Jennifer Garner & Violet

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner and Violet, who just turned 2, were snapped out for a chilly morning walk in NYC Monday. Cute!



  1. Abigail says

    I love this picture. I love what they are both wearing it looks very 1940s meets 2008…. maybe that’s a really stupid statement, but it make sense in my head.
    I just love Jen, and Violet is precious, simply delightful.

  2. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Joey dear, when does a 26-year-old, curley BLONDE haired (emphasis for JJ and her incessant obsession over my supposed red hair), size 3/4, 5’9″ woman constitute as an old hag?? Just puzzles me….

    Yes, you’re right about one thing– I’m proud of my man…heck yes!

    And I’ve never lived in a trailer park my entire life…not that there’s anything wrong with trailer parks….reppin’ the inner city Atlanta…born and bred, thank you very much!

  3. oriana says

    Oh Nicki, The Rainbow Bridge, I looooove that!!!!!! The staff was very kind and thoughtful to you. I am glad it gave you some comfort my Dear! You did all that you could do and you fought a good fight. My prayers and best wishes are for you. I know it is like losing a member of the family and it is heartbreaking indeed.

    I am going to call that number and voice my opinion and send an email also! I hope PETA does get involved! Just now read this so will get on it right away!

    You have a good and peaceful Sunday evening!!!!!

  4. Jx2 says

    LOL LOL – you see folks – JJ isn’t the only one who speaks the truth…Joey has taken over !

    Joey, I do agree that Violet has small, beady eyes and we do share one more commonality:



  5. joey says

    Once again the old hags are on here thinkin they own the place…Lets be honest..Violet does have beady KK’s know I can’t stand you..and we all know why your so proud of your blackman…after all there is only one thing trailorpark girls like…I wander what it is..hmmmmmm




  7. Nicki says

    oriana~In the article it says “Jones’ troubles began Aug. 8 at the patrol’s training center in Raleigh.” Another trooper recorded it and showed two sergeants and nothing was done. Eventually the video ended up before the patrols internal affairs unit.

    The fired trooper who abused Ricoh, Charles L. Jones,( a former Sgt.).
    The spokesman for the Highway Patrol, Lt. Everett Clendenin would not comment because it is the subject of a legal procceding.

    It also appears that none of the agencies have thier “complaince techniques” in writing. Now that is something PETA can look into and get it changed for the positive. To make sure no police dog is being abused.
    I hope that Charles L. Jones doe NOT get his job back.
    I hope the training methods of all police dogs are humane. I do believe this ex Sgt. is just a mean person and hope the majority of K9 officers love thier dog and would never do this.

    the email address at the end of this article is for
    with a telephone # listed as
    I know the number and email is for the person who wrote the article, but heres hoping amy can pass this info on to PETA and the can do some good with it.
    That place is The Rainbow Bridge, until we meet up with them again.
    The staff at the hospital has sent me many wonderful cards and heartfelt notes. A book -Dog Heaven, in which many of the staff from his surgeon, his radiologist, his doctors and the many who had contact with him daily all signed and wrote wonderful things about him. The emergency room staff sent me his pawprint with his name and a little blue heart attached it it. All unexpected but so much apprieciated. They were incredible to him and me afterwards. Awesome people.

  8. says

    Jennifer Garner is a good mother, but recently there is a saying that she is a member on an online service site maybe just someone joking on jher.

  9. oriana says

    Oh I do hope that Amy can contact the Highway Patrol there!

    What town in North Carolina? I will call them too.

    Nicki, I will hug all my pets tonight and I am sending huge Pink Hugs to you too honey! I can tell you are sad about something and I don’t want to make it worse for you by asking, I think I know and I want you to know, I do believe there is a place in heaven for our animals.

  10. Nicki says

    OK my #39 post, the one with info to amy, is still awaiting mod.
    My second post #40 came through. I hope amy will see it.

    And my post #41 to oriana is here.
    Signing off here for now. Take care all. Hug your dogs and cats please.

  11. Nicki says

    oriana~ you are too sweet, and I know you love your Ozzy as much as I love all mine. I’m upset right now about something I just read. I need to look into it. Be back later, or tomorrow. Take care oriana.

  12. Nicki says

    AHHHHHHHHH. My comment to amy is awaiting moderation. I just read an articl about a trooper, Highway Patrol, suing to get his job back after being fired for abusing his police dog. He kicked his police dog 4 times while nearly suspended off the ground, causing the dog to swing in the air for a second each time.

