Angelina Jolie & Zahara

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina was snapped with Zahara, who turns 3 next month, in the French Quarter of New Orleans on December 21st. The family is in New Orleans for Christmas.

What an adorable rubber ducky necklace!



  1. Christina says

    No. Oscars have their own party and I’m not sure how it works for public guest as I went for different reasons. Plus, that particular party that the Oscar throws, people literally walk right thru and go to the studio parties – those are fun!

  2. oriana says

    Thanks Christina, yes, the movie was interesting and had an unusual theme to it.

    None of those Arquettes are nice looking to me, maybe Rosanna is the best one of the bunch as far as looks go.

    I was wondering about the Oscars, if someone attends the ceremony are they automatically invited to the parties too? I would love to see how they interact out of the public eye when they are partying!

  3. Christina says

    She looks like David’s side of the family. Remember his sisters? All blonde and blue-eyes and his cross-dressing gay brother is also has a fair complexion.

    Anyway, the point about Sliding Doors and why I suggested it to you is that it’s all about choice… each moment we make a choice even something as simple as brushing our teeth. Choice, fate, timing… makes life fun!

  4. oriana says

    I wonder, who is Coco supposed to favor? She certainly doesn’t look like Courtney, I think she is beautiful, and I don’t see David either? Which parent is she supposed to look like?

  5. oriana says

    Ladies, you won’t believe this! Two nights ago on the Free Movie channel I was skimming thru, thought I would watch The Fog again, and saw that! I do love Gwynnie, I think she is a fantastic actress and has mastered the English accent. I watched the movie, couldn’t understand when they were talking fast! It was sad to me.

    Nicki, you made me laugh about them moving to Idaho! Ha!
    You are right on about those kids! Sadie is only cute to me now because I do love a Fat baby and I like her curly hair, I have never thought Violet was pretty but such a happy sweet child! I kind of think Apple is pretty, to me she looks better than the rest of the ones mentioned.

    Matilda looks just like a boy, identical to Heath! I think Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a Horse, I have never seen anything pretty about her, the little boy looks just like her husband and I think he is wimpy acting.

    Again, I got a huge laugh out of the Willis girls! One of them is cute to me, the youngest one is Bruce made over and the oldest one is not pretty no matter how many wigs she puts on!!!!! You crack me up!!!!!!!!

  6. Nicki says

    I did enjoy that movie, and I am pleased you felt the same as I did after seeing it. Good to know someone who acutally saw it. You don’t know how many times I have suggested that movie to some people when asked. It’s nice to “meet” someone who actually watched it and enjoyed it.

  7. Christina says

    It’s a GREAT film and I love the message of choices, fate, and how a moment can alter your life completely.

  8. Nicki says

    Christina~ I thought I was the only one who saw that movie! I really liked it. I know NOONE who saw it.LOL.

  9. Nicki says

    oriana~well I do apprieciate you not saying “that”, but I do find her beautiful. Most of the pics may not be the best, and I do agree with Ryder, Coco, and I will add James Wilke, Sadie Sandler, Violet, Sam Sheen, Matilda Ledger, and Apple Martin-she does look cute in some pics, but basically right now isn’t a beauty. (to me)

    And your right not all celeb kids are beautiful………look at the Willis girls, no wonder they headed off to Idaho. They are probably nice kids, I don’t know, but to say they weren’t blessed in the looks department is an understatment. But looks won’t make you happy, being the best person you can be and enjoying life will. Looks are small potatoes, unless you are in showbiz,lol.

  10. Christina says

    Oriana~ I don’t know 1 woman who is NOT a pro at it. Most women know their strengths and like ALL doctors tell you, flirting is healthy and natural. To me, there is a define line between flirting and physical contact (sex). I flirt w/the gay grocery guy and it means nothing. It’s one thing to target a man and say, “I’m going to seduce you” but it’s inevitably up to him if he allows it. Furthermore, I truly don’t believe AJ had that in mind.

    Have you seen the movie SLIDING DOORS w/Gwyneth Paltrow? See that movie if you can.

  11. oriana says

    Christina, that is a saying I have never heard before, I like it!

    Yes, Brad was in a committed relationship but she knew he was also. I think both of them had their fun flirting and playing around. There are many ways to be “close” other than the actual sex act. I would think she is a Pro at that and I have always thought Brad was weak.

    Nicki, for the life of me I don’t see where you see “Beautiful” at when you see Zahara, it is a nice picture but she looks much better now that she has gotten older, I thought she was, well I won’t say the word, but it is the opposite of pretty! Sorry! I just have never thought this child was pretty at all, of all the celeb kids, I also don’t see Coco as pretty, downright homely to me and Ryder Russell is the same way.

    All celeb kids aren’t beautiful at all to me.

  12. Christina says

    I disagree re: AJ seducing him. I think they clicked and it grew and it’s that simple. No poor Brad. He’s a grown man and is the one who was in a committed relationship. Remember, you don’t get to choose where your heart goes, it goes on it’s own even if one tries desperately to resist it. A famous saying, “what you resist, persist.” You would be surprised by how many actors & actresses sleep with their co-stars – happens all the time and with happily married people – people you would never imagine and they do not end their marriages. It takes 2 to tango and 2 for a marriage to fall apart.

  13. oriana says

    Yes, I did read it and I do agree her words were twisted around. I also cannot stand the way that Anne Curry fawns over her, in every interview I have seen with them she practically kisses her ass! I think Angie will say what she thinks and is an honest person. I just think that in filming with Brad, and NO, I have never thought they slept together, but I think Angie used all her tricks to entice and seduce him. With the bloom off the roses between him and Jennifer, I think the timing was right, poor Brad was swept off his feet! He didn’t have a chance in Hell against her!

  14. Christina says

    Oriana~ have you read the article in ELLE re: “blob”? You should. A lot of questions/concerns/doubts so forth is answered and set straight in the article.

    Read it if you haven’t. You will see and recognize how easily the media takes something completely out of context. I’m sure you are already aware of that but I think you will find the interview an interesting read.

  15. oriana says

    Christina, I stated months ago that I thought her children would follow her lead when they become adults. I easily see them working for the United Nations and traveling the world as she does. I see many people being helped, thousands, by all her kids. I do think that Brad will be with her for years and years to come, unless he actually caught her with another person, and then, who knows what action he would take?

    I have also always said he is the celebrity, she is the STAR and the family revolves around her.

  16. Chrissy says

    Here’s the entire interview with AJ re: the “blob” comment. You will see for yourself that it was in fact the interviewer that suggested newborns are “blobs” NOT AJ. AJ merely agreed. She did NOT say directly Shiloh was a blob but that newborns compared to older children are like “blobs” because their personalities have yet developed. BUT it was the interviewer that suggested blob.

  17. Christina says

    Yes, and I believe she will teach ALL her kids to be humble and hopefully have the same desires she does and want to continue her work when they become adults. Shiloh is actually Namibian as well – they gave her citizenship there (LOL).

    AJ is really into eastern philosophy and the belief is that when a soul enters the world – where they enter karma is created as well. My opinion is that Brad and AJ say she is born in Namibia because she was in the physical sense of place of birth. He points out where they were born. They’re ALL American as well but we know that.

    And yes, I see your point though I have an opposite thought – no biggie.

  18. oriana says

    I can see where her heart breaks at the thought of the lives they would have had. That is why I see her adopting more children under similar circumstances and that will be a good thing to me.

    I just have a problem with both of them, when talking about Shiloh, saying “we have one child born in Namibia, it is like they want her to be in the same category as the adopted kids were, she wasn’t. She was born to Angie, biological and I don’t see why that would be a problem for anyone.

