Everyone Has An Opinion About Jamie Lynn Spears!

Jamie Lynn Spears

Everyone seems to be weighing in on Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy! Even Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee – a Baptist minister and the former governor of Arkansas – has shared his opinion.

“It’s a tragedy when a 16-year-old who is not really prepared for all the responsibilities of adult life is going to be now faced with all the responsibilities of honest-to-goodness adult life,” he told CBS News in Iowa.

“Apparently, she’s going to have the child and I think that is the right decision, a good decision, and I respect that and appreciate it,” Huckabee continued. “I hope it is not an encouragement to other 16-year-olds who think that is the best course of action.”

“But at the same time I’m not going to condemn her,” he said. “I just hope that she will make another right decision and that’s to give that child all the love and kindness and care that she can.”


Execs at  Nickelodeon aren’t the only ones grappling with how to deal with Jamie Lynn Spears’ shocking teen pregnancy: So are teen magazine editors.

“I was considering her for an upcoming cover,” CosmoGIRL! Editor-in-Chief Susan Schulz told Usmagazine.com Friday. “But with this news, I’d have to rethink that.”

Though she praised Jamie Lynn, 16, for “taking responsibility,” Schulz added, “I don’t feel like I can put her on the cover right now because, as you can imagine, girls are disappointed in Jamie Lynn.”

Ann Shoket, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen, tells Us “we would certainly consider” putting Jamie Lynn on the cover, but only after the Zoey 101 star “overcomes this moment” and goes on “to have a career our readers can look up to.

“Getting pregnant at 16 is not something we’re encouraging,” Shoket says.

Schulz says she doesn’t expect teen girls to follow in her footsteps.

“Girls aren’t going to go out and get pregnant because Jamie Lynn did, quite the opposite,” the CosmoGIRL! editor says. She said they’re probably thinking, “‘I’m so glad that’s not me.'”

Schulz said Jamie Lynn “appears to be very resolved in her decision, and regardless of whether girls agree with her actions or not, they see that she is doing what she personally feels is best despite the uproar over her news.”


The outspoken Rosie O’Donnell shared that her 10-year-old daughter Chelsea asked about Jamie Lynn’s baby news.

Rosie, 45, recounted the conversation in response to a question from a fan who wrote to her blog asking her “as a celeb & a mom,” what Nickelodeon should do about Zoey 101.

Rosie says she talked to Chelsea about Britney Spears’s younger sister and, as described in Rosie’s blog-speak, “Here’s how it went,” she says.

“Mama u know the lady with the umbrella and no hair,” Chelsea said. “Her sister is a teenager and she is having twin babies.” (Actually, she only announced she was pregnant).

“And what do u think about that Chels?” asked Rosie.

“Teenagers can have babies?” her daughter asked.

“Yes they can, and it is never a good idea,” she responded.

“Y didn’t she take pills that make u not have a baby?”

O’Donnell’s response: “Hmmmmmm.”

I would much rather see a 16-year-old girl pregnant than a 50-year-old! Jamie Lynn should be commended for keeping her baby…that bis a very brave and heroic choice that she has made.



  1. Monique says

    ^ In addition I would also like to say that, her choice or not, she did the deed, no she can do the time. HA!

  2. Monique says

    What’s wrong with kids today?!? It seems more often girls are getting pregnant at a younger age. This, in my opinions is irresponsible of both Jamie Lynn and her parents. Also, I find it appauling that this child who is “supposed” to be a role model would even allow this to happen in the first place.

  3. ami says


  4. Donna says

    Almost every time I read this blog, I am more convinced that the WM is nuts. I really feel sorry for her. Here’s an idea…just post the celebrity baby photos and keep your narrow-minded opinions to yourself!

  5. Kate says

    On another note, what a sad commentary on American society when a 16 year old is being congratulated for being accidentally pregnant.

  6. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^^ Kate, don’t bother. I have been attacked in the crudest way for my opinion too. The kiddies will be out of school for at least another week, maybe after that these boards will get back to normal.

  7. 2teens3beans says

    to Prothoughtfulchoices,
    I LOVE your poem! Not only are you talented, but you make a lot of sense too.

  8. oriana says

    Jess, I definitely agree with you all the way! And Denise also, nothing she does should be commended. She screwed around and her mother knew about it, that low class trashy mother! She has money on top of money but that won’t buy good parenting skills or a decent upbringing. Too bad!

  9. MARY says

    COME JAMIE YOU HAVE TO DO WELL BE GOOD PROMISE ME AND WHO IS THE FATHER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  10. MARY says

    you are 16 jamie i now you messed up but you learned yor lesson and do not mess up agin!!!


  11. Denise says

    Commend her for keeping her baby! What choice did she have being in the public eye.
    She was careless in her actions and nothing she does now should be commended.

  12. prothoughtfulchoices says

    Hmm..let us see now…
    Two sweet cherubic babies,
    one fell off car seat,
    one with rotten teeth,
    who knows what other scars?
    mentally traumatized if they live long,
    while the child-mom
    who might need therapy
    instead of voyeuristic schadenfreude
    zips along in suvs,
    as the world turns, watching
    in glee, thinking they are the best parents.
    Is this pro-life? Is this pro-choice?
    Is it fair to bring children
    into the world just for pro-lifers?
    Is it fair to get knocked-up
    and then make the choice?

    It all should boil to responsible choices
    parenting is a commitment,
    not for everyone for sure.
    whether you are fifteen or fifty,
    think before…….

    just my two-cents!

  13. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Poor Joey…he/she/it always goes for the nasties…too bad.

    Black Venom…I was actually being serious, but apparently you can’t answer a question like a normal human being without assuming you’re being attacked….LOL…I mean no harm! Pathetic….

    I’m also a teacher, so I happen to know that slingin’ the dro or ganja or whatever it is that you do does not allow you to function at your highest potential and therefore dedicate yourself to teaching the children. Being a positive role model is key in being a successful teacher.

    Finally, por favor, lay off the personal comments…I ask you a single nonconfrontational question, and you go in for the kill (or at least attempt to). Haha and you’re right about one thing…”it” does indeed happen just about every night, but not with different Johns (not sure where that came from…??) but with the love of my life and wonderful husband Jamal.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go, in your wording, “get laid”….LOL

    P.S. Don’t expect a prompt response….I don’t have the time to argue all day and night online like you apparently do!!

