Katie Holmes Rocks!

Katie Holmes 

Katie Holmes says she was swept off her feet “in an instant” by Tom Cruise, but that was just the beginning of a family life that she says grows richer by the day.

“It happened quickly, but I was certain it was what I wanted,” the actress tells In Style in its January issue. “I never felt overwhelmed. I thought, Okay, good. Here we go.”

Katie, who will be 29 on December 18th, describes the intense love that she feels for Tom, 43. “It happened in an instant,” she says of the first blush of love. “I still get like that, ‘Whew.’ When you fall in love, it’s as though time stops. It’s all-encompassing.”

That love only blossomed during the next two years, she says – through the birth of daughter Suri in April 2006, the lavish wedding in Italy that November, and the everyday moments of family life since then.

“I try every day to let him know how much I love him,” Katie says of her husband. “It gets better and better. It has made my life.”

Katie admits she’d love to have another child. “But I’m in no particular rush,” she adds – perhaps because she already has her hands full with Suri.

“She loves coloring and creating,” Katie says. “She’s a great mimic and dancer. She came to the photo shoot yesterday and was into all the shoes. I’m mostly shocked at how quickly she grows.”

After taking a break professionally, Katie is also returning to movie acting, starring in the upcoming Mad Money. But as befits a working wife and mother, she’s looking at life now through a wider lens.

“I want to go to sleep knowing I made my family happy, I made myself happy, and I worked hard in all aspects of life,” she says. “It’s really pretty simple.”

I am really starting to think that Katie is one of the few actresses in Hollywood that really has her act together and is an inspiration!



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  36. oriana says

    Well why is my comment being moderated just because I wished everyone a Merry Christmas?

    And what is wrong with those two words anyway! That is plain stupid!

  37. oriana says

    I too wish that everyone has a very peaceful and safe holiday season. I still believe in saying Merry Christmas, I don’t know what is wrong with the world having problems saying that? What is the matter?

    I really think it is time, beyond time, to put Christ back into Christmas.

    If you go into a store and say Merry Christmas, you get the comeback, Happy Holidays, which is good but those two words are not “dirty words”!

    I don’t want to be treated like an escaped convict just by wishing someone a Merry Christmas! It is just pitiful to me.

    I wish everyone, even the ones that can’t stand me, a prosperous and Happy New Year also!

  38. dori says

    tis the season to be jolly…..
    fa la la la la
    la la la la……
    Merry Christmas everyone …
    I wish you all a very happy holiday. I’m not going to let the psycho’s in here, that have no life, ruin my holiday…
    take care all
    ho ho ho

  39. dori says

    Shadow girl miapoopoo daily jones jj and whatever else you call yourself these days


    I HADN’T EVEN BEEN HERE FOR 3 DAYS AND COME BACK TO THIS B*U*L*L-S*H*I*T. whats wrong with you pscho’s get a fricken life for gods sake.

  40. Shadow Girl says

    Oh, piss off, Dori. Don’t you have anything better to do than to rant and rave like the little girl you are? How many times did you repeat first grade, anyway?

    Crude is a narcissist, trust me on that one. Also, he could benefit a lot from psychiatric intervention.

  41. dori says

    Welll Merry Holidays to you Oriana!! I love to wrap gifts it’s so funn Now don’t you wish I lived next door ?

  42. oriana says

    Jean, Merry Christmas to you my Dear!!!!!

    dori, rain here today and the rest of the week, but we needed it. 95% of my shopping done, hate the wrapping!

    Glad things are looking good for the pets! I looked online for The Rainbow Bridge, had never heard of it before. It made me cry! Have a good day ladies!!!!!!!!!!

    I do think Suri is looking more like Katie now, I think they have the same nose for sure. Thank goodness for that!!!! Ha!

  43. Miapocca says

    how pathetic…ahahhahahha…yelling at yourself./…Dindt relaise my words could draw such bloo..you laong with hasselback shoudl be sterilized before you bring anymore dumbos onto this earth….Patheict r-a-c-i-s-t- Dori.

  44. Jean says

    Oriana thank you for being a voice of reason. Miapocca is just a nasty piece of work. Dori, just ignore her. The scientologists must have killed her bunny rabbits and ate them. LOL

    Katie is cute and Suri takes her cuteness from her and her strong character from Tom.


  45. dori says

    I have never seen a person so full of hatred you are a sad little boy aren’t you??? Miapoopoo face.Living in the trailer park must be so frustrating for you…. unloved …unwanted spewing your hatred in a baby website aren’t you Mr. Tough Guy. NOT…..

  46. Jx2 says

    jelly beans for your teens – If you don’t like the programme – you can turn the channel! I’m not here to entertain you – I ‘m here to entertain myself! LOL

    Mariah Carey’s Mother – It might come as a surprise to you but i really don’t care what your hair colour is – in fact I seldom – if ever – read the discussions you have with the others on this blog – so If you do happen to be a blonde – it’s news to me! You can be bald for all I care!

    Cool Ranch Dori-to nacho chips – keep eating them bananas for the potassium – I sense early signs of dementia setting in…your observation is incorrect!

  47. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, yes, Mia can be exasperating at times, but she has been around for a long, long time, longer than me, she pushes buttons and can be blunt, but I have always managed to have a conversation with her, even when we haven’t always agreed. I think she is very sharp and she can be very entertaining.

    She hasn’t always been complimentary to me either but we have to agree to disagree without being nasty on here.

    Just don’t let it get to you, I have been called a lot worse than you have ever been and I just laugh it off most of the time.

    You are young and sensitive and I know you have experienced a lot at your young age. You are strong so just go with the flow, speak your mind, say what you want too, you have friends on my Dear!

  48. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oriana….is this the same Mia you used to rave about? Wow….she’s such a crude, pathetic jerk!!