    I hope you can see my point in this. Brad acts like Shiloh is Namibian the way he speaks and that irritates me.

    She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth as the saying goes, but the other kids have the same luxuries and blessings in life that she does, as they say, they are all brothers and sisters, now, I just hope Shiloh doesn’t feel inferior when she gets older compared to the others, present and the ones to come, because Angie has such a strong desire to save the kids in poverty.

  19. Christina says

    AJ has never said she does not care about Shiloh. She said she was less inclined to feel a certain something toward Shiloh that she feels toward her adopted because they are survivors. She also spells it out w/an interview w/Ann Curry and cried. I see her point or I should say, I understand what she means and is trying to say. Perhaps has the interview w/Curry and you can judge it for yourself. Basically, AJ states that if she had not adopted Maddox his life would have been poverty, landmines, and digging out of trash bins for food (which happens thru-out Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand) Little boys and girls begging for food and dirty… it will crush you to experience that and I promise you, that is a sight you will never forget and till this day, I will not go back to Thailand due to the child prostitution (4 -12 yr. olds). As for Z, she would have grown up in poverty in a 3rd world country where women are thought of as nothing and the AIDS virus. Shiloh was born into a loving family w/2 parents in the United States where that does not happen. She’s comparing their difference in birth right and cries on the Ann Curry show. She’s not crying about the way Shiloh entered the world – Shiloh would never come close to experiencing the possibility destined to the other children had she not adopted them. That’s where her heart deepens because the thought of them possibly having to live that breaks her and causes her to feel something different. That’s not the same as saying she feels more love for them. It’s just different. I get it. I understand that. Remember, she’s constantly reminded about the poverty and orphans as she sees it often in a year. I’d go home and grab my children and cry my eyes out and feel like, hey I saved these kids… I could only imagine a combination of sadness, tears and joy. With Shiloh it’s this is my beautiful little baby (period) with NO back story.

    And yes, Oriana- that’s your opinion and a lot of people have that same opinion.

  20. oriana says

    Chrissy, I am sure you don’t want to hear from me but I would like to respond. I think that Angie does like Shiloh, I like she has love for her to a certain degree, nothing compared to what she feels for her adopted kids though. I think she had one biological child to appease Brad, her heart is with the orphans and she feels a need to help them.

    I think she has tried to bond with Shiloh but she can’t help her lack of motherly nuturing and natural instincts she is lacking with her. It is sad, it doesn’t make her a mean person, I think she still has some mental issues she hasn’t been able to resolve. She has only come as far as she has now because of the children and with Brad’s support and help. Sorry, this is just how I feel by what I have seen and heard out of her.

    Happy New Year to you also!

  21. Chrissy says

    Exactly – you’re funny! No, I’m not a regular on this site. I like Nicki. She’s funny as well so yes I did get her sarcasm but still felt the desire to put in my thoughts.After all, there are so many people who actually believe AJ doesn’t like her child and so much is often blown out of context (anyone for that matter not just AJ) even some of my postings and others. At the end of the day, all of this is too humorous.

    Happy New Year!

  22. Exactly says

    186 and 187 obviously you haven’t been around here very long. Nicki is a huge advocate of Brad and AJ. Look out. She was being sarcastic but of course that went over your heads. 187 you don’t entertain me. If I want entertainment it wouldn’t be from you. But, I do like the way you always have a comeback. We could do this for days. Lol! Which means to me you like to debate. Bring it on gal.

  23. Chrissy says

    Exactly, didn’t realize my job was to entertain you from your already boring existence. Again, still wasting your time on something you don’t care about. LOL

    Nicki, unless I hear something directly out of AJ’s mouth re: disliking her child and not based on false interpretations, I don’t/won’t believe it. I know how the press room works and the manipulation, twist on words/statements work – I’d gamble to say she loves all her children including Shiloh.

  24. Susie G. says

    Hey thanks Chrissy! I actually have always wondered how that stuff works. I’ve never been around celebrities and was curious. Thanks and it does shed some light on it. Barbara Walters said Shiloh’s baby photos sold for 4 million dollars! Walters said they donated the money to charity.

    Nicki- I don’t think Angelina hates Shiloh. I think the media twist her words and takes them out of context. Jolie said 2 things about Shiloh and people interpret it to mean she hates her child? I think people saying she hates her kid is much more harmful to Shiloh than anything Jolie has said.

  25. Exactly says

    I also don’t tend to read such long posts. Get to the point in few words or less. Otherwise you are boring me!

  26. Nicki says

    Chrissy~ That doesn’t fit into the tabloid stories they love and live by. You know—Angie hates Shiloh!.

    Thanks for your input. Interesting.

  27. Chrissy says

    Exactly – clearly you care or else you would not have read it. LOL Let me educate you, when people truly don’t care about something or someone, they don’t waste the time nor energy to say they don’t care – they simply don’t care and say nothing. Easy to assume your little brain will have a hard time understanding that.

  28. oriana says

    Jenna, no neeps for me then! Ha! Although I do love turnip greens!!!!! I read where Prince Charles loves his clotted cream!!!!! I want to try some one day for sure!

  29. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Sounds good Oriana, I love macaroni and cheese! And I can’ stand Devon clotted cream I’m afraid! Haha, neeps is a Scots word for turnips sorry.

  30. Chrissy says

    Furthermore re: the paparazzi. The tension is much greater when Shiloh is present because at the end of the day, it’s about $$$. Numerous of photographers have said they make their living at selling photos of celeb children. If a photo of Shiloh sales for 300K and photos of Z sale for 25K, what do you think a scenerio like bringing Shiloh out is like compared to Z? Paparazzi will be far more pushy. I applaud AJ and Brad for the way they handle the paparazzi. They are mindful and careful and yet, still respectful and due to that, some not all of the paparazzi are somewhat respectful of a physical space (meaning they will stand 10 feet away instead of rushing up and getting directly in their face).

  31. Chrissy says

    Wow, some of these postings are so incredibly odd and off the point but oh well – at the end of the day it’s a chat. Whoever is using other people’s name and saying horribly harsh comments is in serious need of therapy and meds.

    Ok, someone asked about the truth of PR, security and paparazzi. I have 20 yrs experience in this so hopefully my input is educational. 1st, if you call any tabloid magazine and pretend to have a pic of Shiloh u will find out first hand the price for a shot is 3 times the amount for any other celeb child including the other Jolie-Pitt children. With that said, the paps are much more eager to get too close to obtain a shot. Security: Decoy. You send the other children out with Brad (paparazzi follows him) and AJ goes out the back w/Shiloh. Othen times we use this tactic to keep a safe environment. Everyone does it. Today’s paparazzi will go to great lengths to get a photo and it can often times lead to a dangerous situation, not to mention paps will try to bait the celeb into an altercation. A LOT of time and money is spent on planning security for celebs and their children and a child at “high risk” is sheltered more and it’s in the best interest for the child.

  32. oriana says

    I would love to taste the Yorkshire pudding! I saw in a magazine from Canada about the Devon clotted cream, that looked delish! I am sure you have tried it! Had my Southern style traditions, blackeyed peas, cabbage, Ham, Roast/carrots/onions/ potatoes and macaroni and cheese. With some good homemade cornbread! I don’t know what neeps is? Sorry!

  33. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, I didn’t eat much at all on New Year’s Day, I was too hungover haha! Had a big meal with kilties, roast tatties, yorkshire puddings, neeps and turkey the night before though. What about you? Happy New Year!

  34. oriana says

    don’t worry kimora’s mommy, Auntie Oriana is in your corner and awaiting the new little one! I understand that you don’t want to stray from the K’s to an O for a new name trend! Ha! Got a huge storm coming thru here and I will be cooped up and not able to get out of the house this weekend! Guess I will dream about going to Mimi’s Cafe!!!!

