Katie & Suri Out Shopping At Pottery Barn Kids

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie and Suri were snapped at the Grove shopping center in Hollywood Friday, where they picked up a bag of goodies at Pottery Barn Kids.



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  4. honestly says

    You people are crazy.
    1. she is a baby girl that is lucky enough to have a full head of hair early.
    2 yeah she is priviliged hell if i had the kind of money id have a freaking Nanny also. just because her parents dont raise her 24/7 dosent mean that she is going to grow up to be an asshole.
    3 i am sick of hearing of katie holmes and tom cruise. being the best parents in the world. just because they have money dosent mean the can raise kids. The Hiltons have money and look at that trainwreck of kids there. lets see what Suri Cruise is at age 20 and we should get a better clue as to how she turns out.

  5. oriana says

    Xena, why did you go away? If you read this, I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  6. oriana says

    I would like to say I wish people would back off of Kimora’s mommy, she is not a hateful or mean spirited person, or dumb by any means. We should be able to voice our opinions without getting pounced on for just being honest about what we think!

  7. oriana says

    I guess all the books I read about children being two years old are considered toddlers were wrong! Maybe so, I didn’t write them, just read them.

  8. pat says

    FYI- my babies doctor does agree that a 3 year old is still a “baby” thank you. All the best as always to Katie, Tom, and the kids.

  9. lola says

    I think poor Suri is just being used as PR. Most other celebrity moms eventually slow down on the public appearances/displays after they get a certain age— even if it’s just casual shopping, etc.

    I also agree with the way she’s being carried– why not protect her from the paparazzi? (And yes, where’s her coat?) [And the argument that maybe she didn’t want it– bull…Act like a parent, not a pal.]

    I do believe her mother is a puppet– traded her identity for security– but then again, something that many women fall into.

    Ultimately, time will tell with the way she’s being reared. Hopefully she’ll turn out well mannered, honest and with integrity.

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Pitiful little girl? Nope! Though I’m younger than the vast majority of posters on this site, I’m just a woman with a memory like an elephant! Didn’t get straight A’s all my life for nothing! 😉

    Hate on my name and I can hate on yours too, okay? 🙂 Shadow Girl…ooooo….a girl lurking in the shadows….how mysterious!!!! LOL

    And Miapocca….I guess I just can’t win. Sorry I tried to defend you. You’re just too strong and mighty to need anyone else, aren’t you my dear?? I’m stuck in my own world? Not a chance! I’ve seen and experienced just about as much of the real, outside world that a 26 year old possibly can. 🙂

  11. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, Gina/Malayka and whatever the funk you call yourself, keep your biased opinions to yourself!

    Suri will be another one of Hollywood’s spoiled brats, getting everything she wants whenever she wants it, etc, etc. Hey, her “daddy” is teaching her that because he takes out lawsuits at the drop of a hat! We know there’s proof of that, so *snap*

    People like to take potshots at others because of differeing opinions and that makes this blog more interesting.

    K&K’s mom over there sounds like a pitiful little girl,
    ” Mia, you were the first one to be mean to me…” Oh, BOO HOO, BATMAN! Go call someone who CARES!

    Yo, 84 and anyone else who thinks they can tell we need medication…PISS THE FUNK OFF! Unless you are a doctor, an NP, or a specialized practicioner, you can’t advise jack $hit. We all should really remember that, all right? But, we anti Crudes can still joke about the brainwashing Kool Aid a lot of weirdos here like to drink.

    Piss off, wondering? unless Malayka decides to regenerate into another SN.

    Tom’s such a gay little midget, and a fat one too! He’s using his heinous acting to get what he’s always deserved…a long string of one night guys, and lots of crappy movies that shouldn’t even be made.

    Robert Redford and Meryl Streep can’t stand Tom in least. Tom’s all me me me and crap. That’s in his IMDb news articles, check it out.

