Will Smith & Daughter With Tom Cruise

Will Smith

Will Smith and his 7-year-old daughter, Willow, were snapped with family friend Tom Cruise at the New York premiere of I Am Legend Tuesday. Will recently told People magazine that his daughter (and film costar) “has a drive.”



  1. Tina says

    wow…she is really pretty and she got her daddy’s ears…lol…they r soo cute….will is still looking good since he was a teenager…love him…his family is just great…hope they stay together forever…i loved the movie too…will did wat he knows best…which was awesome and daughter really good

  2. dori says

    I love the way Tom positions himself with other super stars to gain popularity because his own movies are flopping left and right. It’s kind of sad actually his career isn’t much of a career anymore. Hasn’t had a hit for a long time.
    The above statement was a copy paste from another article I found on line

  3. dori says

    Add Will Smith to the list of celebrities duped into endorsement Scientology by rockstar-level perks and star treatment not afforded the members who end in forking over their life savings and all free will to the harmful cult. There are even rumors that along with giving celebrities free vacations and catering to their every whim, Scientology pays heavily for the priceless endorsements given by high-level stars.

    While not admitting that he’s a current member of the cult, Will Smith gives an implicit endorsement to them. He compares Scientology to the Bible in a new interview with Men’s Vogue. He shows that he has little understanding of Scientology by saying “like 98 percent of the principles [of Scientology] are identical to the principles of the Bible”

    Fox News says that Smith is “coming out” as a Scientologist, but while he gives them a raving endorsement he minces words a little, never directly admitting that he’s a member. He says “in all of the experiences I’ve had with Tom and Scientology,” suggesting he’s a dabbler doing a favor to Tom in mentioning it, and isn’t a full blown follower of the cult. So, like Jerry Seinfeld, maybe he’s just saying stupidly that it’s A-OK with him but that he isn’t currently involved with it:

  4. joey says

    Oriana..I’m sure he’ll gag before he opens his mouth for you…Go and kiss Hari Krishna’s man…lol

  5. oriana says

    Willow sure is getting tall. She is going to take after Will instead of tiny like Jada. I do like this family.

    OH Will, I’ll give you a big ole Christmas Kiss right on the mouth Sugar Plum!!!!!!!

  6. joey says

    haha I think its totally hilarious that you think I’m a white boy or JJ..couldn’t be farther from the truth..hehe

  7. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I will have three children under three years old next month….do I have a lot of time on my hands? Not even close! We’re a very busy, on the go family, and baking around the holidays is a favorite activity of mine.

    And Joey you better hope that you never meet my husband face to face, because he could pummel your skinny white boy a*s*s. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go spend some time with my “black man” who, according to your post under Katie Holmes is screwing JJ. This is quite possibly too much information, but let’s just say, even though I’m pregnant, the fun don’t stop! Eat it, Joey! And Merry Christmas from our multiracial family to yours!

  8. joey says

    KK Mommy….you must have alot of free time on your hands…doesn’t seem like you do much but sit on your f*a*t*a*s*s and bake cookies all day. Guess the black man aint interested anymore…hehe

  9. Tia :) says

    Samsmom- I agree with you. I am totally for people believing what they want to believe, but scientology seems so far out there to me…I don’t even know anymore. A religion that tells you to feed your infant Barley water instead of human milk is a little far fetched for me!

  10. oriana says

    samsmom, I have a feeling that Will’s family would scream bloody murder if they thought he was getting into that mess! I saw his sister a few years ago on TV with him, you could tell she is so proud of him and loves him very much. Down to earth and had a good personality also.

  11. samsmom says

    Thanks Oriana and Tia.
    Oriana, I am with you, I am not exactly a fan of Jada either (although I have nothing against her). I would still hate to see this lovely family get caught up in that crazy world of Scientology!

  12. oriana says

    I see Jada as being very headstrong and doing what she wants to do. I love Will and I hope he stays strong and doesn’t go that route. I think Jada is pretty and they are happy, but am not a big fan of hers, Will, have been for a long time!

  13. annie says

    What is the matter with Tom Cruise? First he was with Will in LA when he put his footprints at Graumans and then he follows him to New York for the premiere? If I were Will, I’d be scared, very scared. Methinks Tommy’s in love.

  14. oriana says

    NO, he has not joined. He said recently it is not for him but he did think they had some good ideas.