  49. oriana says

    dori, before I forget, I hope your cat is recuperating okay. I have thought about you and I have prayed for a speedy recovery!

  50. oriana says

    I have thought about this a lot, I do think she met her Prince in her mind, she fell in love all the way! I don’t think she quite associated her Tommy boy, the one she dreamed of and flipped over, with the Alien loving Tom, the fanatic Scientologist.

    If there are any wrinkles in the union, that will be the flaw. Katie was raised Catholic in I think, a normal home life atmosphere. This Science Fiction stuff is worse than Area 51 and Roswell to swallow. This is shoved down her throat, and her daughter’s throat on a daily basis. I think she will resist on down the road. Especially when it comes to her pride and joy, Suri, having to drink her, whatever it is they push on the kids.

    Nope, if this story doesn’t have a happy ending, it will because of the crap Hubbard created!

  51. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    is she f-u-c-k-i-ng sane or just mental..!!! Dori you r-a-c–i-s-t- dun-g hole….disgus-ting…no wonder you understand Katie holmes…sisterhood of he pathetic dumbos…

  52. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    Dori you rac-i-s-t piece of dung..if you dont want comments directed at you f-u-c-k-ed up ar-se then you shouldnt bring my name into your conversation…you never have anythign to say than to tag on to some else…you are so dumb its pathetic…I really dont see why you would mention my name and then not expect a response..you can go crying to others that I shoudl leave you alone…waht pathetic women, you give women a bad rep..I would be ashamed to be marrie dot your n-a-s-t-y a-r-s-e!

  53. dori says

    I am delighted to read here that she is so love and happy. What can you say ….except good for her! She married her prince and had her fairy tale wedding it’s pretty romantic isn’t it? He’s a lucky guy…to be so loved. Maybe she is just what Tom needed. I honestly wish them the best.

  54. Isabella says

    I love Katie Holmes! I met her last year and she signed autographs and was really vaery nice. I asked her how Suri was doing and she said, “Oh really great. Thanks for asking.” I felt like I was talking to my best friend!

  55. oriana says

    Oh I remember Daily Jones now! I have to admit, I did kind of enjoy her, got a lot of laughs, I thought she was very entertaining at times!

    I do think Katie’s pants are pretty tight! Looks uncomfortable!

  56. Miapocca says

    now the foo-li-sh resident vi-le r-a-c-i-st jumps in with her uneducated gibberish….go back crawl back to you rrock do-r-i..you a-r-s-e

  57. oriana says

    To me, if Tom and Katie are just acting like they are happy and in love, then they are definitely much better actors than a lot of you give them credit for! Either they are sincere, or good actors, it can’t be faking and bad acting, can’t be both ways!

  58. 2teens3beans says

    Jeez is it a full moon? Crazier than ever!
    Joey isn’t JJ… Joey misspells too many words while JJ seems pretty educated in her posts. Jx2/JJ I am not convinced is the real JJ either. JJ used to have fun with her posts…. yes, they were annoying and sarcastic but she always tried to be funny. These recent posts seem far too cruel and biting, not her usual style. Unless she gets depressed during the holidays or something.
    I liked your old style better JJ, even though I was a target a few times.

  59. Jean says

    Katie seems to come from a grounded stable family. I guess that is why she is such a nice loveable person.

  60. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    for some reason this foolish woman kkk seems to think we care about her hurt..she alwahys brings up crpa like when you ..or hurt…I sincerely hope you dont torture your family with emotional bagage that you so easily share with perfect strangers on line..man up , get over your bloody self and wahtver hurts and stick to the blog or else go control your pathetic family….is that personal enough fo ryou..yeah I am waiting for you to ocme shoot me…waht an a-r-s-e of a clown…its been a while since a fool got into my path…thanks for entertianment you crapaHO!

  61. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    will the foolish woman kimora mother stop talkin gto me…you are pathetic example of a human being..hour lcos emindednes sis a disease and come back with more of that crap and I will defintley see fit to defend whoever you choose to leash your close mindedness on..I dont even know when you turned up here wiht such a stupid name..dont you have an indentity..do you care so little for the security of your chidlren that you will broadcast their name to the world…what a moron…

  62. joey says

    Welcome back JJ…Glad there’s someone else on this blog who isn’t affraid to voice their opinions. Its quite entertaining to see how you herd these sag*gy co*ws around the pasture.

    Without us, they’d have nothing to get excited about. Drama queen Krishna wants to send her ghetto husband to do her dirty work.

    Then we have the siamese twins, commando and Tia who were born with one brain…Sharing must be tough…and that would explain why their dull and kinda slow.

  63. Shadow Girl says

    Oh yes I did, Oriana! You all know I hate the Crude more than anything alive, he’s a mugger for the camera, he doesn’t know how to act, and he was too stupid to realize how fortunate he was with Pat Kingsley!


  64. oriana says

    #114, Thank you for the info. I just pulled up his picture, he is a nice looking clean cut young man. Went to Harvard too. Guess Toledo is proud! I have relatives in Fremont, Ohio. Too cold up there for me!

  65. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I have blonde hair, and if you’re as smart as you claim to be, you would have remembered that!

  66. Jx2 says

    Oriando the Commando – when Tia is out shopping for an interesting personality perhaps you should join her – but in YOUR case you need a sense of humour!

    Hari Krishna’s Mommy – no you are incorrect – don’t try to back-pedal your way because you got EGG on your face! I did not resurface because of your comment earlier – my intention was to make it clear that I am NOT Joey and she is not ME…! The comment I made to you in my post was to merely throw you a bone and you snatched it and gobbled it up!

    Go do something useful with yourself like shave your red haired sn*tch!

  67. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Yes Tia, I agree…..JJ and Joey do seem like split personalities.