    PS-the legal action against his disgusting “fat suit” pictures? He says the appearance by him was supposed to be a “surprise” must want to pick up some teamsters on that movie set….
    Peace out

  12. oriana says

    Mia, I miss Xena too. I know her son was getting married in Sept. but haven’t heard from her for several months now. I hope everything is okay with her and her family.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  13. says

    Sorry KK mom or whatever you name is, I dont think your purpose is to tell folks to leave me alon, hyou just wanted th opportunity to bring up a silly commen that HURT your feeling..is you have hur tfeeling over a fake name then that truly pitifull..and I can handle whoever think they want to attack me..because there are so many dumb people on here who dontknow how to be friendly and disagree…I have been quite friends with folks like Xena, lib, Orianna and we all disgree on somethigns, but are able to hold a converstion…some of you are stuck in your little worlds where you control your fmaily that you think its actually normal in the rest of the world to chew out folks for having an opinion..its really quite pathetic…

  14. oriana says

    Are those pants long like that supposed to be stylish? I would be afraid I would trip or get holes in the bottom of them. I do love her sunglasses.

  15. oriana says

    Gina, I wasn’t talking about Nicole as being the best of mothers, I said she has more sense than any of them, and I was referring to the adults, Tom, a weirdo, Katie, a puppet, and Nicole never bought into the Scientology crap. That is what I meant by having more sense than any of them. And yes, I do think she is more intelligent than Katie, much more.

    As far as her marrying Keith, she isn’t the first woman that fell in love and didn’t use good judgement. Jackie married JFK knowing he was a womanizer, I could name off tons of celebs that have made similiar mistakes when choosing their husband or companion.

    I do know her kids call her by her first name and she also stated it was upsetting to her.

    I do think she move closer to her children, she can certainly afford it.

    And Pat, any doctor will tell you, a 3 year old is not a baby!

  16. Diana says

    And Suri is only 19 months old, coming up to the terrible 2’s as they say. Sometimes children get to that age where they want to choose what they wear and it gets more and more difficult to dress them. I am sure that Katie goes through exactly what every other mother goes through and has gone through the difficulties that we have all gone through. She probably had a car waiting for her also so that would mean that Suri wouldn’t be out for long even if it was a bit chilly.

  17. Diana says

    Little Suri is beautiful as well – just like Katie. And I am sure that Katie wouldn’t jeopardise Suri’s health by not putting a jacket on her. Sometimes I don’t put a coat on my little girl if I am out shopping (unless it is sub zero temperatures!!). The shops are hot and babies do overheat, I know my little girls overheats quite a lot if I put too many layers on her. I think it is being sensible, and judging by the pictures here Suri looks the picture of health.xx

  18. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    You guys, stop being mean to Miapocca, particularly with the cracks about taking medication. A lot of perfectly fine people need to take Prozac, as was mentioned above. I hate how ignorant people always associate medicines like those with psycho, insane people…..not the case.

    And Miapocca, when I first came to this site, you were the very first person to be mean to me; you said something to the extent of “who cares what your name is.” (I don’t forget a thing; a blessing and a curse, mind you).

    So I think it’s time to cut this fight off and move to a more recent thread instead of bickering way back in the archives.

  19. aquagirldori says

    Now I too noticed that no one is anywhere near Katie and the baby… how strange it must to have to walk around with no one allowed anywhere near you yet everyone staring at you. Kind of like being a monkey in the zoo.
    I understand it has to be done for security purposes but can you imagine living like that?
    No Thanks…

  20. wondering? says

    well well maipoopoo strikes again, we understand honey, that medication is costly! go to a clinic you may get it for free.

  21. Miapocca says

    Pathetic you are Gina….I actually write a lot more common sense than your pathetic judgemental behind…
    Common sense is respecting other people opinion, not hurling insults because they disagree with you..I dont which part of the planet you live , probably your living room but the rest of the worl has an opinion and sometime Gina, it will differ from yours…

  22. pat says

    Again Suri is a baby. Just because she can walk now or wear a size3T or 4T which goes along with a toddler size doesn’t take away from being a baby. I have a 3 year old that is a baby all be it growing up but still………..a baby.

