Brad Pitt Talks About Family & Maddox's Letter To Santa

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt opened up about parenthood with Larry King.

On the paparazzi and his children:

“Truthfully, I worry about that. I’m very concerned about that. They call out my kids by names and shove cameras in their faces. And I really believe there should be laws against that. I mean, my kids believe that any time you go outside the house, it’s just a wall of photographers and people that take your picture. That is their view of the world. And I — I worry about the effect it will have on them. But — but we’ll do our best…”

On being an adoptive parent and the meaning of family:

“They are as much my blood as I am theirs. And they are brothers and sisters. And I look at this — it’s — one of them came from Ethiopia and one from Vietnam and one from Cambodia and one was born in Namibia. And they are — they are brothers and sisters. And they have fun. And they squabble and they fight, just like any other family.”

On whether he and Angelina want more kids:

“Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, we’re just getting started. We’re, you know fortunate that we can give them — we have time to give them attention and — and protect their upbringing. And we’ll know when — when we should stop. But I see it as such a positive right now.”

On Angelina as a mother:

“It’s the — I think it’s the greatest gift that I can give my kids is that she is — that they have such a fantastic mother. Dedicated, kids first. Really inventive and great fun for them and very, very protective.”

On being a dad:

“The hardest job in the world. The most rewarding job in the world. There’s something to — with the long days in here, we’re out here as soon as the sun comes out and to come home and have dinner with your kids and have to discipline one of them who is out of line and still have the energy for that is — I can’t explain the fulfillment of that, but it is everything.”


And OK! magazine has learned that Maddox, 6, wrote a letter to Santa on behalf of his younger siblings, asking for an Elf DVD and remote-controlled cars for Paz, 4, because “Pax loves cars.” And for Shiloh, 18-months-old, a doll and a couple of books and for Zahara, 2, princess dresses and a crying doll. “Maddox doesn’t know why Z would want her toy to cry,” says the friend. And for himself, Maddox added in a post-script that he’d be open to Santa showering him with a few toys as well, particularly a remote-controlled dinosaur.
“He asked Grandma Jane [Pitt] for one, but he isn’t sure she’s going to buy it.”



  1. Darla says

    Aw, Brad is such a great dad. I love seeing him so happy. 🙂 Good for them. Such a beautiful family.

  2. says

    i detest them…..i think its a huge put on…….angelina looks like she is dead in the eyes……mia farrow and woody allen adopted a bunch of kids…..woody had an affair with one of the girls……think they are still together……..brad pitt is a punk……..i think he did jennifer anniston a great favor……..i wish him and annn—gie would go back to africa and freakin stay……hope they take ophra winfrey with them to…..geesh….what a country….full of who is the richest who is the prettiest……who gives a rats ass…….

  3. Chrissy says

    Here’s the entire interview with AJ re: the “blob” comment. You will see for yourself that it was in fact the interviewer that suggested newborns are “blobs” NOT AJ. AJ merely agreed. She did NOT say directly Shiloh was a blob but that newborns compared to older children are like “blobs” because their personalities have yet developed. BUT it was the interviewer that suggested blob.

  4. ?? says

    Yea, all the poor folkes in New Orleans. Should have seen some of them with the Fema money. Out spending it on tvs and gucci instead of housing. I for one don’t feel a bit sorry for them and the ones that got the road home money didn’t use it for good either. So good luck Brad Pitt. You’re gonna need it.

  5. Fly On The Wall says

    To Kai #90:

    Brad told Charley Rose on 12/17 that they are planning on having three to five more children. You can go to Just Jared for a video of the interview.

    He seems totally committed to his MakeItRight project in New Orleans and I say more power to him. It’s disgusting that our own government has left these people hanging with nowhere to go. It’s up to people like Brad and others in the private sector to do the job the government wouldn’t.

  6. ann says

    We like this family their are generous in helping needly and poor children. Their are good example for Hollywood stars. Their are best actress and actor. We like their are movie.

  7. oriana says

    Brad’s whole direction in life has changed and he will continue on this trend as long as he remains with her.

  8. kai says

    i think, Brad is a very nice, humble, down-to-earth person not a ‘hollywood’ person. as the others mentioned, he’s just starting to get into the ‘wagon’ of humanitarians…thanks to be with AJ for that! as for the growing family, i admire them how they can ‘juggle’ their time with 4 young children — must be tough! they don’t depend on nannies: they take their kids to school, they attend to their needs, etc. i think, they are just a perfect family and perfect pair with common interests: they don’t care much about cosmetic surgery because they are both the sexiest in the world!! what a pair! more power to them! hope they will have another biological child! God Bless!