    AMY~~~~being a PETA member can you contact them about the practices of Highway Patrol in North Carolina? If this is standard pratice, then it needs to stop. I hope my other plea to you goes through, it had way more info. Let me know if you will contact them or if you will get me a number so I can report this. Thanks

  13. oriana says

    Folks, this is why I respect and admire Nicki so much! I am very proud of her. I eat meat, I don’t wear fur, I am an animal lover. I do eat hamburgers and hot dogs too for that matter, I don’t want any animal to suffer or be tortured.

    Nicki has a lot of compassion for her pets and I think they are very lucky to have her as an owner.

    I would support PETA also, but the nonsense of throwing paint on someone wearing a Fur coat is stupid and I would have them arrested if they did it to me. And I think people like Pam Anderson have hurt the cause more than helping it.

  14. amy says

    Nikii and S…about the PETA info….


    I am a member of PETA and agree with you 100%.

    One more HUG….

  15. s says

    Thank you, charlene and Nicki, for your replies and for being compassionate!
    It is indeed vital to point out the alternatives, but sometimes people have not had the time to think about why those alternatives are better. I think there is a place for both kinds of actions.
    I am no PETA expert, but do they really engage in illegal activities such as paint-throwing?

    Finally, a favourite quote of mine:
    “The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?”
    -Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832)

    PS. I am a member of UNICEF, so no worries. 🙂

  16. charlene says

    nicki, first off, i would like to confirm that ‘s’ and i are NOT the same person, I have no idea who she is but so grateful that somebody has pointed out the issue of fur. secondly, I’m not here to be PETA’s rep, I just don’t like to see any animal rights group bad mouthed when their sole goal is to help stop injustices done to animals. third, it is just as much a person’s ‘choice’ to abuse their child or support a murder as it is their choice wear fur/support the meat industry. the point is that the helpless innocent animals need our help just as much as an innocent child would. there is SO much more to be done to help children of the world, don’t get me wrong, but at least THEY have rights, whereas most animals have little or none at all! education is important here and again with hopes of ending violence involving all beings….compassion has no boundaries!!

  17. Nicki says

    charlene and s—(who are probably the same person)…..I don’t eat meat, haven’t for at least 15 years. I like the idea of the PETA organization, but sometimes they go to far. Why bother with the extreme red paint throwing on a fur that is probably 15 years old. Why not save the animals from that in the first place. Put your focus on helping the animals about to be slaughtered for thier fur, NOT the “furs” that have been here. Help save the lives of the animals about to be torturted. I just think sometimes they aren’t focusing on the right thing. I also haven’t bought leather products in the last 10 years, because it has been a bit easier to find the alternatives, but why not focus on the alternatives for leather and make it readily avalibile to all seeking it out. It just seems sometimes they are too much about shock value and not enough about how do the alternative without a place to go. All PETA has to do is show people where to go to get the non animlal products. I do agree wearing fur is wrong, but if someone choose to wear it, that is thier choice, as is stuffing the decomposed carcass of dead animal in thier mouth. It is still thier choice. At my house no meat is cooked, if a family member or friend is visiting, they are welcome to bring anything (take-out-already cooked) to our house. That is thier choice, but they respect my choice also.

    I do believe animals deserve better treatment and my 4 dogs and 6 cats (2 dogs and 3 cats living now) have got it made. I wish most pets just had access to the inside when it is freezing out, 4 neighborhood dogs are left outside with only the open front porch all through the low 20 degree temp. That is the owners choice for whatever reason, I can’t understand it, but they will never understand why my dogs have 4 large dog beds in the living room, plus free access to the couch and love seat.
    All my dogs, 2 living now, were recused from the side of the road as pups. They were throwaways to somebody, they are our greatest joys. I’m just glad we were able to take care of them (the heaven bound ones- for 15 and 14 years) for 13 and 12 years so far.

    People will wear what they wear and eat what they eat…….Why not concentrate on the animals next in line to be killed for the fur coat or pair of boots?? You know the poor animals on “death row”………… JMHO.

  18. charlene says

    oh and I guess violet COULD be wearing fake fur, however the baby posted below is DEFINITELY wearing rabbit fur booties!!

  19. charlene says

    excellent and informative comment ‘s’!! I knew of the ‘PETA kills’ propaganda issue. ignorant people will of course try and come up with ‘trash’ to spread about organizations trying to help with the evils of the world. as an animal right’s activist myself, I know that as a whole AR individuals strive and pride themselves with being extremely factual . hidden facts surround us everywhere and animal rights individuals educate society about the hidden cruelties of the world. i admire celebrities that choose to shop cruelty-free and speak up/donate towards animal rights issues. standing up against any type of violence/abuse will only help us humans!!

