Brangelina Birthday Bike Ride

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad was snapped enjoying a 44th birthday ride through New Orleans on Tuesday with Angelina, Maddox, 6, and Zahara, 2. Brad has said that he plans to have another seven to nine children with Angelina! Wow!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Maddox was sporting a gold gun charm necklace during the bike ride.
Apparently, Maddox has always had guns on the brain. During an October 28th spree at KB Toys in Sherman Oaks, California, Angelina bought him a Warrior Playset and a $34.99 Nerf Dart Rapid Fire gun. His parents also threw him a military-themed birthday party when he turned 6 in August.

I remember parents being mad at me for exposing their children to water guns (which my son has always loved). They would get all haughty and explain that they are morally opposed to water guns. I remember being shocked that anyone could be opposed to water guns! If little boys have parents that forbid toy guns of any kind they will just fashion their own toy guns out of sticks!



  1. Gail says

    I had to glance fast and skip some because it’s all about the same thing. Personally, I think you are All Nuts, and most of you can’t even spell, let alone make comments.
    They’re playing a hard game with kids as pawns. Neither had been parents before, so it’s obvious they’ve got a lot to learn, and the children will be the ones to suffer, even tho they will do their best. As the children get older, they won’t seem as cute. It’s a hard lesson that Angie and Brad will learn whether they want to or not.. And any one of those kids can turn around and hate Angelina the same as she does her father. They have chosen a hard road.

  2. Chrissy says

    Here’s the entire interview with AJ re: the “blob” comment. You will see for yourself that it was in fact the interviewer that suggested newborns are “blobs” NOT AJ. AJ merely agreed. She did NOT say directly Shiloh was a blob but that newborns compared to older children are like “blobs” because their personalities have yet developed. BUT it was the interviewer that suggested blob.

  3. My Opinion says

    Angie always looks so stern and old. Something about her…..she’s so skinny, has no legs other than sticks. She really dresses frumpy and old for her age. She just looks old and worn out already. Of course Brad isn’t looking much better these days. He isn’t aging as well as other men. Must be all the kids running them ragged and trying to keep up with their careers. I give it another 3 years and then they’ll be separated. I think their 7th year it’ll be pretty much over. Mark my words.

  4. Team Jolie says

    #82, I never said it was the same day, the point of the post was to show that Shiloh was on a bike ride. I know that she was not on this one because everyone is on 1 big connected bike. Check the link, Shiloh is on a bike with just Angelina.

  5. LOLA says

    #62 ,the pictures is not taken the same day.
    they actually took out only Mad & Z in the above picture.

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    About the “gun” around Madd’s neck — so sorry to disappoint all you haters (and that includes this blog mistress however much she tries to disguise it ) — but that isn’t a gun. It’s a Khmer symbol. Since Maddox is Cambodian, it’s entirely appropriate.

  7. Fly On The Wall says

    76. dori | December 24th, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    I think the parents are able to decide for themselves how many children they are able to handle, don’t you?

    They are obviously in it for the long haul — contrary to the losers who have been predicting their imminent break-up for the past three years now — and committed to raising a large family together. They are fortunate that they can commit the time and the resources. I doubt they will add another child to their family until Shiloh is well past her second birthday. She won’t be two until May.

  8. dori says

    I take it back all 4 kids were on that outing… but I do believe that they don’t need more kids it will cripple them for getting out and doing things which would frustrate them and surely wear down the marriage. A big family is great but you don’t have to do it all at once.
    . If they really want to help underprivledged kids they could build orphanages and schools and stock food pantries and other good deeds to help. Build places to help the mothers raise their own children. Adopting kids one at a time doesn’t help anyone but themselves. Like a doll collection. It’s kind of creepy.

  9. oriana says

    joey, if you think pearls are tacky then that is just another example of how low class you are.

    Shiloh does have a large head but lots of people do, Angie has a big head herself.

    Jenna, I thought the same thing about Cambodia, exactly the same thing! Merry Christmas in Scotland!!!!! Love the Scots! I surely do!!!!!

