Jamie Lynn Spears Is Pregnant!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’s 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

Nickelodeon, which carries her TV show Zoey 101, said in a statement: “We respect Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn’s well being.”

Jamie Lynn and her mother confirmed the pregnancy to OK! magazine, saying she was 12 weeks along and the father is Jamie Lynn’s longtime boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Casey Aldridge’s mother confirmed it to TMZ.com.

“It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected,” Jamie Lynn told OK!, according to the Associated Press. “I was in complete and total shock and so was he.”

“I can’t say it was something I was planning to do right now,” the 16-year-old confesses to OK!. “But now that it’s in my lap and that it’s something I have to deal with, I’m looking forward to being the best mom I can be.”

Jamie Lynn told the magazine that after confirming the pregnancy with a home test and a subsequent doctor’s visit, she told only one friend – then waited two weeks before telling anybody else, including her parents. (she told her parents just before Thanksgiving)
“I needed to work out what I would do for myself before I let anyone’s opinion affect my decision,” she told the magazine. “Then I told my parents and my friends. I was scared, but I had to do what was right for me.”

As for her decision to keep the baby, Jamie Lynn explains, “I think my whole life I would have to live with knowing what I did or what I didn’t do.” And Jamie Lynn, who intends on raising the child in her home state of Louisiana, also tells OK! that she intends to face up to the life-changing choice she’s made. “I’m the one who has to live with it for the rest of my life,” she says. “I put myself in this position, an adult position, so I have to act like an adult and take responsibility for what I did.”

“I didn’t believe it because Jamie Lynn’s always been so conscientious,” her mother, Lynne Spears, told OK!. “She’s never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby.”

Casey Aldridge’s mother, Joyce Aldridge, told TMZ she was “aware of the recent interview regarding her and being pregnant” and that “we are in agreement with everything that was said by Jamie Lynn.”

“Everything is fine,” Joyce Aldridge added.

Jamie Lynn, a high school junior who is 10 years younger than Britney, had until now escaped much of the attention about her personal life that has surrounded her sister.

Jamie Lynn stars as a schoolgirl at the fictitious Pacific Coast Academy in Zoey 101, finishing its third season next month as one of Nickelodeon’s highest-rated shows.

A rep for Jamie Lynn was not immediately available for comment.

Wow! Unbelievable! But good for he for staying true to herself and keeping the baby.

Britney, who just recently learned that her sister is 12 weeks pregnant, said Tuesday night that “Jamie Lynn is good!”

Best Wishes!



  1. AMANDA says

    another skank in the Spears family! I feel bad for that child… its mother is already known as a whore and shes only 16

  2. Crystal says

    she did wat she did n she will either suffer or enjoi but if i was her id enjoi. not everybody can have a baby so those that can should. i mean its not like a cat or dog thats easy to take care of but shes responsible. she can handle this with or without Casey

    Jamie Lynn I Have Faith In You Make Me Proud Hunni!!!!.

  3. Zbella says

    people are so shocked and outraged when a 16 year old gets pregnant and keeps the baby. do you think all 16 year olds are virgins? sex leads to pregnancy, leads to babies. hellooooo.

  4. doveangel93 says

    if any one of you had a decent bone in your body , you too would pray, but i think maybe most you guyz should be praying your selves, for the person who sayz that brittany and jaimies mother should kill herself, oh wait they said if they were their mother theyed kill themself, so so sorry my bad, freak still, i feel that your wishing such harm to them , i’m praying for you tonight , you need more prayer than any fool i’ve ever known. let god in to your heart

  5. doveangel93 says

    further more, the comment about the girlz mother should kill her self is way over the line. your wishing some one to kill their self. thats just not even right nor is it freakin funny, what would you feel like if some one said that u should kill ur self just cause u are having problems in ur f***ed up life. geez people, opps u did it again, u made a dum ass funny, like u did’nt have sex at an early age,why cant people just keep their mouths shut, the golden rule people is if u cant say something nice keep your f***ed up opinions to your self

  6. doveangel93 says

    alright, you guyz are all fn* pathetic excuses for human beings
    i’ll bet 95% of you people who have negative freakin comments about brittany and jaimie lynn have just as bad or worse parenting capability’z if any at all, money helps matters some but not where it countsi get so sick……….of hearing and reading how bad it is for jamie and brittany to have kids, when they should be doing the most important thing of all, is praying for them, so god will look out for them

  7. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Hi Tia! I left because I was sick and tired of the webmistress’s irresponsibility towards a particular Heidi & Seal thread. Certain messages were downright offensive and blatantly r-a-c-i-s-t (and for some reason she’s even blocked that word!), yet she did nothing about it. I sent her messages telling her that if she didn’t sort it out I would leave the site and she didn’t sort it out! Might start using it now and then again though, though I’ll never find any respect for the WM again (and I hope she reads this!).

    Anyway, how are you? And Oriana, and everyone else? Hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas period and none of you are affected by the snow storms over there!

  8. says

    dont any care about having families any more celebirties are just popping babies out like its the next best fashion thing or somthing

  9. dori says

    And what about adotion? Why isn’t that an option for a 16 year old? Plenty of families out there who can’t have children and ould provide a loving stable home.
    The father won’t be around you can bet on that..

  10. says

    hi everyone… teen pregnancy definatly isnt a good thing, but it was jamie lynn’s decision, im glad that shes taking responsibility for what she did to herself…

    i have a 9 year oldsister who LOVES zoey 101, and she watches it all of the time, and as far as i know jamie lynn is her role model… but if she ever got pregnant at age 16 just because jamie lynn did would be a disgrace, i would be beyond angry with her…

    abortion is awful… if i ever got pregnant at age 16 or 17 (im 17 right now) i would keep the baby to, because how would any of you like living the rest of your life knowing that you murdered a living human being… just because its not out in our wrld yet doesnt mean thats itsd okay to kill it, its still a living human being…

  11. Lily says

    To quote Friends, “Sometimes you can do everything right, everyone can wear everything they’re supposed to wear, and one of those little guys just gets through”. That may or may not had been the reason why she was “shocked and surprised”…whatever. I, however, DO NOT believe in abortion, under any circumstances. I feel that it is upsetting, immoral, and I believe it is murder. But that’s my opinion. I have absolutely no respect for Lynne Spears, or Britney for that matter, mainly because apparently neither one can take care of their children, and that Lynne sold this story to OK! magazine (WHAT?). Regardless of that, I really hope that Jamie Lynn has it in her to become the exact opposite of mama and big sis spears.

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ok so I left this site but came back for this story…

    Anyway, 16 may seem young but I bet she will make a better mother at her age than Britney has in her 20s.

    Babies are always a blessing. Congratulations and good luck to her.

  13. Sue says

    This whole story is digusting. She is clearly seeking out attention and not looking at the long-term future. Sure she may have the financial means to support a baby, but how does a child “raise” a child of their own? By 21 she’ll want to be out partying and her kid will be FIVE wondering where her mom is all the time. SAD!! Why is she on the front cover of a magazine?? Nice way to glamorize the whole thing.