    It is quite an earth-shattering event when people don’t like me, because I’m a very likable person. However, there are always the few jealous haters who don’t agree with my life decisions and goals and try to find any reason whatsoever to cut me down. You all are only playing out the predictable cycle that I’ve seen occasionally in my life……and I site your problems with me as resentment and jealousy…..you can contest that all you want, but I’m a perceptive person and I know the truth.

    JJ you fell right into my trap! I knew that my post would make you resurface; or at least resurface again as yourself!

    M*ia*po*cc*a don’t kid yourself. You comment on “stuff like this” all the time. All of us who have had the wonderful privilege of reading your posts know this.

    Obviously, the close minded ignorant people are the ones who say that they’re still waiting for me to comment about my husband, that oops I forgot to mention that he’s bla*ck, that he’s doing someone else, and that I should be sterilized to keep from having kids. Funny how we minimize our own faults and highlight those of others! Funny phenomenon, huh?

    I frequently mention Jamal without commenting on race; you just choose, for some reason unknown to me, to fixate on the few that do involve race.

    I’m very accepting of all types of people until they start making Ra*CiS*t comments. When you attack my family personally…watch out.

    Oh and stop judging me because I make cookies….haha sorry that one just makes me laugh!

    And last but not least I want to apologize to Joey. While your comments are hurtful and degrading, I shouldn’t have mentioned your being male as a flaw….because in truthfulness that’s not why I don’t respect your opinions. I don’t respect your opinions because of the views you’ve portrayed on this blog….and my husband wouldn’t pummel you’re A*r*S* as I said earlier because that’s not his way of solving conflict….I think my saying that was a follow-up to your comment about my fat A*s*S* . So I shouldn’t have said that and I hope you accept my apology. If you don’t, that’s okay too; the problem is now off my shoulders.

  68. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    acutally if you google martin holmes you should come up woiht a picture of her dad or brother on thier law firm site…her sister is a teacher I think..katie wa stoo dumb so they pushe dher into money making early hahahah

    oh my who heck are jj adn jx2..I never even came across them before..wierd huh..I never really read stuff unles sit has my name or its someone I communicate with..ahahha..its funny though..

    Yeah this site is the original closed minded forum…its actually sad that they are rasing kids…when thier kids get to be teenager , duggies with undecided sexualities, I wonder how closed minded they will be then,.ahhaha..its always funny to hear moms of really young choldren talk about thier future violinists and ice skaters..ahahha…little do htey know that akid has its own mind ones it can break free from thier controlling grip…

    poor kimora an kkk or whatever…hopefully kimora will go for the diamond like her manesake…

  69. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    its a blog on the internet., why would I be setthing if will smith has a good movie…do you honestly think me as stupid as you…go shop fo ra personality..I bet katie holmes can show you which shopt dont stock good perosnalities

    this site never really has anything original…wm usually pilfers form celeb baby blog, celeb baby scoop and she took that out of people…

    Beside AL PACINO i sout hsoppin gand Bridget moynahn ahas bene out sveral times on daily walks with john an d her mother…

    hmmm…slow but hey who cares…

  70. oriana says

    I think it is very low class when someone wishes a person harm, and buried under 2 feet of snow falls in that category!

    Just beyond sad, stupid and nasty!

  71. joey says

    yes the universe has come to an end when 2 people dont like Mariah Kaiarah Hari Krishna…and they still think we are the same person…how retardet is that? Get a life you old hag@Tia…

    Tia should start sharing her bl*ack man stories too..maybe she’ll get all bubbly like Hari Krishna..lol

  72. oriana says

    Helene, I would love to see a picture of Katie’s brother, didn’t know she had one. Guess he keeps a low profile from that family.

  73. Lena says

    Will Smith’s movie has just broken records at the box office. Miapocca and Libraesque must be seething since he and Tom are tight buddies.

    Katie is too hot for words. I agree she is very easy to love.

  74. Shadow Girl says

    Can you two stop the silly b with an itch slapping fight? I don’t like it when people make it personal on a baby blog, for pete’s sake!

    If you are going to B with an itch fight, do it someplace else. I like to fight about how KH is such a stupid little girl and Tom Crude is a closeted gay fat little midget.

  75. Jx2 says

    “Tia the Hun” – I was hoping that the snow storm in Southern Ontario would have buried you under 2 feet of snow…you need to get yourself a new personality – you are so VERY boring – more than Katie Holmes actually 🙂

    so…you wanted a baby more than a husband…duh! You don’t need a husband to have a baby – just his seed – any man can give you that…wake up girl!

  76. Jx2 says

    Yeah – when I figured what was happening a couple of times – people mistaking me for you – I had to pop back in and set things straight…there are a lot of narrow minded people on here who think that ONLY ONE person can dislike Mariah Kariah Hari Krishna’s mommy…guess that ain’t so…eh?

  77. joey says

    Welcome Back Jx2..Everyone thought I was YOU…or a wh*ite boy..lol

    This is to “Mariah Kariah Hari Kr*ishna’s mother”: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you’re trying to prove to the rest of the world that you are accepting of “b*lac*k” people..when in reality your not.

    You’ve never refered to your husband as just your husband…You’ve always had to add the fact that he’s bl*a*ck too.

    You have an inte*r*acial family..so what…many people do.
    But I’ve never seen anyone sell the b*l*ack card as much as you have. What are you trying to prove? That your not a ra*c*ist?

    I just love the fact that you thought I was a “wh*ite” boy. You clearly draw a line between both races and for someone who tries to prove their not ra*cist..you’ve just proven otherwise.

    Good luck to you and your baby/cookie factor*y. Hope your husband tolerates you more than the rest of us on this blog.


