (son of Madonna)

    8. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead (daughter of Anna Nicole Smith)

    9. Cruz and Romeo Beckham (tie)

    This list was compiled by Forbes magazine by vote (kids had to be 5 years old and younger; that’s why 6-year-old Maddox was not included)
    Shiloh was first place! I think it’s a bit strange to rank children/babies; however, I guess this shows how much influence the famous tiny tots possess. Brangelina had three in the top 10…wow!

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