  9. lola says

    #70 got it RIGHT.

    If you think back, none of his relationships in the past brought him what he has now– plain, boring Gwyneth, plain Jen (sorry folks, that’s just good grooming and everyone liked her character on Friends)…and then she meets this woman who completely changes his life. I don’t hate on them— I’m glad they found each other, and if they’re happy, can help people WITH their wealth, and help spread awareness about issues around the world, then I applaud them all the more.

    Heck of a lot more newsworthy than someone getting a nose job, lol.

  10. oriana says

    I think that Suri is dressed very cute and she is a cute child. I certainly don’t worship Tom Cruise, I do think he is a good actor but a weirdo with his cult. I do think Shiloh is beautiful but she has had some dull expressions on her face like Brad appears dull to me sometimes too.

    I think Violet is dressed cute too, and it isn’t always frills and bows, but she at least is dressed like a little girl and doesn’t look like a boy like Angie dresses Shiloh.

  11. Miapocca says

    Brad was lost, he needed someone to help realign him and angelina jumped on board like a h-=o on a dry spell..I sincerely hope they enjoy each other and Anniston is better off without a cheating spouse..who wants a cheating spouse…jolie must have been desperate…as billy bob says even the mose beautiful women is no guarantee to getting it up…translate as I got superbored with jole..she overcompensates to try to be overly sexy but I will rather have the girl nextdoor who is a superfreak in bed , not one who advertises endlessly and you end up with know how it goes, you gotta read teh small print before taking the product home…Brad sure will be stressed because folsk will wonder why you have to chase other skirt when you are with the self proclaimed bad girl in bed…ahahhahaha

  12. Miapocca says

    the wierdest thing i ever hear, Suri who is suffereing from acromegaly is proclaimed the most beautiful thing on earth and these folks find shiloh plain…you got to be kidding right…but then some people are limited in thier ability to see beyond thier adoration for a movie star..ahahahhah

  13. Gina says

    I don’t think he is new to this humantarian thing after almost three years of doing it. How long does he need? He is unfortable because he knows that it is all a make believe. He does not even look comfortable with Angelina as he did with Jen. Infact he looks like a fake or an imposter in this new life. He does not seem free with himself. May be he wants to make the world a better place but he started out wrongly. I think if he had adopted all these kids and done all this charity with someone he was more comfortable with, he would not look as fake.

  14. Al&J says

    As for Brad I don’t think he is dumb really but maybe just inarticulate and he doesn’t know how to express his thoughts very well. I can’t blame him though I don’t think he has much practice with the whole humanitarian public speaking thing. I doubt he even knew about this sort of “giving back to the poor” and “helping the unfortunate” “getting your hands dirty” thing when he was with Jen. Seems like during that time those two were too focused on being the glamorous and golden, fine dining at Nobu, tanning&spa trips and exotic getaways. He has come a long way and I’m glad that he is trying to shed the pretty boy label. He left that fake lifestyle in the past and rightly so.

  15. Al&J says

    Daisy – I don’t think people take this baby blog thing too seriously. People have long commentaries because maybe they have strong or passionate opinions. There is nothing wrong with that. We are not out stalking these celebs, ringing their doorbells and sending them stuff in the mail. Just writing comments on a blog. The people we write about will probably never see our comments so I see no harm.

  16. Janey says

    I was watching TV yesterday and my mother called Brad Pitt phoney and a loser without any meanness. When I asked why she thought so, seh said he hangs with a phoney girlfriend and that has impacted on him.

  17. daisy says

    Do you ever think that maybe you take this baby blog thing too seriously?

    I mean some of you write these painfully long drawn out commentaries in defense or conviction of these celebs. As if they are your best buds.

    What’s up with that?

  18. Gina says

    Sincerity and dedication???? My foot, soon we will be testifying about the tooth fairy and how he does indeed exist. I will go with whoever said that he is just playing pretend. That is not him and these days he looks fishy like a thief. He lost a lot of confidence, may be it is all those day time television jokes about him being pvssywhipped.