  14. nan says

    I’m sorry but what sort of “career” could a 16 year old CHILD start?
    I never knew that teenage pregnancy was considered to be such a respectable thing in the UK???
    Here in the US we’d like to think there is still hope for our children to BE children and have some sort of adult life before getting pregnant. Adolescents having babies is not considered a “mature” move in the mainstream.
    Knowledge is power people.

  15. chrissie says

    i think there nothing rong with her been preganat at lest she 16 not like some people i know there well younger and she will be a good mother. And people go around blaming
    Britney for the way she is now well i think its not her folt look at all rich people they have to much money they don’t know what they wanna do with it so they trun to drugs it happenes to every onei think sritney need to talk to some one that realy know that they doing and brin her back to this world. and good look to jamie and don’t let any one tack your child away

  16. oriana says

    What is sad and unfair to me is there are so many wonderful, responsible mothers out there who will have to struggle and sacrifice to raise their children, and these two will never have those problems to worry about, all the money in the world for shoes, food, education, and look at how low class they are! Britney is really pitiful, Jamie Lynn will have her mother raising the baby, and the mother to me is the worst of all.

  17. Adele says

    Some of the comments on here are very harsh. There are plenty of mother’s who have their babies young & go on to get married, have great careers.

    You say 16 year olds are young, over here in the UK, 16 years of age is the end of school age & I know alot of people who started their careers at 16 years old so are very mature for their age.

  18. Mommy - soon says


  19. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Wow this is strange…am I not allowed to say C h R i S t M a S? I just said that I love my family and Merry C h R i S t M a S to everyone!

  20. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Thanks Nicki…that means a lot. I know you addressed me a couple posts back, but I’ve been really busy recently with Christmas preparations and whatnot!! You’re right…I was so blessed to be raised by my foster parents (now adoptive parents). To answer your question, my birthmother gave me to an agency anonimously, and I was shifted from foster home to foster home during my childhood years. I arrived at my seventh and final family when I was ten and was adopted by my thirteenth birthday. I site that day as the beginning of the rest of my life.

    Please don’t think me naive in regards to the activities of teenagers…I know it happens, and that’s why I feel like sending my teenage sister to the nunnery some days! But saving yourself till marriage is possible; I had all odds stacked against me, and I did it.

    And I’ll gush for just one more paragraph! 🙂 I truly can’t take the credit; without my wonderful family I probably wouldn’t be a Christian today, I wouldn’t have been near as successful professionally, and I wouldn’t be the excellent mommy that I am today…..

  21. nan says

    You sound like a very smart young woman who made what decision seemed right at the time. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job raising your son (: I commend you for doing the best with what you were dealt.
    Thank you for giving a firsthand & realistic point of view!
    You are so right, no girl at 16 no matter how mature she may be should be having children. For her sake and the possible child’s.
    Take care (:

  22. Nicki says

    nan~I agree that 16 years old is too young to have a baby. But what is done is done. I hope she will handle it well. Some young mothers do, and unfortunetly some don’t. It just seems unfair to me that some people automatically think she will be exactly like her sister. My hubby has 4 sisters, all have children, 3 are wonderful loving Moms. One is a complete loser in the wonderful loving Mom catergory. Thankfully she lost custody (actually she just gave it up) when my neice was 2 years old. She was raised by a wonderful loving woman who she calls Mom. She calls her bio mom, who has been in and out of her life here and there when she felt like it, by her first name.
    I guess it could happen that JamieLynn turns out like her sister, but I don’t think that will be the case, at least I hope she doesn’t turn out like Britney.

    Thank goodness there are nannies like your friend out there who can bring some type of stability to these young childrens life. It is a good thing that Britney doesn’t have primary custody of her young boys anymore. It is also good she has to have supervised visits with them. Unfortunatly I don’t think she will learn anything about being a better mother.
    I think JamieLynn will be a better Mom even though she is 10 years younger. At least I hope so. This is the path she is on now and I wish her well. It will be hard for her, at times frustrating, but lets hope she has learned something from her sisters failures as a mom.

  23. candykane says

    Dearest hhh (very creativ)

    sorry for my illiteracy. I spelled a word wrong. Of course it is -now not know. But for the fact that english is not my first language I think I am doing pretty good. Not to mention the fact that I also speek German, French and Spanish. I finished best in school and finished my graduate school with the best. Well anyways I am very glad you found wikipedia to find a nice word so you can show how smart you are!!

  24. Amber says

    I got pregnant at 18 and had my son at 19 b/c I listened to the idiot whose zealout(sp) religious mother told me not to abort b/c he would help me. I wish I wouldn’t have listened. I love my son but I had a hard time doing it without help. I was a lucky one though. I still finished college and now have a great life.

    If I had a daughter get pregnant at 16 she would be at the clinic the next day getting an abortion. No 16 yo needs to be having a baby I don’t care how mature you are. I was way too immature at 19 even having raised my siblings b/c my mom was a drug addict. You have too much life to live. Her sister is a prime example. She didn’t have all of her partying out of her system and now she doesn’t have her kids b/c she wants to party all the time.

    I find it so funny when people who don’t believe that premarital sex is sin or they believe, yet ignore it are the same ones that are too moral to get an abortion… LMAO At least give the kid up for adoption then.

  25. nan says

    Exactly! That’s my point (:
    If she is so strongly influenced by her mothers ideas and opinions such as doing the magazine article, doesn’t it make it kind of obvious that as a 16 year old she isn’t really ready for a baby?
    On a different note, I have a friend who was offered a nanny interview with Britney back in May. The agency called my friend on a friday night around 9 o’clock asking if she could do the interview later that night! They said that if the interview went well Britney would have her stay with the kids that SAME night!!!
    My friend who isn’t star struck or anything obviously turned it down.
    Sad part is, in the following week’s tabloids they showed Britney out partying that very night @ a hotel.
    Let’s remember that Britney appeared to be sweet and innocent back in the day. It was AFTER having children that she seemed to realize she has missed out on sewing her wild oats. I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Jamie (:

  26. Team Jolie says

    I think it’s the result of bad parenting and even worse decisions. I hape she doesn’t go crazy like Brit did.

  27. boo says

    Apparently she didn’t get a dime for this article….what she gets is a million bucks after the baby is born for OK to get the first pics….. which in any Big Name celebrites case ( Like Spears) the Media will hound and make offers to get the first pics!

    And absolutely I think of Every unborn baby as “Beautiful” Nan, why wouldn’t I? Looking at sonogram pictures and hearing the heartbeat is in every parents eyes the most beautiful site and sound ever….. and their baby when born is the most beautiful baby ever.
    I really don’t give a damn the age….. the way I see it, Jamie Lynn and Casey made a conscious decision to have sex! They made an ADULT decision and Now they are pregnant… which is something they would have always known could happen, and they continued doing it anyway! So now they are both going to have to grow up Pretty Darn fast.
    Luckily for her she has money, her family has money…. so she and Casey won’t be out holding down 2 part time jobs each to support this baby…..cuz we all know financially supporting a baby can get expensive especially at a young age! But I think that she is going to be an Awesome Mom….. I think she is going to look at what her sister is going through with the custody battle and rehabs and Bad media Portrying her as a terrible, unfit Mother…and she will not want to be known as that!