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I’ve always been a fan of Brad and Angelina, but did they even stop to think about the history of Maddox’s birth-country before allowing him to become obsessed by guns? Guns and military violence destroyed Cambodia and probably had a lot to do with him even NEEDING adopting in the first place. My respect for them has gone down with this.

  11. Fly On The Wall says

    After reading all the comments from you stupid, dumbass trolls who think you know more about what’s good for the J-P children than their parents do, all I can say is that if any of you crazy bítches lived within 100 miles of me, I wouldn’t take my kids outside, either. I wouldn’t trust you around any child under the age of twelve.

  12. Fly On The Wall says

    28. Al&J

    You’re correct that some people in New Orleans have become quite protective of the J-Ps when the paparazzi start stalking them. Someone posted a message on Just Jared that she threw a coke all over a camera man today and intended to do so again first chance she got. I said more power to her.

  13. Denise says

    I don’t care what Brad or Aj do. They are still publicity hounds. You never saw Brad doing any of this before Angie came along. All he was worried about was what Art work to put in his house and getting it built and decorated just like he liked it. Sorry, my opinion still stands. Publicity hounds. Further more, by the time he gets houses built in New Orleans they’ll be ghetto again.

  14. joey says

    Pearl earings are so tacky Oriana…..I’ve looked at pics of Shiloh and she appears to be handicapped. Why is her tongue always drooping out of her mouth? I’m sorry, but the child has a big head. That would explain why they never take her outside!!!!

    I’m sure in a couple of years we’ll hear all about her handicap. I think Angie was doin drugs while she was preggers and its starting to show.

  15. oriana says

    Tia darling, I know your daughter is adorable with her little earrings! I am so weak and tired, been sick for five days now, lingering, finished with shopping, thank goodness I did it early, my family are finishing up wrapping and my son is going grocery shopping, I haven’t been out of bed since Tuesday.

    Please stay warm up there and be careful if you go out, the snow is fun but the ice is slippery, too many people falling and injuring themselves.

    Hope hubby is having fun with his snow blower! Ha!

    Have to rest more, back in a few days!

    Oh, get your daughter later on some pearl earrings, I love pearls!

  16. Cathi says

    As a mother of four, I have been through the whole GUN issue. My oldest son was really into toy guns and swords. I got a little nervous because he liked them so much, so I decided to stop purchasing them. He fashioned guns out of pencils that he would tape together. His lego building became guns and sticks became swords. After that I gave up and just let the kid have his toys back. He is now 18 years old and going to college to be an orthodontist. He is a responsible young man and I am very proud of him. I think as parents we can get weird about certain things. But as far as the gun charm necklace, I don’t like it. It’s one thing for them to play cops and robbers but the necklace is kinda over the top.

  17. Tia :) says

    Oriana, lol its greek and Italian in us i guess. I dont know, i always grew up with gold jewerelly and pierced ears. I had my ears pierced at 4 months and my daughter had hers done at 6 months. I guess it was just the way i was raised!

    Are you already for christmas? I just have a few presents left to wrap and then im done!

  18. oriana says

    HI Tia, I thought it was a new style of jewelry out this season! Ha! I am old and not up to date with some of the new fads the kids and teenagers are wearing these days.

    I do think Gold necklaces on little children are a bit much but I love seeing little girls wearing pierced earrings so guess I am over the top on some things and old fashioned on others. Sounds hypocritical I know! Sorry!

  19. hhh says

    I get it……………Stef is just a handicap himself/herself…….a seriously one………something is missing in his/her eyes…..and something is missing in his/her heart……….

    Go check yourself up in a hospital before making any more retarded comment, alright?

    Pathetic……….seems to me it’s you who have a problem, dude….stop worrying others……go taking care of yourself first….

    I feel tremendously pity for you

  20. Al&J says

    You asked why do they have to do it so openly?
    Brad is asking for the public (corporations, everyday citizens, etc) to contribute whatever they have financially towards his project. How can the public contribute if he does not publicize his project or make them aware of his project? How do you suppose that Brad raise the rest of the funds from the public if he doesn’t get this idea out in the open? If you are in need of public support/ need to inform the public of your plan.
    It really shouldn’t be that hard to figure out…common sense and logic.

