An Expectant Lily Allen At Harrods

Lily Allen

An expectant Lily Allen was snapped at the opening of Harrods annual winter sale in London on Friday. When asked what she’ll be wearing in 2008, the singer exclaimed: “Maternity clothes!”



  1. pat says

    MommyLvz2= I share your opinion . Some people you just have to pray for and ignore the posts. Have a good day.

  2. Al&J says

    I’m surprised to hear that she is pregnant. Congratulations and best of luck to her. I’ve heard a few of her songs and she seems somewhat talented. I do hope that she gives up smoking during her pregnancy and considers toning down her irratic and rude behaviour.

  3. Jx2 says

    Lucky number 13 – the bible cuckoos have been unleashed now…here we go with the bible talk…and Adam was made from Eve’s prime rib with balsamic glaze and when Eve bit into the Apple pie with a scoop of ice cream…mmmmm – I’m getting hungry about all this bible talk LOL

  4. MommyLvz2 says

    Oh, Wow…
    Judge not lest ye be judged…I can hardly believe there is anyone so ignorant as to imply that abortion is an appropriate form of birth control…thats a very sad concept to me…Why would someone go onto a website intended only for entertainment and be so heartlessly insensitve to life. I’m sorry that you feel that way, JX2… I absolutely disagree with your view on life, in general, I guess. Nothing is more precious. and at any age, bringing a new life into this world is a VERY special time..not a time for embarassment or shame, or judgement. I am thoroughly overjoyed with the fact that you will never be able to spew your ignorance on that young lady who has no doubt had enough of people like you. Reconsider, please, what life means, and the gift it is…Refer to your bible for example of the beauty of life, and love, and children…
    “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,
    The fruit of the womb is a reward.
    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
    So are the children of one’s youth.
    How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;
    They will not be ashamed
    When they speak with their enemies in the gate.”

  5. Christine says

    Why in the world should someone get an abortion if they want they child? Yes 22 is young but that’s the age that our parents and our parents parents usually had one, two, if not three kids. As long as the baby is loved that’s what matters. I’m sure she’ll be a splendid mom.
    Although if it’s true that she’s still smoking she needs to give that up ASAP.

  6. Jx2 says

    There is something called the morning after pill – dingbat…and another EVEN BETTER method called ABORTION!! Let the games begin….whose up to bat first???

  7. sazzie says

    whatever –
    even the pill isn’t 100% guarantee’d is it?

    good on you for being so ‘lucky’ in not having an ‘accident’,

    but if your withdrawal method (which is dubious form of ‘birth control’) had failed could we have all judged you so harshly?

    this isn’t some mid – teen aged girl here, this is a 22 year od young woman, who has openly stated that she does not wish to endorse her current pregnant state as she is aware the impact might have upon her younger fans – that should be applauded – instead of comments calling her ‘messed up’, going on about her weight and comparing her to someone in an entirely different stage of life

  8. Jx2 :) says

    How does one fall pregnant “accidentally”? I have used several methods of birth control including the withdrawal method and have never become “accidentally” pregnant – to me the “accident” excuse is just a cop-out! Carelessness is more the word that should be used.

  9. sazzie says

    I heard an interview on the radio with Lily today and she told how she has already been showered with many offers to head a range of maternity clothes and she has turned them all down owing to the fact that she realises that her audience has many many younger girls in it and lily realises that by her doing that wouldn’t make her a very appropriate role model to them- well done on her for that i say!!
    so NO – i don’t think she is ‘messed up’, i think she merely fell pregnant accidently –

    comparing her to jamie lynn is just silly – lily is 22 – jamie lynn is far younger…

    i always wonder about the mentality and the values of people who would rather be slim than go through a pregnancy – or rather ‘inflate again’….now people who think like THAT are ‘messed up’ to me!!

  10. Jx2 says

    how old is this chick? following in the footsteps of Jamie Lynn Spears, perhaps?
    She struggled to lose weight and now that she’s slim – what does she do? go and get knocked up so she can inflate again…messed up! I’m just waiting for the day to arrive where Amy Whine-house gets preggers 🙂

  11. 2teens3beans says

    Lily is adorable & talented. I don’t really listen to her music but my daughter does have one of her cd’s.
    I hope Lily stops smoking soon.

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