  14. says


    MY COMMENTS wasn’t meant for you personally! I didn’t say ” Hey kate, This comment is for you!”

    YOU are so hung up on what I do for a living, and how a word is misspelled.. Who are you the Board police? I can see that you have NO Life! and you are so d*mn boring! HAG!

  15. joey says

    High five @ Black Venom…some of these old hags need to put in their place. I hope you and JX2 stick around. Without you guys, this blog would be filled with mindless sheep.

  16. Kate says

    Goodnight Black Venom (very aptly named btw). You’ve been quite amusing. Thanks for the good times.

  17. Kate says

    Actually these are your exact words, “Honestly..I don’t give a sh*t what you may find unfortunate..LIVE YOUR LIVE, and I will live mine!”, so yes, dear, I think you meant “live your life”.

    So you are a 29 year old special education teacher who frequents a website to tell people they are losers and call them names because they don’t agree with your opinions on a 16 year old pregnant girl when you spend your spare time getting high. Is that about right?

    Excuse me if I am not even remotely offended by your predictable jokes about my husband and daughter.

  18. says


    I think that It is quite sad that a total stranger is Amusement to A boring lackluster couple! BABY?? Yeah right.

    YOU are so busy sticking your nose into my life, and worrying about what I do..that I can’t see you having a husband! OOPS DID I SAY THAT??

    Personally, I don’t care if a faceless lame..like you don’t agree with me. It sounds like you need a life! GAG(get a grip) honey! OK!

    MOST of the people on here…actually have lives..where is yours??

    AND since your BLURRY eyes didn’t see..earlier..I said LIFE!

    YES, I am a Special Education Teacher..I am suprised that one of your children?? (IF YOU ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF MAKING A BABY) isn’t in my class! 🙂

  19. Kate says

    I think you meant to say “live your life”, not “live your live”.

    And it’s “there”, not “their”.

    You’re a teacher?

    And maturiy came up because as I read through all these posts, I realized that you call anyone who disagrees with your point of view a loser, whether they have addressed your personally or not.

    You seem incapable of carrying on a conversation without resorting to childish and pathetic tactics when you don’t get your way. Most of the other people on here seem capable of particpating in a mature fashion.

    And your joke about my sex life was quite funny. My husband and I had a good chuckle at that. Too bad our baby was sleeping or she could have joined in the laughs too.

    Let me guess, your next joke will be about my husband or baby?

  20. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Black Venom were you a contestant on ABC’s the Bachelor? Surely this question seems random but you seem strangely similar to this one lady…..

  21. says


    Honestly..I don’t give a sh*t what you may find unfortunate..LIVE YOUR LIVE, and I will live mine!
    Maturity isn’t/ wasn’t the issue..here..JAMIE LYNN was!
    And further more..WHO gives a sh*t what you haven’t heard since high school! YOU probably haven’t got L@id since high school!

    I guess that is….YOU speaking through that BS comment..up above!

  22. Kate says

    I think marijuana should be legal as well, although I don’t think I’ve heard anyone call it mary jane since I was in high school well over a decade ago.

    I just find it,um, shall we say, unfortunate, that an apparent 29 year old counts “smoking weed” as one of her apparent main hobbies.

    Actually I find it unfortunate that anyone counts substance use as a “hobby” to be proud of. But I guess that’s probably just the maturity speaking.

  23. says

    Kate! YES!

    And guess what?? I am very honest about what I do!

    I think that Mary Jane should be legal…What is wrong with that?? And who are you to judge??

    YOU could go to the doctor, and he could be on ALL KIND OF DR*GS! YOU would never know!

    SO..YOU can keep your sarcasism!
    that would be lovely!

  24. Kate says

    You’re a teacher whose hobbies include “smoking weed and chilling with my friends”?


  25. Sara says

    I’m amazed by the people on here saying that they would not let their daughter get an abortion no matter what age they were. News flash: That is not your decision to make, and there is no way you can stop your daughter from having an abortion if she chooses to. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking you have a right to try to force someone to have a baby that they don’t want to have.

  26. JESS says


  27. dori says

    lots of reasonable statements and I do agree that she should be removed from the show and no money should be offered for pictures It’s her businss if she wants to keep her baby but it should NOT be glamorized and publicized. It send a mixed message to teenagers . She should not be allowed to profit in any way from the pregnancy. There has to be a consequence for her actions even it was a mistake. And Adoption is an option that should definately be considered with the track record in that family. Break the cycle of insanity.

  28. eyesofpearls says

    …(CONTINUE) a 16-year old gilr is A CHILD HERSELF!!! How can you even predict how long is somebody going to live? IT IS BETTER TO GIVE YOUR CHILD COMFORT AND STABLE LIFE so that they can cope with life problems themself later on, rather than have them at the age of 16, leave them with your parents while you go partying and boy-chasing! A 16-year old mum has not even started her own life ye, let alone give birth to a new life! nad don’t give me that c*** that love is all babies need, because it is not true! If you want to have a healthy child, there is so much more invetment involved than just love! Babies need food, care, support, they get sick sometimes, nobody gurantees that you will have a healthy baby!!! Get a grip, Ali!!!!

  29. eyesofpearls says

    84 – That is a very very silly think you are putting here! You’d rather see a 16 year old pregnant than a 40 year old?! How old are you Ali, to say such a STUPID statement? Like all women die when their 46? At least a mature woman can give a baby a quiality life, stability and comfort, and what is it that a 16 year old can give? Huh? Money? Financial support?

  30. Amber says

    I understand your concern but if my son asks I will not lie. I never lie to my children, unless you count Santa. Thank you for your input. I don’t feel sorry for myself and really I don’t care that my mom told me that. I was dealt the hand I was and I am the person I am today because of it. I think my son would understand that I gave/give him the best life that I can. If and when the time comes I have my family to discuss the situation with.

  31. Grip says

    And Amber, I do understand… I think you are saying that it is just that life is a lot harder with a child. And it you are young and it’s unexpected and you are not given $1.0 million for your expose…well, you have a lot of uphill battles ahead of you. I can certainly appreciate that. Heck, I was not young, married, and had it pretty together when I had my child and it turned my life into complete chaos for quite some time. But I had support systems in place that guided me through it…not everyone is so lucky.

