Jennifer Garner & Violet

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner was snapped carrying Violet, 2, and pushing the Kettler in New York City on December 26th.



  1. dori says

    Oriana… agree with you very much … Jen seems like a great mom …would love to see her have another baby so sweet Violet can have a sibling

  2. oriana says

    Violet is not a pretty child to me like Shiloh is but she is very cute and the happiest celeb child I have ever seen. I like Jen and I hope things are okay. Maybe when they leave New York and go back home we will see more of Ben. I do feel uneasy though about them.

    I actually think Shiloh is beautiful, but she doesn’t seem happy go lucky at all like Violet, Suri is very unique looking and I think she is totally a cutie, best dressed celeb kid all the way! I love the little clothes and shoes she wears. I also think she is the biggest Brat I have ever seen too.

    I wish Jen had another child, I think she is a wonderful mother!

  3. dori says

    I agree it’s become difficult to enjoy comming in here to chat with other moms t.
    This website was suppose to be for mothers to come and comment on the pics of the cute kids instead when we come in here we are subjected to the ranting of frustrated teenage boys .
    What these kids need is friends and something to do obviously they are bored
    They are just losers. And now we have them here . Maybe if their moms weren’y so negligent and actually gave a damn they wouldn’t be here!

  4. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Dori, consider me your ally, as well! πŸ™‚ I agree about the nastiness of this site; I never dreamed I would have to read some of the trash that I have seen on here. I feel like I need to go wash my brain with soap.

  5. Al&J says

    Violet seems to be a happy child.
    Everytime I see pictures of Jen it appears as though she is losing weight. Mostly it shows in her face. I hope she is taking care of herself as well as little Violet.
    Ben does seem to be missing in a lot of their outings. As far as I know he is not filming anything.

  6. dori says

    this kid is just a LOSER and not worth talking to You have an ally here Kimora andKariah mommy I wish the webmistress would clean up this website It’s not much fun anymore with these teenage boys who have no life and all they can relate to is their computer and theirDICKS

  7. Jx2 says

    #52 – you really are a blond aren’t you?
    The lights are on but nobody’s home…LOL

    You would never ever make it as a CSI agent – never ever!!!

    You are totally WRONG and barking up the wrong tree Philthy McNasty Mommy!!

  8. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    JJ stop using joey’s name so that it appears you have an ally on here. Obviously, joey posted when he/she/it said “the real joey”…..all these other comments are not from him/her/it. He/She/It is immature…but he’s never before SCREAMED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS to keep legs shut, etc. And I remember that you’re the one who always said when you had to fart on here before. If you don’t want to be so quickly found out, than you should come up with some new posts that you haven’t already posted under your own name!

    I truly feel sorry for this “name hyjacker” who has to screw up these posts in order to keep their lives interesting!

  9. MODERATOR says


  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    No…it’s not me. I thought it was strange you were talking about farts so much….I don’t appreciate your comments, but I must admit that you are typically not crude. There was someone on another thread that hyjacked Oriana’s name, too; so my guess is that it’s the same person.

  11. the-real-joey says

    I can’t believe someone has been using my name..How lame..and get a life…let me guess its KKK’s mommy??

  12. oriana says

    Tia, I love grilled cheese sandwiches too but my favorite is pimento cheese, they have it homemade in the South,at every deli and country store, but hard to find here in California. Now I am hungry!!!!!

  13. joey says

    LOL JJ πŸ™‚

    my farts are still coming good and strong….damn right stinkers! but i can assure you that none of them have a cheesy whiff therefore tis oriana opening her fresh jar! LOL

  14. Jx2 :) says

    mmmm…whipped cheese product in a jar – just the way mother nature intended it to be LOL…peee-ewww – Joey was that you again or did you just open a jar of cheez whiz for Oriana? Oriana what do you do with the cheez whiz? Do you slather all over your body and lick it off? or do you get your pet to lick off the cheez whiz for you? Seeing that you are an older woman you probably have some diffciulty licking some harder to reach areas like behind the knees… πŸ™‚

  15. oriana says

    Thank you Tee and Maja, have never looked at popsugar before, going to check it out now! Happy New Year to you all, everyone!