  21. Analise says

    Once again the high and mighty are on this thread. Brad and Angelina suck. Where is Shiloh? Shiloh must bes-l-o-w. Token kids.Please don’t have more kids. Brad and Angelina should wear helmets. (Yeah okay..good one.) And the biggie….guns are EVIL.

    As you can see from the JustJared pics, Shiloh was let out of the dungeon. I know! Maybe Brad and Angelina read the sage advice here!

  22. 2teens3beans says

    Stef, hun, I have seen the new pictures of Shiloh on the just jared site. She is enjoying the bike ride with a smile on her face like any NORMAL 19 month old baby.
    My assumption that you are Shiloh’s nanny is correct? My goodness, such delusions of grandeur! They have medication for that now, y’know.

  23. Denise says

    #28, I guess the NOLA people are protective of Brad and AJ since they are sinking 5 mil into the city. What else would they do? Since they have made it known to the world what “they” are doing. I’m glad to see them doing it but why do they have to do it so openly? Why can’t they quietly contribute? Oh yeah, they like the publicity. Oh, look at me, I’m need media attention so I’ll go help New Orleans. And after that dies down, I’ll go to Africa and do something over there and when that dies down I’ll adopt another baby. Just do it and stop telling everyone how great you are Brad and AJ.

  24. Stef says

    # 52 your assumption is right, i know for sure. And you will too if you look closely at her pictures. The media always have sources with wrong stories, but rarely the truth.

  25. 2teens3beans says

    Stef, unless you are the childs nanny you have no idea whether or not Shiloh is developmentally disabled or not. So yes, you ARE speculating. You are trying to come off like you know something that the rest of us don’t or that you know the JP’s personally… sorry but it makes you sound a bit foolish.

  26. oriana says

    Hi Tia, what is a “fold” necklace? Just curious, never heard of it before. Hope you are having a nice warm weekend!

  27. oriana says

    #36, I enjoyed reading your comment! days makes a lot of sense about a child having a fascination with guns could be potentially dangerous. It does seem like Angie is encouraging it with him. She herself had a fascination with knives (prob still does) and it isn’t surprising to me at all.

    I hope there isn’t anything wrong with Shiloh developmentally wise but it is a possibility to wonder about. I don’t really think so, I just think they don’t focus on her that much, neither of them. Brad makes me sick too!

  28. Stef says

    In the near future they will have to talk about Shiloh not being ok. Poor Brad he wanted a child so badly, but he should have known better,getting involve with an heroin addict. I do not speculate, what i say about Shiloh is true.

  29. Kel says

    Does any one hate them as much as I do? I HATE THEM! If they died in a plane crash I would not shed a tear.

  30. Janey says

    I think guns for kids is a mistake. This whole bike thing is cheezy any way. ‘…look we committed adultery and we are now very happy. Try it some time….’

    I think they leave Shiloh behind because she has health issues. She looks like a slow child.

  31. Generic name says

    I don’t understand why they want to adopt more children when obviously they have “favorites”…where’s baby S? I think that’s difficult.. I mean they are too busy people, traveling abroad almost everyday!! and I think Brad and AJ wont last..

  32. oriana says

    Hi Nicki and Goodnight my Dear, please talk to your friend about the dangers of BB guns! My cousin shot his eye out as a kid with one and had a glass eye. It was traumatic for him and they are very dangerous to have!

    I am feeling a little better but this virus is lingering and going thru the whole household! Hope you don’t catch it!

    DMITZ got over it pretty quickly if only a couple of days down with it and GOOD for her!!!! Guess her immune system is strong and she is young too.

    Sorry traveler, Pax was with them, on a seat behind Brad and Maddox was in the attached seat, I saw the video. The boys seemed excited but Zahara as usual didn’t seem like she was having that much fun. Angie sounded anxious on the tape also to me.