  32. Nicki says

    88. Grip ~I completely agree with everything you said. Amber I feel sorry that you had to hear that from your mom, but you don’t have to repeat that to your son. You can think it, know it, but please don’t tell him that. If you need to talk we are here. Please don’t put that on your child. Best wishes your way.

  33. Grip says

    Amber – I’m not making any judgements here. But I would like to say one thing, please do not every tell your son that you wish you would have had an abortion. I do understand taht you love him now, but I don’t think any child should ever hear their mother say that. That can do incredible psychological damage that is not easily undone. If your own mother told you that, I’m truly sorry for you. Yes, you survived it…like I said before I survived being a child in a very abusive household, but I would never want to see another child, most especially my own, to be subjected from that. We need to move forward from bad things in our past…to say this ends with me. Not just keep the past repeating itself.

  34. Lola says

    Ali. Just what do you think the average life span of a woman is? Trust me 40 year olds are not facing imminent death in most cases.

  35. Lexi says

    Go home and raise her baby with her MOM’S Help???
    yes cause we all know her mom did an excellent job with her and her sister, give me a break. The whole bunch is a disgrace to my state. Trailer park TRASH at it’s finest.

  36. Liza says

    The law was very likely broken in the relationship between Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend. Just because it is not being prosecuted does not mean a law wasn’t broken. It’s unfortunate that you are congratulating a 16 year old on her poor decision making.
    Yes women in their 40’s have a higher risk of health complications when they get pregnant. But guess what? So do teenagers. Teenagers are at a higher risk of premature births, low birth rate, and other congential problems.
    At least a woman in her 40’s would be more likely to have the emotional and intellectual capability of caring for a child.

  37. Ali says

    I would rather see a 16 year old pregnant, then someone is their 40’s! At least she will be around to see her baby grow. Also, less chance of health problems.

  38. Generic name says

    Of course everyone has OPINION about JL’s pregnancy!!
    negative or positive comment about her and her family as well..I hope its yet too late to settle everything

  39. N says

    Congratulations Jamie….. Babies are miracles. Also, I think she needs to keep her show. She is going to need a job to take care of that child. Why punish her for getting pregnant. She didnt break the law did she? She hasn’t broken any of the ten commandments for the MORALLY just. She made a mistake and is willing to try to be responsible for it.

  40. traveler says

    First, I do not believe that the parents of a teenager are responsible for the care of said teenager’s child. I think the court system pretty much assumes that if your old enough to make the decision to have sex and get pregnant, then you’re old enough to care for the child. If you cannot do it properly on your own, the child will be taken away by child protective services (as it should be).

    I personally like the attitude of the mother of a friend of mine that got pregnant in high school. She did not force her daughter to have an abortion, but she did force her to give the child up for adoption. She said, “You come home from the hospital alone or you don’t come home at all.” The mother was a single parent herself with 4 children still in the home. She could not afford the money or the time to care for an infant. My friend did give the baby up and to this day says that it was the best decision she ever made. That child has a loving family and a good chance in life and she was able to go on to college and fulfill her dreams also. It was a win-win for both of them and I think her mother knew that.

    As for Jamie Lynn Spears, I think she should be fired from her show. As much as stars don’t like to admit it, they are role models for young people. And I think a lot of youngsters, including Jamie Lynn, would learn a lot from such an action. It was show them that there are consequences to be paid for your decisions and you should think about them before you do something you might later regret. To many young stars are not held to moral standards anymore in our society and it’s time they started to pay the price for their actions. Maybe then, there’d be less Britneys, Paris’, Lindseys, and Jamie Lynns in this world.

  41. Amber says

    No, not everyone is like me, thanks for the news flash, that never dawned on me until you pointed it out…… I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just like to do it in a civil manner, which you don’t seem to be able to do, but thank you for your insight. I will be glad to tell my son that I wanted to kill him when he gets older, LMAO.

  42. Liza says

    Also wanted to add that a parent can not legally march their child off to terminate a pregnancy.

    They could petition the court system, but they would have to prove that the termination was in the best interests of the girl and that she was not capable of making an informed decision on her own. The chance of a judge granting that is VERY low.

  43. Liza says

    First, most people that have terminated a pregnancy do not then act as if the pregnancy never happened. I understand people being against it, but don’t assume that people who are pro-choice and the women who have undergone abortions are non-chalant about them.

    Second, I’m not so sure this whole discussion needs to be about whether Jamie Lynn will be a good or responsible parent. While we can all doubt it (and I do), we don’t know. My problem is that her decisions are being applauded when this is the last thing we should be doing. If you’re against abortion, yes agree with her decision to go through with the pregnancy, but that doesn’t negate the poor choices she has made. This whole thing is being glamorized, when it should be a warning sign to society. Plenty of teenager mothers do well, but the majority struggle and end up south of the poverty line.

    Third, had she gotten an abortion, I doubt anyone would have ever found out. The leaking of confidential health information is a BIG DEAL, and the likelihood of a healthcare professional leaking that information is very low, since they risk far more than they gain by doing so.

    Black Venom, I am going to assume that you are a child who is not capable of participating in a grown up debate about serious issues. Therefore, I take very little from what you say.

  44. says

    That is your fault AMBER!

    EVERYONE isn’t like you! And I am sure that your son wouldn’t understand you wanting to kill him!
    I wouldn’t understand sh*t like that!
    YOU were ready to have sex..so you should of been ready to take on responsibility!

    I applaude Jamie lynn..for being so honest about it..regardless of what some losers might say!
    That is her baby, and she should do what she please!

  45. Amber says

    ONe more thing, for those horrified by quote un quote forcing your 16 yo to have an abortion….Her parent couldn’t force her but isn’t it the law that as the parent you are “forced” to pay for that child of your “teen parent” and if you are the parent of the teen father you are responsible for the child support?