  20. s says

    I agree, charlene! 🙂
    Here is some interesting information I found regarding the PETA issue:

    “The smear campaigns against PeTA that you may be aware of, such as “Peta kills animals” and the like, are all run by a lobbyist group known as the Center for Consumer Freedom. THe group is run and was organized by a man named Rick Berman, who used to lobby for Big Tobacco, and his new function along with this group is to protect ‘consumer choice’ on behalf of the food, alcohol, and hospitality industries. His groups have attacked everyone from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to the Centers for Disease Control, the American Medical Association. Although the background of the group may not have any bearing on their claims against PeTA, it is important to know where these claims are coming from.

    [Similarly, for disclosure’s sake I should note that I have done an internship with PeTA, and that it was one of the best experiences of my life.]

    As for the claims themselves, PETA ‘kills animals’ through their efforts to fight animal cruelty in and around their headquarters. PETA’s HQ is in Norfolk, VA, and people there regularly call on PETA for assistance with animals in the area. Usually, these animals are so badly injured or are suffering so severely that the only appropriate response is to euthanize them humanely and end their suffering. Most of the animals that PeTA ‘kills’ reach their end in this way.

    Sometimes, PETA beome the guardian of a healthy and adoptable cat or dog, in which case they go out of their way to find homes for them. However, PETA do not run any shelters.

    It is now commonly claimed that PETA at certain times has taken dogs from shelters, euthanized them, and then tossed their bodies in dumpsters. This is true, and there was a court case in which the PETA employees in question were acquitted of all charges of animal cruelty. It should be noted that in these situations, PETA was taking animals that would otherwise have been killed using electrocution or gassing–practices that cause immense suffering for the animals–and giving them a more humane death by injection with sodium pentobarbitol, which is essentially an overdose of sedatives.

    So yes, PETA does ‘kill animals’, but when you look at the why and the hows of it all, you find there is no reason to condemn PETA for these practices. They are simply doing their best in a world where few problems have perfect solutions.”
    Source: Facebook group “I saw Earthlings”

  21. charlene says

    I hope it’s not real fur. And mallory, it’s not about a belief, it’s about ethics. just as child abuse is wrong so is torturing an animal for fashion purposes. until this world can begin treating ALL sentient beings with respect, humans as well will continue to suffer! I do not believe in mistreatment of humans or non-human animals!!

  22. lucia says

    I think jennifer garner is a very good mum, and violet and she loves so much… In my opinion, is good that she can buy normal clothes and live as a normal person, ’cause violet is growing up in a healthy ambient.
    Maybe jennifer and ben as a rich family can travel a lot and have a wonderful house and all these things but they learn to their daughter the real life.
    we can see if it was positive when violet grows up.
    I supose, for exemple, paris hilton lived another life…

  23. kai says

    Lovely family, my favorite show was alias. #25 can you please tell me where you watch the video at?

  24. LAURIE HARRIS says


  25. mallory says
    i love animals. but seriously, ppl should have a right to wear fur or not., it’s their choice, it’s a free country….since when is it right to attack people who have a different belief than you
    there are children dying from child abuse poverty children with cancer abortion and all you care about is some worthless animals #7

  26. oriana says

    And when a person can’t say a simple Merry Christmas in this world today it is a sad day indeed!

  27. oriana says

    What is wrong with saying Violet has eyes and dimples just like her mother? What is wrong with that?

  28. oriana says

    Violet’s eyes are shaped just like Jen’s. just like she has her dimples!

    Don’t be stupid #15! I think you just made that comment to get strife stirred up! Enjoy a Joyous holiday season and don’t be an asshole!

  29. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    #15 what are you saying? That some other race of child usually has beady eyes?

    Though I find her parents annoying, I think that Violet is super cute.

  30. dollface says

    Violet looks like so much like Ben. She’s cute….as for the beady eyes comment…geesh is there anything you people don’t judge..

  31. Liza says

    I don’t think that Jennifer has lost too much weight, I think she’s making a face that makes her cheeks look sunken in. If you look at other pictures on other sites, you’ll notice that her face is plenty full.

    Violet is adorable! I love her winter clothes.

  32. Al&J says

    #4 Oh my..her face.. She does look really skinny. Do you know if she is losing weight for a new role?

  33. starstruk says

    Jen looks like she is losing too much weight. You can see it in her face alot in many pictures. Looking a little too skinny.

  34. Marina says

    Violet is a beautiful child. I love her and Jen is one of my favorite actresse.
    Violet is really cute

  35. Abbe says

    Violet looks a lot like my daughter who is 2 and a half, so I love seeing her photos. I like how “normal” Jennifer dressed her daughter. Just a regular family.

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