  19. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    #72 I take offense to your comment. I live in the US, yet I’m always raving over how beautiful the Jolie-Pitt kids are, and I even posted a comment earlier about how I doubt that Angie has favorites. Stop being unfair and grouping all “Americans” together (not even going to mention that “American” doesn’t just mean U.S. citizen).

    Assumptions are dangerous; generalizations are fatal. I think everyone has had a sufficient enough history lesson to know what I’m talking about.

  20. Deeds says

    I don’t believe that JA should be dumped on because of her marriage to Brad. Maybe someone can explain to me how their past relationship has a negative impact on what is going on in Brads life today. Almost every one the entertainment industry has a “past”, so why all the mudslinging.

  21. Jessica says

    I doubt they will last long. He will be fifty soon and she will knock on fourty and the cameras they thrive upon will move on to the next young thing, then what? Angie will be bored and back to her ways. When the kids grow, what will stick them together? The kids and secx seem like the glue siticking them together. Whenever I see Brad speaking about Angelina, am reminded of his interview on Oprah speaking about Jen and his love for her and the little Jens he would like to see around the house. He sounded sincere and natural and happy and look where that ended. I was the larry kind interview and he seems so unsure of himself and his self confidence is at an all time low. There is a limited time someone can live a pretend life. Though his current life seems more meaningful, to me it looks like ‘lets play pretend’. I admit they will give it sometime but it will end. Look at their body language and compare it to Brad and Jen and how natural they are, remember these people have lived together for what? Three years now, and yet they seem awkard in each other’s presence. I reckon Brad low self esteem these days is why he spots a hat all the time. Some men to that to hide themselves.

    Even Larry King did not buy his protestations that he did not cheat with Angelina while still married.

  22. ANTI says

    #72 – how do you know these posts are from Americans? Maybe we should be required to post messages AND a photo of our teeth – that should clear up who the Americans are pretty quickly, aye?

  23. roedeldie says

    I have never read so many stupid comments. Really the American short-sighted view.
    One about how ordinairy Shiloh looks, the other that Angelina really does have her favourites…
    Stupid comments on the way how they are dressed, look and smile ( or not)
    Increadible. It really shows how brainless the americans are.

  24. oriana says

    I still think Brad is on the A List. I do think his life is more rewarding and fulfilling now too. I also think it is because of Angelina that he is focused on helping others. She will define his purpose in life for him.

    I do agree that they will be together for a long, long time.

  25. Fly On The Wall says

    Good Lord, you people are so gullible. That “letter from Maddox” is almost certainly fake. I wouldn’t trust anything the tabs say about this family.

    However, I did see the Larry King interview live and I was impressed with Brad’s sincerity and dedication. He did a great job deflecting King’s probing insinuations about the controversy surrounding Z’s adoption. He said “This is where I get personal about my kids” and shut it off right there. End of discussion.

    I think Brad finds his life fulfilling now that he is with Angelina and she has given him a family. He’s not just a pretty-boy actor the was he was with Aniston; he’s a man with a purpose in his life to help people less fortunate than he is, and he finds it infinitely more rewarding than being on the A-List. Dumping Aniston was the smartest move he ever made.

  26. ann says

    #66 Joey , I don’t understand did you see Brad care about poor people. They donate money and helping poor people. Angelina and Brad are generosity and care about to helping poor child and people. Angelina donate 1/3 of all her movie proceeds. We should see what they does in the world instead of criticize them. they are too good to be true. I think they will be tohether for a long time.

  27. lily says

    I like Angelina dress Shiloh way just a naturally to be comfortable , Kate dress Suri just want to impress people and show off they are rich than other people. That is why I like Shioh dressed more than other celebrity babies.

  28. Joey says

    I hope Brad cheats on Angie and leaves her bony azz….For those of you who think I’m JJ..unfortunately I’m not…I think she is much meaner than I am..I had to go back and read some of her blogs….one question to you all…why do you let her get under your skin??

  29. lily says

    I like Shiloh dressed as a little girl. She should dress naturally to be comfortable. It doesn’t mean that just because she’s a celebrity child she should be dressed in an adult style to impress other people

  30. oriana says

    I have to admit in some pictures with her hair sticking straight up, she did look like Buckwheat! But he was the cutest one of The Little Rascals to me! Ha!

  31. daisy says

    Hey good catch, Oriana. Mad does look like Charles Bronsan. And Z looks like Buckwheat and Shiloh looks like what ever happened to Baby Jane AKA Betty Davis.

