Gwyneth Paltrow With Her Mother & Daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow

What an adorable pic! Gwyneth, her mom Blythe Danner, and Apple were snapped at NYC’s Nutcracker Family Benefit on December 8th.



  1. Dana says

    Gwyneth and Chris have always avoided the paparazzi. I do not understand why the media is speculating a divorce–that’s just ridiculous.

    Apple was named after a friend of Chris and Gwyneth’s daugther–Simon Pegg’s daughter Apple. It’s not an uncommon name. People act like her name is phalic or something. Give us a break! It fits the kid well.

  2. joey says

    I think Gwenyth was still high on painkillers when she named her daughter. Cuz who in their right minds would name their child “apple”…geesh

  3. Anya says

    Lola – They named her Apple because according to Gwen she said that having a little girl was so sweet and that overall little girls are sweet including her baby when she saw her…sweet just like apples! hence the name…:)
    I think she said this on Oprah – but I could be wrong…

  4. DaniDani says

    Love Gwyneth, and Apple’s hair is so long! Obviously gets it from her mommy. Her and Chris always make a concerted effort never to be photographed together, which is a good decision i think, unlike these other idiots that continusouly court the papparazzi and then complain about it in every interview they do…

  5. oriana says

    Well she won an Oscar, something Brad has never done. And she does do an English accent very well, fluent in Spanish, I think she is a pretty intelligent girl and a nice person.

  6. lola says

    Anyone know if they ever said why they named her Apple?

    Oh…and I agree– Gwyneth looks just like a regular girl I’d see at the mall, nothing special, nothing knockout. Mediocre acting, indeed. I think she only got famous because she was Brad Pitt’s girlfriend.

  7. lucia says

    Gwyneth is pretty! And Apple too. But I think wants her daughter looks like a hippy and that look isn’t good for little apple. She needs her hair shorter.

  8. sara says

    Ahhh to have that much money and going to see the Nutcracker NYC ballet! I am so jealous:) I don’t believe she has EVER had to do without….

  9. aquagirldori says

    Gwenth has a clean fresh look about her… looking like her mom a lot these days. Seeing the baby would have been perfect …maybe next time!

  10. oriana says

    Apple must be sleeping, she is kinda big to be carried otherwise. I do think Blythe is a superb actress and a class act, I like this family, don’t think though that Gwyneth is as goody goody as she appears to be, I think there is a little wild side to her. I enjoy seeing her though.

  11. dollface says

    I think Blythe looks absolutely amazing for her age…I always found Gwenyth rather “bland” when it came to appearances.

  12. Nina says

    Love the bag!!
    I have to agree, I don’t see Gwyneth as a beauty either and frankly, her acting is medicre.
    Ms. Danner on the other hand, is fabulous!

  13. cheetah says

    Gwyneth is looking like her mom more and more every day. Blythe is looking lovely as ever!

    @ 1.jane; Why are you lighting a fire that doesn’t burn. Gwyneth and Chris tried to be apart in front of the paparazzi from the first day they met. I don’t see why people wonder if they are in tubeless or something. This has NEVER been different. This is normal for them. Don’t make a drama over it. Its working for them!

    To bad we cant see Apple’s face.

  14. Lesley says

    What a pity little Apple’s face is turned away from the camera-it would make a lovely picture of 3 generations.

  15. Just me says

    They were never photographer together in the first place. Besides, I think this is a girl’s night out.

  16. Jane says

    Nice photo–but why isn’t Gwyneth ever with her husband anymore? She’s either photographed in the park with her kids alone, at a premier alone…..hmmm…where’s Chris Martin? Gotta wonder…….

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