Gavin Rossdale Calls Kingston His "Greatest Triumph"

Gwen Stefani

Rock star Gavin Rossdale shared that his 1-year-old son with Gwen Stefani is his “greatest triumph.”

“This is Kingston,” he tells Extra in an interview airing Monday as he cradles the boy in his lap. “Finally, I got something right.”

Kingston has even inherited his parents’ love of music, says Gavin , 42. “He was on tour with Gwen. He’d come and watch the show with me with the headphones on. He’s big on drums.”

Gavin and Gwen, 38, have been able to maintain a relatively normal family life without shying away from the spotlight. “If we were going to be followed by paparazzi, it doesn’t mean we would leave him home … we don’t take life too seriously,” he says. Adding, in response to a question about giving Kingston a sibling, “We’ll see what happens.”

Interviewed at the Bank of the West Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic, Gavin reveals that he “grew up wanting to be a tennis player. [But] when I was touring on the road, I stopped for a long time.” These days his main pastime is cooking. “It’s a hobby you can share,” he points out, mentioning “lots of Italian food and English food like roasts” as his specialties.

Hmmm…I wonder how calling Kingston his “greatest triumph” and saying, “finally, I got something right” makes his first child feel? Probably pretty crummy I bet. Gavin has a daughter, Daisy (born in 1989), with fashion designer Pearl Lowe. He was the girl’s godfather before taking a DNA test in 2004.



  1. Analise says

    Get a grip. He didn’t raise Daisy. He didn’t know he washer Dad. He ASKED and the Mom lied. Of course Kingston is his greatest accomplishment. He could have said music is. Naturally some of you would b*itch about that.

  2. Posh says

    I think what happened with Daisy had more to do with the actions of her mother than anything else. Pearl Lowe is a self-promoter, always saying she is this or that and having articles written about her which just show how vacuous she is, and now, obviously calling herself a fashion designer as that is what Sadie Frost etc. are doing at the moment. She has almost pushed Daisy into being this celeb.

    I would imagine that having lied about Daisy’s paternity for so long and had Gavin as the “god” father, that she left them with no choice but to cut contact. Funny how this all happened when Gavin was settling down with Gwen.

    Families are very difficult and that is my understatement of the year.

  3. aquagirldori says

    We don’t know all the facts as to what happened in their lives so it’s not for us to pass judgement.
    what we do know… he’s a good dad to kingston, and a good husband to Gwen.

  4. Tia :) says

    Yes, but we dont KNOW if he EVER was in her life! He might have just been there for christmas and birthdays for all we know! Also, if her step father has raised her her whole life, maybe Gavin feels he has no right to butt in! It takes more than making a baby to be a father!!! The thing is, we just dont know! He may or may not be in her life and we must not be so quick to Judge!!

  5. squeekysue says

    But, until he was asked to do a dna test, (as the mum always had thought Daisy dad was someone else) he was a major part of Daisy life, When it was confirmed that he was her father …. He THEN DECIDED not to be a part of her life. So are you saying that he could be a major part of his daughters life when she thought he was her friend and god father for 15 yrs, but she shouldn’t be fed up when her dad dumps her after finding out that he is her bio dad. I mean lets face it her step father is a much more succesful singer than Gavin has ever been, so its not as if anyone was after GAVINS money.

  6. oriana says

    He did not know he had a daughter, the truth was kept from him. He is bonding with his little baby and in his heart he feels that he really did do something right. What is wrong with that? I think this is a very nice family and I like Gavin a lot. Good luck to all of them!

  7. says

    I’m going to agree with what most people have said before me. My opinion is that biology doesn’t make a parent. While he does have a biological child, he didn’t have a part in parenting/raising that child.

  8. Julia says

    I think you should look at this way: he wasnt with the woman who was his daughter’s mother at the time she was born. He didnt even know she was alive or that he had any other children. By him getting it right could mean he was with the mother of his child and is able to see him grow up. It does not mean at all that he doesnt love his first child, just that he wasnt there when she was growing up. Cut the guy some slack, you are reading way too into things!

  9. squeekysue says

    He is a crap dad to Daisy, he refuses to acknowledge her and hasn’t been in contact with her since the DNA test reveled that he was the father.

  10. Christine says

    Zoey & Elaine I totally agree with you two!
    I think it’s great that he loves Gwen & Kingston so much.
    It’s sad the way things happened with Daisy, but he didn’t even know the truth until she was so much older. Who knows maybe SHE doesn’t want to have a relationship with him. Or maybe they do have a relationship but choose to keep it out of the limelight.
    Way to jump to conclusions without knowing anything!

  11. nicola says

    I think that when he said that he “got it right,” he finally had a child the way he had originally intended, with a wife that he could care for during pregnancy and to raise a child from the birth.

  12. Notawannabe says

    I did wonder about his first child, but maybe he does feel like Kingston was the one thing he got right. He didn’t know about Daisy and he missed all her firsts so cut him a little slack he got a little screwed by Daisy’s mom.

  13. Lauren says

    Cute family. Kingston is adorable. I agree, Gavin really needs to check himself. I’m sure these kinds of comments make his oldest child feel crappy.

  14. jen says

    well i am almost in the same situation as daisy is. i also just found out when i was 18 who my fahter is. and imagineing he would call his second daughter, my lil sister, his biggest triumph would really suck

  15. Tia :) says

    I agree with Elaine!

    It’s actually really sad he didnt know until she was much older…how sad.

  16. Elaine says

    I suppose as he didn’t help bring Daisy up other than as her godfather, maybe he doesn’t feel he any can claim any credit for her. She has a step father who I think brought her up from very young. He didn’t know he was her father until she was pretty much grown up, so its inevitable he will have a different relationship with her than he does with
    Kingston. Not necessarily a a bad relationship, just different.

  17. Tia :) says

    You know, he didnt KNOW he was her father…maybe he feels this way because he didnt have to miss the first steps, the first words…stuff like that.

  18. Gina says

    I wouldn’t mind about the feelings of his first daughter because lets be honest, he did not get that right, being god father to your own child albeit unknowingly is not getting it right.

    How about marrying Gwen, didn’t he get that right. LOL. Let me give him a break, he probably simply means Kingston is very special to him and we should not read too much into it.

    And Brangelina take a hint. You are going to be followed by paps, leave the kids behind.

  19. Twy says

    I was thinking the exact thing when I read this article.
    It always seem’s he is making comments like this in regards to Kingston and Gwen, always forgetting and ommiting the first child. This is not the first time he has used words like these to describe his “new” family and life.
    I find it very sad and irresponsible.

  20. zoey says

    You don’t really know what he means by saying having him was his biggest triumph. I think you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Plus, his oldest daughter might not think anything by that comment, however by you saying it she might now!

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