An Expectant Melissa Joan Hart Says That Her Baby Is Kicking Like A Maniac

Melissa Joan Hart 

Melissa Joan Hart says that they are having a fantastic end of 2007 in the Wilkerson/Hart house.

“The new babe is kicking like a maniac and may actually be more active than Mason was (if that’s possible),” Melissa, 31, said on her MySpace page.

Mason, her son with husband Mark Wilkerson, turns 2 on January 11th and is “talking like crazy, just like his mom,” she reports.

Melissa, now seven months along, announced her pregnancy in September.



  1. Daisy Boo says

    Whew….her husband is HOT! I certainly wouldn’t say no 😉

    Mason is adorable and everytime i see Melissa i think ‘sabrina’ lol.

  2. Grip says

    I agree… REFRESHING… a MARRIED woman with her family…. someday you may see this in a museum near you….

  3. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Harsh.
    She might go back to acting after she has her baby. Of course she would take a break while pregnant.

  4. slinky says

    So she decided to make babies … was it because she’ll neer make another film. Washed out has been.

  5. Nicki says

    Mason is adorable, I love his hat. Mommy is cute and the hubby is kinda hot. Best wishes to the family with the new one. They look very happy and seem to be enjoying themselves.

  6. MommaE says

    Finally-a happily MARRIED couple with a family-such a cute family! Her hubby is a bit of a hottie!!

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