  28. lala_brit says

    So many children in the world are neglected and abused and the spears family bring another one into the world to be treated the same……..pathetic

  29. CW says

    This is so unbelievable! I have a 10 year old very, very impressionable daughter and I hope, I pray that Nickelodeon has the smarts to cancel her show! I have already warned my daughter that Zoey 101 is not on in our household any longer! I was a young mom, certainly not 16 but 20, I feel even 20 is to young to have a child but 16 is even worse. Yeah she has the support and money to raise a child but it takes alot more than time and money to raise a child! Come on Jamie Lynn I know you are not oblivious to your white trash sisters ways!!!!!

  30. dori says

    Wow Nicki you said it very well. Like I said we have a daughter who got pregnant at 19 and had her baby at 20 at first I freaked but it worked out and now I have a very precious grandson who brings much joy. My daughter married her boyfriend and they are very happy. Sometimes there are good endings.
    But she is suppose to be a role modl for young girls she’s suppose to be the good girl on the show and now she’s pregnant . My feeling is there’s a lesson to be learned and the network should remove her from the show and show that there are consequences for mistakes. Someone needs to act like an adult in the scenario.

  31. Tia :) says

    People keep saying “Maybe she shouldnt have sold her story to OK magazine” I really dont thing it was her choice. I have a 15 yr old niece and I can tell you , she does whatever mom or dad tells her to. If you have a mother like Lynn spears trying to make a quick buck, you’ll do what she tells you. She’s young. Of course she’s going to sell her story…mommy probably told her it would be good for her. It really does make me sick.

  32. eyesofpearls says

    It just shows how parents who are greedy for fame and money completely screw up their children! I saw a documentary about Britney and her mum looked so hooked on making her famous and rich that it made me sick!!! She totally ruined her childhood!!


  33. Jenn says

    Please, this is a future CPS case and thats the only sure thing about this. Britney has already shown it doesn’t matter how much money or family you have around you. How could anyone say “good for her”? This is a very sad day. Another teen pregnancy that will be a disaster for everyone, especially that baby.

  34. Tam says

    I dont understand how they claim to be such christian people… i definetly dont believe britney was a virgin until like 22 like she says!

  35. Tam says

    The mom is to blame for this… first for letting her then 14 y.o child move in with some 18 year old boy.. 2 not teaching them about safe sex… and funny they are so religious they claim yet.. dont they teach them not to have premarital sex?

    shes a child herself.. shes way too young for a baby!

  36. Nicki says

    oriana~that book by (MOM) is on hold, (for-a long time,. probably forever)
    I also believe in pro-choice, and believe in it strongly, but who ………….sorry, I forgot who brought it up…basically because it was a distrubing story, about a doctor in???sorry forget the place, would so an abortion on a 7 or 8 month pregnant woman. (I totally don’t agree with that at all)

    And the role model thing is up to parents and family members. It matters not that they “like” a TV or movie figure, it matters as parents how you handle it.JMO.

  37. Fly On the Wall says

    Well, it just goes to show — you can take the family out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the family.

  38. oriana says

    I do believe a woman has the right of choice and I have always been, even back in my day.

    The fact that she posed like she did on the cover, she looks 20 years old also in that picture, and her low class mother going for it, speaks volumes about that family.

    NO, I don’t think she is trash because she is a Spears, I think she is trashy because that family is trashy. Plain and simple.

    Nicki, I loved your post #100 and I think both Britney and her are terrible role models, too many young girls want to be like them, I hope her TV show gets cancelled.

    And Lynn writing a Christian book is laughable!

  39. Nicki says

    Oh yeah, she did. change Such a good kid, same with my visiting nephews. They always went by the rules, and never had a problem with them. Not saying we wouldn’t have a water balloon fight in the kitchen for fun, or whipped cream fight…………..but always in the kitchen, easier to clean up. And had a blast outside with the “jet-air” water guns, so much laughs!!!

  40. Nicki says

    OK nan, maybe I misunderstood you-but let me just answer this in your last post …………………….
    another 16 year old pregnant (AND PLEASE DON’T SAY AGE DOESN’T MATTER) but she is a public figure who should be a little more careful in how she publicizes this serious matter. The fact that she has decided to have this child is all her and may she have a wonderful life as a mother but to go and glamorize it on the cover of a gossip magazine is ridiculous and irresponsible as a role model to young America!…………………………………….

    I agree to sell your story to a “rag mag” does seem to be glamorizing it. Because she did no doubt “sell”it to them. (I don’t know maybe that is how she, a 16 yo, broke it to the whole family) And I agree, children out there who watch her show might be saying like”well JamieLynn did this..or That”…………..But as a parent or a grandparent or even an aunt or uncle,, thats where you draw the line.
    I had a nephew visit us when the Home Alone Movies were the #1, he decided to use a word the kid did in the movie, I lsaid thats not used here. He said well the kid ( they were both 8 years old at the time) in the movie said it. my answer to him was-He was paid to say it….If someone pays you to say that then go for it!! That was it..never heard it again.

    Had a niece a few years later come out to visit for 2 weeks, I told her we were going to the mall, she was 13 and went in and changed, she looked like a Britney Spears video. I said “what are you wearing?” She said “Britney wore this in her last video.” I said “well she got paid a million bucks to wear that, your not so take it off.”

  41. Ruby Jackson says

    Lynne Spears should be charged with “Corruption of a Minor Child” for letting her 16 year old daughter live with a 19 year old man.

  42. Nicki says

    Tea~ thats why I’m so shocked as to why these people are so upset about a “teen” getting pregnant. It happens all the time. Is it an ideal situation? No, it never is, but reading her interview, she seems like she has a grasp on it. I think she will do a better job than her 10 year older sis, who was marrried and supposedly a woman. Age dosen’t make a better parent. I know a few 18 year olds who are far better parents than the 29 yeear olds who are first time parents.
    Life throws you curves sometimes, it is the way you handle it that proves who you are. Time will tell. Just give her a chance instead of throwing up every road block whenever we can.. It will be hard enough for her, let her try to get it right.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a teen(which they classify as 15-19) pregnancy in my family. Lets just wish her the best, and if she drives with her 3 month old baby on her lap down PCH, then she can be roasted alive!
    She isn’t the first teen to be pregnamt and she won’t be the last.
    (condoms break ,etc……………lets give her the benefit of the doubt……………..at least for now)
    OH yeah…what do I tell my teen….Don’t worship anyone you don’t know. TV and Movies are PRETEND. Just enjoy them.

