Liz Lange's Style Advice For Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears

Acclaimed maternity designer Liz Lange has offered style advice to 12 weeks pregnant Jamie Lynn.

“She’s a young girl, so I would want to keep her look innocent,” Liz Lange told People magazine at the Great Debaters premiere in New York Wednesday night. “I think little cute dresses and jeans with tight-fitting tee shirts. … She’s 16, and I’d like to see her look her age.”

As for how her style should differ from Britney’s, who frequented Liz Lange’s L.A. boutique during her two pregnancies, Liz Lange says, “Britney was into cowboy boots with little dresses. That was her style. I’d like to see Jamie Lynn go a little plainer. No belly baring for her!”

Liz Lange continued: “I hope she’s ready for this – It’s definitely a big step. I know that as a mother myself. But if this is what she wants and what their family wants, then mazel tov.”



  1. princess12 says

    i luv her show zoey 101 i dont think people should judge her or her mom maybe its not her moms fault especially if u dont kno wat really happenned yea her sister made bad choices………. and yea so did jamie…… i kno sum uv u kno sum1 who got pregnant younger than 16 cum on now dont judge people if u dont kno the whole truth…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. princess12 says

    i luv her show zoey 101 i dont think people should judge her or her mom maybe its not her moms fault especially if u dont kno wat really yea her sister made ad choices………. and yea so did jamie…… i kno sum uv u kno sum1 who got pregnant younger than 16 cum on now dont judge people if u dont kno the whole truth…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dhani says

    i think shez a big fat hoe………….havin a kid…iz she crazy….she is following her stupid ass sisters foot steps…

  4. says

    Yeah exactly. What’s done is done. At least she took responsibility. What if she did get talked into giving the baby up for adoption? She’d regret it everyday for the rest of her life… Oh, and I am not saying I endorse teenage pregnancy, not at all….

  5. Shelby says

    Stop beating the girl up, having a baby at sixteen 100 years ago was very common. I wonder if she plans on marrying the father?

  6. says

    everywhere you look these day’s young girls are having babie’s. I was married and had my first baby at 20 and I can’t count how many times I heard ur a baby having a baby. My sister had a choice a car or a your baby for her 16th b-day. SHe picke dher baby and can’t imagaine life with out Erin. We can’t critizise anyone or blame the mom’s or the girls having the babies. My mom couldn’t stop me from having sex at 15. If the mind is set on something it’s gonna happen. I just hope Jamie Lynn is a good mom and doesn’t turn out like her sister. Hopefully she takes responability for her life and her actions.

  7. brianna says

    i love your show zoey101 but i think you might n turn on the wild side once you have your baby

  8. Grip says

    Since I was awaiting moderation (which cracks me up considering some stuff I’ve seen here…I’m moderating…)

    Nicki – one quick point…Hannah Montanna. Do you SEE what PARENTS not children, but parents nationwide are doing in order to get their precious progeny tickets to see Hannah Montana? You can’t tell me it does not have an effect. I’m not saying HM is bad or anything, but it just shows that the media and those in the spotlight DO have an effect.

    It’s not just this…it’s many things. I had a major argument with a dept manager in the store the other day because I was trying to find a dress for my daughter who wears a size 7. Well, in case you did not know it, if your child wears a size 7 in our socieity (typically a 5-8 yr old) they should now dress like a sL*u*t. Mini-club wear I like to call it. It’s sick, it’s inappropriate and why don’t we just feed our children to the pedophiles that seem to be running rampant these days? Now, I alone will learn to sew before I would ever put my little girl in this little wh*0re in training wear… but guess what…IT IS FLYING OFF THE RACKS. So me alone saying , no a child should look like a child is really not having a big impact on society as a whole now is it. I hope it will have an impact on my child. But when she goes out dressed age appropriate and 80% of her little friends look like the Bratz gone wild… how long before she thinks I’m the one who is wrong? So far (thank GOD) that has not happened, but I hope it doesn’t. Because I won’t cave…but apparently 90% of parents do.

  9. Grip says

    you guys are right…cancelling may not be the way to go. but since she is “zoey” you tie her to the show a lot more than if she was another character. (I don’t watch so I don’t know the characters.) But you know what, yes, saying we are recasting her would be a good way to go.