    Cute family

  32. oriana says

    I do agree with Lola, it is a sad state of affairs when a family has to leave one country and move to another just to get some peace of mind. It is pitiful! The paps are out of control, here and overseas.

    I looked at the Christmas list Maddox wrote, he asked for some Princess dresses for Zahara. I think she would love to dress like a little girl sometimes, what is wrong with some frills and bright colors anyway? It is Angie that always dresses her like a boy, and Shiloh too. It is like she thinks there is something wrong with a little girl looking like one.

    Kids grow so fast, they have certain times they play and get dirty, but there are also times they could look so cute in pretty clothes. That is why I love the way Suri is dressed!

  33. oriana says

    Nicki, I see that things have been difficult for you and I feel sad about it. I know you are strong and this is a trying time. Take it easy, try to rest as much as you can. I hope your husband is handling the loss okay. I am thinking about you and I sincerely believe that God does heal all wounds.

    Kimora’s mommy, my Dear, Nicki and I have always been at odds over Angie and Brad and we agreed to disagree long ago. I like you, as a matter of fact, I like you a lot, I think you are a very sweet person.

    I just fail to see why Brad and Angie both try to make such a point of where Shiloh was born. I really will be shocked if they ever have another biological child.

    I miss Xena also, I hope she and her family are okay.

    I do think Shiloh has a big head, I noticed that long ago, but I also think she is a beautiful child.

  34. Hella says

    Angelina never practices what she preaches. She tells us to forgive terrorists who have killed our loves ones and yet she cannot forgive her father hwo has not killed anyone. LOSER.

  35. Lola says

    Why should the family have to alter regular family events such as going out to stores, movies, walks and parks? Why should these families have to move to another country? Why shouldn’t the paps change their ways and leave the family alone when they have children with them instead?

    The paps don’t leave them alone because people like us want to see them.

  36. Nicki says

    oriana~Captian Jack Sparrow will be making mega bucks from that franchise for many years to come. Smart boy he is.
    (my dog) Lets just say all did not end well with him. My mother-in-law passed away last month. It just hasn’t been a happy time all around. Time heals all wounds. I hope to be on here a bit more after the holidays.

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy– I am sorry you feel that way. I wasn’t trying to be sneaky. I just presented something. It wasn’t MY opinion it was a description of what dual citzenship was. I did that because I didn’t have time to write an opinion of my own. Most people here don’t agree with my opinion about Brad and Angie, that has never stopped me from voicing it.

    oriana and I agree on almost nothing,lol, yet I have always been able to discuss things with her. I enjoy chatting with oriana so I wasn’t trying to be sneaky, just limited in time.
    You can check with the WM and see if I use other names. I don’t. ( You would be surprised to see how many do.) Again sorry about that.

  37. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Nicki I just don’t understand why you had to use another name when voicing your opinion. I wish that you didn’t feel like you have to be sneaky about presenting opinions that you think that others, especially Oriana, may not agree with.

  38. anne says

    Shiloh is only one very special pretty baby, her picture can sales more than 4 million dollars and help other people. who can do it only Shiloh. so she is very special baby.

  39. oriana says

    Johnny Depp is one year older than Brad and looks much younger, Brad looks tired and stressed to me. I was surprised to see that Brad only made $35 million this year, I thought he pulled in much more. I looked at the Forbes list, dear Johnny boy made $92 million dollars! Amazing!

  40. oriana says

    I personally don’t care what name Nicki uses, as long as she is okay and doing good, that is all that matters to me! Nicki, hope the doggie is doing okay and I know this is a very busy time. I will be thinking about you and you are in my prayers!!!!

  41. Analise says

    I’ll just ignore the stupid comments starting with #1. I still like this family and think they are doing wonderful things for these kids.Oh and Shiloh is a very pretty baby. As for prettier? You bet. I’m looking at her now. She’s beside me.

  42. Nicki says

    Opps………that was me, stupi ole Nicki. That was my last post, the only time I personally didn’t use my name, unless my niece is visiting, about every 3 months, but she still hasn’t used her name……courtney. She just logs on and uses mine. But the Shiloh has……… mine, Nicki, so please accept my mistake, or not, I know some of you will LOVE to use this against me………..Go for it. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.
    I will be around, just not so much.. I know YEAH…from some of you, and who cares from others. But I wish the best to all that are here and enjoy most of the comments. Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

  43. Shiloh has dual citizenship says

    40. Malayka –OK first question- when is the last time you have seen Shiloh???? At least a couple months ago. Is her Mom and Dad not protecting her from the pap fools who camp out at the bottom of thier driveway??? OH yeah and when is the last time we have seen thier other children, Zahara and Pax??? We have only seen Maddox in the last month or so. Please, they are protecting those children as best they can.