  43. nan says

    About Tia’s comment on #81….
    I never said it’s her unborn baby’s fault. By all means it’s her own doing, her body, her choice, her own FAULT. I have helped people in this exact same decision making/ life changing process and I can guarantee you that some 16 year olds would like a second chance at life meaning they no this is an accident but don’t have the resources to consider pro choice options. I am not saying that abortion is the only path to take. Absolutely not BUT in some situations it should be a avenue.
    Yes, the baby will be lucky that it’s mommy isn’t a crack head or anything of that nature (:
    I DID say that in regards to abortion it is her own personal choice whether or not she considered it is her business…..
    And along the same lines…
    Nicki & Boo,
    By no means am I taking this personally. As a responsible individual that has worked full time with children for 12 years now I know first hand the possible outcomes of this situation. So not only is there another 16 year old pregnant (AND PLEASE DON’T SAY AGE DOESN’T MATTER) but she is a public figure who should be a little more careful in how she publicizes this serious matter. The fact that she has decided to have this child is all her and may she have a wonderful life as a mother but to go and glamorize it on the cover of a gossip magazine is ridiculous and irresponsible as a role model to young America!
    And the whole “now there is another Beautiful Baby about to come into the world” statement….do you say that for every kid that gets knocked up surprisingly???
    Gimme a break!

  44. Generic name says

    Oh little Brit..no wonder she follow Brit’s footstep’s..just hope she will be a good mother even if she’s still young to be one…I can’t directly say if Mrs. Spears is to be blame , JL and Britney are all grown up..what happened to them is their choice..too bad they did not lead the right way… I hope U TURN is allowed so that they could lead the right way!!
    Good luck to JL..

  45. Tea says

    Though I don’t think it is the best thing to announce it on a cover of a magazine, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was her mom’s idea!

    I do have something to say to all those who are yelling “every hear of Birthcontrol” Who is to say she didn’t use it! Birth control can fail! I my self was on the pill, and we used condoms, and I still go pregnate! I was 25, not 16, And we were using both kinds properly. Talk about a shock! Wouldn’t trade it for the world though! Abstinance is the only sure fire birthcontrol, but lets face it, teens are going to have sex, they did years ago, and they still do. My step dads mom had a baby when she was 16, before she was married, and kept it (none of that dissappear for 7 months and pretend it didn’t happen hippocrital bs) and she is 90 years old now, it is nothing new!

    I just hope she doesn’t end up like Britney!

  46. Nicki says

    93. 2teens3beans ~ I think I like most of your posts and agree with them, but have to disagree with this one. Miss JL Spears NEVER got the attention her unfitney sister got. She has been on her kids show for at least 3 years, and when have we seen pics of her? Only with her unstable sis, and not that many……So I think this was a misstep in her carrer, but I think she will prove mama Lynn and Brit are just the ones who couldn’t do it right.
    I know a 14 year old who got pregnant and got married (she looked 20,lol) and her marriage lasted 15 years, with 2 kids. I think JL will make it right for her baby, she has seen so much wrong, all she has to do is the opposite.:lol:

  47. Reeny says

    Jamie and Britney’s mother should be ashamed of herself. It is quite obvious she never had any control over the two and never taught them self restraint…much less birth control!

  48. 2teens3beans says

    This was no mistake folks, she may say how “surprised” she was but she is already reveling in the limelight with the OK interview. I think miss JL Spears was a little jealous of all the attention big sis was getting from the paps. Maybe she wanted a little for herself.
    Losing her Nickleodeon gig will not be the end of her career, oh no. She wanted to get noticed and now she has, and will be in the spotlight until well after this baby is born.
    Totally planned pregnancy methinks.

  49. Nicki says

    85. samsmom~exactly, glad you after trying at 31 finally got that shock. Congratulations.

    84. Suzianne-I’m sure your doctor told you after being on them for so long it would take awhile to get pregnant. So congratulations for getting pregnant after only 5 months, thats great. (I’m not sure why you are referring the rhythm method to, like sex to music, thats not the rhythm method at all, thank goodness you were on the pill.)

    81. Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy -very good that you had wonderful foster parents to bring you up the way they did. You are very lucky and I’m sure your greatful for them. I have been around a bit longer than you, (that doesn’t me me anymore wiser than you) but I will say that teens do experiment with sex. I know a straight A student who entered College with 5 of her credits finished before she entered College. She had sex with her 2 year boyfriend, she was 16. They used a condom(stressed in school now a days) the 3 times they did. the 3rd time it broke, and she was stressed. Mom asked what was wrong and she told her she thought she was pregnant because the condom broke.
    They checked it out, and got her on the pill. 4 months laters she had to get the shots, the pills weren’t interacting with her body chemistry. She could have ended up pregnant anytime then.
    I don’t know if you were taken away from your mom or given up, but you sound like you turned out to be a loving Mom to your 2 beautiful daughters and I’m sure the same for your new babe on the way. Congratulations and best wishes for you and your family. Happy Holidays to you all!

  50. Blair says

    Wish I could say I was shocked…anyhow..best wishes to her and that baby…May the lord have mercy on us all.

  51. Lilac says

    Jamie Lynn made a brave decision, given the circumstances. Most other celebrities would just abort the baby to save their reputation.

    At least from here on out, she’s acting responsibly (and might I say, morally).

    Yes, I did just call abortion immoral.

  52. Jx2 says

    The Spears mother is an idiot!!!!! Her daughter is only 16 years old – who let’s a 16 year “decide” what to do with the rest of her life? Hell no! Take her to a clinic to get the job done right!! Britney probably convinced her sister to keep the pregnancy going so that TaterTot and SmallFry will have a Cuzin’ Billy Bob to play with…and they could all eat pork rinds and drink coke when they are just 2 years old!!

  53. dori says

    63 Jillian I am sorry for you for holding onto that sadness …. and felt you had to “search ” for your biological parents .
    I’m sorry you never embraced your adoptive parents accepted them as your “real” parents. That must have hurt them a lot….
    A child is always a blessing and brings love into a family. We are loving our new grandson who was an ooops baby too. We embraced the situation with my 19 year old daughter. It took some counseling in the beginning because I was frwaking out that my baby girl was pregnant….but it all worked out just fine.
    Something some of you out there shooting off your mouth with opinions don’t get ….because you arent adults or mothers .and you don’t have real life experience to talk about. And you know who you are.
    I had a girlfirend who disappeared in the sophmore year of high school and had a baby and I remember how painful it was for her.Your birthmother loved you so much she made a decision to give you a better life than she knew she could give you. ( not everyone has money and nannies) That is a good thing.
    Thats ‘s taking responsibility for your actions! On the news tonight a docotor stated that a 16 year olds brain (frontal) is not yet developed and the portion that tells you about consequences for actions is not yet developed parenting skills are not good at this age. These kids need their parents to help raise the children. does not make for good parenting.
    There is no glamour in keeping your child and pretending to be all grown up when you aren’t. This is a role model for young girls.. what has the world come to

  54. says

    i think that jamie lynn spears is doing the right thing for keeping the baby and also her mother is acting like she is really helpful. thats to brittany spears for being a great big sis. good like jamie

  55. samsmom says

    I would like to tell #25 that it is very easy to be shocked and surprised when you find out you are pregnant. I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant and my husband and I were actively trying to get pregnant! So I suppose if I at 31 years old was surprised even after trying, a naive 16 year old who was probably using protection would probably be pretty darn shocked!