  23. Gina says

    Oriana, do you know that Nicole’s kids call her Nicole not mum and even if she does not like it she puts up withit? Is that who you call a person with sense? She cannot even move nearer to LA to be near her kids when she admits they prefer LA. Does that sound like a strong person with a lot of common sense. Who meets a drug addict and marries him after less than two months and he spends the first months of their marriage in rehab? Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a good person but please, she is not the best mother if you are talking about mothers.

    I still think Suri will turn out a good kid like her siblings and yes I have seen her wearing lovely courts. Some of the best coats I have seen. The blue, the red, the gray, the Burberry, Please #71, research before making a fool of yourself. We are used to Miapocca, she sometimes forgets to take her Prosac.

  24. says

    well miapoopop po sweetie yourself..ahahha..I see I touched a nerve Malayka..you dont have to change names to pretend to me nasty..I will probably have more respect for your sorry behind if you can express yourself under your regular name
    Oh and research says a word could be 50% jumbled or misspelled but any native speaker should be able to understand it…Its a gosisp site Ican tbe bothered to go over spelling on a GOSSIP site…I write all day you go tthat a ta level you would even comprehend so maybe you can take your spelling worries and put in sometime at the inner city school teaching them how to write correctly..Pathetic Biatich..I knew it was only a matter of time before we shelled anothe clam!

  25. says

    well miapoopop po..ahahha..I see I touched a nerve Malayka..you dont have to change names to pretend to me nasty..I will probably have more respect for your sorry behind if you can express yourself under your regular name
    Oh and research says a word could be 50% jumbled or misspelled but any native speaker should be able to understand it…Its a gosisp site Ican tbe bothered to go over spelling on a GOSSIP site…I write all day you go tthat a ta level you would even comprehend so maybe you can take your spelling worries and put in sometime at the inner city school teaching them how to write correctly..Pathetic Biatich..I knew it was only a matter of time before we shelled anothe clam!

  26. oriana says

    suri is a baby? Since when? She is a toddler now. A baby is Jenna Elfman’s son, a baby is not running like Suri does. I think Coco should have been handled with some more discipline also, just like Little Miss Brat wasn’t!

    Katie is weak, she is not a strong person, that is obvious to me, she may be super nice and sweet, but I don’t think she is all that bright. I don’t think Tom or her have any control over Suri, she will never be as well mannered as the older kids, Nicole has ten times more sense than any of them do.

  27. mazer says

    No, we may not see a picture of them for 4 days but we sure know they weren’t at the park! Let’s get truthful here: Katie just takes her along where she goes, and that’s shopping. Suri went to one bday party at Brooke Shield’s daughter’s.
    Besides that, there is no proof or indication of any sorts that she has any interaction w/children her age.

    And may I add that you can’t support your claim, that she might have interaction with other kids. Where’s the proof?
    We know Gwyneth’s daughter takes ballet, Jen Garner’s daughter takes/took a Mommy &Me class, and Julia Roberts’ children are in school. We have the proof and media reports. Suri is in nothing, except probably some Scientology class with Barley water for snack time.

    Again, you don’t have the proof to back what you say.

  28. Lesley says

    I think Suri’s a cutie, and Shiloh is a cutie as well. I wish Katie would change her style again soon though. She is naturally very pretty and I really don’t think this current “freaky Jackie O” look suits her at all. It is strange that they carry Suri everywhere, and that they carry her facing outwards most of the time, but maybe there’s a reason for it that we’re not aware of?

  29. wondering? says

    well well maipoopoo you sound like a real screw up. Why don’t you spend a little time and learn how to type out words a little better? Your such a loser sound like it, and R how’s that? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA

  30. Miapocca says

    oh my the pants thread is so funny..ahahhaha…I think is more a case of pinocchio pants…teh longer she lives te liw ther longer her pants grow…ahahha

  31. Miapocca says

    The reason why so many people are responding to teh quen biatch malayk ais because she condemns everyone response based on HER OPINION.. and that just plain wrong and narrow minded …..

    You are entitled to your opion just as everyone else and your liking the family DOES not MAKE you an authority on them.

    You cannot even relate simple life strategies adopted by the cruises to analyse your behaviour..we are supposed to beleive you because YOU LIKE THEM there you are RIGHT..which part of the planet are you coming from..I hope you arent in any type of learning environment because you dont have any ability to learn based on your shortsighteness et etc/./….what family puts up with women like you!!…..