  33. oriana says

    Nicki, were the ankle bracelets he wore at 9 months Gold? Did Angie buy them or did he already have them when she adopted him? I don’t even know how old he was when she brought him home but I would guess she bought them.

    I just don’t think anything pertaining to guns would be appropriate to give to a child, it isn’t like he is playing a cowboy! Especially since she is such an advocate of peace and an Ambassador promoting non violence in the world.

    Of course though since it is Maddox I can see her letting him do and have whatever he wants, same as Zahara.

    I saw a video earlier of her walking with the kids, was shocked to see Zahara actually walking instead of attached at her hip as usual.

  34. Lurker says

    Cannot stand this family..but that being said,..IMO it’s no wonder they look tired and worn out–they’re stalked constantly! That has GOT to stink, even if,as a celebrity, they’re kind of, well, asking for it. They’d likely still like a peaceful bike ride with the kids and to be left alone.

    As to where is Shiloh–who knows, I agree she seems to favor these other kids over her flesh and blood daughter. At least it SEEMS that way to me, not personally knowing them.
    Sure, they could be concerned about weather and whatnot, but isn’t Zahara younger than Pax? (if not, sorry! Like I said, not a fan–just thinking about the age concerns.. :-/) ) But HE’S not shown as being here either–so I would think it’s more likely that maybe they’d hoped that without the baby things would go quicker, or smoother, and possibly ‘easier’..because let’s face it, if they with these two kids create such a free for all for paparazzi,what would it be like with Shiloh??
    All in all I really think most of the public is more interested in seeing her.

    As for the guns thing–I also feel that is a pretty inappropriate necklace for such a young kid, but, I’m lso one of those ‘annoying parents’ that don’t let my kids play with guns.

    And to whoever mentioned about the school thing–our school district here is also on a “no tolerance” policy for stuff like that–heck even a teeny tiny G.I. Joe gun would be against the rules here. I’ve seen stories about kids being kicked out of school for that kind of thing.

    Just my two cents!

  35. daisy says

    A gun on a chain? This family is so beyond screwed up. What about that 5 or 6 yr old who not too long ago was suspended from school for drawing a picture of a gun in class.

    Angie looks tired and worn and old, Brad looks miserable. And all I want to see is Shiloh and know she is ok. These two are really starting to sicken me.

  36. days says

    No, toy guns will not make boys into criminals but it does encourage a fascination with them. There are many reported accidents where young children pick up a real gun thinking it’s only a toy and end up hurting/killing members of their own family.

    It just isn’t a wise thing to buy toy guns in this day and age. Say that word at the airport, at school, or at any public place and you can be sure your child will be in custody of the police before you can even try to explain away.—There was that case where a 4yr old was charged with sexual harrassment when he hugged his teacher. If this is the way our world is today, why would anyone want their child to even mention the word “gun” in public, let alone wear a charm of a gun??!!!

  37. Tia :) says

    I dont know about you guys, but I had a gold necklace from the time I was 4. My daughter who is almost 2 has a fold necklace. I honestly dont see whats so odd about it.

  38. dori says

    Happy Holidays everyone …
    I think Maddox and Zahara are the “Favorites”
    I think more kids is a mistake …. they aren’t balancing these 4 all that well.

  39. mn says

    Toy guns aren’t going to make kids turn into little criminals. As long as children are taught that real guns are not for playing with, then they’ll be fine. I grew up playing with toy weapons and shooting real ones (at targets). It’s not so much the amount of exposure to weapons that will affect them, it’s if they are taught to have a respect for weapons.
    As for the gold chain, I think it looks “ghetto” when boys where necklaces.

  40. joy says

    of corse they took their 2 favorite kids with them…

    im sure if u ask brad and angelina they would make some lame excuse on why shiloh isn’t there i mean sure shi might be sleeping or might be sick but really we haven’t seen shiloh since october im sure she hasen’t been sick for 2 months

  41. Nicki says

    jessica~where is any child playing with a toy gun?
    He has a charm on a chain……….Wow, I agree with you
    about toy guns, but he doesn’t have a gun, he has a charm hanging on a chain.