    You have a good evening my Dear!!!!!

  35. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Wow…someone here is relentless….relentlessly stupid! My goodness; didn’t realize they’d STILL be at it with the whole posing thing. Wow Oriana I feel like I have to apologize simply because that awful trash was posted under my name!

    Mayra gracias por sus bendiciones! He disfrutado nuestra conversacion. Debemos seguir hablando en un thread mas al dia! 🙂

  36. 000 says

    Good Oriana, I hope you’re able to reach your goal this time. Must really be disappointing to not be able to control your appetite. bon apetite!!!

  37. 0000 says

    Good Oriana, I hope you’re able to reach it this time. Must really be disappointing to not be able to control your appetite. bon apetite!!

  38. oriana says

    Hi 2beans, that is sooo cute! I bet those dogs are adorable!!!! Love them! Wished you hadn’t mentioned Baked Beans though, now I want some, yep, food AGAIN, love them.

    Sorry #167, there goes my New Year’s resolution, now I will only strive to get down to 1000 pounds!!!!!!! That will be my new goal!!!!!

  39. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    oriana i know you are lying about your weight you HEFER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^^ LOL too funny Oriana!
    My 3 beans are for my dogs… they are Boston Terriers. (Boston Baked Beans)

  41. 0000 says

    Oriana, are you one of those 900 pound people that can’t get out? You sure do love food…a lot…since that seems to be all you talk about!!

  42. Sandra says

    I’m sorry Oriana, I’m not the same Sandra you know… same name 😛 But still, nice to meet you, and happy new year!

  43. oriana says

    2teens, have to ask, where did the 3beans come from in your name? Just wondering, I think it is a cute name!

  44. oriana says

    Sandra Dear, haven’t heard from you in a while, how are things in Sacramento? Probably overcast and cold! Happy New Year to you!

    2teens3beans, agree with you all the way! Stayed up late last night, 4:30am, watching TV! Fixing to eat my blackeyed peas and corncakes! Guess you are resting today!

    Jenna, what did you have to eat today? Anything special? Stay warm over there! Happy New Year my Dear! Always think of Braveheart when I think of you! Ha! I loved that movie!

    kimora’s mommy can handle her own! Good for her! I don’t worry about that young lady being dumped on at all!

    Happy New Year to all of you!!!! Back to the normal business tomorrow for me. Will put decorations away Saturday, oh I dread that!

  45. mayra sanchez says

    kimora espero que disfrutara,la llegada para este nuevo nuevo dia y todos los dias que esten por venir.
    te deseo mucha salud sobretodo,lo demas vendra por agregacion,
    muchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss felicccccccccccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiiiidadessssssssssssss para ti y los tuyos,espero que para el nuevo bebe,que esta en camino,escogas un nombre tan hermoso,como el que escogiste para tus hijas

    un abrazo


  46. Jenna M. (UK) says

    2teens3beans and Mandy, the WM clearly does not give a damn what goes on on her site. It appears she has no conscience or sense of what is right. I have complained about several posts before (mainly the r-a-c-i-s-t ones) and she hasn’t even given me the courtesy of replying, never mind actually doing something about it! Also, isn’t it funny that the word “r-a-c-i-s-t” is blocked, yet the “c” word someone used here earlier isn’t?

    Happy New Year 2teens3beans, and Oriana, Tia, K & K’s Mommy and everyone else! Hope you all had a good night and behaved yourselves last night!

  47. Sandra says

    Wow, the haters are so hatefilled that they even talk sh… about children and babies… How low, how low…

    Happy new year to the BAMPZS and fans

  48. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Ya, I have asked repeatedly and no action is taken. It’s crazy!
    Anyway, happy new year to you Nicki and to Oriana, Deeds, UK Jenna, Liza, Kimora & Kariah’s mommy!!

  49. Nicki says

    Of course it wasn’t Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy. Anyone who posts here regularly or semi-regular knows that. They all know who it is.
    It is odd why the posts that many people have requested be removed.,aren’t. I mean cheese whiz and farts are one thing, annoying and such, but others are just unexceptable and they remain. I have never requested a post be removed except for those two.

  50. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Mandy…’s exasperating because I feel like you are grouping me in with the nasty commenters, which isn’t fair at all!! I didn’t post #154, obviously. 2teens3beans is my buddy, plus I never use profanity.

    I understand that you’ve started commenting relatively recently, but review my posts if that’s what it takes, because I don’t like being accused as guilty by association.

    Someone keeps hijacking names; I accused JJ, and then this mean post about 2teens3beans appeared under my name….very telling I should say.

  51. Mandy says

    You people are sick. I’m going elsewhere for my blogging enjoyment. Always arguing with one another, and just not agreeing to disagree. You people can say some mean stuff to each other. And the vulgarity. Web Mistress what kind of site are you running here? You need help! Outta here!!!

  52. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    2teens3beans you really are a stupid moron and you smell like camel sh*t !!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    2teens3beans…I’m not so sure this is Joey. I think it’s JJ, actually. The poser Oriana spelled my daughter’s name like “Kimorah” with an h and JJ did that later in another thread when she was (surprise!) dissing me. JJ and the imposter Oriana are the only ones on this blog that have ever spelled Kimora with an “h”. In addition, JJ was carrying on a conversation with a fake Joey, because Joey later posted as “the real joey”….so I think she was posing at joey as well.

    No matter who it is, though, I agree that wm needs to start moderating these comments.

  54. 2teens3beans says

    WM, I have complained for a few days now about Joey’s sick posts yet they are still there! Do you moderate?

  55. tYkEisHa BaBii says

    sHe nEedZ 2 Do SomEthIn wiT dAt BabY hAiR {sErioUslY}
    AnD nsyda shE shoulDnT hAvE goTten A blAcK bAbY

  56. oriana says

    Well my goodness, Joey, JJ, how did you know I love bananas? I certainly need my potassium as old as I am!

    Now I think I will have my husband take me to Baskim Robbins tomorrow and get me a Banana Split! Yum!

  57. oriana says

    I was just messing around the house today and thought of an interesting thing to do. I went into the kitchen to eat a bannana because I was hungry. I sat down and started eating it…When I was eating it I thought to myself I wonder what it is like to have a bannana shoved up my cunt…….I took an extra bannana and shoved it up there and started humping it. My hubby walked in and found me humping the yellow fruit and beat me over the head with a frying pan……….DICK!!!!!!!

  58. oriana says

    Hi Deeds, oops, I thought it was one of those new Fraps they have, I love the strawberry one.

    Jenna Dear, no snow here for me but wish I had some! Cold though, and rain too. Hope you had lots of goodies to eat and was able to spend time with family. I had a peaceful day, no arguing or fussing, which was a Christmas blessing in itself! Ha!

    Mandy, there are some super nice people on here and then there are some Fools too! Welcome!

  59. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, I had a great Christmas thanks, yourself? Did you get much snow? We didn’t have a single flake of snow this Christmas!

  60. Deeds says

    It’s not a drink it’s a pastry. Try it, it will become a tradition to serve it in the winter. It has 4 me anyway.

  61. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Mayra…la comida parece buenisima…toda menos la carne…yo soy vegetariana!! Sin embargo, mi esposo no es. No me di cuenta de que ya vives en la republica dominicana! He probado el platano como mencionaste….me gustan mucho los dulces tambien!

    Mi querida mama siempre prepara la comida navidena para toda mi familia…es mi mama adoptiva, y la quiero mucho. Tengo muchos hermanos adoptivos y nos reunimos muy a menudo. Adios y un abrazo para ti y tu familia tambien!

