An Expectant Jennifer Lopez Shopping At Barneys

Jennifer Lopez

An expectant Jennifer Lopez was snapped shopping at Barneys New York in Manhattan on Thursday.



  1. says

    i think she is over doing it with those huge heels everyone knows when you’re pregnant heels are a no no but i guess she still wants to think she is this sexy thing, i think
    when your pregnant it’s about glowing and feeling beautiful without having to wear such extravagant clothes please!!!
    get a life jlo, i also think her face looks very fat and she looks aged


    J LO and Marc Anthony,
    I sincerley wish you the best in your careers and your new boundles. It’s the best feeling in the world to be called “MOM”

    * I love your coat and you always look good Jennie..

  3. lucy gonzalez says

    i loved you both marc and jlo….good bless your relationship and unborn child..i love your music both…i have every cd that your both have out there…..
    we have the latin power……………

  4. Generic name says

    ohhh c’mon!! I really2x hate this couple
    they are really a match!!
    whore meets the whore!!
    sorry to JLo and Marc’s fans!!

  5. Karina says

    Hello J.lo & Marc,

    Wish you the best of luck on your pregnancy take care of those babies, they are a blessing from above, and of course enjoy them to the full.

    You look so beautifull !!!

  6. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    how come her boobs are still small and only her stomach sticks out…is it another scientology conspiracy a la elfman and cruise…

    Nice coat!

  7. suzan says

    I think she looks ugly here. Does anyone see it or is it just me? and it looks that she gained weight!

  8. Jx2 says

    I can’t stand these two. I could not care less that they are having a baby…who cares??!! I hope ‘Jell-o’ and Skeletor break up soon – I’m sick of seeing them together. Their music sucks royally too!!

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