    And for those complaining about the “gold” jewelery………………When Maddox was 9 months old he had ankle bracelets which represent tthe contry he was from.
    No one cried out about that. Maddox and Zahara have always worn jewelery…………Let them be. Maddox isn’t targetting praticing, like most of the young ones in LA are doing. He is wearing a charm on a chain!! Let’s concertrate our concern on the actual people who are comitting crimes…..(they aren’t the ones wearing a gun charm around thier neck.)

  42. jessica says

    seems very strange to me that people who seem to talk about “world peace” and being “humanitarian” let their children play with toy guns. Guns aren’t toys, I personally dislike guns. Giving a child a toy gun seems to send the wrong message, that guns are fun to play with.

  43. Al&J says

    #2 It’s funny you mentioned Brad being rude to the photogs…did you know that some of the residents in NOLA are also rude to the photogs when it comes to Brad and Angelina. Yup..some of the residents have become quite protective of them. It’s really funny.

    Anyway it’s so great to see them out and about doing normal everyday things even though Zahara looks like would rather be doing something else.
    Could you imagine Tom and Katie on a bike ride with Suri? Ha ha ha puhlease..give me a break. Allow Suri’s Burberry dress that Katie spent 6 hours at the mall looking for…to get torn or dirty. Never.

    Sorry I find the obsession with Shiloh’s whereabouts seriously disturbing. I hope Brad and Angelina keep her out of the public eye even longer.
    Keep that kid away for the obsessed crazies.

  44. Nicki says

    Wow ———–*obsessed* Wow , good night.

    oriana I hope you are feeling much better. Take care.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to all. Best wishes to everyone on here and all thier loved ones.XOXO.

  45. Nicki says

    I will say I hate guns myself, don ‘t approve of them for adults…………but we aren’t Maddox, Pax, Zahara or Shilohs’ parents. I have friends and nieghbors who allow 4 year olds to have a BB gun. I would much rather see a charm on a chain the a 4 year old shoooting a gun. JMO.
    For those of you screaming about “where is Shiloh” why would they take her out in public when people like you are stalking them???? They are protecting her from the likes of you crazy *************, Please give the babies a break. It seeems like you are all obecssed with a baby and I would be worried about my baby also. She is safe and sound. Not in harms way with the stalkers of Shiloh.

  46. Jessie says

    Everyone should agree with me when I say this: If they can’t take 4 kids out with them and have fun with all of them at once as a normal family, how do they expect to do it with nine more?!

  47. Kim says

    No offence Brangelina lovers. Why are they adopting more kids. They are going to seperate sooner or later. Why make seven to nine kids suffer.

  48. traveler says

    Ok, first of all. I don’t think Pax was along for the ride. I’ve seen these pictures on several sites and they say only Mad and Z were there. Perhaps both Pax and Shiloh are ill. Could be that they were sick and trying to sleep and the other two children were getting antsy and noisy being all couped up in the house, so they took them out to let the other two kids have some peace and quiet. Or maybe there’s some other reason Pax and Shiloh were not on the bike ride. Maybe they went on a ride earlier in the week. That’s possible since it seems not many paps are on Brangelina watch down in Nawlins. The point is, no one knows and so we shouldn’t be saying things like Brad and AJ love some kids more than others. There could be legitimate reasons for why they do the things they do.

    Also, who said that necklace was gold? It could just be gold plated. No one knows for sure. Seems in bad taste to blast someone for something that might not even be true. As for the charm being a gun, I would never allow my child to wear that, but then, that’s my style of parenting. Everyone has their own style. Brad and Angelina should do whatever works for them.

  49. Jx2 says

    Ms. Babyrazzi – as usual you’re comments are idiotic and don’t reflect someone who is with the times…guns equal violence – both here at home and with wars that are fought overseas..!! Wake up!! Life is not an episode of
    “Leave it to Beaver”

  50. oriana says

    I doubt if they discipline those kids any at all. I do think a six year old kid wearing a gold necklace of any kind is silly. I thought Pax was there also with Maddox?