    Oriana don’t worry; she wasn’t commenting on your posts. We were talking about how our families celebrate Christmas, etc. Thanks, I hope I have a good weekend with my kiddies, too! Starbucks…hmmm….sounds like a good idea to me. I might have to make a lunch stop tomorrow with the girlies! 🙂

  62. oriana says

    I need help. I just took off my shirt and found a festering sore on the tip of my nipple. I’m trying to put my mouth over it but it wont reach.Jenna M you are a carpetmunching loser.

  63. oriana says

    Deeds my Dear, I knew you were definitely smart enough to figure it out! I am going to Starbucks tomorrow to try out that yummy drink!

    Jenna, hope you had a peaceful Christmas over there!

    Nicki, have to have cornbread and buttermilk cornbread at that! I actually like what we call, high water cornbread, corncakes on top of the stove, crispy, love them! And I have a new jar of Hot Chow Chow relish also to go along with the blackeye peas! Yummy!

    Deeds, you may be having a cold front coming thru this weekend with lots of rain, stay warm honey!

  64. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Haha, enjoyed reading your revealing posts Oriana (!).

    To the loser who impersonated Oriana: from what I remember of sex ed in school, chlamydia does not cause a rash. It has no symptoms. So if I was you, I’d be getting myself checked out in the morning sweetheart.

  65. 2teens3beans says

    Up at the top of the page is a “contact us” button. If we all send an email to the webmistress she will hopefully do something to ban the impersonator.

  66. 2teens3beans says

    Jx2, you seem reasonably intelligent so why do you bother encouraging children? Your fan Joey is probably around 12 to 14 years of age. Joey, we all know it’s you impersonating Oriana.

  67. Nicki says

    oriana~Black eyed peas and cabbage is a must. We also have cornbread, very yummy. It has always brought us the best of the best. Best of all to you and yours in the New Year. Give Ozzy a hug and a kiss for me please.

    Happy New Year to all, happy health and all the best wishes. (even to the ones who try ruin these threads:lol:)

  68. Liza says

    If you’re going to pretend to be someone else, at least get the information right. You know, before you go making crude posts about STD’s, do a little research about the actual disease so at the very least you can be accurate.

    Otherwise you look a little ignorant and whole lot childish.

  69. oriana says

    Thank you Nicki, I knew you of all people would know it wasn’t me! Are you ready for your blackeyed peas for New Years Day? And Cabbage? Good luck and Good health all year with these traditions!

  70. Nicki says

    oriana~everyone on here knows that wasn’t you. I think we all know who it was. And like every other post they leave, it is NEVER funny.

  71. oriana says

    Well folks, let the games begin! Someone is trying to be funny but alas, it isn’t working! Those of you know me realizes those pathetic posts aren’t me!

    kimora’s mommy, honey please let mayra know I didn’t write those, she seems like a very nice person and she may not realize it isn’t my writing. Thank you and have a nice weekend with the kiddies!!!!

    Deeds, that was cute, very cute!

  72. mayra sanchez says

    kimora,la familia es una bendicion de DIOS,todo aque que tiene una familia unida y llena de valores,es un tesoro precioso, que determinara el desarrollo espiritual de cada persona,no hay nigun regalo material,que se compare a este hermoso tesoro.
    en mi pais tenemos,la misma gastronomia que en PUERTO RICO
    comemos cerdo asado,preferiblemente al horneado al carbon,
    pasteles en hojas,que contiene platano verde,guineo verde,yautia amarilla,relleno de carne,es buenisimo,arrozcon guandules,diversos tipos de ensaladas,pastelitos de harina de maiz,con carne y muchos frutos secos y dulces diversos
    bayyyyyyyyyyyyy cuidate mucho
    un beso y abrazo para ti y toda tu familia

  73. mayra sanchez says

    kimora,la familia es una bendicion de DIOS,y el amor que se viva en esta,es lo que va a determinar,el ser humano en que se convertira un nino,en el futuro,lo material no es necesario,no complementa el desarrollo espiritual de un ser humano.
    en mi pais,comemos por lo general el cerdo asado,los pateles en hojas,que se hace a base de platano,guineo,yautia y el relleno de carne.empanadas,diversos tipos de ensaladas,pan de frutas
    y los diversos dulces de la navidad.
    y tu que tal la celebras?
    como te daras cuenta nuestro menu,gastronomico es muy pareciddo al puertorriqueno
    bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy un beso y un abrazo para ti y toda tu familia

  74. oriana says

    Today I woke up not feeling to good and I have this horrible itchy rash in my carpet area. I just got back to the doctors and it’s confirmed that I have chlamydia. It itches and itches and I keep scratch+in and scratchin. Does anybody out there have any advice for me?????

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i know my abc’s next time wont you sing with me.

  75. oriana says

    You guys need to stop talking about cookies and pie.. .I’m getting sick of all of you morons…The only pie I wanna talk about is Angies hair pie…I just love bushy pie, I love when the hair sticks in my teeth and I have to use dental floss just to get it out.Deeds I had a wonderful time with you lastnight, boy you did things to me like you have never done before. I hope the hubby don’t get mad because you go both ways……It’s all good, and so were you. I hope you liked the fur blanket that I gave you, sorry i stained it but you can just wash it clean……….I just love furs. The doctor said I need to go into therapy for my strange fur fetish. But i’m not going to because the doctor will tell me that it’s not right for me to be humping furs. I’m already seeing the doctor for the birth of my daughter suri. My doctor say’s im wacked because I think suri is real. Hey she is real to me, so what if she has a plastic head and a cloth body. She still cries real baby tears, and she loves when I burp her.I just need to keep a bonnet on her head so she don’t burn the top of her head and arms.When i put pants on her legs she screams because she has festering sores that are pussing and it’s all green and smells like fruit cake.I just take a slice of bread and cover it with peanut butter and place it over her mouth so she can’t talk, i’m tired of hearing how she is going to harvard to become a dairy queen worker.ohhhhhhhhhh what a life I have, I need a drink.

  76. Nicki says

    oriana~thanks for the recipe. I will try it soon. Of course you have to put pecans on it,lol, I love nuts. I miss my 3 pecan trees that we had in the yard.

    I think Brad and Angie are doing alright with thier kids. I recall the woman in Canada whose house they rented while Brad was filming his Jesse James movie, commenting on it. She showed the note Maddox wrote to her apologizing for breaking one of her glass flowers. I don’t know many 4 year olds who would want to do that.

    Deeds, cute story and he’s right.

  77. Deeds says

    When my son was in 2nd grade he dressed himself to go to school. I told him he needed to put on a pair of socks that matched. He had on a dark blue one and a black one that didn’t have the same design. I told him his socks needed to match, that is why they are sold in pairs, also kids might give him a bad time because of it. It was so cute he looked me in the eye and said “the kids that look at other kids socks to see if they match are the weirdos”. How could I argue with that?

  78. oriana says

    DMITZ, have you ever made this pie before? It is a longtime Southern pie and is easy to make, of course in the South we put pecans on everything! Ha! And we use real Vanilla too, I don’t care for the Vanilla flavoring extract.

    Kimora’s mommy knows about the good desserts being in Atlanta!

    Nicki, I bet your hubby has heard of it!

  79. oriana says

    I am not just looking at these kids when I say I think there isn’t a lot of discipline or training, I think there are many celebs kids like that, Suri Cruise for one. It is fun to play dress up, dress yourself, kids are very independent now at a young age, at home is one thing, it is just the community outings I would be a little more observant about.

    Nicki, love Shoneys! Miss it! They have a great breakfast buffet too. And Hot Fudge Cake! Remember that? My brother loves the coleslaw there.