  46. Amber says

    yes, if I could go back I would have terminated my pregnancy at 18. Yes, I would tell my son that when he is old enough to understand my reasoning. I don’t expect a bunch of strangers to understand especially those who don’t belive in abortion no matter what. Do I love him now, of course I do. But that doesn’t change the fact that I wasn’t prepared to raise a child at that time and he would have had a much better life those first few years if he wasn’t born to a 19 year old mother. My mom told me should have had an abortion. It doesn’t bother me. My mom put me through hell. If I wouldn’t have been born it’s not like I would know, get my drift? I am glad I was born, yes, I love life, but again, if I hadn’t have been, I wouldn’t know the difference.

    Abortion doesn’t need to be traumtic with the proper counseling and support. I of course, can’t speak for all women. I am speaking for women that I have known personally.

    The thing out of it is, I don’t have a daughter, I only have sons so this is all hypothetical. I guess I couldn’t “force” my 16 yo to have an abortion. But I would damn sure make sure she really understood what she was getting herself into. I would not help her raise the child at all. I don’t care if it was my grandchild. I would love my grandchild and visit, but my daughter couldn’t live with me. I see too many young moms pawning their kids off on their parents, what kind of “taking responsibility” is that? Also, if she were my daughter I doubt with the way I have raised my kids I would need to “force” her anyway. I am sure she would probably want to get an abortion, because my family is not religous and I openly discuss those types of things with my kids. I have told my son that it isn’t right and hopefully you don’t have to be put in that position, but in the end it may be the best decision for all parties. Also, I am more open with my kids. My 11yo and I already talk about birth control. I told him when the time comes he must always use a condom no matter what and never trust a girl if she says she is on the pill, etc. I have talked to him about diseases and the like, and hope he would come to me or my family members if need be.

  47. Lisa says

    I read this site regularly, but rarely comment. I am a mom of four (had my first at 20) so was a fairly young mom myself. Now I am a lawyer and I represent teen moms in custody cases – usually against the teen dads who are drug users or violent towards the young women, or more often against the local child protection agency who believes the young women are neglecting the children or abusing them. Although some teen moms can handle the huge responsibility of parenthood – most can’t.

    The issue to me is that our teens are not being given enough information to make informed, appropriate decisions about their own sexuality. Research in the US and Canada shows that HALF of teens have sex by age 15. These kids need to know how to protect themselves at the very least (from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections) and I know for a fact that they would choose to wait if they had all of the information. My two eldest daughters (now 24 and 22 ) have chosen to wait until they are over 18 before they had sex. My 17 year old hasn’t even dated anyone yet.
    And by the way, not only did I teach them about their sexuality, I also taught them about abortion. It’s their right to know this information and be able to know their choices. I would never pressure anyone to have an abortion, but if they made the decision, I would support it.

    re: the Spears family – I think it is just sad and such a waste that both girls are so screwed up. My prediction is that JL will have her child taken away. Obviously her own parents aren’t helpful – just look at her older sister.

  48. get real says

    If she would have gotten an abortion everyone would have flipped out about that too. It’s like the poor girl can’t win. Either way people are going to talk bad about her and thats a pretty sad thing. The baby did not ask to be brought into the world and all this chaos people are creating around this story. Sad..

  49. kellie says

    I hope my comment here doesn’t cause too much fuss, but here we go.
    First off, everyone needs to let this girl be for now, she knows what she did, and by keeping the baby, she is willing to take responsibility for her actions. When the baby is born, and if she turns out like everyone thinks she will, then talk all the crap about her you want. I was 15 when I had my first daughter, and I wasn’t a bad teenager, I did good in school, I had a great childhood. I knew what I did to get pregnant and took full responsiblilty for it. My mom was there every step of the way, she didn’t condone it, but she was behind me. I took care of my daughter, no one else, but I could turn to her if I needed help. I grew up very quickly, and looking back today, I’m glad. I am 22 now and have 3 girls, a good home, job, and they have the same father there to love and help take care of them. I love my life .I don’t party, I don’t drink or do drugs, I am there for them. I love my children more than life itself and would do anything for them, and it has been that way since day 1.
    Now I’m not saying teenage pregnancy is a good thing, (it was hard and unlike most of these stars, my body isn’t the same) I do think it has gotten worse over the past few years, like the “cool thing to do”. That wasn’t my case, I just wasn’t careful and didn’t seem to learn. It does need to stop, but it won’t , and all I can do personally is teach my girls what is right. They know about Jamie Lynn, they don’t fully understand yet, but I will teach them. I see all these sites completely bashing the girl and her mother, give them a chance, things happen but to talk so quickly about the future when we don’t know how it will turn out isn’t fair. I will state this again, this comment was not to ok teenage pregnancy, just give another side.

  50. Tiffany says

    Omg, stfu. She is a frickin millionaire of course she is keeping the baby. Who is their right mind would think that someone like her would do anything OTHER than keep the baby? If she had an abortion, then she wouldn’t have come forth with this story that she was preggo. Celebrities are not stupid. They know how unpopular a decision to have an abortion is and would never make that public. They only do that if they had an abortion in the 80s or something and oooo how brave they are to talk about it now.
    You think she is setting some kind of example by saying she is keeping it? How about not getting pregnant in the first place? And now all this media around it is making it even more in your face. Just leave her alone, let her get fat, squeeze it out and watch it be raised by nannies from the covers of US magazine.

  51. says

    2) that is your opinion! YOU should have terminated your pregnancy! Maybe..your mother should have terminated her pregnancy..with you!


    She is no different than the next 16 year old that has become pregnant in this world!
    I think that people are wayyy to judgemental!
    The difference with Jamie lynn, and other teenagers are:

    Her sister is Very famous
    She(jamie lynn) has a hit show
    She has money!

    It isn’t like her life is over! GAG(GET A GRIP)
    I know a lady (she is 30) that became pregnant at 16, and she had twin boys! NOW the twins are 14, and they are doing so good, and so is she!
    It happens!!!!! ALL of this negativity is SICKENING!

  52. Elaine says

    I am interested in the comments about forcing a 16 year old to have an abortion. Can you do that in the US? I think it is horrifying if you can do that. There is no way that is possible here in the UK – its the pregnant mother’s choice and the child’s parents and the baby’s father has no say in it.

    Jamie Lynn has admitted her situation is not ideal but at least she is trying to make the best of it. She is not holding herself out as a role model. Personally I think the best thing she can do in that regard is to speak publicly about how hard parenthood is once the baby arrives, and it will be as it is for everyone, as her fans maybe will take notice of that.