  78. Jx2 says

    Oh – in case you didn’t notice this is the ORIGINAL JJ 🙂
    So you didn’t WIN anything – not even a consolation prize!

  79. Jx2 says

    Mariah Kariah Hari Krishna’s mother -you need to realize that just because you can give birth to children it does not make you a GOOD mother…you can be just as biased and prejudiced as the rest of society!!

  80. Jx2 says

    And I know that you can read this “Ms. Babyrazzi” and I’m so very glad because you know – I really don’t care that nobody else can see my message as long as you can see it…I derive great pleasure from that!!!! 😀

  81. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    Seems like based on all the previous comments tom and katie deserve each other..ahahhahaha

  82. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    I usually dont comment on stuff like this but close minded ignorant fools online are quite irritating….

    “Joey I don’t respect the opinions of a male who spends his days commenting on celebrity sites, and celebrity BABY sites at that! I could truly care less what you say, JJ…oops I mean Joey.”

    That comment above is just too narrow minded , sexist and completely stupid ….each and everyone of us irrepective of size, height, race or sex have hobbie, which are completely non eof your business.,…if you an example of a mother, then I think that some people needed t get sterilized before you give us little hasselbacks who are too stupid and ignorant to even see when they are about to fall into a giant mountian of dung!

  83. Helene says

    This is really neither here nor therem but Katie has a brother, Marty Jr, he’s a hottie & a lawyer. She’s just average.

  84. Jordyn says

    Its Christmas. Cant we all just play nice? She’s a pretty girl married to a hot guy that is just a little weird! Shall we put some of your hubby’s on here and disect them? And then we’ll add the children, just to be mean, and say all kinds of hateful things about them too!! Crazy society we live in.

  85. Generic name says

    Again Katie is nothing without Tom!!!! i hate her guts, she married Tom I think b’coz she dont love him but marrying Tom is like hitting 2 birds in 1 stone!! fame and fortune…

  86. Analise says

    I disagree. My hound dogs have much prettier eyes than she does. In fact they are prettier all around. Smarter,too!

  87. ms says

    I saw the other photos from this magazine and I have to say that Katie looks so ridiculous. She tried too hard to pose like a super model… and she’s not… and all the pictures looked so forced. She’s got droopy, hound dog eyes and she tried to look sexy with them. Everything about her seems so superficial and shallow.
    (I like Tom though.)

  88. Dana says

    What is to love?? She is the most nboring rehearsed person alive. Tom Cruise knows celebrity relationships keep you in the press, as does she.

  89. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Joey I don’t respect the opinions of a male who spends his days commenting on celebrity sites, and celebrity BABY sites at that! I could truly care less what you say, JJ…oops I mean Joey.

  90. oriana says

    Tia, off and running today again! Have 12 Special O clients to buy for, and then to the post office for last minute long distance gifts. I bought a few gift cards but not much, a few McDonald’s ones and some for the bookstores.

    The snow is great but the slush afterwards is a mess!

    Baking, mostly for Thanksgiving, but a few things, Banana Nut bread, Pineapple Poundcake, and that is about it for me.

    Waiting for the mail, my friend in Ky is sending a homemade Jam cake, very heavy cake, icing with brown sugar, and you put a jar of blackberry jam or strawberry jam in it. Very rich and sweet, can be a little dry also!

    I was watching Men in Trees last week, the snow blower for your husband made me think of it, tons of them in Alaska! He will enjoy himself!!!!!

  91. Melissa says

    Who the hell wouldn’t be doing all the shopping she does?!! Anyone who says they would convert all their time to volunteering is a liar.

  92. Tia :) says

    Oriana, hope all is well with you my dear! How is all your christmas shopping going? Do you normally do lots of baking for christmas? We’re in for a doozy tonight…13 in. of snow for us tonight!! I am not looking forward to that! My husband is happy though…he;ll get to try out his new snow blower!! haha!

  93. Kisha says

    I never thought Tom was gay too. I follow showbiz these days because of Tom and Katie. I have always thought they are in love and I never believed the rumours of his interviewing many women. I mean come on he would have a pick of any woman despite the fact that he is crazy. And why interview them and risk the media finding out, why not just take them out for a date and see. He seems intelligent.

    Katie looks very hot and I will buy a copy of the magazine.

  94. samsmom says

    Thanks Analise. You’re right, I’m sure Katie never does housework! But at least everyone can get a good laugh at the thought of a suburban homemaker who cleans her house in heels. Not always comfortable mind you, but I am short, it helps me reach the high places! 🙂

  95. oriana says

    Janey my Dear, I did read about Scarlett and Jessica Alba, Jennifer was a surprise to me when I read your response! And I want to say thank you for not blasting me and being rude. I think that you are a lovely young lady and I enjoy chatting with you.

    It wouldn’t really surprise me if Tom had been interested in much younger girls for how many men have that haven’t been as successful as Tom and confident. Many would consider it and not think anything of it.

    I really think that Katie was swept off her feet right away but I think with Tom, he used some logic before his heart got involved. He had a purpose and I think eventually he did fall in love and he was overcome with the emotion behind it.

    I also had not heard of Katie being considered for any James Bond role either.

    I do not and have never thought that Tom was Gay. I will be the most shocked of anyone if there is ever any proof brought to the light regarding that.

    I am sorry to disappoint you in my attitude or any thoughts I have had, but I can see where he would have a list of women he would be interested in pursuing before he settled on her. I do think they are happy, still, I haven’t seen any evidence to make me think she is cooling off from her feelings for him.

    They have a child, they have made a commitment to one another and they have settled into married life. And they both do have careers to focus on also.

    And I could be wrong in my thinking and opinions about all of it, but I do wish them happiness and I definitely wish they would go another direction in their spiritual beliefs.