    Buttermilk Pie

    3 cups of sugar
    6 Tbs. of Flour (all purpose)
    1 1/2 cups of buttermilk
    1/2 cup of melted butter
    2 t. spoons of vanilla
    5 eggs
    1/2 cup of pecans (you don’t have to use them if you don’t want too)

    I get two frozen pie shells for I am not a pastry cook, but if you can make them, it would be great

    Mix the sugar/flour/3/4 cup of buttermilk first, mix
    Add eggs and rest of buttermilk
    Stir in the butter and vanilla
    Top with the pecans.

    This makes two pies

    Bake in a pre-heated 400degree oven for 10 minutes
    Then 350 for 25 to 30 min.


  80. oriana says

    Thank you Kimora’s mommy! Yes, I am sure he did put his shoes on himself, and I know lots of kids do, but to me it is up to the parent to correct them and see that children are dressed appropriately when going in the community. Maybe it is the trend today to let the kids go out looking however they want too. I can see it as a teenager as long as not too revealing, but I would think for a three year old, there would be some supervision.

    I don’t go along with the philosophy as long as they are happy with how they look is what matters, clothes are one thing, shoes on the wrong feet are another, it looks very tacky to me.

    I don’t have young kids, but when I did, they wore their Superman shirts and Star Wars shirts if that is what they liked, but they had their shoes on the right feet!

    Nicki, kids do come first, but proper training should go along with it. I doubt very seriously, and always have felt this way, that their is very little discipline or training with these kids. I think they pretty much do exactly whatever they feel like doing.

  81. Nicki says

    oriana~Buttermilk Pie sounds yummy. Recipe please.

    Yes Pax has his shoes on the wrong feet. He probably got them on his self and was proud. Maybe they are Mad’s hand me downs and are big enough to not bother him. When kids are proud of doing something themselves, you are proud for them. If the sneakers bothered him he would have said something in the first 5 minutes.
    I remember my neice wanting to wear ,at 3 years old, a pair of flowered leggings and a top that had flowers on it. My Mom was flipping out. She had alll her outfits set for the 10 days. I listened to my Mom for 10 minutes, and I went in and said- Everyone ready? My neice said yes. My Mom was like she can’t wear that! I said Mom we are going to eat at Shoney’s…..Not a fashion show/ I do remember 2 women saying to my neice, “you look pretty in all your flowers” She smiled and said “Thank-you, see Grandma.” Other people with kids understand..(The same outfit 3 times a week, or the same long as they are washed in between,lol.) What matters is your kid is happy, doesn’t matter what others say or think. You are the one loving and caring for your children.
    As long as they are happy thats all that matters. (my best friend ended up buying 4 spiderman shirts-the same style-for her 4 year old because thats all he wanted to wear-she couldn’t do laundry everyday- but he was happy and clean) Kids come first, not what others might think.

  82. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Mayra…gracias por entenderme! Que tipo de comida come tu familia durante estos dias festivos? Mis hijas estan muy contentas con sus regalos, pero lo que mas les gusta es pasar tiempo con mi esposo y conmigo. Espero que este bien que traduzco su narracion para Oriana?

    Oriana, I’ll translate Mayra’s message to English for you! She says:
    It seems that you don’t have little children since it’s normal for a child that age to want to dress himself, and the majority of the time they put on their shoes backwards, they do themselves up badly (rough translation, sorry!), and they take off their shoes like ten times in thirty minutes.

    I hope this helps diminish the language barrier! 🙂

  83. oriana says

    mayra, if I could speak Spanish, and I sincerely wish I could, I would respond, so if you can write any English at all, please try! Thank You!

  84. mayra sanchez says

    oriana.pareces que no tienes chiquillos,pues es normal a esa edad el nino,querer vestirse solo,y la mayoria de las veces se ponen los zapatos al reves,y se abotonan mal,y se quitan los zapatos como 10 veces en 30 minutos

  85. oriana says

    madison, maybe you are used to wearing your shoes on the wrong feet so it would not be out of the ordinary for you, but most mothers would notice something like that when they take their children out in public.

  86. oriana says

    ON my way there now Deeds my Dear! Will try! Thanks!

    Madison, I thought I made myself clear a long time ago, YES, I want a cookie and a Brownie to go along with it!

  87. Deeds says

    If you women want to taste of heaven go to Starbucks. They have a holiday treat, that’s only made around this time of year. It varies, it is called Blitz bars or Blitz cake. It is sooooo good. I have to buy 2 cakes, 1 for each thigh.

  88. madison says

    good for youy oriana dou you want a cookie why do you always have to critcize(sp) angelina jolie Parenting Skills omg why is she always carrying zahara why does she only take 3 of her four kids out in leave shiloh shessh get a life ou a bitter old lady who always on babyrazzi every single day

  89. oriana says

    I saw the pictures of them taking the kids to the movies, Pax does look like his shoes are on the wrong feet. I am surprised Angie didn’t see that as much attention as she pays to the older kids. It is a habit mothers do when they go anywhere, just checking them over, it comes naturally.

    I took care of six developmentally disabled adults and one of them always had his shoes on the opposite foot, I made sure their shirts were buttoned up correctly, coats on, etc. It is just something a mother does (and care givers) when they go out in the community.

  90. oriana says

    Nicki, a Buttermilk pie is like a Custard pie made with buttermilk, very easy to make and an old Southern tradition pie. My all time favorite pie though is Butterscotch and I had a Pineapple Cream once that was delish, I don’t like the whipped cream toppings though, I like the old fashioned toppings made with whipped egg whites and sugar.

    In California it is hard to find cobblers, everything cheescake! I miss the good ole Peach and Blackberry cobblers that they have back home!

  91. mayra sanchez says

    kimora,te entiendo y tienes razon,la pase de maravilla junto a mi familia,en estos dias hay muchos locos en las calles,bebiendo y celebrando la navidad de manera muy particular,por eso nunca salgo en navidad,y compartimos la familia completa y los vecinos y primos,como celebramos nosotros los latinos,un ejercito de personas.
    espero que tus chiquilas,sigan disfrutando de los regalos
    en DOMINICANA,en la mayor parte del pais celebramos el dia de reyes,y en la region celebra el nacimiento del nino jesus.

    cuidate mucho,yque el parto salga todo bien
    un abrazo fuerteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  92. Taylor M says

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    GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Taylor M says

    Angie looks like my dog’s butt hole…..TIGHT & WITH WRINKLES…………& BROWN……………..YUKKKKKKKK

  94. LOL says

    Shiloh’s head is rather too big. Bigger than normal. I guess that is expected since both her parents have huge heads. Angelina and Shiloh look like they do not have that mother/daughter connection. That is just my opinion. She looks like she would not care less for her and would rather be holding one of the adopted gems.

  95. Nicki says

    oriana~No I have never had Buttermilk pie. We had a Bakers Square in Fresno. I just checked the website, none around here, yet anyway. The Candy Cane pie looks wonderful.

  96. Nicki says

    oriana~Thank-you=I will check out the Bakers Square to get it. I myself after 48 years of eating candy canes EVERY christmas, probably wouldn’t love this………just thought it would be nice for guests with kids. Thanks again for it. Much apprieciated. Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday.
    Best to all here. Enjoy life.

  97. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Mayra y Fly on the Wall,

    Es bueno que haya tres de nosotras! Lamento no responder inmediatamente. Desafortunadamente, no puedo darles mi correo porque hay tantos locos que visitan este sitio. En termos de La Navidad, la pasamos de maravilla…como fue para ustedes? Espero que tengan un prospero ano nuevo!!

  98. oriana says

    Hi Nicki, the pictures are very nice, as homely as Zahara is to me she does have a beautiful smile. I think she is looking better the older she gets, when she was a baby she was downright scarey looking to me.