    Also, I think it is pretty low down for some of you to call her white trash just because she is a Spears. She is a lovely little girl with a broken down family who made a mistake. How many of you would be happier if she tried to hid the whole thing and abort her baby. I think she is doing the right thing. You can’t get rid of a mistake by aborting it and then pretending it never happened. She will be a much better person because of her child and she will still have time to do things like go to college. Now will be the time she learns about delayed gratification. We all don’t learn our lessons the same way or in the same order.

  56. Suzianne says

    Carelessness is what causes pregnancy. Only the female can get pregnant, therefore she should make sure she is on contraceptives and not the rhythm method (like sex to music) I was on the pill for 5 years and then off and it took me close to 5 mths to get pregnant. Maybe it was immaculate conception!!!

  57. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    oh my gawd..that was hilarious..hhhahahahhahahah that was some comic relieg, well timed Joey..ahahhaha

  58. Tia :) says

    Nan- You said “I believe in abortion and am not afraid to say it”

    Well, thats your opinion. Some people do and some dont. I myself am pro choice. I believe people have the right to choose. She obviously decided to keep it. I wish her nothing but the best…as for her being a role model…unfourtantly, s hit happens. Im sure she never wanted to tarnish her image…but is this her babys fault? She should abort for this reason? Im sorry, but role model or not, it’s still her body, her life she has to live.

    I only Hope her boyfriends family isnt screwed up like hers is

  59. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Wow….not SURPRISED per se, but disappointed. In all honesty, I may as well be that baby; born to a teen mother, that’s why I grew up in foster care.

    And it’s not just those who grew up in the ’50s and ’60s who find this news upsetting…I was born in the ’80s; luckily, though, I didn’t continue the pattern established by my mother. I was abstinent until marriage….as glib as it may sound, it’s totally worth it.

    Sixteen…makes me think of my seventeen year old sister…makes me what to protect her even more.

  60. joey says

    This baby is going to have a ho*ochy for an aunt and a crack head grandma. Geesh..what next?
    Trailor Park Girls..alll thaaaaa way..

  61. boo says

    I saw on an entertainment pogram tonight that they have been together for 2 and a half years actually… they met at Church or something…. And everywhere on T.V they are saying the Boyfriend is 18 not 19 ( whether or not thats true I dunno)
    And I totally agree Nicki….Nan is definitely taking this Waaaay too personal and reading into it waaaaay too much!
    Like Nicki said….Birth Control doesn’t always work, Condoms sometimes break…. the only way this pregnancy would have been prevented for sure would have been for them too NOT have sex…. BUT THEY DID… and now there is a Beautiful Baby getting ready to come into the world, so people need to learn to deal!
    I saw on one of the entertainment news programs that the pregnancy was reffered to as ” A Crisis”…..Are you kidding me???? its a BABY….what about a person being pregnant is a Crisis? Who gives a damn about the mothers age!

  62. Nicki says

    And also birth control is not 100% any basic health class will teach you that. She has been with him at least 1 year, I’m sure 3 months ago was not the first time they had sex.
    I wish her and the baby the best.

  63. Nicki says

    nan-I think you are taking this a bit to personal.JMO. But I agree with some of what you had to say. I’m not totally against abortation, but thats not always the answer. They do have the income to provide a “materialistic safety net” which most teens don’t. That doesn’t make it right, of course not, but they won’t be living off our income, welfare, like 85% of the teen mothers. She also wasn’t living the normal teenagers life. She has been working for at least 3 years, she has had tutors, and not a normal life. She seems to me like she thought this through and waited until she was 3 months pregnant to let her family know, you miss your period 1 month, then 2 months, you know, even at 16. But she seems to me like she knew what her mom would want her to do, and made her mind up. Granted it is a young 16 year old mind, but maybe she knows what decisions were made earlier in an older sisters life to keep her career going, (the money coming in) and took the two weeks to really make sure she was 3 months along, and not go the same route as her sister had taken. Because we all know where she ended up………Crazy Town.

    Mama Spears maybe wasn’t the best mom, and I don’t think she even tried her best, except to push her kids to make money. But such is life, and it seems JamieLynn is trying. Hopefully her 19 year old boyfriend has a job!

    There are a lot worse moms out there, crackheads, drunks,abusers, heck even Britney….but teens get pregnant everyday, this isn’t new. It is only news because they are in showbiz. I think JL will be a better mom than Lynn and Brit.

  64. Nicki says

    Oh here we go again………..oriana, I wrote a comment to you and it is awaiting moderation-which we all know will not show up. Basically I said- I think the parents have to press charges to have something done about the minor. I could be wrong. It is a shame, but it does happen to many teens, back then and now a days, But I think maybe Jamie Lynn will do better than her 10 years older sister did as a married “woman.”

  65. nan says

    Disgusting and selfish I say. This sickens to no end.
    This world is becoming overpopulated thanks to situations like this. Yes, that’s right, I said OVERPOPULATED! Just because you become pregnant does not mean YOU were meant to be a PARENT yet or that the FETUS was meant to be subjected to such a situation!!!
    She (Jamie Lynn) is by no means “stepping up to the plate”!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Stepping up to the plate would have been if she went on birth control, used a condom, considered abstinence or here’s a crazy idea….took a good hard look at what has happened to her older sister!!!
    The Spear’s mother will get no deserved respect putting out a parenting book after openly allowing her 16 year old daughter’s 19 year old boyfriend to “live in” with her!!!
    For those who have faced this situation and raised the child/children as a teenager don’t expect some sort of gold medal! Do you see parents who wait until they are financially stable and emotionally and psychologically mature asking for some kind of reward??? That’s great if you can make the best of your situation and raise a physically and emotionally healthy and happy child. However statistics show that the younger mothers often find themselves in the same situation sooner than those who have planned pregnancies and the chances of these young mothers being able to afford raising child(ren) in todays expensive world is not often possible.
    It is a down right SHAME that another unplanned child has to enter this crazy world thanks to a couple of teenagers, NOT adults who can’t THINK before they “DO”.
    The fact that the Spears have loads of $$$ is only a materialistic safety net for this unborn child who will sooner or later wind up in a jaded world with family that shows no history of stability.
    I believe in abortion and am not afraid to say it. Whether this was an option for Jamie is her personal business but as a ROLE MODEL to so many young people or in old fashioned words, CHILDREN, she has just completely WARPED their view and given the impression that this is what 16 year olds do now.
    The poor thing hardly looks a day over 13 and is about to get the shock of her life.
    Good job Mama Spears…I’m guessing your Parenting book doesn’t give advice on teaching your children about the birds & the bees & birth control, STDs, choices, accidents, options & LIFE?!?!?!?!

  66. oriana says

    I would think the laws in Arkansas would be looking into this, she is a minor, the mother and the boyfriend could be held accountable, legally. And they should be!