  96. Miapocca says

    Hilarious…..if you want censoring try the celeb aby blog…its like they are lal on some super chilled koolaid….ahhaha

  97. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I miss JJ in a weird, twisted way. She promised us she would always be around and that we could never drive her away. Looks like we’ve won.

    Funny how I can think fondly at all of someone who was nothing but vile to me!

  98. ms says

    I’ll have to agree with you that she does delete comments she doesn’t agree with or like, even when there’s no foul language or links to other sites. It’s happened to me and I’ve lost any respect for her. She says she’s a celebrity herself but I beg to differ. She’s probably a wannabe.

  99. Shadow Girl says

    Ditto. Can it not be censored, though? Can I be as loud and as vile as I feel? I used to be that way here before moderator had to step in.

    Clare, Malayka, and Dori should be eager to come on so we can yell at them for being such arrogant and shallow fools. Such a mockery of humanity…

  100. Jx2 says

    cheers to #40s comment…Ms. Babyrazzi is a putrid, foul smelling fa*rt…she only wants comments that reflect her beliefs and ideals…if you happen to have a mind of your own she blocks your comments…I’m starting my OWN blog on celebrities and their brood…Ms. Babyrazzi owner can worship st*pid articles on Katie Holmes till the cows come home !!

  101. annie says

    I do believe she is in love with the idea of being married to Tom Cruise and Tom loves the idea that a young girl loves him. I also believe Tom is a very deeply closeted gay man. This marriage won’t last, just like his previous two.

  102. Jean says

    I love Katie Holmes. She is my favourite celebrity. I hope I also meet a man who loves me like Tom loves her.

  103. Miapocca says

    You can beleive what youwant…correcting someone on here is useless…every reads their choice o media and comes up with thier ideas

    I ten to analyse everything from their involvement in scientology so I may surely see things diferent from a mother with young children, or from a parents point of view

    You needw to accept the difference in opinion and move on..People like Clare, Malayka and Dori are only concerned with being right and its such a travesty because they close thier ears and eyes to anything ouut there..and I do not mena goosip..these traits in personality can be hurtful to your associatins and relationshiop , form perosnal tio professiona…learn to disagree respectfully…because I will giveit back to you if you even attempt to cast your nonsense inmy direction

    So what IF i believe cruise is gay and interviewed for several wives before getting to this bore of a hag…who is pathetic enough to think she loves him..at least her gusing is minimal so it tells me she is waking up to the reality of a loveless marriage , cult freaks and waht else..she had a child who she may have to fight just to see when she quits the madness…but oh that assumming she actually have the credit to THINKS…

    By the way I cant be bothered to spellcheck on a gossip blog, you can always scroll over, and it doesnt mean I dont write well or dont understand grammer or whatever, it means I have a lto of work to do and I am procrastinating on a gossip site so I better make it fast. If you really like to hurl stones at others make sure your home is not built from Glass…:)…I speak enough langauges to to bother to spell anything right anyway..

    Enjoy my horrid spelling….
    Where on earth is Xena…I think we need a good story and some good lessons from her!!

  104. Janey says

    Oriana, Tom was not auditioning for a wife. Jessica Alba and Scarlett have denied this, they were interviewed for a role in Mission Impossible 3, Scarlett got it but when it was rescheduled, Scarlett opted out and so Tom was re-interviewing girls for that role when he met Katie. She was doing Batman at the time and her name was being floated for many projects including James Bond. I think her career was going places and it still will once all this is over. Think about it, why would Tom interview Scarlett for the role of his wife/ beard /girl friend when she had just turned 19, it is kind of like interviewing Hayden Panantierrie when you are 45 for a girl friend. Would it really serve his purpose of convincing the world that he is not gay as the propagators of this conspiracy theory want us to believe?

    Don’t get me wrong, you sound intelligent most of the time so I think you are quite intelligent but you surprise me when you believe such a story which included Jeniffer Garner who was pregnant and engaged at the time to Ben Affleck. It is sleaze and for you to believe it has surprised me.

  105. says

    Katie Holmes is good. but someone said she joined an online service seekingsugar.com,it is a site for rich men to date sexy women.. spoil and support them. fake news.

  106. Generic name says

    well i don’t really like this woman… before she married Tom she’s nothing really…i seldom see her pose in a magazine or interviews…not until she married Tom, and bore a controversial but cute baby Suri..she is what she is now…but daaaahhh she’s a boring lady

  107. Analise says


    I don’t think you were being catty. I also doubt Katie does housework.:) Big difference in us and her.

  108. mazer says

    Oh, Clare
    Another correction on your information: “Go” and “Abandon” weren’t filmed after Dawsons Creek, like you so proudly stated.

    Also, you need to capitalize movies, even if they were made-for-video and low budget. Didn’t you go to elementary school and learn that? One good insult deserves another. You started it, balloon head.

  109. oriana says

    If there has been an ongoing two year investigation of Tom being Gay and nothing has been proven, it would seem to me that SOMETHING positive would have turned up if that was the case.

    I love his movies, most of them anyway, he is a very gifted actor.

    I am against home schooling and have never been for it, unless the school is in such a terrible neighborhood where the kids were in harms way. And with his kids that is not the case.

    There are a lot of causes the money would be useful for and I think they prob do contribute to charities without advertising it, hope so anyway.

    Tom has millions, will make millions more, her shopping is a fringe benefit just like insurance is, and I had rather see her shop and enjoy herself, instead of the money going to the Scientology quacks.

  110. mazer says

    I don’t see why you felt the need to personally attack me, when I did nothing to you except add correct information to what you had left out. No, I’m not libraesque. I’ve read her posts and she doesn’t have proper grammar or spelling.