  53. Tam says

    My Mom got pregnant with me at 16, had me right when she turned 17 and then when i was growing up she decided she likes partying, drinking and boys more then spending time with me.. i hold it against her now and we don’t talk..

    16 year olds ARE not mature enough for a baby…. I know this from experience.


  54. says

    I completely disagree with you. a sixteen year old is not emotionally mature enough to raise a child. Children of teenage mothers have the odds stacked up against them from the moment they are born. Sure, Jamie Lynn is a freak of nature; she has tons of money and the child can be cared for no matter what. But this is not the norm. 15-18 year olds are not prepared for raising children because they have not finished emotionally growing up themselves. A 50 year old mother can at least live long enough to see her child start college and begin living his or her life on their own. So I’d choose giving a 50 yo a child over a 16 yo.

  55. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    We could get into the whole “pro-life unless endangering the health of the mother’ etc, etc. But no, I would absolutely sacrifice my own life for the life of my child…born or unborn…I would sacrifice my life for them apparently as quickly as some others would march their pregnant daughters down to the abortion clinic.

    Yes 2teens3beans, we typically do hold similar views. I’m absolutely not willing to budge on this one, though, and I’m sure you’re not either. Thanks for understanding why I believe the way I do…but I truly believe that even if this topic didn’t hit so close to home that I would feel the same way. There’s nothing wrong with us supporting opposing sides of an issue. I hope you have a Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you before then!

  56. says

    And for the lady who said about taking an abortion over raising a child any day and the lady who said about her mum pushing her harder at 18, I honestly dont think you have any idea what it involves, or how you feel afterwards!

  57. says

    I cannot believe some of what I have read in some of these posts here!!! I believe she meant commended for attempting to raise the child, rather than just go oh well, lets get an abortion! Shes attempting to do the mature thing! Which brings me to the next thing, exactly how many of you know JL enough to call her immature??? As for forcing your child to abort, or not abort! Its not your body, therefore, not your decision! And raising the baby as your own? Again, in no way, shape or form your choice to make! Whilst Im not agreeing with teen pregnancy, as a young mum myself, I have to say they can make perfectly fine mums! Not every teen/young mum is silly and immature!!!

    Im deeply shocked at some of these comments! Are some of you mothers? As a mother, you have every right to be dissappointed but you should support your child, because they ARE your child! And if you can’t do that, what on earth makes you think you can raise their child??

  58. Lauren says

    Jamie-Lynn is handling this situation with such maturity and class. Not many 16 yr old girls would be willing or responsible in keeping their child. This happened and now Jamie-Lynn is dealing with it. Leave her alone!

  59. eyesofpearls says

    “I’D RATHER SEE A 16-YEAR OLD HAVING A BABY THAN 50-YEAR OLD”???? How stupid does one have to be to say this????
    The last sentence of your text, including the stupidity that Jamie should be commended for what she is doing is the most ridiculous thing that I have read on your blog so far. How can you ever commend a 16 year old for screwing two lives!? If not more? Obviously juvenile pregnancies are become a common thing for you in the States. In Europe we have other family values!

  60. HUH????? says

    Your Child would be mad at you at first??are you kidding me??? If you were willing to Force your 16 year old to abort a baby that she was willing to keep and try raising then you have problems!!!
    No Person regardless of their age or maturity should be forced to terminate a pregnancy that they themselves may want to keep! Its one thing if she chooses not to keep it but to be forced to is so wrong!
    That could be enough to mess a Person up forever the trauma that they killed their own baby because their mother didn’t want them to have it and their was nothing she could do to stop it from happening because she was forced… that would be enough to drive any girl to the brink of insanity,
    I’m sorry but ANY Mother that was willing to force their Daughter to terminate a pregnancy needs to get their head examined, Because Not only are you terminating that Pregnancy but you are killing your Grandchild! A blood baby that you will never get to know or see!

    And what you are saying # 54 is that you wish you would have aborted your child when you were 18….Does your Child know this??? Does your child know that he or she was and still is unwanted? Because stating that is saying that you regret keeping them and would have been better off without them? or at least that is how I am interpreting your statement!

  61. Amber says

    #46 -right on, couldn’t say it better.

    #50- I can see your point. However, I really don’t think that most 16 yo’s are equipped to make that decision. So, although my child would be mad at first, I think in the end she would thank me. I wish my mom would have tried harder to convince me at 18 when I was pregnant.

    As far as when life begins, that can be nothing more than an opinion. Neither you or I can say the answer for that to sure. Sure, you can argue that life begins with a heartbeat but it is that a viable life outside the womb….no. To me life begins when a baby can be born outside the womb and survive on their own. But, we can sit here and debate that all day. Bottom line, I think everyone agrees that this kid will most likely be messed up like the rest of the Spears clan.

  62. Bethany says

    I think the world became an aweful place when abortion was made ok. How on earth does a woman have the right to choose if she wants to kill her unborn baby? Imagine if your own mother had of aborted you?? Conception is the beginning of life and nothing will ever make it ok to murder another human being because thats what it is! Kudos to Jamie Lynn for keeping her baby in such an awkward situation, i hope God blesses her life abundantly! This baby was no mistake, God had a plan for this baby’s life when time began.

  63. 2teens3beans says

    Very well said, Liza. I was beginning to think that I was the only pro-choice poster on this blog!

  64. says

    i am 17 and am 5 months along with my baby i didnt want my baby at 1st because i was like i got no money am still living with my mom and i dont know how to bring up a baby but then i realised that its not the babies fult its mine and a baby should get a chance at life and now i cant wait to have my baby i got my own house my dad gave me a job and am getting my own money togther so i can bring up my baby and if i can do it with a little bit of money then jamie can do with all the money she has.

  65. Liza says

    Dora, adoption absolutely is a valid option for ANYONE facing an unwanted pregnancy. Millions of babies are born each here to parents who are unwilling or unable to take care of them, and they make the choice, albeit a difficult one, to place their children for adoption. FInances and age aren’t always a factor either. Although there are birth moms who regret their decision, many feel, even years later, that the choice they made was the right one. For you to imply that it is not “ok” to make that choice is unfortunate. Sometimes placing a child is the most loving and responsible thing a parent can do for their child. Just realize that the choice you would make for yourself and apparently your child should she be pregnant, is not the right choice for everyone else.