  67. oriana says

    I am sick of the whole bunch of them, and that includes the Mom whom I have zero respect for! She has her mansion, her Mercedes, and designer purses, hope it was all worth it! When she allowed her 16 year old to do as she pleases, she has no grounds to act shocked, surprised, whatever!

    I think they are basically a trashy family. Look at Britney, she looks like she smells and like she crawled off the street corner most of the time!

  68. Nicki says

    I am wondering why people are so shocked about another teen pregnancy. Thousands and thousands of teens get pregnant all the time. They always have. Even with birth control, it isn’t a given it will always work. Heck 35 year olds take birth control and sometimes end up pregnant.
    It is not the ideal situtation for a 16 year old, but after reading her interview (yes tacky to sell it to a mag) she seemed to have thought it through and is trying to do the right thing for her and the baby. She has been working for at least three years so you has some type responsibility, and seems to have handled it OK. (more than the average 16 yr old has.)

    I am wondering about the people talking about “morals”, Why was it OK to send a teen away for 6-7 months (like the whole neighborhood didn’t know what was up) and pretend like nothing happened. So if you pretended didn’t happen and hide it, it was morally OK?

    Jillian, I hope your meeting your birth mom was beneficial to you both.

    I think Jamie Lynn will do fine in Louisana, and should stay as far away from Britney as possible.

    And to #49-Miapocca, can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with the first two paragraphs of what you wrote on this post.

    I wish Jamie Lynn the best and think she will do much better than her sister did at an older age. No it is not the ideal situation for any teen, but lets not pretend to be shocked like she is the first teen to ever become pregnant.

  69. Jx2 says

    what a sad sad sad situation – so very sad – st*pid and sad – a very careless and selfish decision to keep the baby – very ignorant and idi*tic – Mommy Spears must have puffed on some heavy duty ganja during the 60s & 70s to mess up her daughters brains and their logic and level of thinking like that…both daughters are messed up beyond recognition.

  70. hhh says


    20. candykane | December 19th, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    You guys are a bit unfair. I got pregnant with 16 and had my daughter with 17. I finished my school and learned a job. I know have 4 kids. They all have the same dad. My Husband! Whom I married when I was 17 over nine years ago. So even teenpregnancys can work out to the best.

    PS I am not saying that getting pregnant that early is the way to go

    It shows.
    You are kind of illiterate. Lots of problems with English.

  71. Denise says

    I just hope she doesn’t take any of Britneys mothering a advice. If she does the child is already doomed.

  72. Denise says

    Just posted on the above about Jamie Lynn. Too bad about her. She’s starting out way too young for this.

  73. Tia :) says

    I agree 100% with Grip. Selling this story to OK magazine was extremly tacky. Im sorry, but if i was her, i dont think this is somthing that I would want to share with a magazine. She’s 16 for god sakes! I mean, for her mother to even allow this story to happen should be ashamed of herself. I can’t believe it! Isnt she suppose to protect her and not exploit her?!?

  74. Jillian says

    In response to Dori’s comment:

    “I know this will sound harsh but I am 56 and in my generation (which was in the 60’s )if a girl got pregnant she disappeared and reappeared without a child months later. It was shameful to get pregnant at 16 and the family covered it up. Why are there no morals anymore?”

    I understand your point of view. We are lacking morals in society. However, I am one of the “covered up babies” now turned adult. I think it is much more shameful to reject your child because they made a mistake. My biological mother has suffered massive depression her whole life because her parents sent her away to have me and forced her to give me up and made her feel ashamed of herself her whole life. For 23 years I wondered where I came from and about my biological lineage until 3 years ago when I met her.

    I think in most cases, these “Cover ups” caused more more damage than you know.

    The solution is education. A large percentage of teens are going to have sex, it is up to us, the parents to educate them on using birth control and WHY it is important.
    I have 3 children and if I hope I prepare them as much as I can for the situations they will have to face when they are older. BUT, if any of them ever told me that they were pregnant, I would try to guide them to make the right decision about what to do with the child and love them unconditionally.
    That’s all we really can do.

  75. Jessie says

    I just have to say: didn’t she learn from her sister? “Jame Lynn is good!” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Anyway, I am shocked that she is pregnant. It seemed like she was smart and a mature Spears. Guess there’s no hope for that family afterall.

  76. says

    For those that might need the gyno lesson – you CAN get preggers on birth control. And if she was on bc, then I can see how she’d be shocked and surprised!
    Having said that, Momma Spears should have had a better eye on her daughter, rather than pimping her out to show business.
    But I think that her comments were mature and well spoken. And because one shouldn’t really judge one child by another, she might be OK at parenting – even if she is 16. I wish her luck!

  77. D'Anna says

    Hopefully raising her baby away from Britney and the public eye will be a good step, maybe she can stick to the decision.

    Her life isn’t over and she probably has the resources to enlist enough help if need be. It would probably be nice to raise the baby without Lynne though because she’ll probably just push that kid into Hollywood too and then wonder what the hell happened when it screws up too.

  78. Grip says

    Since Dori is being attacked, I’m going to step in. I agree Dori, there are no values and morals anymore and that is, bar none the BIGGEST problem with our society. I’m not a right winger, I’m not at all, and I’m not 56….but come on already. And I don’t know that the old way of handling things was best either… that led to a lot of heartache for a lot of people…and yes, these things DO happen, but lets not celebrate it…. let’s not put it on magazine covers. Let’s not act like it’s just another “lifestyle choice.” Because it really is not.

    Yes, SOME girls (not women, girls) who get pregnant at 16 end up with happy endings, but come on now, that is the very big exception and far from the rule. It’s certainly not what people want for their kids.

  79. Grip says

    What all of you who are saying “she made an adult decision” folks are missing is how INCREDIBLY TACKY it is to announce this for publicity and probably cash on OK! magazine. It does not show tact or maturity, it shows a lack of class and dignity.

    Further, she was LIVING with her boyfriend. Hello? What decent family allows their 16 yr old to live with her boyfriend and then then have the b@lls to pretend they are “shocked?”

    The problem with our country, perhaps all Western culture, is there are NO mores and NO values anymore. This is proof of it.