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit about Shiloh not being around, that is nothing new.

    I remember when Zahara was her age she was taken for a ride on a bike with Brad so they can’ t say Shiloh was too young. Of course maybe too cold, or she was napping, or playing at home, or any of the other excuses people come up with. And it definitely shouldn’t surprise anyone Angie has Zahara with her.

  51. ms says

    I work in a public school and that gold gun charm would never be allowed in a public school. They have zero tolerance for anything that remotely stands for violence.
    But since they go to private schools and probably give more than the tuition rate to the school, they’re probably more lenient with the Bradgelina clan.

  52. 2teens3beans says

    Pax wasn’t there either, how come nobody is moaning about that?
    I am sure they have their reasons for leaving Shiloh and Pax at home, and I am also sure it has nothing to do with loving some more than others. I think that concept is ludicrous.

  53. ann says

    We love this family . They are the best parents. Theses children are very luck to have parents like them. Where’s Shiloh? she is my favorite babies, just look her picture made me so happy.

  54. Tia :) says

    Man, some of you people are just harsh. Who cares if they want more kids? Good for them if they do!

  55. tired says

    is that gun? sorry if its not, but thats crazy. i hate guns and i don’t allow my kids to play with them, let alone where one.

    WHERE IS Shiloh? with the nanny, of course. left out of anything fun again. i hope they don’t have anymore kids, sick of them. neither one of them looks happy. and don’t get on the kick “would u be happy if the paps were following u around’……….they should be used to it.

    i literally groan when i see pics of them.

  56. Jacquie says

    Glad to see the kids have helmuts on, but the parents should also.

    No comment on the “more” kids.

  57. Just me says

    Why does a 6-year-old need a gold necklace, anyway? Kinda like flaunting their money, I’d say. There’s a difference between playing with water guns or whatever and looking like a thug.

  58. SP says

    Thanks Webmaster for the idea of playing with toy guns, I was brought up playing with them with my boy cousins, and we all came out to be good citizens…
    I allow my son to play with them as well, I say, if parents don’t like the fact my son plays with toy guns, hey don’t send your kids over my house….

  59. Lauren says

    Maybe they didn’t want to expose Shiloh to the weather or whatnot. But, I agree. They usually have all their kids together except little Shi.

  60. days says

    Ditto… Where’s Shiloh?
    Is Angelina so busy with her token humanitarian kids that she’s neglecting her own, who’s “born into privilege” (using Angie’s own words about Shiloh.)

  61. boo says

    I wondered the same ( about where Shiloh was)… Brad is Pulling Mad and Pax in a Double Pull along wagon, and Angie has Zee in a single toddler seat? Why doesn’t she have a Double as well?? I’m sure Shiloh would enjoy a bike ride with the family as well! And Its not like they can’t afford another one!
    ALTHOUGH maybe Shy was sick and they didn’t want to take her outside! I dunno, its possible but not likely!!!

  62. Mary says

    Why do we never see or hear anything about Shiloh? For Angelina to call her a blob is so disgraceful – especially since she said it was because she was born privileged ! What privilege will it be when she reads that article when she is 16 – privilege is not money privilege is love and I wish one of the parents would show it to this little girl.

  63. joey says

    Please don’t have any more kids…we get it..their humanitarians…but they’re not going to be together forever..and those poor kids are just gonna end up in a broken home.

  64. boo says

    Ya and Brad was a bit of a Jerk to the ONLY PHOTOGRAPHER that was around to snap this pic!
    I mean I understand it must get frustrating always have paparazzi following you, but this time it was for the most part a quiet and Papz free Bike Ride…. and besides they are the most Popular and Talked about couple in Hollywood so you would think by now they’d be used to the attention and having only one photog instead of 2 dozen would’ve been a nice change!
    I feel there was no need for brad to be rude to the only Man taking the pictures… he was only doing his job!

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