    The Candy Cane pie is feautured at Bakers Square Pie Shop, it has a choc graham cracker crust, my son loves them but I am not one for anything that has a peppermint taste to it. Click on Bakers Square and you will see a picture of it.

  99. Nicki says

    98. traveler~ I’m not sure why….but I will say I enjoy all your comments and I hope they come through.

  100. Nicki says

    oriana ~Yummy, candy cane pie sounds wonderful. Recipe?
    I was going to post a link to Zahara wearing the coat, it is on here in the archives, about 4 or 5 pages back. JustJared has them too but they are probably 20-30 pages back,lol.

    So I will post this cute one of Zahara smiling going (or leaving) the movies today. Very cute. Smiling Zahara

  101. 2teens3beans says

    Yes, I have heard of freedom of speech Myrna. Guess what? It goes both ways. You have freedom of speech and so do I.

  102. traveler says

    Nicki: Thank you!

    Fly on the wall: Oh, I’m still a long ways away. I haven’t even completed my homestudy yet. My last home study appointment is Jan. 3, then I can submit my dossier and get on the waiting list. I’ve been told I’ll be on the waiting list for approx. 18 months. Then another 3 to 4 month wait after I get a referral before I get to travel. So, I have about 2 years before I’ll actually get my daughter. And since I have requested an infant, she hasn’t even been born yet! One of the draw backs to adoption is all the waiting and the red tape. If only it were easier and faster.

  103. Liza says

    #87–adoption is a wonderful thing, domestic or international, private or open, or should it be from the foster care system.

    however, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. you have to go into adoption with your whole heart . for some people, fertility treatments are the right choice. adoption is prohibitively expensive and can be more expensive than fertility treatments. but overall, people have to do what is right for them and their families, because after all, a child’s life is at stake.

    i often wonder why so many people feel like those with fertility problems should “just adopt” while we rarely expect the same thing of those who are readily fertile and get pregnant with ease.

    while i don’t have a favorable opinion of pitt and jolie’s decision to get pregnant before his divorce was final, i do think they are probably good parents, adoption or not.

  104. oriana says

    Hi Nicki, hope you had a fun filled day! Cold here tonight and we are all stuffed! Had a delish bread pudding and Candy Cane pie.

    I had never seen that coat before and it is very pretty, glad that both girls got to enjoy it, was surprised to see a pretty pastel color! I think both girls would look gorgeous in Red too! Have a good evening!

  105. Nicki says

    Wow #88. Generic name — you don’t read well do you.

    Look at #20 & 24 posts from jesse. Look at # 45 from, I guess, ?. Post #60 from alexia mackenzie or # 68 form me, Nicki, # 69 is a nice video of what Angie is trying to do what she can to help there. MY #71 post is a short, very short video of the 3 older kids with thier Mom. And if you don’t want to scroll back that far Tia at #74 posted a link to a cute pic of Angie and Shiloh.
    Please have a “Generic” Holidays. All the best to whoever is “blessed” to be related to you. I wish them a happy New Year.

  106. ? says

    #88,please take a look at the links that were posted here and than you will see a lot of new pics with Shiloh and Angelina.;-)

  107. Generic name says

    AJ and Z again?..where’s baby Shiloh? its pretty obvious that AJ love Z than Shiloh

  108. adderkingpin says

    As an adopted person, let me tell you how much it disgusts me that people will spend thousands of dollars on IVF when there are so many ‘already existing’ children in need, living without loving or capable parents. I hope that Angie and Brad serve as an example to everyone out there. Love has nothing to do with genes. Love is so much stronger than genes. I know that if I was born in another time, I would have grown up in an orphanage or foster care. I was lucky. So please take this family as an example. And Happy Holidays to you all. May your hearts be filled with a giving spirit.

  109. Fly On The Wall says

    84. traveler | December 24th, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    That is wonderful news. Good luck to you and your little girl. Do you know when you will be able to bring her home?

  110. Nicki says

    oriana~Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year. That coat is the same coat Zahara wore last year, so yes, maybe Grandma did buy it , but it was for Zahara and now Shiloh is using it. Nice to see.

    dori~you are very welcome for the link, have a wonderful time in you hoilday celebrations. Enjoy.

    traveler~Happy holidays and all the best with your new daughter. I hope all goes well with you! Congratulations. Best wishes.

  111. traveler says

    Jeez, people. This poor woman can’t win for trying. You complain that Shiloh isn’t out and about like her siblings. And then when she is, you complain about something else. I don’t see a sour look on AJ’s face. Just a mom enjoying some time with one of her kids. Must you always criticize? Seems to me like you knock her down to make you feel better about yourselves. Perhaps, you should spend some more time building your own self-esteems and less time commenting on Angelina Jolie.

    Zee is such a little beauty. I love looking at pictures of her. I think she’s probably my favorite JP kid. Of course, I might be just a little biased. I’m currently in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. When I see pictures of Zahara, I can’t help but think about my own future daughter. I can’t wait!

  112. dori says

    Great pics…. thanks for the link Nicki Happy Holidays to you and your families!
    Time for me to go out for our holiday Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  113. oriana says

    Very nice pictures of Angie and Shiloh, they look happy to me. I wonder if Brad’s mom got her the little blue coat? It is so cute on her! She is growing!

    One thing about it, these kids aren’t going hungry, they are always eating!

  114. oriana says

    Jesse, I live in California, in San Jose. You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I have pictures of Cologne and my husband loved it. Reinhard, his cousin, goes over about four times a year, he lives in Norfolk, Virginia. Do you know any Straubes or Keils over there? I would love to see the decorations in your town!

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone in Germany!!!!!!

  115. Nicki says

    2teens3beans ~they are incredibly strange with, shout and shout “what about Shiloh?” Blah, blah, blah. They get a picture and just complain. They are twisted.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  116. 2teens3beans says

    I don’t see any “gloomy look”. I see her talking to Shiloh, and I see the same look on Angie’s face no matter which kid she is holding.
    It amazes me that when people finally get what they want… Angie holding Shiloh, they STILL find something to complain about.

  117. Nicki says

    Kel-you should watch the video in post #71. All 3 of her kids are walking until she spots the stalkerazzis. The she picks up Zahara and holds Paxs hand.

    Leana-Angie doesn’t have a publist. She has a manager, but no pr people.

  118. Leana says

    Does any one think Angelina and her PR people are always on the internet? After so many favuoritism complaints, she now shows off Shiloh, with a gloomy look, not like when she is carrying her precious adopted kids.

  119. Kel says

    On the contrary I am seeing the sma epictures and Shiloh looks like she has a problem. I can’t put my finger to it but she has something wrong. Good to see her out. Do these kids ever walk?

  120. 2teens3beans says

    Joey, this is an opinion board. Go look up opinion in the dictionary sweetie.
    Here’s a hint: you don’t need to come here if you are not interested in reading others opinions.

  121. ? says

    #67,i agree with you in point 2 and 3,but I’m sure,she’s holding Pax hand,you can see it on the video that jesse posted…

  122. Jesse says

    The new Shiloh pics are so cute:-)
    Oriana,I live not so far away from cologne,maybe 30 minutes 😉
    And I hope,that I can visit your wonderful country one day (do you live in the US?)
    Merry Christmas to all of you,here in germany in 2 hours it’s christmas eve and Santa is coming,my little brother is so excited….

  123. tired of the jolie/pitts says

    1. If you notice, ‘the corpse’ is holding another childs hand. Looks like a white babies hand, not a dark skinned colord hand. So I’m going to assume that she has Shiloh with her. Why the baby is walking and the almost 3 year old, as usual, is being carried is beyond me.

