Samantha Harris & Daughter

Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris was snapped with her 11-week-old daughter Josselyn at the launch of KidsLA Magazine at the Treehouse Social Club in Los Angeles on December 9th.



  1. Anya says

    Lola – I have to agree with you! When I had my son a year ago, I didn’t take him out of the house except to the doctors for 6 weeks! He was a preemie – but still…It bothers me a bit sometimes to see 2 day old babies at the mall! I’m always worried they’ll get sick

  2. Janessa says

    Are you kidding me with this? Looks like Harris is using her as a fashion accessory, like a new purse or something.

  3. lola says

    My only thing is that I still wouldn’t bring her out in public after a couple months… Call me old fashioned, but I still think that’s too young to be around complete strangers (and their germs).

  4. charlene says

    more fur, so sad! those ‘booties’ were made from bunny rabbits….just not right! there are sooo many other fashionable, adorable clothing choices out there, why torture and exploit innocent animals? Poor Josselyn doesn’t even have a choice in the matter, she has to wear the dead animal fur regardless. I’m sure if she knew her booties were made from dead bunny rabbits she would be screaming her head off!!

  5. Suzianne says

    No excuse for not supporting the baby’s head by holding her in the crook of her arm facing the camera.

  6. says

    10# she was most prob just standing there for a few seconds just to have the pic taken its not like she was harming her baby

  7. aquagirldori says

    The baby made me giggle, she’s relly cute… it’s the dress that looks crazy to me. But the socks… aren’t they too cute???

  8. kimmy says

    Love her hair, but my neck hurts just looking at this pic. It seems like her neck should be supported more.

  9. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, I was born bald too, and then have had a head full of natural curly hair ever since, even now! I do love this name. I was surprised she went back to work in only three weeks, I think she missed the limelight of being on TV, too soon for me, but this is an adorable baby!

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Josselyn is ADORABLE! All of my babies have had a bunch of kinky hair from birth, which I think is so cute and I love to style. I, on the other hand, was born bald! haha

  11. Suzianne says

    It seems more important that she is photographed, whereas, she should be holding the baby properly and not have the baby’s head dangling.

  12. onatear says

    Darling baby…just wish her mom could see how much the little thing enjoyed being toted out and about. geeesh…what will they do next year?

  13. Kelsey says

    I could hardly stand Samantha Harris on Dancing With the Stars, but I will say that her daughter is simply precious! And in true Hollywood form, Samantha looks amazing just a few weeks after giving birth!

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