    Why do you feel a need to defend Katie so? Maybe you feel she needs to get out of the hole she’s dug for herself with all the bad press from shopping everyday, through in and through out?
    You’re not an “insider” on her life, so I don’t take what you say seriously, even though you act like you have the rights to “the truth” in her life.

    BTW, the movies you mentioned… no one’s heard of them. And “Pieces of April” was shot in 16 days.. Real movie, huh? And she looks like a martian with pink hair on the cover of that dvd. Her so-called “movies” were low, low, low budget made-for-video releases. They were never in the theatres.

    Lastly, you Clare are obnoxious and arrogant. You say nothing intelligent, just like the Katie you worship.

  111. Shadow Girl says

    Yes, I do say rock on Analise as well.

    Tom is so gay and so full of himself it makes me want to hurl. I’m glad I don’t watch any of his movies, my family, close and extended, hate his guts and hopes he rots in hell with L Ron.

    All the hag is photographed doing is SHOPPING! What about saving? Is that so out of the window? It’s a real shame celebs can shop and drop, but public education is in the hole. I say give all those millions to the education system and leave the stars hanging!

    Fund the war with a bake sale; children’s education should be a number one priority. Furthermore, I think Tom home schooling his kids is WRONG! They need interaction, how to deal with bullying, etc. What we normal kids once went through.

    Those kids are in for a real shock when they break away from their bizarre sheltered life.

    Hate the Crudes! Let the hate live on!

  112. samsmom says

    I have no doubt that Katie loves Tom. The question is: does he love her? I think maybe not. Maybe that is why she shops so much and often looks sad in photos.
    It is obvious that Suri is the light of her life and I think it is mean and nasty of people to make comments to the contrary. The way I see it for some of you she could probably not get it right. If she left Suri home, people would wonder why she is out shopping so much with her baby left at home. If she was seen doing some sort of charity, some would say it was a publicity stunt.
    I wish people would just leave the poor girl alone and put some of that negative energy into something worthwhile this Christmas season. Peace and goodwill to men!

    ***I am not trying to be catty here, but sometimes I do my housework and take care of my one year old while wearing makeup and high heels. It makes me feel good and if Katie wants to wear high heels and full makeup while out with her daughter, more power to her.

  113. oriana says

    Janey, please don’t take this the wrong way for I definitely am not being disrespectful to you at all. I think that her parents are proud of her, she has matured, she is a loving and caring mother and she is a decent person. We haven’t seen her flashing her panties or lack of for the photogs like others have.

    But her family is Catholic, long time Catholics. Do you really think they are proud and happy about the fact she has embraced the nutcase Cult that she has. Anybody with any sense at all, much less a Catholic family, would not be happy about their granddaughter being raised to think she is an Alien and her spirit/soul, whatever, came here from a spaceship!

    Now, please Janey, do you really think her parents are so proud and happy about that?

  114. oriana says

    I do believe she was prob swept off her feet when she first met him, but I don’t think he moved quite so fast. Wasn’t she like third on the list of girls he wanted to meet, I think Scarlett ran for cover when he invited her to meet the Scientol bigwigs, smart girl!!!!!!

    I wonder how Tom explained to Katie/Kate that she wasn’t #One on the Totem Pole?

    However, they do seem happy, and I don’t see any changes until a few years down the road.

    Spend that money girl! I would!

  115. oriana says

    Must say a totally different look! Ha!

    Some of these celebs look ten years older without their makeup on!

  116. M-i-a-p-o*c*c-a says

    hey orianna..how are you..anyway I agree wiht you the cover looks great and of course its photoshop..//take a look at her a few days of the phorograph above

  117. says

    ahahhaha…LIB will not stoop so low as to change her name..its only clams afraid of expressing thier own opinion that change names.ahhahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    From you viciousness…I can see I drew some blood…ahhaha..Katie holmes is dumbs as they come and you know..it…or else why not jus tprove me wring..ahhahah

  118. says

    wow.the clams are out..and what makes you rant like that clare./.love or just plain obsession for scientoloy…go col down,learn to think by getting your brain back and ask questions about yourself and where you are heading and hopefully you can get you rmind out of thr prison of the con man..

  119. oriana says

    I do have to say she looks gorgeous on the cover of the magazine. I never watched one episode of Dawson’s Creek so don’t know about that at all.

    I doubt very seriously if she would be as well known if not for marrying Tom. I just hope and pray that one day, and it may come when Suri gets older, she will break away from the spell of Scientology, but she would have to divorce Tom to do it and I don’t see that ever happening.

  120. says

    claire are you the same clam who was here a while back ans who mentioned anything about tom being gay on here..if you have an opinion great, but trying to discredit other blogger by insulting them just bring the ligh back to bear on you ..what is your angle exactly…you dont have to agree with anyone..so far I see no one calling you stupid for being an avid fan…Be content to express your opinion and leave without insulting people who disagree with you

  121. Analise says

    “Katie Holmes Rocks!” ROFLMAO Youknow,webmistress, it’s just a silly little blog you have on the BIG internet. I assure you Katie (orBrit) couldn’t care less about your fawning. Let’s see. She gets up. Puts on makeup and shops in ridiculously high heels in foreign cities with token daughter in tow. Cameras are never far. I get up, feed my baby and clean the house. Yes, she” ROCKS”.

  122. Janey says

    Maze can you mention any one on Letterman who was in a similar situation to Katie and is coherent?

    #36, you hit the nail on the head. These two losers are always here. I wonder why. You just gave me a laugh. I wondered where Lib had gone. Yes Mazer sounds like her.

  123. Hollie says

    I bet if Katie had run for charity people like Mazer would have said she is a media whore. Besides Tom give s enough to charity.

    Now about the magazine. She look great and she sounds so content. Good for her.