  10. Grip says

    39 – I TOTALLY think it is a parents job and not a TV’s job to raise their children. HOWEVER…. children, teens and adults alike are effected by mass media…like it or not. (I don’t, by the way.) And even if parents are preaching one thing, kids, teens especially, tend to do another. When it becomes “cool” to do something that adults think is not… it’s even cooler. A 16 year old being pregnant, if treated as a tragedy or something that is not 100% acceptable, well, it sends a message. Having her get designer advise and people calling her “heroic” well, it has the opposite effect.

  11. CH says

    She’s lucky that all she got was pregnant and not a deadly disease, when having unprotected sex.
    I don’t get teen pregnancy, doesn’t everyone know about birth control?? If proper protection is used (which it should be to protect from disease) pregancy is extremely unlikely. People always like to use the excuse ‘it doesn’t always work’ but if one uses it properly, it is extremely effective. It isn’t a good idea for a teen to have children for a number of reason, including the fact that at that age, a teen has still not finished growing. The body then has to not only attempt to finish proper growth for the mother but also support and nourish a developing fetus. Teen pregnancies are higher risk. I feel sorry for this girl.

  12. oriana says

    I have to agree with dori on this one for sure. Canceling the show would hurt more than her that would not be fair. I at first thought it should be canceled but she should be written out or replaced.

    Hi Tia and Nicki, I do agree it is the parents job to monitor and supervise their children, but the truth is the majority do not, when it comes to movies as well as TV. And even kid shows use curse words I would have gotten my mouth washed out with a bar of soap for using at that age.

    And yes indeed, I had my mouth washed out with soap more than once in my younger day!

  13. dori says

    I don’t think cancelling the show is necessary but removing her character would be appropriate under the circumstances. Find a way to write her out of the script like they do on soap operas.

  14. Nicki says

    Tia~thanks . I agree also~ we are who we are and that makes up the US. But resposibility is the parents job It isn’t TV, movies, or anything else or anyone else.

    Yes kids look up to whoever, it is the parents job to make sure they , (thier kids) , aren’t “worshippiong false gods”. TV and Movies are FUN…………….But the are also fake, kids need to live in reality. Parents teach your children. Don’t leave it to the TV, or movies,PLEASE.

  15. Nicki says

    Grip-do you really think that cancelling the Zoey show would send a loud message???
    I agree it should be done. Don’t you think it is the parents job to guide thier children, not the TV.???

  16. Generic name says

    After what happened to JL, she will no longer look “innocent” not even a piece of dress!!
    I hope JL and other(s) who want to make money on her
    realized that…no matter how expensive or branded she wear(s) a saying goes..”DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE” and thats what happened to JL, BRIT, AND THEIR MOM!!

  17. LMAO says

    “She’s a young girl, so I would want to keep her look innocent” …Sorry, but this girl is about 12 weeks past innocent!

  18. nan says

    Hey girls,
    Supposedly Nickelodeon is considering doing a teenage pregnancy special given the circumstances of their Zoe 101…Any thoughts??

  19. Grip says

    Of course we, as parents, have to tell our kids to differentiate between fiction & reality… but like it or not (and I do not) actors, athletes, etc. are todays role models. I wish that were not the case, but it is. And I wish that they, and the corporations behind them, would take more responsibility. Personally, I do think her show should be shelved by Nickelodeon, it would send a LOUD message. But it probably will not be because it is their top rated show and money talks.

  20. Tia :) says

    Nicki, I agree with your post 100%. I know she is a role model for younger girls, but like you said, we should be explaining to our children the difference between tv and real life.

    Tams, I was just wondering, you said your daughter is 8 and watches the show, what will you tell her when the show isnt on anymore? This whole thing is very sad.

  21. Tams says

    I have a 8 year old daughter who watches Zoe 101 (jamie lyns show) I think she is not setting a good example for children. However accidents do happen and ithink age has nothing to do with your ability to raise a child, there are plenty of women there 30’s that are unfit mothers. Lyn Spears semms like a supportive mother and I think she will be there to help Jamie through this time in her life.

  22. Nicki says

    I think she did the OK article because it will be obvious in a short while she is pregnant. She didn’t ask for this “Acclaimed maternity designer Liz Lange” for any advice. This is just a way for this Liz to get her name out there with anyone who will read about this.