  80. Deenah says

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sean Preston and Jayden James are going to have a cousin

  81. Miapocca says

    Having money can buy you a mummy and a nursemaid , so hey…let JL and mama spears enjoy their outcome ……….I surely am nto babysitting so I do hope they have enough all around care , who knows maybe kfed is the father and will be chasing JL down for more money ahahha..now that will be some twisted family…apparently Britney is still unware because she has not been told by her mother and kfed was forewarned..so is kfed the father???ahhahahhaha

  82. Miapocca says

    Meesep , you really should nto tell others what to do or think…I actuall find it harder to accept an irresponsible 16 years old than an irresponsible30 year old…Although in my book I simply think a child will be regardless, it here, driving a teenager to depression over circumstances taht already happened doesnt take teh pregnancy away…Now, how many hollywood umarreid stars have unplanned pregnacies before or currently…Jolie, Holmes, Moynahan, ALba…

    I find to easier to think a teenage is irresponsible than those grown-arse women , or does age suddnely make them above the hypocrisiy that some of you are dishing out…I think JL shoudl take the Kiesha Castle way and nto let all these comment cheat her out of enjoying a wonderful pregnancy…its only remains to be seen if she can cope…but these folks have enough money to hire a nanny for each day……

  83. dori says

    I know this will sound harsh but I am 56 and in my generation (which was in the 60’s )if a girl got pregnant she disappeared and reappeared without a child months later. It was shameful to get pregnant at 16 and the family covered it up. Why are there no morals anymore?
    I know it worked out for some of you but in general it does not. 16 is way to young to give up your freedom and a life of being single and going to college and experiencing life before having children. Your life is mediocre at best. No college… no good paying jobs and i think we all know thats the fact. Your earning potential goes way down without a college degree. and yes I place a lot of importance on that because my 20 year old daughter who has a 9 month old baby is struggling terribly so I am speaking from firsthand experience . And her sister who is 22 finished college and has a teaching job and will now get her own apartment and eventually marry the young man she has been dating for 8 years.
    Ever heard of BIRTH CONTROL?????

  84. oriana says

    Not surprised by this one bit. She was a trash mouth on TV and seemed like a smartass to me. I feel sorry for this baby, Lynn will raise it and she hasn’t done such a good job with the other two girls. I think she was more focused on fame than parenting skills.

    And why would she allow her 16 year old daughter to be shacked up with anyone for, regardless of age?

  85. Messed Up says

    If you going wish her congrats do it correctly.

    Congrats on being a irresponsable teenager and doing what any normal and decent person would do.

    Please people this girl does not deserve praises for anything she does right now.

  86. says

    omg i was shocked when i heard this news.i hope that britney will support her sister thorugh the pregnacy and when the baby is born…..britney should have a little talk with jamie lynn and tell her not to end up like her (driving with the baby on her lap)or put the baby in danger…..even though britney made mistakes i hope she can be a supportive sister to jamie and i hope that jamie learnt from britneys mistakes….

  87. Miapocca says

    Congratulations to Jamie Lynn on her baby adn for stepping up to the plate….heck with all the insults she is taking any other 16year old will opt to kill that fetus…she is one brave girl, already a role model to other pregnant teens…pregnancy happens wether you like it or not, hormonses are working at 16.,.waht do you think your 16 year olds do…the experienced ones with good sense for saftey know hoe to keep clear, but folsk liek Jamie lynn end up catching the ball

    Again, keepyour head up girl and do the best you can, it already happened , just move on from now on and try your best for you and your child…GOOD LUCK

    and you old judgemental dingbat can fawn over other kids born out of wedlook but you try to hang this girl…whats so different about Jamie Lynn and Katie holmes is that jamielynn knew her boyfriend longer than katie holmes did…there are differnt degrees of HOs…

  88. Em says

    Number 47 your pathetic! i really hope your not implying that she should have aborted the baby. and whats wrong with pre-marital sex in highschool! whats ISNT wrong with it? now this 16 yo is having a baby! we dont need a generation of people who were raised by single teen mothers. (nothing against single mothers of course)

  89. Genieve says

    being pregnant at 16 can be scary situation, but i don’t think she’ll end up like Britney. I think she’ll learn from her sister’s mistakes and be a good mom. Hopefully her boyfriend and her can stay together. Although i don’t agree with her descion to keep the baby because she is too young i apreciate that she “knows” what she is doing.

    And who cares if she had pre marital sex, a lot of people have had pre martial sex when we were in High School.

  90. Cathi says

    i agree with you, preciousprincess. even though this pregnancey was not planned, jamie lynn did not take the easy way out. she made a very moral, adult decision and i wish her the best. she made a mistake by getting pregnant, but atleast she hasn’t decided to have an abortion. now she has to face ridicule, her show getting cancelled and becoming a mom at 16. we should all give her a little credit and support.

  91. Liz says

    ok, so she’ll be better than britney. but is that really saying much? id trust my golden retriever with my baby girl more then id trust britney!

  92. preciousprincess says

    It is so easy for everyone, even myself, to sit back and criticize what choices Jamie Lynn has made or is going to make. We aren’t her and we aren’t in her shoes. God only knows what kind of hell she has went through emotionally since finding out she was pregnant. Don’t you think that she thought about what the world was going to say about her because of what her sister has done? Don’t you think that she hasn’t say and contemplated abortion or adoption just to avoid the drama that is going to come her way now that she has chose to keep the baby? She is just a child! What has happened has happened and nothing will change that now. Jamie Lynn is just trying her best to make a decision that will be best for her for the rest of her life. No, having a child at 16 isn’t a GREAT idea, but she’s pregnant, nothing is going to change that. Think about what you would have done, or what you would do if you were 16 and pregnant?! It’s a tough decision and I wish her all the best in everything her and her future family encounters!

  93. luckylee13 says

    Announcing your pregnancy on the cover of a magazine when you’re only 16 is really in poor taste. A little discretion might have been a good idea. How long will it be before she starts crying about not having any “privacy” just like her sister? It seems (sadly) that all people in this family care about is how they can make more money. Clear the way for Spears trainwreck #2!

  94. Tempany says

    i just don’t understand how she can say she was shocked to find she was pregnant. if she knew she had had unprotected sex, why was it shocking? doesn’t she undersatnd how condoms or birth control pills work? good luck to her, her family and the baby now it’s happened.

  95. Dana says

    Not a good message to send young fans-who aren’t millionaires and whose live lives would be ruined as a pregnant teenager.16?!?! What a disgrace!

  96. Cobi says

    Well honestly what could any one expect from the Spears family? I thought she was going to be the exception to that family but hell once again we were proven wrong. She’s only 16 and pregnant. heck of a role model for children. Especially at her age. But then again she is Britney Spears little sister……..heck of role model she had herself. Hopefully she does a better job at being a parent.

  97. joelly says

    Oh and thank you Lynne Spears having such great role models out in the public eye for all young girls to see!

    Life is a party, who needs to use their brain!?!

    okay, I’m done.

  98. joelly says

    I hope they cancel her show or replace her, I don’t want my daughter who’s 12 going on 13 to think it’s “cool” to get pregnant because Zoey 101 did when she was 16.
    I really don’t understand why it had to be announced either, I’m sure it’s something they could have been discreet about……unless she was with her sister she rarely was in the spotlight or being followed by the paparazzi? But thanks OK! for sending this great message to teens!

  99. Christine says

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  100. purplemango says

    kudos to Jamie-Lynn for keeping the baby, I can imagine there was pressure on her to abort what with her being a young role model to many teenaged girls, but she remains true to herself.

    I just hope she will be a better mother then Britney

  101. ju says

    getting pregnant as a teenager makes for a difficult life and is not the better road to take. However, it does not make you white trash if it happens. this child knows and will soon learn she has chosen a difficult road but with prayer and with encouragment she will make the best of it. we need to teach our kids that sex before marriage is not the right way but we also need to prepare them of what can and will happen if they do have sex.
    Jamie Lynn is still a child yes but she is trying for now to act like an adult.
    Stop judging her and start praying for her.