    2. if you click the link that #24 posted you will see that they are the same pics, or rather Brad and Angie are wearing the same clothes. So again, I’m going to assume something-maybe they are from the same day. Why just jaren can put up pics of all four children, but babyrazzi can not is weird.

    3. My point-I think the webmistress is selective in what pics to post because she likes the turmoil in creates in people who post comments.

    just an idea.

  124. joey says

    I like how s*h*i*t on the wall talks like I give a damn. As for 2fatforjeans..who asked for your 2 cents? Nobody actually cares what you say on here.

    Now you just go along with the rest of the cows and graze.

  125. Fly On The Wall says

    Joey #42:
    Your idiotic comments about a child you don’t know and have never met makes one wonder about your own intellectual capacity. If I had to guess, I would say your IQ is the inverse of your age.

    I’m also reasonably certain your real name isn’t Joey. More likely your parents took one look at you when you were born and named you Shít Happens.

  126. Fly On The Wall says

    Hola Kimora y Mayra,
    Kimora no es la unica americana aquí que sabe español; ni yo tampoco soy latina pero sí hablo el idioma.

    Les deseo a las dos muy felices navidades y mucha suerte en el año nuevo.

  127. mc says

    why do people have such hurtfull things to say about children. there little kids.leave them alone. grow up and get a life. may God help you,cuz you need it.

  128. oriana says

    dori, I think that she is probably disgusted without any privacy at all! I hope in New Orleans she can have some peace and quiet time with them. I can see where the people of New Orleans would enjoy them and like them, and not for only the money Brad has raised for the city either. That is an insult to the people of a city that are good and caring individuals.

    Thank you for the kind words #53!!!!!!!!!

  129. mayra sanchez says

    kimora,es emocionante el saber que una persona anglosajona,conozca el espanol,si en REP. DOMINICANA,
    tenemos influencia africana en la musica y en diversos
    tipos de comidas.
    espero que la bebe nazca sana sobretodo,y que tus hijas disfruten
    mucho de la magia de la navidad,aunque la magia de estas
    fiestas radica en nuestros ninos.
    ADIOS,un abrazo y espero algun dia tener tu correo,

    cuidense muuuuuuuuuuuuuuucho

  130. dori says

    Oriana I love Jon Voight as well. Since midnight cowboy And Shiloh does resemble him. I think she’s an adorable sweet little baby girl .
    Angie doesn’t look too happy in those pics it must be difficult to try and ride a bike with the papparazzi all over you.
    They have a very restricted life . I don’t envy them at all. Add 3-4 more kids how will they be able to manage any activities at all?

  131. dori says

    As you ladies can see the brats are upon us…on winter break and have come in here to aggravate the mothers who come in here to enjoy some down time. For the next 2 weeks there will be nothing but fighting on this website. Why not take a break ? then they’ll have nothing to do.

  132. squeekysue says

    I wonder what Ange feeds the kids? Or are they like my liitle ones, who no matter what good quality food is placed before them and demolished at meal times, still have a need to fill up on crisps (sorry chips) and fruit.

  133. 2teens3beans says

    Hey Joey, you’re not fooling anyone. You may have the balls to be super aggressive here on an anonymous message board but we all know you are overcompensating for something.
    I for one, would appreciate it if you would just state your opinion on the story without all the personal attacks against KK’s mama & Oriana.

  134. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Mayra estoy de acuerdo….de seguro hay idiotas aqui que dicen cosas horripilantes sobre los ninos….y los ninos no lo merecen ni una pizquita….a ellos les gusta decirnos comentarios para ponernos enojados….claro es mas facil decir comentarios terribles por el internet que en la vida real.
    Yo soy de Argentina….lo digo en broma! La verdad es que no soy latina….vivo en Atlanta y creci en un barrio multicultural…y por eso aprendi el espanol..y tambien en la escuela. Mi esposo es afroamericano y tengo dos hijas que se lllaman Kimora y Kariah….y tambien estoy embarazada con la tercera hija!
    No he visitado la Republica Dominicana, pero quiero hacerlo algun dia. Que bueno….hay influencias africanas en la Republica, verdad? Como en la musica verdad? Bueno pues…Feliz Navidad y espero que tenga un prospero ano nuevo!

    No thanks Joey; we already have a name, and it’s beautiful just like like Kimora and Kariah.

  135. oriana says

    joey, now you know my secret! Yes, I am obsessed with Jon Voight, have been ever since I saw him play the Pope on TV. I loved the Blessed Pope and still do, even though not Catholic I still love him! And Jon did a fantastic job!

    I would suggest you look at his younger pictures, and pictures of Angie also when she had light colored hair as a child and you will see what I mean.

    Stalker, well if I was younger and could walk that might be true, but it would be Benicio! Now that is a handsome devil if there ever was one! Love him!!!!!!

  136. joey says

    Oriana why are you obsessed with Jon Voight??? You sound like a stalker..

    Anyways, Z looks like a Kling on….actually she acts like one too. Probably has some attachment issues.

    Now there’s a name for Hari Krishna’s mommy….”Kling ON”…You’ll have to change your name to “KKK’s mommy”…How nice.


  137. oriana says

    #45, I love the little blue coat Shiloh has on, this is a very nice picture of both of them. Thank you. Her hair is growing long, she looks just like Jon Voight to me more and more.

    Jesse, my husband’s family on his dad’s side lives close to Cologne, are you anywhere near there? Merry Christmas to you in Germany, wish I could see your beautiful country one day!

    #47, so glad my Dear you aren’t mad at me! I do enjoy you so much! Wishing a joyful and happy Christmas for you and your family!

  138. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora,lamento no haber visitado el foro mas a menudo,lo que pasa es que a veces me incomodo bastante,cuando leo los comentarios que se les hace a estos chiquillos,muchas veces en terminos denigrantes.
    GRACIAS A DIOS,no soy argentina,por que ni ellos mismops se aguantan.
    soy DOMINICANA,del pais de juan luis guerra.
    de donde son ustedes.

    que tengan unas FELICES FIESTAS,disfruten mucho claro esta sin excesos

  139. joey says

    Almost every pic we see of Shiloh..she has this blank stare…She has no expression in her face. I think she has autism..or something is definately wrong with the child. She looks like she is “slow”.

    Thats probably why Angie and Brad looks so stressed all the time. All the hype…for what….a r*tard?

    I think Karma came back to kick them in the a*s*s. Thats what you get for scr*ew*ing someone else’s husband in the middle of the jungle.

  140. jesse says

    you’re welcome 🙂
    IMO Angelina is a wonderful mother and a beautiful woman inside and out 😉
    But no matter what she’s doing,everything is wrong for some people,that’s sad.
    Sorry for my bad english :-)Wonderful christmas to all of you.
    Greetings from germany,Jesse

  141. oriana says

    Shiloh does look like she has a small half smile on her face. I would love to see her full on laughing and see what her little face looks like.

    Zahara is completely transformed to me when she smiles and I do think she has a brilliant smile. I have looked and looked and tried to see where some of you see beauty in her, I just don’t see it.

  142. Tia :) says

    Jesse- Thank you for the picture of Shiloh!! She is a doll!
    Im sorry…i just cant see how people can say Angie doesnt “love” her as much as the others. It’s just silly. I think we only ever see the pictures that the WM wants us to see…and they never consist of Shiloh for some reason. I always see pictures that are better than the ones she posts or pictures of the whole family.

  143. oriana says

    Just saw the pictures of ALL of them out, looks like the boys aren’t having that much fun to me today. It is very nice to see Zahara dressed cute for a change. I think Pax is the cutest of all the kids.