  32. pat says

    I agree, babies= and that is what suri is a baby,. are like a surprise package sometimes you don’t know what your going to get. Both the other kids seem to be well mannered and are all around good kids which would show they had good parents teaching them which would lead you to think even though tom has a new wife this time around that suri would be no different. katie seems to be a polite, well-balanced woman who I think is a great mother. It’s a sad thing to say a baby is a brat.

  33. Gina says

    I agree with Malayka, we don’t know enough about these celebrities to make informed harsh judgement. We may not see Suri in a park but we do not see her every day though it may seem like we do. Have we seen her in thelast four days? Do we know where she is then? What about Kingston, he is always on tour with his parents, is he a prop? Some would say so. But I think that is what works for them and that is the way they like it and ultimately it is their life. They could find it disturbing that you spend yours on the computer criticising them, but it is your life and yours to waste.

    And as for her throwing a tantrum, she is not the first to do so and I would have handled the situation exactly the same way Katie did. She (Katie) had just had a fall and there were many people and paps. If she smacked her, she would have even made a bigger spectacle and make more news. Again we don’t know what she did in private. I remember seeing Coco Arquette throwing a tantrum in some pictures a while back and yet Courtney has not been judged as harshly. Leni has also thrown a fit in public and gotten away with it at those pumpkin yards. You can not make a bad situation worse infront of these paps. Kids at that age are unpredictable and can do anything. Besides, aside from that episode, Suri to me seems a well adjusted child who is happy most of the time.

  34. Nicki says

    65. Jordyn | December 11th, 2007 at 3:27 am
    Once a week, women of scientology must wear their husbands pants.

    If that were the case here, her pants would be up around her kneecaps.

    Where the heck are Bella and Connor?? Don’t they get to go anywhere?? I bet they would have enjoyed the Spice Girl concert, much more so than Suri. I find it strange we NEVER see the older two anymore.

  35. oriana says

    #66, why don’t you say how you really feel? Please, don’t hold back! You are just too flattering to me!

    I do think Suri is very cute and I think Katie is beautiful. Tom has 300 million dollars! Why not spend it on whatever she wants too! I would love to see them have another child, and yes, I have always thought she was his biological child. Tom is a fruitcake with his cult beliefs but that is how it goes.

    Yes, I do think she is a spoiled Brat and will only get worse as she gets older, that is what happens when a parent doesn’t set any limits and lets a child do whatever they please.

  36. comment says

    oriana your a idiot!!!!! calling somebody ‘s child a brat! I know plenty of babies who act out like suri has done that is what some babies do…If she was 5, or 6 doing this that would be a brat. You act like you know how she acts 24/7 but then again you know everything, been everywhere…..Just show’s by your comments about someone’s baby how really ignorant and totally stupid you are……

  37. jaime says

    Katie looks so much more grown up than she did on Dawson’s Creek. It’s like she’s aged 20 years since the show instead of just 5. Looking at that photo, all I can think is: If you have time for excessive shopping, you have time to make sure your clothes – namely your pants – fit you properly.

  38. Al&J says

    For the record my opinion has nothing to do with Tom and his Scientology beliefs. I don’t even care about that and you don’t know me so please don’t assume.
    You might be right in saying that Suri might be playing outdoors and socializing when we don’t see her, but I’m saying that when we do see her she is always at the mall shopping (how many designer outfits does this child need) or other places that do not seem not very child friendly.
    How many pictures are there of Suri going to the Zoo or the park compared to pictures of Suri going shopping and other adult centered places. In the last 3 months I have seen pictures of Suri going to a loud Spice Girls concert, Suri at the Spice Girls rehearsal, Suri at the NY Marathon, Suri at a private studio and Suri at a photo shoot..all of this on top of her frequent trips and only 1 time during the 3 months have I seen pictures of Suri at the park.
    It’s just strange and fishy to me. Other have said that the TomKat are using Suri for photo-ops and I’ve been hesitant to agree but I’m starting to think there might be some true to that now. It’s wrong for them to”pimp” out their own child.