  15. samsmom says

    I love Will Smith. He is hot! I’ve loved him since his Fresh Prince days.
    Please tell me he and Jada have not joined Scientology! Tom rarely has close friends outside of the cult.
    Does anyone out there know?

  16. Shadow Girl says

    OMFG, if Will goes into $cien crap, I will fudging scream! Tom would be better off locked in a dungeon with all his $cieno freakazoids. Time for him to stop embarrassing himself with his camera mugging and maybe go into something else.

    Pity how lots have to suffer because of him.

  17. Tia :) says

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy – Im happy it worked out for you!! Alyssa and i had fun too. I love this time of the year! You were brave for breaking out the sprinkles! I didnt even dare!! haha!

  18. oriana says

    I don’t think Willow is trying to get away from Tom. He is probably quite fond of Will’s children and I would think vice versa. She looks just like Will to me, she has his nose and his big grin. Love him!!!! One of my favorite actors. Still love that coat! I have never thought Tom was handsome but he has personality. I wish he wasn’t so brainwashed!

  19. Cathi says

    This is a really cute shot of these three. Tom can be extremely annoying, but it seems that he genuinely likes children.

  20. Malayka says

    Willow has such cute big ears like her daddy which I find so endearing. She is a pretty little girl. I like Tom and Will’s friendship. They are supportive of each other and they do not seem fake or just beer buddies. Willow has lots of personality and I can’t wait for the interviews of her movie.

  21. Janessa says

    Will Smith is fab. What’s not to love?

    Tom looks like he should be hiding in the bushes somewhere. And as far as his clothing style goes, get back to me when he stops wearing his jackets 3 sizes too big. Always looks like he is playing dress-up with some old mobster’s wardrobe.

  22. ANTI says

    #15 – bingo! Kids and animals are the best judges of character – never doubt them because they go by instinct.

  23. lola says

    I really like Will Smith– he’s a great actor, and in almost everything I’ve read, a great husband and father, too. Jada’s his 2nd wife and I’m really impressed with the way they’ve raised their children– shielding them from the public eye till they’re older and keeping their family low profile.

    I also think they keep a hot marriage going.

  24. denise says

    she is adorable, but her body language speaks volumes. she is trying to get as far from the creep tom as she can.

  25. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Awww.. Willow’s beautiful; and Will is cute-ish….looking older since his Fresh Prince days!! And Tom Cruise…I think I’ll go with 2teens3beans answer: no comment.

    Tia- the post where we were talking is getting to be a page or so back, so I’ll answer you on this one….hopefully you’ll see it!

    I took your suggestion to try sugar cookies. Both girls LOVED it! Kimora and Kariah both helped; their favorite part was icing and decorating with sprinkles…I got some really cute pics! 🙂

  26. oriana says

    I would love to get a coat like Tom’s for my son, love it! He has wonderful style and so does Will.

  27. oriana says

    I think basically she was just stating the obvious, and not in a mean spirited way towards Shiloh. She is (and I think will be) the only white skin, blonde haired child they have. They are brothers and sisters but she doesn’t look like them in a physical appearance. And so what? The others have dark skin and dark hair in common.

    I don’t ever see them adopting any child that would resemble Shiloh at all. I think the only reason she had Shiloh in the first place was to please Brad.

    Will’s children are gorgeous, all of them and I think Jada is very pretty too. I do like this couple very much. Love Will! Saw him on David Letterman about five years ago, he was wonderful! I love his personality!

  28. 2teens3beans says

    Oh for cripes sake “sick of it” read the whole article! She did not bash shiloh. They put a headline up that totally twisted her words & meaning, and had very little to do with what she said. Any moron who doesn’t bother to read the story will come away thinking that AJ is a bad person.

    Will & Willow are cute, & a nice family.
    TC – no comment.

  29. oriana says

    Very nice looking family, say what you want, Tom is a spiffy dresser! One of the best dressed celebs I have ever seen!

  30. boo says

    Kimmy- That was the first thing that I thought…. about having daddy’s ears!lol…. She is a Beautiful little girl, definitely going to be a heart breaker when she gets older!

  31. says



  32. cherokee says

    Willow is a pretty little girl. Will is an outstanding actor and a good family man. He and Jada have been able to maintain a healthy relationship throughout their stardom.

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