  124. Clare says

    Miapocca, emptiness makes you camp here day in day out ranting like a crazy psyco. At least shopping is more rewarding.

  125. Clare says

    Miapocca, sorry Tom’s biolography actually says he has never been gay after two years of investigation so am thinking it is even going to work in his favour. Mazer and Miapocca, if Katie is such a bad actress, why do you have to spend two years to convince us of just that? Who cares anyway? Many people in hollywood cannot act to save their lives. Not that I don’t think she is a good actress, that is why you mentioned only the last episode because you know for six years she was superb. I wonder what Tom did to you that you haunt him from site to site. Luckily for him, no ones listens to your crazy rants.

    Mazer (who I think is libraesque) Katie has appeared in many movies since Dawson’s creek. ….Go, abandon, first daughter, pieces of April, Batman, thank you for smoking, teaching Mrs Tingle, wonder boys, Phone booth, the gift, Muppets from space……….and no, none of them was by scientologists. You may not like her but she has her fans.

    I wonder why you find the need to camp at her threads if you think nothing of her. For your information if she never worked again, she would never starve. You seem jealous of her life and so you should be, yours seems empty and sad if all you have to do is camp at the thread of an actress you clearly despise and hop from site to site dissing her.

    You sound like those kids in school who came from unpriviledged backgrounds and could not stand any one better off.

    Miapocca sounds plain crazy. I bet she dreams of scientologists chasing her. Poor soul.

  126. Olive says

    She is so beautiful, has a perfect life and a beautiful daughter not to mention a husband who loves her to bits. I just want to be her.

  127. Miapocca says

    The cruises are know for their scropted interviews where you either use everything they wrote down for you including the questions or dont print at all..every PR person in HW knows this…she sound totally stupid in person so an editor must be paid some big bucks by miscaviage to put this together

    This is all in anticiaptionon the Mortons Biography..the interview is not about her , but rather about what a womderful fmaily aka tom is to her…this helps make tom in the new year when teh book drops/…

    Too bad katies only relief seems to be shopping because her feeling and life are pretty much secondary to tom…and we wonder why she shops…sheer emptiness prompts her to go around the shops like a zombie…

    Eva and others are pretty much thier own women making thier own money not afriad to be who they are, why compare this empty headed zombie to such acomplished women out ther WORKING for THIER MONEY…
    Katie holmes is not a good actress never will be, jsut watch the last episode of dawsons creek and you will see how uncomfortable she is to play anything other than a teenager…

  128. mazer says

    You failed to mention that the movie Katie will be in next, “The Other Side”, is produced by Scientology leaders and in “Tropic Thunder”, she’s only making a cameo with husband Tom. Again, he gets her the gigs with his Scientology connections. Before she married him, she was “a nobody”, as ABCnews has stated.

    So my point was: How can you take “a break” from movie filming when you weren’t doing that in the first place?

    Plenty of people under much more scrutiny than Katie have come on Letterman and have been poised and articulate. She just doesn’t have anything intelligent to say b/c there’s nothing in her life or head to contribute. She doesn’t contribute to any other purpose other than her own. When she ran the NYC marathon, she could have easily raised millions for charity, as P.Diddy did when he ran. But she didn’t.
    –All she does is shop and shop for herself.

  129. Lily says

    She is such a nice girl. I have never doubted her love for Tom because , firstshe did not need money that much. then she is just not that kind of girl, it she was Pamela Anderson or Eva Longoria, then may be I would credit the sham story but she is not a fame hungry girl and she has a sweetness that outshines everything else. Tom is a very lucky man.

  130. Janey says

    First I will never understand why any one would have a problem with a woman shopping when her husband is rich. She made 1-2 million dollars from Batman and am sure seh has not even spent that. If she shops till she drops, that is her life and I see nothing wrong with it.

    She sounds like a very nice girl. I have read the whole interview and she sounds like she is genuinely happy. Oriana, when you read her interview you will see that she is very much in contact with her parents and that they approve of her. Indeed at the marathon her mother said she was the best daughter a mother could ask for.

    I could understand why she could not make sense on Letterman, if you were in her shoes with so much scrutiny at a time when you are vell excited and every word you say is over analysed and you are being advised by every one to say as little as possible, coherence becomes a ltlle diffcult.

    The problem is that there are so many unhappy people in the world that genuine happiness is viewed with sceptism and cynism. It is rare for someone to be happy in their personal life and hate on a stranger for shopping. It takes a certain misery in life to become a cynic. It is not rocket science.

  131. mainah says

    #20 and #22
    Voicing my negative opinion about the amount of time she spends shopping is just that…my opinion.
    I do have a life, and am very happy. Just because I think she shops more than a person who has other quality things to fill their life with, doesn’t mean my life is dreary and sad. My opinion, which I am entitled to state, is that it would be great to see her spending 1/2 as much time volunteering at a soupo kitchen or shelter as she spends at Barneys.
    I respect the opinons you post about the entries on this website and ask the same in return.

  132. luckylee13 says

    I’m not trying to be mean or looking for her to fail but I don’t understand why people seem to applaud her for being such an “amazing woman” who spends much of her time shopping and who’s greatest accomplishment is being married to Tom Cruise. If Tom and Suri were not in the picture, not as many people would care about her.

  133. Rocks! says

    Yes she rocks! If by ‘rocks’ you me ‘svcks’. What a weirdo. “…It has made my life.” Translation: “made my life into something and someone me and my family, including my parents, don’t even recognize.” Yeah, rocks. Whatever…

  134. oriana says

    Katie is beautiful and prob a very nice sweet girl. She is a third rate actress and Tom has given her the celeb status she has now, she didn’t achieve it on her own. I do think she is happy with her life and loves him. Everything is focused on him and Suri.

    She did sound stupid on David Letterman, stammering and acted like a teenager.