  39. oriana says

    Kel, Suri will not be a Brat, she already IS one! Did you not see the pictures and video of her slamming herself down on the floor in the store banging her head because she was throwing a tantrum over Katie taking a Black Marker away from her? And of course Katie handed it right back to her when she started her little fit!

    I would have picked her up, taken her in the restroom and swatted her little fanny and thrown the Marker away! A total spoiled rotten Brat!

  40. alexis says

    the one person need to stop with all the seekingsugar he/she need to stop posting on each and every post seekingsugar have nothing to do with the celebrity nor the child awhlie back someone named trish keep posting about woflandrabbit and jessica there are 6 billon people in this world suri is not the only baby with black hair and blue eyes

  41. t.greem says

    Someone mentioned that you met on the famous online service seekingsugar.com, a club for rich men/celebrits to seek beautiful women? True or not??

  42. mazer says

    You’re mistaken. Although I do not agree with Tom’s religious cult affiliation, I like him and do not say the things I do because of my feelings about him.
    I’m just saying things as I see them. Suri and Katie are photographed heavily. No, not everry moment as you said, but just about every time they are in public, you can bet the public will see a picture of it. And we’ve never seen a single picture of Suri at the park or playing/ interacting with other kids. (I only saw Posh’s kid sitting next to her at Beckham’s soccer game which, of course, Suri attended like any “normal” 19 month old. Seriously.)

    So please do not sit there and try to defend them saying more goes on and we don’t know, blah, blah. And neither do you. You have no clue that there is more so I turn your own words on you.

  43. Christy says

    They must have had to part the red sea with security as she is in front of The Gap at The Grove and I was there Thursday and it is a friggin zoo and not the kind of place that closes for one person-outdoor mall and all. Seems to be one person within 20 feet of her and that’s all. Quite a feat in itself. Suri sure is cute!

  44. emily says

    The Cruise’s have used this poor child for every photo op imaginary!
    Suri does not seem to have any kind of schedule what so ever. She is jet-setted around the world. When was the last time she was “home” to sleep in her own bed?
    They had this poor child out in the middle of the night for dinner while they were in Germany and now at a concert? That is not appropriate activity for a child. Now, if they had taken her to a Wiggles show or something age appropriate, that would be different because it would be about Suri and not about Tom!

    Katie does not seem to own a stroller or d*i*a*p*e*r bag. Suri is still using a bottle and a Playtex nurser at that. Those bottle are for nursing mothers which Katie is not.
    Just the simple way that they hold that child, facing out, is a perfect example of using her as a photo op. If they truly wanted to shield her, in any way, from the press, they would hold her in. Or here’s a better idea, leave her with the nanny.

    You never saw Nicole and Tom do this with Bella and Conner. Oh, that’s right, they are adopted. Not as many PR points.

  45. emily says

    jessica of course she not an average baby if you read my post i said all she do is shop shop you seen many celebrity moms out there with children around suri age going to the zoo the parks not shop

  46. aquagirldori says

    Malayka It has nothing to do with her parents the fact is you never see this child in a public kiddie play area with other children. It’s odd. She seems isolated from other children. Do you think thats a normal childhood? Violet Affleck is constantly being photographed at parks and out in public places but not this child. Shopping shopping shopping. It’;s B O R I N G….. and her personality will all about what she can”get” not what she can “do”

  47. Miapocca says

    Hilarious..I dont think katie looks as old as Gradma..she looks old but not that old! hahahh

    Suri probablyplay with other sicnetology childre in their special bunker built my Pinocchio Cruise..hahah

    The fact that you LOVE this family does not mean your statements are nay more RIGHT than some who DISLIKES them…Every body here is just coming up with throught based on the media ….even RoBoHo herself is so brainwashed she doesnt have a clue whats going on with her and Damienetta here

    I find these know it all lovey dovey kooladi drinker quite irritating in thier shallow mentality!!