    I am pro-choice, vehemently pro-choice, but for a parent to state that they would march their child off to get an abortion is abhorrent to me. Because the point of the pro-choice movement is to give women a choice over their bodies. A parent is not the one who will have to undergo the pregnancy or the termination procedure. The point of the pro-choice movement is that all women have the freedom to explore ALL their options, and to make the decision that is right for them.

    I think the best thing a parent could do in this situation is to support their child in whatever decision they make, whether it be to terminate, place the child, or keep it. Well that, and teach their kid about responsibility and safe sex.

  66. daisy says

    Would rather see a 16 year old minor, who is still growing herself, with no life skills or tools, have a baby instead of a 50 year old?

    Clue me in, please.

  67. says

    jamie will have to grow up some day she cant have her mother there all her life she needs to grow up now if she wants to look after this baby.
    i bet soon after the baby is born she will be in ok! magazine again moning about all the sleep she will be losing

  68. 2teens3beans says

    K & K’s Mommy, I can understand why you are pro-life because of your past adoption. It makes perfect sense that you would feel that way.
    Ususally I am in agreement with what you post, but this time I have to say it… abortion in the first trimester should be (and is) the right of every woman or girl who has an unwanted pregnancy.
    The pro-choice / pro-life debate has been going on for decades and will probably continue for decades. There are valid arguments on both sides and each side feels that their argument is the right one.
    I would never “march my daughter in for an abortion” as someone recently posted… but I would clearly let her know that it was an available option. And I would make sure that she was fully informed of every option available to her so that she could make an educated choice. Because as Americans, it is still our right to be able to make that choice.

  69. Mandy says

    I agree #43. WM must have a screw loose. Or she’s kin to the Spears. I also agree that she’s biased. Maybe she’s had a kid at 16, that’s why she’s so for it. What ever her problem is, she needs to keep her opinions to herself and just run the site. Just post the pictures and shut up!

  70. Lesley says

    My father was adopted. Although his adopted family was very rich, they were emotionally distant and he grew up as an only child. It has marked his whole life and he has never gotten over it, always has thought “what might have been” and wondered if his birth parents might have been more loving. (They were married, had other children, and did not give him up willingly, he was taken due to serious illness of his mom and poverty of the family). Because of the lifelong effects I’ve seen it have on him, I would never consider adoption to be an option personally. I wonder what JLS’s baby might have felt if it had been given up for adoption and someday found out who it’s mom was. It might have wondered why, with all that money, she couldn’t have kept it.

  71. Daisy Boo says

    Shame on you webmistress….I’m with Tia. How on earth can you say you’d rather see a 16 yr old preggers than a 50 yr old who is finacially stable?? You must have a screw loose!!

  72. Dora The Explorer says

    I honestly can not believe that people who have great family support (like she does,and most other normal,loved families) would consider and LET their 16 year old daughter give the baby up for adoption? The thought makes me feel sick,what kind of people are you? How would you feel if your daughter got pregnant at that age? I would rather die then let them take her baby.. I would give everything i can,i would sacrafise my own life for both of them. I’d be the one up in the night if i had to,i’d be the one dealing with all the dirty nappies and sleepless nights .. I would help my child to make it easier for her,i would WANT to! But i would NEVER,NEVER NEVER! let her lose her child and go through the worst pain a human being can experience. I just can not understand that some of you think it’s ”ok” to give a baby up for adoption,i just can’t believe that this is the reality ..the World that we live in..

  73. oriana says

    Grip, I am so sorry that you grew up in an abusive home, it brought tears to my eyes to read that. You turned out to be a lovely lady in spite of what you have endured.

    I grew up with an alcoholic father who was never around that much and when he was he would beat my mother a lot. Many broken bones, I resented her for staying married to him as long as she did.

    I think that there is no comparison to Nancy Grace having babies at her age to this young girl, especially one that is as messed up as she is already, a child will just add to it, a sad situation to me!

  74. Tia :) says

    Umm…am I reading things write here? WM, you have got to be kidding me. You DIDNT just actually say that a 16 yr old is better off having a child then a 50 yr old?? Are you serious?? I am in total shock right now. So you mean to tell me, a child is better off having a child herself then a mature, financially stable 50 yr old?!? unbelievable! You are something else!

    This whole thing has gotten so far out of hand, it’s unbelievable.

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy, I agree with your post. I for one am not for abortion myself…but for those who are saying “I would march my daughter down to get an abortion done” It’s not your body. I agree with #4-Boo. If that was my daughter, i would raise that baby myself. That baby is also a part of you.

  75. Grip says

    Jessica – I think the trashiness of this family…the continues in her $1.0 million expose of her pregnancy to OK!…negates any educational value here.

    I agree, that this is actually a great time for many a parent to sit down with their child and have some frank discussions. I’m quite horrified by some of the stories I’ve heard since this began…. a mother whose child was mad at her because the mom had told her you can only get pregnant IF you are married, and now she knows her mother lied to her…for example.

    My daughter is young, but she once asked me if you have to be married to have a baby, I told her no, you do not. But you SHOULD be married when you have a baby. Mom, Dad, God would prefer it that way. Doesn’t always work out that way, but it is how it should be.

    I don’t beleive in lying to kids about important issues. I also don’t believe in living in denial, and I agree, 16 yr olds do have sex and have in the past and will in the future, so talking to your kids is very important. On that note…not ALL 16 yr olds have sex either, so that’s another reason to talk to your kid… I don’t think there are many of us that would honnestly say we would PREFER that our child be having sex at 16…. although, I’m sure I would be surprised about that too.

    But I still think JLS should not be on Zoey anymore…it sends a completely wrong message. Life is full of actions and reactions… do this and that will happen. I think children today need to see there are consequences. But in our society, I’m sure JLS will have a reality show out of this before it’s done.

  76. jessica says

    People keep saying that they aren’t going to let their kids watch her show anymore. Why?

    Teenagers have sex, it’s a fact. Given that the USA has the highest rate of teen pregnency in the world. You would think that people would be more inclined to enducate their children. Yet it seems the opposite.

