An Expectant Jennifer Lopez Shopping At Barneys

Jennifer Lopez

An expectant Jennifer Lopez was snapped shopping at Barneys New York in Manhattan on Thursday.


  • http://balla nicole sugar

    hey think that iwas great and she is pretty an dhappy to have children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i was like her

  • http://hotmail yolazz

    i think she is over doing it with those huge heels everyone knows when you’re pregnant heels are a no no but i guess she still wants to think she is this sexy thing, i think
    when your pregnant it’s about glowing and feeling beautiful without having to wear such extravagant clothes please!!!
    get a life jlo, i also think her face looks very fat and she looks aged


    J LO and Marc Anthony,
    I sincerley wish you the best in your careers and your new boundles. It’s the best feeling in the world to be called “MOM”

    * I love your coat and you always look good Jennie..

  • lucy gonzalez

    i loved you both marc and jlo….good bless your relationship and unborn child..i love your music both…i have every cd that your both have out there…..
    we have the latin power……………

  • lynn

    I hate this bicth!!!!! she is nothing but a whore!!! who cares she is having a baby.

  • Ali

    She really needs to get over herself !

  • Generic name

    ohhh c’mon!! I really2x hate this couple
    they are really a match!!
    whore meets the whore!!
    sorry to JLo and Marc’s fans!!

  • Karina

    Hello J.lo & Marc,

    Wish you the best of luck on your pregnancy take care of those babies, they are a blessing from above, and of course enjoy them to the full.

    You look so beautifull !!!

  • M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a

    how come her boobs are still small and only her stomach sticks out…is it another scientology conspiracy a la elfman and cruise…

    Nice coat!

  • Cathi

    I am sick of her and her husband. I don’t care what they buy or what they do.

  • Daisy Boo

    The sunglasses are waaayyy to big!! Like her jacket though!! :)

  • Carys

    I don’t think she looks pretty here.

  • suzan

    I think she looks ugly here. Does anyone see it or is it just me? and it looks that she gained weight!

  • Jx2

    I can’t stand these two. I could not care less that they are having a baby…who cares??!! I hope ‘Jell-o’ and Skeletor break up soon – I’m sick of seeing them together. Their music sucks royally too!!

  • Generic name

    Just cant imagine if the baby looks like their dad!! lol

  • Z


  • oriana

    She does look good, love the coat!!!!

  • Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy

    I like her top…unique…..kind of a babydoll/trenchcoat style!!

  • joey

    look at marc anthony…he’s u-g-l-y..their kids are gonna be blobs

  • Tia :)

    awww! Love JLO!! I cant wait to see what this little one or THESE little ones look like!!

  • dori

    She looks so cute…. I am also curious when she is due Does anyone know?

  • Al&J

    That coat is beautiful.

  • joey

    merry ho ho..j lo

  • JESS


  • Janessa

    She looks just like her Mom in this shot.

  • Jess

    “I’m not pregnant and don’t ask me!”

  • Lauren

    She looks beautiful. I wonder when she’s due?

  • star

    she looks great