Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson With Ryder

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson reunited to spend some time with Ryder, 3, in New York’s SoHo neighborhood on Thursday.



  1. oriana says

    So does Mark Anthony, he has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard but he isn’t that great looking to me. Even his face looks caved in, he needs to gain some weight!

  2. Bobby's Girl says

    What may I ask is unattractive about Chris? Is it because he is tall and thin? Has long hair? What is it? As I said in a earlier post I think he has a great voice and sings terrific songs.

  3. Just me says

    No. 27. I think what they had in common was smoking pot … I mean, she’s admitted that she smokes pot. And while she quit when she was pregant, he was still smoking it. Maybe she was high when she met him.
    In all seriousness, he could me a really nice, romantic, funny, caring, etc. guy. Looks aren’t everything.

  4. Tia :) says

    Kimmy I agree with you…it really bothers me when people complain how “pale” or “pasty” a baby is! What the hell do you people want??

  5. kimmy says

    #26- Just because Shiloh doesn’t have dark skin doesn’t make her pasty. That is really rude of you. How bout I say that Pax and Maddox are too dark and they look dirty to me? Pretty messed up huh? Well, I would never say something like that. What do you want Shiloh to do? Go to a tanning bed? She’s a baby…and she’s white.

  6. aquagirldori says

    You have a point there Chris and Ryder always look scruffy and dirty to me too.
    I wiull never understand what a cute young lady like Kate saw in this guy… he’s so homely.

  7. amy says

    Ok, if we’re going to be mean, I have to mention Shiloh. Considering how her parents look, she is average at best. Very pale and pasty. I have always stood by my story that Ryder looks like a girl. He could get away with the pale skin, and even the long hair if they would dress him in BOYS clothes! Uggs? On a boy? Not my boy!! Maybe they dress him the way they do just for shock value. We are all talking about them, right? And most celebrities do want us to notice them.

  8. Yuck says

    Dirty, dirty, dirty. All I think of when I see these three (together or alone) is how badly they need soap and water. Gross! Forget about cutting the hair, how about we start with washing and combing?? All three of you! Clean up!

  9. daisy says

    Please don’t yell at me Mazer. It hurts my feelings.

    Can we be friends and have tea? I won’t talk about fugly celeb babies and I promise to wear my uggs.

    peace out

  10. 2teens3beans says

    Ryder may not be the classic ideal of “cute” but he is cute in his own way. I happen to think he has his charms, and his long hair suits him.

  11. Tia :) says

    Ok…i dont agree with taking your children out in PJ’s…Pj’s are for bed time only.

    As for Ryder being white…for god sakes…some people are PALE! I am pale! I do not tan! He’s fine!!

  12. mazer says

    Hey, daisy,
    Back to you on your own head. — Your comment: instead of “Kate and Julia”, put your own name in and see how that feels.
    You are not a very kind person and should be ashamed of what you write. Lisen to your conscience, my dear.

  13. oriana says

    I have never seen a child out in a restaurant in their pajamas and I would think it was inappropriate. Maybe that is the going trend today, in New York maybe too, but if Donald Trump or even Angelina Jolie had her children out in public in their pajamas they would be talked about like a dog!

  14. kimmy says

    That kid looks like a homely hobo. How anyone finds him remotely cute or attractive is beyond me.

  15. ashleigh says

    i saw these photos on an official kate hudson site and they are not just going for a walk at night they were out to dinner in Soho and this is a shot of them walking home.

    I don’t know why you people think its weird he’s in his pajamas where I live in Australia if kids are out at night for a function or something they often wear their pajamas especially is they are under 5. I was at a friends birthday fri night and 3 out of the 5 kids were wearing their pajamas so if they fall alseep on the way home they can be popped straight into bed.

  16. Jessie says

    Or MAYBE he’s just wearing pajama pants and UGG boots! Who cares? I’d wear that if I wanted to just go for a walk or something too.

  17. oriana says

    Isn’t it really cold in New York? Especially at night. I wouldn’t get my child out of bed to go for a walk around the block in that weather.

    I would assume she would let Chris into the house to visit? For a cup of coffee or a drink, he could have played and visited with Ryder in privacy, and these celebs are always saying that is what they want.

  18. Abbe says

    Most normal families don’t always dress up to go for a walk. Maybe just maybe they are more normal than most Hollywood families and just grabbed the little guy before naptime to walk around and spend some time with both parents. I think they are doing a great thing by spending time together with him, even though their marriage is over. Stop being so critical people!

  19. Cathi says

    forget the boots…he is wearing pajama pants! it looks like they grabbed him out of bed, threw the boots and coat on, and left the house!

    i wish that this couple had worked it out cause they just seem like a good fit to me. oh well.

  20. love is to her says

    ryder is a cute little boy but i think he is in need of a haircut and why is he wearing ugg style boots i have only ever seen them on girls its a little strange lol .

  21. Generic name says

    i dont like this couple!!! but its good to see them together for the sake of their son…Kate looks beautiful and sexy as ever!!!

  22. Lauren says

    It’s nice to see Kate and Chris managed to stay friendly for their sons sake. Parents who continually are fighting is harmful to their kids. (I.E. Charlie & Denise, Britney & Kevin)

  23. oriana says

    A very friendly divorce, I never understood what she saw in Chris, but looks really aren’t everything. I think they are both good people and I think Ryder is a lucky little boy!

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