  16. joey says

    cheez whiz weener….sounds yummy…not! but we all know tia loves one. and oriana you old hag i should imagine the cobwebs down there would have doubled in their thousands!! LOL cheez whiz groupies!

  17. Z says



  18. Jx2 :) says

    sorry Tia – I thought you used it once in a recipe, oh – hold on – I think it was cracker barrel cheese and stove top stuffing…my mistake!

  19. Jx2 :) says

    LOL…keep your stinkers away Joey!

    Beba – I agree with you!! Sidewalk walking equals boring.
    And they are not a cute family either…if I say so myself.

  20. dori says

    They are so cute love seeing pics of them…. maybe Bens at work and the girls are out having some fun.

  21. Nina says

    #17, I think this picture looks squished up (at least on my screen) Jen is taller than this one makes her look–I think that’s why she looks kind of squatty and thick πŸ™‚

    They are adorable!

  22. Maja says

    Hey, you guys. There is a plenty of pictures of Jen and baby Vi-Vi + Ben’s on popsugar. However, Jen seeems not to wear her WB anymore and Ben had his hand in his left pocket the entire time. I hope they are not in some sort of trouble for Vi-Vi’s sake. She is just too adorable and deserves a happy home. Jen does not seem well. πŸ™

  23. oriana says

    What reasons could there be for Ben not being seen with his family lately? He used to be photographed with them often. I hope it is something simple and there are no problems! That would be very sad and disappointing to me.

  24. Blair says

    Violet is adorable but has anyone else ever noticed….her bows are ALWAYS falling off…with all that money you’d think they could buy her a set of no-slip hair bows. There’s this website called The bows have a magnet in the clip and are lined with velvet to ensure the bow stays put. I don’t mean to be vain, it’s just that its such a simple little thing to do, that why wouldn’t you? I would never let my kids hair hang in their face like that…I hate when i see kids out in the cold with their hair stuck to their boogers…It’s like why wouldn’t you just blow their nose and push their hair off their face????

  25. LAURIE HARRIS says

    The only thing we see Jen doing is walk up a side walk.. Why not go to FAO Schwartz, or any store…

    Ben is not filming he will be filming in January

    He is never photographed with Jen or Violet

  26. oriana says

    I think there could very well be something to the rumors about trouble with Ben and Jen. I find it very unusual there haven’t been any sightings of him with the family for quite a while now. It is disturbing to me. Is he away filming? Surely over Christmas he would have been with the family or they would have gone to join him?

  27. Lauren says

    Violet is a cutie. πŸ˜€ There’s another picture on the Us Weekly website of her eating a bagel. Adorable. πŸ˜›

  28. D'Anna says

    I for one love to see Jennifer and Violet. It’s nice to see “good moms” on here. She and Ben make tons of money and they don’t need to necessarily be with her all the time like they are. I’m glad she hasn’t pawned Violet off on somebody else. πŸ™‚

  29. Robyn says

    Beba, don’t take the time to post then. I for one love seeing them, keep the shots coming I come here just for them.

  30. Beba says

    I think she’s a great mom and Violet is a happy child but I’m tired of looking at their pictures. I rather see other celebs and she’s always taking her for walks. Boring!!!!!!!!

  31. Nicki says

    Cute pic. Notice how every celebritys kid know where the shouting paps are. They all stare directly into the “voices” that calling thier names. I think it is sick, there should be a “yardage distance’ law for any stranger, paps or fans. JMO.
    Cute lil bike trike push bike she got. Cute pic.

  32. 2teens3beans says

    Cute hat Violet is wearing. I don’t know what a “kettler” is though, I would have called it a trike – LOL

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