    I know many young girls watch the Zoey 101 show and love it. But as a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or older cousin shouldn’t we be held responsible for making sure they know the difference between a fictional character on TV or in the movies and real life? Real life happens. It isn’t always pretty or fun or makebelieve.
    We are responsible for allowing our chidren to watch what they watch and idolizing who they do. Not TV. Most parents don’t even watch the shows with thier young children……..they are doing dishes, on the phone, on the computer, etc….and they use the tv as a “break” to get stuff done. I would never let a child watch “the Simpsons” but I know so many who are thrilled they get an hour of time for themselves each day. TV isn’t the answer, they aren’t worried about how your kid will turn out.whether it be Hannah Montanna, Zoey 101, or any of the other tween or teen shows. They are only interested in making money.
    As a parent, and it is the toughest job ever and it lasts for life, and the most rewarding when done the best you can, it is your responsibility to make sure your kids happy, healthy, loved, and secure. It doesn’t come from a tv screen.
    I feel bad that so many 8 and 9 year olds mothers have to explain why “zoey 101” isn’t on any more, or that the 16 year old charater who portrayed her is having a baby in real life. But it happens everyday.
    This fashion thread is dumb……..but little Jamie Lynn didn’t seek out this advise, it is someone else cashing in on her. Sad.

  23. Dana says

    Now we’re talking about her maternity fashion?! SICK!

    And to the poster defending Lynn Spears-that woman is a disgrace. Instead of pushing her kids into all kinds of lessons/auditions-she should have let them be normal, go to school, play sports, be part of school groups.

  24. Denise says

    Forget the fashion and how she looks. She needs to realize how she looks to these young teens that look up to her and will be thinking it’s ok to get pregnant at 16. She needs to stay out of the lime light and not make it look so glamorous to be pregnant. What is she telling these kids. Oh look at how good I look with my baby bump. These people never cease to amaze me.

  25. val says

    I agree with everyone as to say that she is a baby having a baby, i was 17 when i got preg for my daughter and 18 when i had her, i can not see why the media would want to glorify this she was suppossed to be someone little girls looked up too, my daughter has watched zoey 101 for almost 2 years, gosh give me a break, is this the role models our kids have to look up to? she should of just dropped out of the shows not publisized herself like she did! but congrats anyways

  26. 2teens3beans says

    I still stand by my original statement on the other JLS thread. This was no accident, she got pregnant on purpose so that she could have as much attention as Britney. It seems to be working, huh?

  27. Ur Gonna Be a Grandma soon! says

    You guys are too funny, just wait until your daughters do this soon!! hahaha

  28. Jacquie says

    “She’s 16, and I’d like to see her look her age.” WTG Liz Lange (Not!!)

    Ok that’s the dumbest comment ever!!! Hello she is 16, she should definately look her age which I wouldn’t think should include a maternity wardrobe!?!?!?

  29. Aries says

    At my highschool a lot of the students there are preggers. Frankly, i’ve lost all respect for them, most of them seem to not have there lives together and take advantage of their parents who agree to help raise the child with them. One of the preggers even got an abortion because she “didn’t want to get fat.”

    If i were Jamie Lynn i would feel a bit ashamed because she has a lot of tweens and teens alike who watch her show and admire her. If i were her i wouldn’t feel excited about dressing up in stylish maternity clothes but more worried about the future.

    And shame on her mom for not having “the talk” with her at an earlier age.

  30. fee says

    I don’t have any children and I am 19. I could not imagine being pregnant at 16. I don’t know if anyone can. At least Jaime Lynn seems to be taking some sort of responsibility for her actions, unlike a certian older sister of hers that shall remain nameless. Jaime Lynn has a long road ahead of her and I will pray for her and the baby’s wellbeing.

  31. Grip says

    LuckyLee…maybe they are better off. If you are ignorant and playing barbie dream house, you just do not worry like you do when you are responsible and worry. LOOK at Britney…that’s what she did. Thing is the KIDS are not better off, not by a long shot.

    You know, my sis said it best…. TOO BAD every pregnant 16 yr old can’t get 1.0 million for pics of her newborn….

  32. Beth says

    Style advice for a pregnant l6 year old young girl that is funny! I’d go more with a talk on how is it that someone can be bright enough to star on a nationwide tv show but did not know how to buy a condom with her boyfriend at the local drugstore.
    I’m sorry but I was 25 when I had my first and that was young enough.

  33. luckylee13 says

    I agree….there is something really wrong when a sixteen year old has an unplanned pregnancy and she’s being offered “style advice”. How about a little real life’s not all about looking cute in maternity clothes & playing dress up with a baby. Being a parent is the hardest job ever. I don’t mean to slight those of you who may have become pregnant at a young age but teenagers have no clue what being a parent means. I’m 31 with a great husband,and there are days we both just scratch our heads because we feel clueless.

