Russell Crowe & Family In Santa Monica

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe, his wife Danielle Spencer and their children, Charles and Tennyson, were snapped at play in a Santa Monica park on December 17th.

So sweet! I love Russell Crowe!



  1. Paulo says

    If you thought Russell looked fat and old then, have a look at him now!
    Well over 240 pounds, bloated, greying hair that’s even longer and is not recognisable as the Crowe in gladiator.
    No oscar nomination this year either and his Ridley scott directed Nottingham descending into farce, with Crowe trying to get Scott fired and Sienna Miller walking out as Crowe is too fat for love scenes sand wont wear tights (thank god!).
    Sorry, but the time of Crowe is almost up – he’s past his prime.

  2. dori says

    I believe the guy pressed charges because Crowe wouldn’t apologize.
    I’m not defending him he does have a temper.

  3. dori says

    comment …. thats kind of what I meant if you don’t want to shave you don’t…. just being comfortable.

  4. ms says

    If indeed he “accidently” hit the man’s face, it would have easily been resolved with an “I’m sorry.” However since he was charged with assault, I doubt he apologized or that it was “by accident”. I’ve heard of other incidences where he was rather rude to service people…

    Anyhow, I don’t like him. He seems arrogant and cocky. And I can never really make out what he’s saying in his movies. He mumbles and doesn’t articulate. I don’t bother seeing any of his movies. Not interested.

  5. Jordyn says

    #21..Im sure most angry people dont ‘mean’ to hit anyone!
    My sisters ex never meant to hit her either, but it was amazing how many times the flying objects always seemed to just magnetize to her face. Im not saying crowe is abusive, but lets not be ignorant of the fact he has an anger problem! Regardless, his boys are adorable!

  6. comment says

    good-looking family. whats a little scruffy in between jobs?? be comfortable look the way you want! dont like it dont look.

  7. dori says

    Russel Crowe is a great actor and these artsy types do let their hair down when between jobs. His hotel incident was a bad judgement call… he lost his temper which he admits he does do sometimes But he was honestly sorry and emabrassed. Mostly he said he was ashamed to embarass his wife and look bad in her eyes.He’s really very loving and does have a bit of a temper. and he’s emotional Is that really so bad for a good actor?

  8. Anya says

    About the name Tennyson….Danielle came up with the name and Russell liked it…both Danielle and Russell had already liked the poet mentioned by #10 which was an added bonus..and then they both later found out that Danielle by chance has an uncle named Tennyson – double bonus! – so the name seemed to fit perfectly!

  9. ANTI says

    Smoking gun says:

    Russell Crowe Phone Fling Bust
    “Angry” Oscar winner assaulted Gotham hotel worker

    JUNE 6–In a move straight out of the Naomi Campbell playbook, actor Russell Crowe was arrested early this morning for allegedly assaulting a New York City hotel employee with a telephone. The Academy Award-winning actor, 41, was hit with a felony assault count and a misdemeanor weapons possession rap, according to the below Criminal Court complaint. It is unclear why Crowe allegedly struck the Mercer Hotel concierge in the face with the phone during the 4 AM incident (the blow left the victim with minor lacerations, cops said). Crowe spent the rest of the morning in police custody before being released (without bail) after his arraignment early this afternoon. The actor faces up to seven years in jail if convicted of the phone fracas.

    Of course, he got off and later went on Letterman acting more funny than sorry – good bully, go home now.

  10. JESS says


  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    When was he a jerk? Seriously, I’m not trying to defend him or be a smart alack; I just don’t know when he was.

  12. AmyY says

    I dont think they are that cute and I definitely DONT like Russell Crowe… being famous doesnt give you an excuse to be a jerk to people

  13. squeekysue says

    i would of thought tennyson would of been for the very famous poet laureate Lord Alfred Tennyson, he wrote stuff like; The Charge Of the Light Brigade and The Lady Of Shallot.

    A stanza from The Charge of The Light Brigade.

    “Forward, the Light Brigade!”,
    Was there a man dismay’d?,
    Not tho’ the soldier knew,
    Someone had blunder’d:,
    Their’s not to make reply,
    Their’s not to reason why,
    Their’s but to do and die:
    Into the valley of Death,
    Rode the six hundred.

  14. oriana says

    Russell looks like a slob most of the time when he isn’t filming. And no, there are a lot of people that dress comfy that don’t look as rough as he does. He is like Brad and Johnny Depp, looks like he needs a bath!

  15. squeekysue says

    I would of thought that Russell would always look like that (ie scruffy) when not on duty? Wouldn’t you.

  16. oriana says

    Well Ole Russ is looking a little scruffy lately! Boys are cute, love the little one! Head full of hair! So cute!

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