  48. Malayka says

    It is amusing that people see celebrities every once in two or three days but then pretend they know all that they do in their life. I am sorry to burst your bubble but the time you see celebs is just less than 2% of their life. For instance where is Suri right now? Do you know what she is doing at the moment? Suri has been seen in the park and at the Zoo in Germany and Katie’s co stars in Mad money said that she treats like like a normal baby and does not coodle her. Reading some comments like Mazer and Al you would think they stay in the Cruise compound. For instance Connor and Bella have had games to which Suri was taken and played around with all kids NY post just reported this as there were no photos. Even if Suri was taken to the park every day, people like Mazer would complain about that. It is Katie’s life and she has a right to lead it the way she wants, And sorry to point out bt you only see a minute part of it.

    From my view, Suri seems like a well adjusted child who is almost always happy albeit with a very strong personality. Those who write negative comments about her just have issues with her father and they take them out on the poor child. Grow up people.

  49. Al&J says

    Why is it that Katie and Tom don’t take Suri out to do ‘normal’ kid type things like other celebrity parents? I seen Gwen and Gavin take Kingston to the water park so he can splash around; I seen Brad and Angelina take their children to the park so they can run around blow off some energy; Jen & Ben take Violet to the park almost everyday. I’ve even seen Posh take her boys to play soccer.
    The majority of TomKat pictures are of Katie and Suri shopping /at the mall/window shopping or Tom, Katie, Suri going out to dinner or visiting Tom on set. Just the sort of things a baby, any baby must love (*rolling eyes*).
    Now I know why Suri is always dressed up like she is going to a kiddie cocktail party because it seems any outdoor playtime is forbidden. God forbid she mess up her designer outfits, scuff her baby louboutins.
    They’ve made her into some kind of puppet.

  50. mazer says

    I agree with those who felt that Suri should be playing with kids her own age. She needs socialization and interaction with other kids, not just adults or her mom/dad all the time. Katie should take her to parks or sign her up for some classes with other kids. I know Jen Garner did that and we also see her at the park alot w/Violet.

    The way I see it is that Suri is an extension of Katie and Katie knows it full well. Everything she buys is for herself and her extension. So I don’t really see it as love, but selfishness b/c she is in essence serving herself. It’s different from “regular” moms who love their kids and do what’s best for them, for their sake, not in fulfillment of themselves. You may disagree and you’re entitled. This is just the way I see it.
    And when she gives Suri whatever she rants for, that’s truly LAZY parenting.

  51. KEL says

    I doubt Suri will be a brat. most celeb kids have this face when you think about it, Z has it Leni gets it and even Denise Richards kids. OK may be Shiloh doesn’t but then again Shiloh never has expressions on her face. Just because a tabloid says she is indulged does not mean it is true. Connor and Bella look very well adjusted and am sure Suri too will be. Tom Cruise has a lot of self discipline and I don’t see him raising a brat. May be that is his way of raising his kid but I am sure he would never allow her to turn into a Brat. Besides Suri was asleep and that is why she looks sulky.

  52. oriana says

    I don’t think there are any rules or limits set for Suri at all. She prob goes to bed when she feels like it and does as she pleases. Prob sleeps in the same bed with them too. I think when she gets older, there will be a big difference in the manners that Connor and his sister have than what this BRAT will exhibit! They will have their hands full!

  53. aquagirldori says

    shopping shopping shopping is that all Katie knows how to do? I never see this mother at a playground or a kids environment EVER!!!! How boring is this? My life as a mall rat….

  54. Suzianne says

    Tom gives to charity alright and it is called the Scientology Club. The cult members are expected to donate a fair portion of their money. Is it any wonder this cult club is disgustingly rich and still avoid paying taxes because it claims it is a church, yeh right!!

  55. LAURIE HARRIS says



  56. Shadow Girl says

    Yeah, why have a coat on her and not the spawn? All KH does is SHOP! There’s more to life! How about redecorating the house(bunker)? or just reading a good book? $cienos don’t believe in reading unless it is their lit, I guess.
    Anti Crudes-http://www.damnimcute.com/the-juicy/tom-cruisefat-and-balding/ I could not stop laughing for a long time. What a pathetic lump he is!

  57. Just me says

    Number 35, I agree with you. But remember, she already has fell, wearing those 4-inch high heels? I think they were shopping once again in Paris. I can’t remember whether or not she was holding Suri, though.

