Jamie Lynn Spears Is A Hot Mama 2 B

Britney Spears

TMZ has learned that Britney Spears just spent $500 on a gift basket for Jamie Lynn.

Reportedly Brit called up the posh West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor late Wednesday afternoon and ordered Jamie Lynn a Tuni & G tank top with the words “Hot Mama 2 B” on it, along with a bunch of all white items including a blanket, a stuffed elephant with a white satin bow, onesies, socks and sneakers. Reportedly, the note attached read: “Dear J.L., We love you! Brit, Sean and Jayden.”

You can check out the shirt (which retails for $34) here!

Source via ONTD


  1. amber says

    OMG…u guys just go ahead talking about she will be a trashy mother and shes to young…you only live once! might aswell make the most of it!…and i disagree i think she will be a fantastic mom and shes awsome! and if u disagree fine! but my oppinion shes great and she will still be great!


  2. cece says

    i can’t believe jamie is pregnant i just found out today. i remember watching her on zoey 101 she is supposed to be a role model for young girls and getting pregnant young isn’t a good way to do it she’s following in her sister’s footsteps next thing you know she’s goin to be getting arrested for dui and doing drugs

  3. What! says

    Ha-ha if you didn’t care what I had to say then why did you respond? Obviously you are worried about being a grandma to soon! Sorry hun but even college grads can raise kids who get knocked up in their teens.

  4. Mellynn says

    Hey, What…you wanna know something? My children will be taught that abstince is ALWAYS the first choice, and if there is a need for birth control, it is a much better choice to talk to me as a parent about it rather than just go ahead and do it because it feels good!!! For the record, I AM college educated, so thanks for your touching concern about my education, but I see pregnant teens every dang day, so save your lectures. I could give two hoots about what you think.

  5. chinny says

    i think britney isn’t doing anything wrong

    with the whole world critizing j.l, it might help her just a bit if her sister wasn’t part of it. A silly t-shirt and some stuffies might actually give her some of the support we know she’ll definately need

  6. What! says

    And so what would a gazillion condoms do if one was already pregnant? I think you need to go back to sex ed and quite possibly get some knowledge in how babies are made. Also it wouldn’t hurt you to get some empathy while your there, because believe it or not your daughter/son or grandchildren could quite possibly end up the same way. My guess is you won’t hand out the condoms to them until they are already barefoot and preggers!

  7. Mellynn says

    A nice gesture from Britney would have been a gazillion condoms. I don’t have to give anyone a break who behaves in a manner I do not condone. It’s called MORALS. Some people have ’em…some people don’t.

  8. oriana says

    I think Brit was doing a nice gesture for her sister, of course with her low class tastes it would be something like the T-Shirt, being HOT is what it is all about with her. She should have sent one with Stupid Mom 2-B!

    Of course this baby was a mistake, she said herself she didn’t plan this pregnancy and that they were all in shock. I do think the baby will be loved and given every luxury, but any good parenting skills will be lacking, as it has been shown so far by Brit and her mother.

  9. Grip says

    Yes…….poor poor Jamie. And poor Brit. We are all picking on that POOR Spears familiy and they don’t even ASK for it. OMG…I wish I was a 16 yr old prego who could sell my story for big bucks, because ya know, that’s the CLASSY thing to do. And after I sell my story to a rag I can have everyone say POOR me, I am being PICKED on….

    Give me the tiniest little bit of a break.

  10. Jx2 says

    Is that all BS spent on her baby sis? $500? Come on Brit you can do better than that!! Having kids for BS is all about the money and spending it on stupid clothes so she and her family can look dumb and dumberer…I think she’s being a bit cheap – after all – her kids are going to have a cuzin’ to share the rise to stupidom!!

  11. Tia :) says

    Whats done is done. I think Brit was just trying to be a nice sister? I cant say if that was me and my sister i would buy her something like that…but she was obviously just trying to be nice. Like Sandra said, now all they can do is love this baby!

  12. Sandra says

    How is she enabling her sister? She is already knocked up. The damage is already done and the only thing Jamie and the family can do is love the new baby like it wasn’t a mistake!

  13. Team Jolie says

    Okay, her teenage sister is pregnant and she buys her a GIFT BASKET with a t-shirt that says hot mama 2 B???? I don’t need to say that Brit is an idiot, but enabling her sister does not help the situation. Hope Britney doesn’t turn her sister into trainwreck of the year ’08 (Brit’s already snagged the ’07 title). What she should really be doing instead of buying her sister junk she need not wear is rehearsing the line, “My sister and the baby are fine.”

  14. says

    I think that all of you are too Judgemental!

    She isn’t the only 16 year old that has became Pregnant!
    And who says that her life is over..because she is Pregnant?
    What is wrong with Britney looking out for her family??
    If she didn’t do, or say something..then Lames would have something to say about that! Make up your feeble minds!

    All of you think that you know what goes on Behind Britney, and the SPEARS wall, but none of you have NO clue, and Neither Do I!

  15. Mellynn says

    I see Britney has imparted her always-impeccable taste onto her sister. Ugh. Seriously, isn’t it time for this whole Spears Family Trainwreck to fall off a cliff?

  16. Sandra says

    I see nothing wrong with what Britney did for her younger sister. Imagine the whole world including most of you who post on here trashing the whole Spears family and especially a 16 year old girl for a mistake. I would imagine she isn’t feeling to good right now about coming out that she is preggers a little blue perhaps, possibly loosing the career she worked 3 years for, so her older sister is showing a caring gesture saying I am here for you in your tough time. You can’t ignore that she is pregnant, there will be a baby here soon so OBVIOUSLY the Spears family is trying embrace the “mistake” you all see it as!

  17. luckylee13 says

    It makes complete sense that Britney would find this shirt to be appropriate for her 16 year old sister. She is so far gone. I’m sorry, but they really are a trashy family. Money can buy a lot of things but good taste is not one of them.

  18. Lauren says

    oookay…Britney is sending clothes to her pregnant 16 yr old sister instead of focusing on her own kids?! The whole Spears family is wacko.

  19. says

    I dont think it will make any difference how old she is in this! Its not a great impression sure but at the end of the day, its happened and people will feed off it! Shame really but thats life! I dont think brushing it under the carpet would do any good to be honest either! Cant really win!

  20. Grip says

    I swear…this is like a movie… part of me wonders if this is all BS and she’s not pregnant but this is a big publicity thing because it is just too surreal…. A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD IS PREGNANT and it is like “what T-shirt did her skanky sister get her and what does Liz Lange think she should wear???????” OMG…. THIS is what is wrong people…open your eyes. A 16 yr old is pregnant and it’s time to talk about FASHION… oooh, wait, we can have PROM THEMED BABY SHOWERS…….How COOL would that be???? OMG…..THIS is what is wrong…

    LOOK I know 16 yr olds have sex, they always have… and I know this can happen. But lets look at it as an UNFORTUNATE reality and think of the important things…NAMELY how to prevent this from happening to others of her age. NOT WHAT CLOTHES SHE SHOULD WEAR!!!

    And you don’t THINK That this makes being pregnant COOL to impressionable young girls!!!

    I am just completely flabbergasted and I I pride myself on not getting flabbergasted easily.

  21. JESS says


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