  34. Lauren says

    While the fashion advice is innappropiate, keep in mind that Jamie-Lynn feels ready and able to become a mother at sixteen. Who are we to judge her?! There have been other teenage/young moms who have had babies and it hasn’t generated a whirlwind media attention. Leave Jamie-Lynn alone and let her live her life.

  35. says

    For goodness sake, somewhere along the lines we have gone from “oh thats a shame, shes so young” to get her parenting classes and being trailer trash and your basing this on what?????? britney? Well guess what? Theyre 2 seperate people! I was pregnant at 16, had my eldest at 17 and my youngest at 18 and my mum was a wonder! And Im a very good mum! So you doesnt mean stupid at all! As for autism, my sister is autistic and I have looked after her since I was 17 so young people can cope quite well sometimes! Try giving her a break fgs!

  36. Nina says

    This is just ridiculous!!! She is 16!!! While I commend her greatly for keeping the baby, DO NOT GLAMORIZE a child having sexual relations!

    What a joke.

  37. Grip says

    I had to make sure I was reading right….this is like a bad, sick spoof…. the GIRL is SIXTEEN and PREGNANT and she has someone giving her freakin FASHION advise??????

    Nan, I’m 115% with you….

    This world has gone MAD.

  38. JESS says


  39. Adele says

    Congratulations to Jamie Lynn.

    I got pregnant with my oldest daughter when I was just 17. I had a great job at the time & people thought I was older as I was mature for my age.

    Age doesn’t matter as I know young mother’s who are fantastic & older mother’s who are terrible mother’s.

    I just hope Jamie Lynn does a better job at being a Mother than her older sister.

  40. Danielle says

    Ya know, it’s not always the Mom’s fault,,,,,
    I got pregnant at 16, had my first at 17 and my Mom has always been a phenomenal mother, just so happened I, that’s right I, made bad choices.
    We’re too quick to blame someone other then the obvious.

    But, as for the “pregnancy clothing”, that;s a little ridiculous.
    Talk about glorifying pregnacny, cause you can dress all “cute and innocent”.

    Gheesh… I agree Nan, she should of just said, “No Comment”

  41. onatear says

    Going along with all of the above, PLUS, what if , unfortunately, the poor baby has a birth defect, or becomes autistic? No one thinks about that long run…I hope that doesn’t happen. But, she can’t imagine what life will bring her at her age. And, while babies can have problems with any parents, it takes a very very mature set of parents to cope and help the baby/child through it. God help them all. I am seriously concerned we are going to see a rise in teen pregnancy just because of this. Seriously.

  42. Ashley3790 says

    Yo, guys you really should not be so judgemental to someone who might want this more than her families issues. LAY OFF, FOR GODSSAKE!

  43. Ashley says

    I agree with you all that what she did was very irresponsible, but maybe she didn’t expect to become pregnant. Everyone makes mistakes, right? Yes, she is young, too young for that fact, but look at Fantasia and Keisha Castle-Hughes, they were both 17. It’s her decision, and she appears to be ready enough to handle this, so i wish her all the best, and i hope that she has a healthy pregnancy and baby. She deserves to be happy, and i wish her and everyone the best holiday. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays Everyone!

  44. jennifer says

    How everyone is going to make Jamie look
    so something is beyond my thoughts…
    What has she done?
    Except getting preggers at the age of 16,
    which ofcourse is a shame…
    She should be studying by now,to become someone,something worthy for the society.

  45. Jamie67 says

    Okay..that girl is NOT INNOCENT!!
    She’s pregnant at SIXTEEN…i don’t call that innocent.
    But i blame her mom for this…shame on you Lynne,SHAME ON YOU!!
    Don’t they had some of education,my mom would’ve killed me!!
    She was pissed ,when i told her she’s going to be a grandmother and i was 25 years old.
    The Spears family is so crazy,really its not even funny anymore,….sad!!
    Happy Holidays everyone!!

  46. nan says

    Okay……I’ve lost respect for Liz Lange!!!
    Here we have another example of glorifying this unplanned pregnancy!!
    Liz would like to keep Jamie’s look INNOCENT!?!?!
    Come on!! Isn’t that impossible at this point? “Little cute dresses and jeans with tight fitting tee-shirts”? Are those ensembles going to make everything all better?
    Liz could have easily opted to say, “No comment”.
    But instead she jumped on the bandwagon in helping to publicize an unplanned teenage pregnancy.
    Innocence was out the door a LONG time ago for JL.

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