  58. Gina says

    But she is her child and am sure she would die for her before you do. Kids are ntot like adults. Remember they are coming from a warm building to a warm car. It is not like she has stripped the child in Alaska. Sometimes it makes me mad when someone pretends to love another person’s child more them. Sometimes I just get the impression people just want to whine.

  59. Nicki says

    I’d be willing to bet that Suri doesn’t have her jacket on because she didn’t want it on. I’m sure Katie bought a cute jacket that goes with this outfit. She probably didn’t want it on. (Remember the sharpie marker incident video in a shop in Paris-I think?)

  60. sazzie says

    You would think that with all that money, that katie would bother to buy clothes that actually fit her.
    Isn’t anyone else worried that she is going to trip over her those ridiculous lengthed trousers, especially while she is holding that child AND wearing those stupid glasses.
    An accident waiting to happen!!

  61. Why? says

    Why would a mother put a coat on herself but not one on her child?? If it’s cold enough for her to wear a coat – it’s doubly cold for a little child! (look at the man behind them in a nice warm coat and several shirts!) That makes me so mad when I see this. It’s as if the mother is forcing the child to be cold so everyone can see the outfit she put on the kid. Bundle up the babies!!!!!!!

  62. Jessica says

    Emily, your rant was exhausting. She is not your average baby next door and am sure her parents love her more than you do and would die for her before you would. For that reason I think it is fair to let them decide what is best for her after all they had her and hopefully you have or will have your own kids to do for as you please and raise them better than Tom and Katie are rising Suri.

    Part of Suri’s appeal is that she looks so different from your average garber baby. Most kids almost have a similar look a kin to that of Denise Richards kids but Suri has an exotic look which sets her apart from the others. Shiloh on the other hand is a stereotypical child, many babies have her look and hopefully she gets more personality as she grows.

    Suri’s clothes are more expensive than my wadrobe- mind you am not poor as such. The again her father is worth over $600m, he give sto charity, what do you expect him to do with the rest of the money? Those clothes after all are meant to be bought by someone. Wealth and poverty are facts of life and you have to deal with that.

  63. emily says

    suri is only 19 months old, she should have some sort of scheduled planned out for her; when to wake up, when to eat, when to take naps, and all those child scheduled things that needs to be done, NOT taken to a spice girl’s concert and made to watch those skanks gyrate around the stage. In the past two year’s of photo op after photo op has anyone ever seen a pic off that poor baby playing with a child her own age??? someone to have play dates with?? Or at least playing with her own siblings???

    And I’m sorry if I’m singling Suri out because she seems to be the only baby that is jetting off to one country to the next in an hour span, And yes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do the same…sometimes, but they are left alone with nanny’s and they dont try to deny they have nanny’s, they have birthday party for there kids and invite other kids their own age to play with, they have play dates with kids their own age and when they go out with the kids they do kid activities not shopping in Paris holding a bag, that is bigger then them. And plus when they are in the park they play in the park not just walk around and take a billion photo’s.

    And people can deny it and say “well Suri is privileged and I’m just jealous” and to that I have to say I would rather be poor but at least have my future kids will be happy and safe in their own bed, having a good structured schedule, not hauling them from one place to the next, just so I could make the next magazine cover. People may not agree with me and think its cool to do that to a child, but I for one dont, and you can agree or disagree its your choice, but what it comes down to in the end is the poor child and what it is doing to her life.

  64. oriana says

    Jordyn, how many times have you seen Zahara in a stroller, other than when Brad’s mom was watching them in New Orleans?

    I do agree, Suri would prob throw a screaming fit if she wasn’t held and carried most of the time!

  65. Jordyn says

    has anyone ever seen this child in a stroller? Is that a scientology no-no or something? She’s always being carried.

  66. lily says

    Kate dress Suri just tries to impress people and show off they are rich than other people. I like Shiloh dressed as a little girl naturally to be comfortable not show off like Suri.

  67. pat says

    Mom and baby are both beauties…Suri is going to be a heartbreaker as a teen and adult..Hope they have more kids!