  102. lisa says

    i too became pregnant at 16, i was 17 when i had her. at a time in my life where i was starved for attention. it was actually my first experience (sexually). although, i’m no longer with her father, i think it made me a more responsible individual and people should not be judged for their mistakes(?) if that’s what you want to call them…i now am married with 2 beautiful kids, albeit my daughter who is 11 thinks she’s my little sister sometimes…things turned out fine….so i’m not going to be judgemental about this one…

  103. Lauren says

    Why does everyone compare Jamie-Lynn to Britney? They’re 2 different people who are living their lives in totally different ways. Jamie-Lynn was irresponsible for getting pregnant as was Lynne BUT she’s showed way more maturity than Britney. If she wants to keep her baby, so be it.

  104. Tia :) says

    wow. I dont even know what to say to this one. I wasnt even thinking about having sex at 16. I totally dont understand why her 19 yr old boyfriend is living with her?!? What kind of parenting does she have? My parents were upset when I moved in with my husband before we got married and I was 20!!!

    All in all i wish nothing but the best for Jamie Lynn and her baby.

  105. Lesley says

    Not to be vulgar…but, doesn’t ANYBODY in that family go to college instead of getting kn***ed up? I really thought Jamie Lynn seemed smarter than Britney, but apparently she doesn’t even know how babies are made, or she couldn’t possibly be shocked and surprised. It’s really sad that she learned nothing from watching her older sister’s troubles. I hope she can do right by that little baby.

  106. Hollie says

    I am not shocked one bit. We all knew this was going to happen. I mean look at her older sister. We all thought Brittney was going to be a “good girl” So it doesn’t surprise me at all that Jamie is pregnant. It’s very sad because raising a baby is hard and she has no clue how much her life is going to change. Granted they have enough money to “support” this baby but it takes a lot more than money to raise a baby.

  107. daisy says

    Let her do what she wants … CandyKane is right. It can and does work out.

    If she still has that teen show I hope she gets booted off. While it may work out at an early age, she is a role model for young girls and very much in the public eye. For that reason I think this is a disgrace. I hope she goes away and doesn’t influence young teens into thinking this is OK. How sad.. It may work out, but it also robs you of your own childhood that is rightfully yours. And how many babies/toddlers/young children are abused at the hands of young teen parents with no education and feel stuck, lost and angry.

    You are indeed very fortunate CandyKane and I wish you and yours the very best.

  108. Danielle says

    I got pregnant with my first at 16, and had him at 17.
    My husband and I got married extremely young and have since had two other children and have now been married 12 years.
    Things like this happen, but can make the person that much more stronger and responsible.
    I can see jamie being a much more hands on mother then her sister and wish her only the best.

  109. candykane says

    You guys are a bit unfair. I got pregnant with 16 and had my daughter with 17. I finished my school and learned a job. I know have 4 kids. They all have the same dad. My Husband! Whom I married when I was 17 over nine years ago. So even teenpregnancys can work out to the best.

    PS I am not saying that getting pregnant that early is the way to go

  110. Lynn Hall says

    Shouldn’t the boyfriend be charged as a sex offender? She is not 17 yet and she is still considered a child in all states until then. Also, shouldn’t child protective services be called in for this as well – again, a minor being exposed to sexual contact in her home warrants intervention. Lastly, shouldn’t her mother be charged as negligent? All things that a regular – non-superstar would have to face. I know someone who was charged as a sex offender for an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 16 year old. He was 18.

  111. JESS says


  112. Stephanie says

    With all the money she has she can afford to buy birth control. Too bad they’re ignorant white trash.

  113. MICHELLE says

    I think it is horrible news. Why celebrate a sixteen year old child getting pregnant. To have the opportunities that she has to only throw it all away by being careless. It is really, really sad, nothing at all happy about it. She is white trash just like her sister.

  114. Grip says

    #9 – novel idea, don’t you think! 😉
    #10- Well, if Lynne raises this one too… there will be another train wreck in 15 yrs or so…
    #12- I would have agreed with you then too! 🙂

    Man…all this makes me think of that line from the Steve Martin movie “Parenthood”

    You need a license to fish, you need a license to drive a car, but any fool can become a parent.”

    Too damn bad actually.

  115. denise says

    Okay I am kind of shocked because when I posted that the girl from the Whale movie having a baby at 17 was to young everyone was mad at me but everyone thinks Jamie Lynn is too young (which she is). Thank goodness we have some smart posters on this one.

    Jamie is still a kid herself – For the baby’s sake I hope everything turns out okay but I doubt that will happen.

  116. dori says

    wow first Britney now this ….. mom raised raised herself a couple a winners didn’t she?
    How does a 16 year old make a good mother? She’s still a child herself!
    Her mom will end up raising this child so she can get back to her show business. I’ll place bets on that one.

  117. joelly says

    Just a thought…..maybe instead of managing their showbiz careers their parents could have worked on RAISING AND PARENTING their kids.

  118. boo says

    I must say….sure Jamie is only 16…… but I can pretty much GUARANTEE that she is going to be a much better and more hands on Mom then Britney!
    As long as she doesn’t take parenting tips from the Big sister she will do fine!

  119. Grip says

    They say Lynne Spears “parenting” book for a “Christian” publisher has been shelved indefinately (ya think????) There is so much wrong with this story… WHY does a 16 yr old have her 19 yr old BF living with her??? So the parents can not act shocked. Then, you have the fact that they are pimping the story out for OK! Magazine…. YEAH, it would have been all over the media…but why not keep some dignity, release a statement and maybe later give a story to a respectable outlet, like TIME about why kids should wait and not end up like this? Oh, because TIME would not PAY for the story…my bad.

    What a shame…we can only hope that Jamie will be beter at motherhood (even at her tender age) than her sister has been. What a disgrace…

  120. comment says

    Babies are a blessing . But at the age of 16 becoming a mother is to young you are a teen with so much more ahead of you and taking on being a mother at that age is not a good idea. A teenager need to be a teenager not a teen mother. This has happened and she is stepping up and saying she is going to accept the role of mother and now she needs support let’s just hope she gets it, she is in a position that is going to change the rest of her life, maybe she’ll do a better job at being a mother than her sister has. (cross your fingers)

  121. DMITZ says

    I feel she is too young to have a baby, but the fact that they have the financial means to take care of this baby may be altering her decision. Babies need love, so I hope that her mother and Casey’s mother plan to be in the picture b/c I just don’t see many 16 year olds having the mental capability to care for a child as they are still one themselves. This is not always the situtation, I know some teens can be more mature, but I just hope for the babies sake that he/she will be well taken care of. Britney proves that age doesn’t matter, some people just aren’t ready.

  122. Melissa R says

    Oh Boy!! Just sit back and watch…let the drama begin. Her mother has a book coming out I heard. Something about her raising kids?? Let’s see what she has to say about this!!!

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