  144. oriana says

    #23, no problem at all my Dear!!!! I hope she doesn’t just single out black children as not being pretty for I don’t go that route at all, I myself don’t see Zahara as pretty at all but I don’t other celeb kids either. Ryder Russell for one and I don’t think Britney’s youngest is all that cute either.

    So no worries and I apologize if I upset you in any way.

    Merry Christmas to you honey!

  145. Al&J says

    Sorry for the repost. My comment was being moderated.

    Little Zahara is beautiful.
    Oh and thank you Jesse for the picture of Shiloh and the video of Angelina and the children.
    Yes Kimora & Kariah’s mom …a bit strange that the WB didn’t update with these. Jesse might need to take over the position of WB.

  146. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Mayra Sanchez…debe volverse aqui mas a menudo para que podamos hablar espanol juntas!! Y de donde es usted? Aparentamente no Argentina!

  147. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Awww…Zahara’s almost three! She’s such a beautiful child….love seeing pics of her and Shi. Thanks Jesse for providing the link to just jared; strange how the wm doesn’t post the Shiloh pics.

    And thanks too, to 2teens3beans for nipping the r A c I s T comments in the bud…for once I don’t have to be the uber politically correct policewoman around here.

  148. squeekysue says

    In regards to the video which Jesse (poster number 20) posted, well that says it all on what type of parent Angelina is. The kids where allowed to walk free until she spotted the paps, immediatly in spotting the paps, Ange picked up Z grabbed hold of Pax hand and made Mad walk close. She is a concerned mother, you lot should leve her alone. If your kids were as harrased as hers are, would you like it?

  149. hhh says

    29. joey | December 22nd, 2007 at 10:32 pm

    I think Shiloh has an illness or something.

    Then you need to have your head examined or may your eyes…something is definitely wrong with you

  150. Mara says

    Yep there’s Shiloh hope everyone is satisfied, and not looking too disabled, IMO, I ‘m sure someone will see through the helmet that she is slow and whatever other
    problems everyone puts on this little 19 month old child.

  151. mayra sanchez says

    oriana,te invito a ver el video en,y comprobaras que la bebe esta caminando,incluso corriendo.
    mirna,otra vez con tus comentarios absurdos,sobre la bebe,no puedes negar que eres una ignorante de la belleza,argentina tenias que ser

  152. Lilly says

    People said not long ago they were at a basketball game, i do not think they were there for suri’s game.

  153. 2teens3beans says

    #18 Oriana, sorry if I offended you, I have no problems with your posts for the most part. You seem like a very nice person. I am just tired of Myrna always saying the black children are u-g-l-y. It truly is my opinon that she is a bigoted person.
    #21, Hi Nicole! Or should i say Myrna?

  154. Lola says

    Uh oh! Zee is wearing colors. Where are the complainers that these children only wear depressing colors. and plain clothes.

  155. Granny says

    Does anyone else notice the small things that often show up in these pictures that a good mother does. The little bags of chip, the orange slice (I think) in the held hand, the ducky necklace. Or in the other pics. Things like the Ty dolls they will be holding, the bags of chips, blankets tucked in, hands always touching the kid or kids.

    I would hate the photographers hounding me all the time. But the way some people act unless they photograph all the kids all the times, there must be issues.

    Really how discontent are we. Too many pics this family are media hounds; not enough pics there is trouble in the family, everone not in the picture – must be neglect or lack of concern? I don’t think life is that simple.

  156. oriana says

    #6, I enjoy you very much but does someone have to be labeled a “bigot” just because they don’t think a child is pretty? I do think that is a little harsh.

  157. oriana says

    # 16, If I was Angie, Yes, I would take all my children if possible and if not, I would switch so each one could have some time out with me in the community. I would not play favorites which she clearly does all the time!

    And I never said she should take all four out, I said she should rotate them, clearly your I.Q. level is too low to understand what you read.

    And I think it is very obvious Tom and “Mom” Holmes have put Suri on a pedestal over his other kids, I think it is too bad and it has surprised me about Tom a little bit.

  158. alianna says

    awww here little miss old oraina always nicpicking everyone comments like she the ruler or something oriana why do you care if shiloh is out with her family or not is she your daughter granddaughter are you a fly on the wall do you know what they do in thire life every singel day if you were in angelina shoes would you take all four kids out with those paparzzi yelling thire name why wont you pick on julia roberts who have 3 kids do you alaways see her with 3 at the same time or “kate”homles and tom cruise ever since suri was born tom forget about isabella and conner why arent you saying something about that

  159. Taylor M says

    I think it’s stupid when you post a comment and it say’s your comment is waiting moderation..What’s the point of having this site if people can’t come on here and voice there opinion…..The web mistress for this site needs to pull the stick out of her butt.

  160. oriana says

    alana, since it is hard to take all four out, why not leave Zahara home sometimes and take Shiloh once in a while? Angie has made it very clear ever since she brought her home at the age of what, 7 or 8 months, she has her with her constantly, she carried her in a sling attached to her.

    Shiloh has NEVER been given that kind of treatment and I would think she would enjoy an outing in the fresh air with the other kids sometimes also.

    If you have kids, then rotate taking them out, why the same ones all the time?

  161. Cole you're dumb says

    Okay well it looks like Angie is out with two kids, or she’s just holding some random kid’s hand… :/

  162. oriana says

    Zahara looks identical to her birth mother, looks just like her picture.

    I would say the Namibian child is playing with the nanny. I am sure it is hard for Angie to tear herself away from her. Ha!

    At least Zahara can walk and it isn’t a medical problem that has them toting her constantly.

  163. alana says

    wonder if those who ask “where is Shiloh” have ever heard of span on control. In every situation parents have to ask if tey can keep all children safe. Having 4 small children, there are instances where having a 1-1/2 along is not wise. When Zahara was a baby, there was only Maddox and Z, with 2 parents. So it was logistically easier to take her out more. Shiloh is the youngest of 4 small children (3 of whom are toddlers.) They have to navigate the paparrazi, curious onlookers, fans, etc. And they have to keep the famiily safe. I am sure there are plenty of family events where all 4 kids participate.

  164. 2teens3beans says

    Yes, Tea, exactly! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    And #2 Myrna, are you a bigot? You have the same stupid line everytime you see Z and I have seen you do the same for Henry. Your words makeit quite clear that you are: “uuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggglllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! yikeeezzzzz……….!!!!!” on the inside!
    Your heart is 3 sizes too small you Grinch!

  165. Tea says

    People are hilareous!!! When there were pics of Shiloh, and a hole lot more of the kids, People were screaming about them pimping their kids and just looking for attention. Now there are certainly way less pics of them and the papz are not stalking them as much, or they are getting better at avoiding them and everyone is screaming that they are hiding Shiloh!!! These poor people can never win!!! Here are some possibilities for you, All of which I am sure are just as or mor likely than they are ashamed, or love the other children more!

    1. Shiloh is very much bothered by the papz, more than the other kids so they take more percautions to protect her than they do the others

    2. They recieved too many kidnapping threats for Shiloh, and are doing what they can to Proctect Shiloh.

    3. Shiloh has been ill

    4. The Papz and crazy fans are worse when Shiloh is around, so they do not take her out as much for everyones safety!

    I can think of many more but you get the idea. Why does everyone want to always assume the worse about these people!


  166. daisy says

    Actually, I do have a more serious question….

    How does this Paparazzi thing work? I am sure Shiloh has left the house in the past few months. How come the paps get pics of everyone else and not Shiloh? It’s not like AJ gives permission and she has said “No” to taking Shiloh’s. How does this work? This child must leave the house with her parents or nanny. How can they not get pics of her?

    I’m confused

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