  77. annie says

    Ah yes, pissing on the 50 year olds again. What a horrible bunch they are, trying to get pregnant at that age. It’s much better for a 16 year old to be a mother, because, umm, yes, they can be children together!

  78. Jx2 says

    Sisters are doing it for themselves…I would TOTALLY take my 16 year old daughter to have the pregnancy terminated…my decision would be in the best interest of my daughter for her to have great chance at a future with an education and plenty of time to see the world and decide for herself – if and when she is ready to have a child…women have many choices today and there is no reason to keep an unwanted pregnancy – I’m sure Gloria Steinem would agree!

  79. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    ^^^And I didn’t mention my role as mother because I obviously would need to be existant in order to bring my daughters into the world.

  80. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I wish the wm would STOP putting her own opinions in the updates…I want the news feeds to be factual; not obsure opinions. I for one would much rather see a 50-year-old pregnant than a 16-year-old….the elder of the two would have much more life experience, maturity, and (we hope) wisdom….especially if the 50-year-old is in a commited marriage relationship.

    I think Jamie Lynn made the right choice in choosing life for her baby; however, she didn’t make the right choice in having premarital sex…which is obviously what caused this problem in the first place!

    Those who are saying that abortion is the better option, that you would choose an abortion over raising the baby anyday, and that you would encourage your teen daughters toward the option of abortion are sadly astray. Life begins at conception…and subjecting a living creation of God to a barbaric death simply because of the mother’s irresponsible actions and lack of desire to keep the baby is sinful.

    The only thing that I have to thank my bio mother for is allowing me to live. I don’t wish to toot my own horn, but several peoples’ lives would be profoundly different if I weren’t apart of their lives…even though my contributions and work may be minimal on a grand scale, I know that my roles as wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor, teacher, etc. touch others in ways far more deeply than I could ever know….and I could never achieve that as a terminated fetus.

  81. E says

    I dont believe in abortion, so i think its good shes not getting one. I do feel that the magazines that and website that are telling her story are wrong. They should not air any more of her zoey 101 shows and not give her media attention.
    I dont want my pre-teen and teen children seeing all this hype about her when shes not even married or in a good relationship

  82. Grip says

    You know, in other posts I have been one of the people who have said does ANYONE in Hollywood get married anymore. And I have, like others, been duly attacked. But THIS is exactly what a complete breakdown of mores and values that helped mold our society leads too…. hey, it’s cool that Halle, and Nicole, and Jessica, and Angelina, and freakin 100 other celebs become unwed moms…it’s cool right? It’s 2007 right? Being married is not required and your an old school nerdy hag if you disagree with that.

    While I vehemently do not agree with the super conservatism that once gripped this country… nor do I beleive (as I said in another post)_ that unwed teenaged moms should be shipped off and pretend it did not happen… none of that is good… but we have let the pendulum swing so far to the other side that now,we’re here. A 16 year old CHILD is pregnant and some dimwitted designer is telling her how to dress… dress “innocently” at that. Her crack wh0re sister is sending her “hot momma 2 b” shirts and people are on line calling her HEROIC. It’s very sureal.

    Having a child, bringing a new life into the world, is the single most important thing we as humans do. Accepting responsibility for that child, raising and guiding it is the most awesome task we undertake. Having a child with someone should bond you to that person more than anything else. If you lack the committment to say “I do” to one another, you should not make an even stronger committment to have a child together.

    And the site is now filled with “I had a baby when I was 16 and now my kids in Yale…” I don’t want to be crass…but yippeeyahooey…. I strongly commend any man or woman who has a child at such a tender age and ends up not being a bad statistic, I really do. But lets be realy, it is NOT a desired path. It is NOT a smart choice. Just because you had the good fortune or fortitude to make it work, you should not reccommend it as “lifestyle choice” for others.

    I grew up in a horribly abusive home…I don’t think other children should. I have made more than a few of my own mistakes in my life, and I would not want to see anyone repeat them. I’m not saying a child is a “mistake” but being pregnant at 16 surely is.

    I know this is a long ramble, but what I’m saying is, as a country, as a society…we really need to start evaluating how dysfunctional we have all become and hopefully make some changes for the better.

  83. Grip says

    Jenny is also 100% right… and I am very close to logging off for good as well. There is 100% absoloutely NOTHING COOL or HEROIC or NEAT or anything good about a child having a child.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but her 50 vs 16 comment was showing that WM herself lacks judgement/

  84. Grip says

    Liza… you are my hero. LOL I think the WM is one of the Spears family!

    There is NOTHING brave or “heroic” (are you on weed?) about a 16 year old having a baby. ESPECIALLY a rich, spoiled, has the world at her fingertips 16 year old… I would have a lot more sympathy for a 16 yr old in another situation.

    BEING a parent is heroic and it is hard work. It is a job her big sister can not handle and apparently her own parents have not done so well with themselves. I hope Jamie Lynn will be different, but it would be hard to think that she’ll end up being mother of the year.

    The fact that Momma Spears ALLOWED her child to sell this story to OK! magazine just shows what dysfunctional, media wh0res this whole family is.

  85. Lauren says

    Heroic? What kind of crack are you on? Getting pregnant at 16 is heroic? Becoming a single mother at 16 is heroic?

    It’s irresponsible and stupid.

    Heroic, my ass.

  86. Abbe says

    Julie, you can’t be serious, can you? “Females are naturally prepared to have children”. Are you also of the mind that new mothers automatically bond with their children? How do you explain the countless women who have lost their children because they don’t know the first thing about being a mother? Our bodies may “naturally” prepare us for motherhood, but our minds and our maturity are a whole different kettle of fish.

    I don’t think that JL is doing anything heroic, either. I’m not an advocate of abortion, but she sold her unborn child to the media just to get some money. What kind of example is that setting for children? Forget her age for a moment and how immature she may or not be. For anyone to race to a magazine and get money to tell the world they are pregnant has some serious problems and I pray she and her older sister get help as soon as possible.

  87. Denise says

    This site blows. I didn’t say anything that bad to have my comment moderated. Web mistress is immature and is biased. She has her own agenda. And if you don’t follow it she takes your comments off. And, she isn’t a celebrity. If she was she wouldn’t have time to be doing this stupid site. Moderate that!