  68. robin says

    I just can NOT believe Katie is still in her 20’s – she looks like she could be Suri’s grandmother!

  69. Suzianne says

    Katie is obviously a compulsive buyer and seriously needs rehab. Suri doesn’t need all the clothes Katie buys because they grow out of them so quickly.
    Katie needs something to keep her busy-like volunteer work or surely something that will make her feel more
    involved and be meaningful instead of just spending money wastefully and at times needlessly.

  70. daisy says

    shucks, Joey. Be nice. Little Shiloh is the cutest little thing. And so is Suri. My two fav celeb babies ever.

    Even in Shiloh’s homely dim-witted looking pics, she is still adorable.

    Just like Suri. Even though she looks like a prize fighter in this pic, I still don’t think you can get any cuter.

    Than either of them.

    Now say 25 Hail Mary’s before bed.

  71. 2teens3beans says

    This isn’t the most flattering picture of Suri, but I agree with most that Suri is a real cutie with a lively personality. I also think Shiloh is a shy beauty.

  72. oriana says

    Suri is definitely the best dressed celeb child anywhere. She is gorgeous! I love her little shoes, so cute.

  73. annabelle says

    everybody know joey is the famous jj on this blog if you seen her/his older post she/he pick on kimora and kariah mommy why you may ask because kk mommy is white and her husand boyfriend is black and also where is jj she/he always have something to say hmm………

  74. CTBmom says

    In my opinion, both Suri and Shiloh are beautiful babies….just in different ways. Shiloh is blond with those beautiful lips, and Suri has the the gorgeous brown hair with those striking blue eyes. Both are both lovely little girls. I don’t see how anyone can say anything negative about either one.

  75. KEL says

    Suri is just an angel. I love seeing pictures of Shiloh if only to say ‘I told you so’. At least Suri lived upto her hype.

  76. annabelle says

    everybody know joey is the famous jj on this blog if you seen her/his older post she/he pick on kimora and kariah mommy why you may ask because kk mommy is white and her husand boyfriend is black and also where is jj she/heor she always have something to say hmm………

  77. Joey says

    Suri is the cutest celeb baby….and why haven’t we been seeing Shiloh….because she’s going thru another homely phase. Poor Brangelina..not exactly the beautiful baby they were wanting.

  78. annie says

    I always love seeing Suri. I hope she’s gotten over the excitement of attending the Spice Girls concert. I wonder how Kate felt watching Tommy girl mancrushing on Becks.

  79. Hella says

    She sure is the most beautiful celeb baby that is undeniable. She is pouting here but in most pictures she is as cute as a button.

  80. Malayka says

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Suri my favourite. She is so cute and always so well dresses. I agree they should have more babies. I hope a boy next time. I wonder what he will look like and whether he will have so much personality like Suri. I wonder what they will call him.

  81. lillian says

    suri is not the most beautiful baby out there first of all she look like the girl Version of the omen second she have such a big nose for a baby i seen way more beautiful baby then suri

  82. Janey says

    Gorgeous gorgeous child. They sure make such beautiful babies and I hope they make some more.

  83. says

    All the clothes in this world will not make that kid look attravtice…she falls into the mottal baby camp, others are Story elias, kerry russel’s child…

  84. days says

    The information isn’t correct. Katie actually bought bags and bags and bags of items at several stores, including BabyGap and Crate & Barrel. It wasn’t just “a bag” as the caption says.

    …And where’s Suri’s coat? I live where they do and even though it’s So.Calif, it’s still weather requiring a coat and hat lately.

  85. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I know Suri’s outfit is simple, but I like her cute little red jumper…it makes her look very festive!

  86. jesse says

    yes suri is cute,but that kid looks much older than 19 months.
    daisy we’ve seen Shiloh a few weeks ago and i think it’s good,that the Jolie-Pitt kids have a break from the crazy paparazzi now 😉

  87. daisy says

    Yes, Suri is adorable.

    But honestly? I miss seeing Shiloh. I’m worried about her now. Even a mag cover in CVS said “where is Shiloh” and how it has been months seeing her, while AJ’s other kids have been around.

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