    Christine, I think they have a good marriage and are a happy family. However, I do think with their celeb status, they can influence people on many issues, and their Cult, not a religion by any stretch of the imagination, could hurt people by pulling them into it. I am sorry about that and I know there are many weak people out there. Too bad!

  135. pat says

    I love the article it speaks volumes. Katie is a beautiful, together woman who really seems to have it all. A husband who loves her and a beautiful baby, a great family, etc… I hope all the best for this family. So many people want to believe the worst, and hope to see them fail in anything they do, people like that are a really sad bunch who should get a life and leave the happier folks alone.

  136. Lauren says

    Katie seems much more happier and mature than when she first got with Tom. She’s grown up a lot since Dawson’s Creek and having a baby. She’s got a beautiful daughter and doesn’t really need to work. Best wishes. 😀

  137. Christine says

    Work she’s been doing:
    The Other Side (2008) (pre-production) …. Max Mackenzie
    Tropic Thunder (2008) (post-production)
    Mad Money (2008) (completed) …. Jackie Truman
    Why do people assume gloom and doom if a family looks happy? So what about their religion, it’s their choice. They aren’t hurting anyone so what does it matter? They are happy and that’s what counts. Suri is a beautiful child who seems quite adjusted. So what if Katie shops – the girl has money so she can do that. I think the whole family is beautiful and can’t wait till they have more kids.

  138. luckylee13 says

    “It has made me life”…I’ll say it has. She was basically known as Joey from Dawson’s Creek before hitching her star to Tom’s carriage. Now she’s some wannabe style icon who would never be where she is today without him. It’s easy to look super glam when you marry into money and have a stylist. I think she sounds like a starstruck teenager. I totally agree with #15 and #16. She sounds like her head is full of rocks.

  139. Just me says

    SO TRUE #16!!!!!!!
    What has she done since Batman? Except Mad Money, which hasn’t been released yet, but please, will not likely win her an Oscar. She doesn’t do more than shop, shop, shop with her baby who looks bored to death!!

  140. Grip says

    They come off as this perfect family (desspite the Scientology weirdness) but whenever anything comes off too perfect, my radar goes off… it just seems to good to be true. But if it is… Good for them

  141. mainah says

    I wonder, since when did shopping become an “aspect of life”, becuase it seems like that’s all she really works hard at.

  142. mazer says

    First, how can you say that she’s returning to the movie business after “taking a break professionally?” She hadn’t been doing anything after Dawsons Creek, which wasn’t even on a major network. And she hasn’t been in any big movies except a supporting role in Batman years ago.

    Also, if you read previous interviews she did after meeting Tom, she sounds like she’s got nothing in that head of hers. All she says for every question that’s asked is:
    “I’m happy. Tom is so great. I’m happy. He’s my dream.” And this interview sounds like that to me. No content. And did you see her interview on David Letterman? She’s so incoherent and sounds just plain dumb.

  143. Cory says

    #12, they can. What do you mean, I do not understand you. Do you mean people are supposed to be unhappy and messed up? I think she is a naturally positive upbeat person. Even before sh emet Tom she was always postive in her interviews though now she is more guarded.

  144. Cory says

    Thats interesting Amy, but then with all the modern technology he could just use IVF and do not forget that Nicole was pregnant twice. I think he can have children since it was easy for him to have Suri so quickly after they had met.I think he let people think he was sterile to protect Nicole who I think does not easily have children. It would be nice if they had another kid. I like this interview because she is not sounding immature saying, he is amazing.

  145. Cathi says

    You could be right about that, Amy. I would say the same thing if I were her. Ummm, judging by this interview, her life seems too good to be true. How can someone be so completely happy and together with their life?

  146. AmyY says

    I think shes pretty and stylish and Im sure she does love him, but I think she says shes in no hurry because its not easy for him to have children and she doesnt want people to know they are trying and its just not happening..etc.

  147. OF COURSE ITS M-i-A says

    Its on paper..Cruise usually has interview like that where they ask for the questions answer then and send them back and the journalist is asked not to change a single word or risk not printing..

    Of course she happy..bra-inwas-hing one into happiness is the best and only charitable thing the c-ul-t- has done especially for cruise…ahhahah

  148. Liv says

    She sounds different and very mature. I guess she is in this for keeps. She doesn’t seem the kind of girl to make marriage deals for money. Wish her the best.

  149. fee says

    I was a naysayer about this relationship, but I wish Katie, Tom and their family all the luck in the world.

  150. Jessica says

    I know I can be a cynic but am hoping she is as happy as she sounds. This interview sounds less rehearsed than her last interviews but nevertheless guarded. I questioned her choice of husband and her haste to get married but on second thoughts, if she would have married a younger guy, she would probably have split with him by now since in hollywood most relationships are doomed from the start. Look at Michelle Williams who I had thought made a better choice and would last longer with Heath,

  151. Cory says

    Wow, now that is a perfect interview, don’t say much about yourself, keep relevant and make it enjoyable. Katie, I wish you all the best.

  152. Nina says

    She looks beautiful!
    I really hope she is that happy despite the bizarre Scientology lifestyle she got herself into.
    She seems like a sweet girl.

  153. Malayka says

    Webmistress, I couldn’t agree with you more. She sounds so in control of herself. I wish other actresses were like that. Most seem to me as though fame is overwhelming them. In a way am glad Katie met Tom who is a grounded veteran actor not into drugs and who has principles (please forget that crazy religion of his). I n hollywood every relationship seems like it is destined for a bust but this relationship seems like it is rock solid and will indeed last. I wish though she was in a hurry to have more kids. We need more little Suris.

  154. ANTI says

    The combo of Katie’s gushing and the web mistresses fawning made me puke up in my mouth a little – thanks.

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