  88. Tam says

    Amen to Jenny’s comment…

    you seem to glamorize teen pregnancy at this site…. when it isn’t the best choice to make.

  89. Tam says

    I think amber is right… JL just wanted a baby cuz its the current trend in hollywood to have a “baby” accessory…

  90. boo says

    If you are not prepared to have it, then there is a little thing we like to call adoption… To give a Family who is Desparate to have a child and for one reason or another can’t, giving them the opportunity to be parents…and in turn giving the Child a chance at life and love!!!! I’d say its a win win situation, ( Girl is not ready to have a child, Girl gives Child too a family , Girl doesn’t have to deal with the responsibilities of raising the baby and The Baby is Loved and its Adoptive parents are Happy and feel complete)
    Seems like the decision is pretty easy to me…Or at least in my own opinion!!!

  91. Amber says

    wouldn’t make my 16yo go through an abortion……hhhhmmmm but there’s no trauma in being a teen parent. I’ll take the trauma of an abortion any day of the week…

    What is so “doing the right thing” about bringing a child into the world you aren’t prepared to have. I call it selfish.

  92. Granny says

    Hmm a 50 year old with years of wisdom and life experience behind her and probably a strong desire to be a mother or a 16 year old with less of life’s wisdome and still a lot of maturity to acquire and most likely an accidental pregnancy.

    Both groups can be successful and sometimes are. But to state better to be the 16 than the 50 is something I’m not certain I believe in.

    And I hope the phrase “commended for keeping her baby” isn’t a slur against adoption as a good option.

    In any case life is certainly going to change for this young lady.

  93. jenny says

    As an avid reader, I am now totally done with this site. You’re glamourizing teen pregnancy. And this statement here:”
    I would much rather see a 16-year-old girl pregnant than a 50-year-old! Jamie Lynn should be commended for keeping her baby…that bis a very brave and heroic choice that she has made.”

    Is completely in bad taste. If it takes someone to the age of 50 to have a baby, usually because of fertility problems, they are going to be so appreciate and loving towards that baby. 50 year old make wonderful mothers. A 16 year old that had a child as an “accident” is going to ba far worse mother.

    You’ve lost a reader.

  94. oriana says

    Why should it come as a surprise to anyone what these girls do? The whole family is lacking in morals and decency. Brit snubs her nose at society’s rules on a daily basis, the mother is the worst of the lot. This baby will be neglected and messed up the way the other two boys have been.

    Brit is not held accountable for anything she does, from plainly disrespecting the court system to parking in handicapped spots whenever she pleases, anyone else would have been fined and held up to standard by now.

    There are no standards when it comes to this very low class family.

  95. Team Jolie says

    Well it’s not like she’s going through all of the problems that other teenage mom’s go through, she has the money, it’s just maturity she lacks. Her mother (I hope) can help her with that.

  96. Liza says

    What is with the WM and the Spears girls? Every bad decision they make, you look the other way, or try to find a way to justify it. While other celebriies, you can’t bear to give the benefit of the doubt. What, are you related to them or something?

    Everyone has their own opinions about abortion, and that’s fine. She’s made her choice and that’s exactly what pro-choice people want. However, to somehow neglect the fact that her other decisions were poorly made is sad. She should not be looked at as a role model in this in anyway. Not to mention the pathetic parenting and supervision she was given.

    Even more pathetic is that she and her mother SOLD the story to OK magazine for $1 million. They are profiting off of their poor decision making and poor parenting.

    Open your eyes, this family doesn’t deserve anyone’s attention or justifications.

  97. Anzhelika says

    dont worry about her, she has got money,this is more important.I would care about an average or poor 16-year girl ,but definitely not about Lynn…

  98. says

    she shouldnt of been having sex any way if she wasnt having sex with an 18 year old then she wouldnt be in a difficult situation that family is going down hill fast

  99. Georgia says

    I think you mean she should NOT be condemned for keeping the baby. Typo. Jamie Lynn is in such a difficult situation and i think she is handling it so well. Everybody makes mistakes and hers will effect her for the rest of her life and im sure she knows that. Im so proud of her for taking responsibility and keeping the baby. Human life is a precious gift and i hope people stop judging her now and just accept that it has happened and support her because she made the right decision. No matter what anyone says, abortion IS murder and God is the only one who has the right to take away an innocent life.

  100. says

    she got her self pregnant she should look after the baby and if you ask me i would never ever let my 16 year old sleep with an 18 year old man

  101. MyNameIs says

    Heroic? Not hardly! Is it heroic to be so stupid not to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, as well as pregnancy? Is it heroic to sell your story and make money off your unborn child? Give me a break. It would be heroic to place that child with an adult couple who had more good sense and the capacity to care for this child.

  102. Arielle says

    Abortion IS a horrible thing and while I dislike and disapprove of Jamie Lynn Spears, she is doing the right thing of having the baby–not many pregnant teenagers would do that.

  103. phnxgirl says

    Holy crap! What a blog this will be! I don’t see how abortion is right. Say what you want about it not being a “real person” yet, but even at 12 weeks that little fetus has a heartbeat. You are killing something, I don’t care what you think it is at that time. Go thru the pregnancy and then give the baby up to a family who desperately wants a child of their own.

  104. boo says

    I feel the same way Julie… I would never EVER let my child abort a baby, Regardless her age, if she was 13 and preggers I would raise that child til she was able and ready to do it herself! My mother always said the same for me and My siblings, that if we ever got ourselves in a situation like that that she would be there helping us every step of the way! And I would most definitely follow in my mothers footsteps! As We believe that it is Not a childs fault that it is concieved to young parents…and that every baby is a blesssing and deserves a Chance at life!
    Just because someone is a young parent does not mean that they will be a Bad one!

  105. 2teens3beans says

    I think she was irresponsible for NOT terminating the pregnancy. However, it was her choice and thank god she still has the right to make that choice in this country.
    If it was my 16 yo daughter I would make sure that she knew all of the options available to her, including abortion.

  106. April says

    i think JL did the responsible thing of keeping her baby, and not terminating it like nothing happened. Yes, it is a decision teenagers shouldnt make, but i hope she can be a role model to teenage moms about responsibility, and not just leaving a child in some else’s care, to go party.

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