    Sorry but Demi and Bruce moved to Idaho because thier children ……….how do I say this…………ok. nowhere on the cute scale, and they still aren’t. As soon as Demi hooked up with young Ashton she moved right back to LA. Her youngest is what…12 or 13???? OH and Demi and Bruce complained ALL the time about the paps………Thats why they moved to potato country. Please people get a grip.

    Hello oriana, I saw your “Where is Nicki” on another thread. I’m OK and Thanks for caring. I apprieciate that. Lots going on here, but all will be good soon. Take care.

  44. Yeah says

    Poor Maddox, he used to be in the forefront, now he’s been pushed to the back.
    And I agree if they don’t want paparazzi, move to France like Johnny Depp did.

  45. fee says

    yeah and even in the past few years since angie adopted maddox, the paps have become increasingly harder to escape. When demi moore’s kids were growing up, the paps were not this crazy.

    So apparently they pimp out their children by letting them leave the house?

  46. oriana says

    I really think they will be joined in New Orleans with Brad’s family. Too bad Jon Voight can’t see the kids, since she is so forgiving and a great humanitarian like she has been described, she should give the kids Grandfather a second chance, she doesn’t have to deal with him on a daily basis, but it is the holiday season, I don’t see that it would be so terrible for her to let him see the kids.

  47. Janey says

    Fee, if you haven’t noticed, they are not a normal family. When you are not normal, you go an extra mile to protect your kids like Demi Moore did. Not whining about it in the press while taking all your brood out usually for no other reason other than Photo Op.

    Brad may seem dumb but he knows it that wherever they go, they draw attention and if he says his kids hate it, then it is high time he did something about it. Why did Angelina move to England to protect Mad? What has changed now? Doesn’t he need protection any more?

    I am tired of their constant child pimping and whining.

  48. fee says

    #12 Janey:

    Would you like for them to just leave their kids at home all the time? They do what normal families do: take their kids out while running errands.

  49. daisy says

    Face it, anything these celebs say is to boost their image in the public eye, thus their career.

    It’s not like talking to a best friend in private. They are very guarded and rehearsed about what they say.

    Just show me pictures.

    I’m going to eat some more ice cream for breakfast

  50. Cathi says

    oh people, who cares which baby is cuter? suri is adorable and so is shiloh. this is not a contest about which one is prettier. now brad is a different story….. he is so annoying lately. i was not impressed by the things he said in the interview. it seems like this “new” brad is not comfortable with himself. i don’t get it.

  51. Malayka says

    I don’t think Shiloh is cute at all. She looks OK in some pictures and rather slow in others. I like the fact that she has Brad’s expressions, that fascinates me. I think those who find Shiloh cute are just Brangelina fans. I think Suri Cruise is very cute though. I know her parents are not bad to look at but their child is out of this world gorgeous. I like to look at pictures of her. I have a feeling people who hate on her just have issues with Tom Cruise so they take them out on Suri. I don’t find her spoilt. She seems well adjusted and very happy.

    I think Brad and Angelina are trying their best, in the past Angelina moved to England to protect Maddox from the media yet she does not see the need to protect four others. I think she likes her adopted kids better than Shiloh because it was not her choice to have Shiloh but it was a way of keeping Brad who wanted a child badly. Remember she always said she would never have biological children.

    I find Brad very shallow and may be he needs someone like Angelina to bulldose him. If your kids are traumatised by the paps then remove them from the limelight instead of banding them around disregarding their feeling. This will cause adverse effects to them.

  52. Generic name says

    yeah, i think AJ has fav…i think she’s more close to Z than Shiloh…they looks like UN rep.!!!lol

  53. Cathi says

    what’s with all the stuttering, repeating and hesitating in brads interview? he has trouble speaking these days.

    the kids are cute..especially shiloh. she is so white, she glows!

  54. oriana says

    Deeds, my husband went to New Zealand recently, 13 hours, no turbulence at all, so don’t be nervous, just relax, take a good book if you like to read, or try to sleep if possible! You will be just fine and will have a trip to remember!

  55. oriana says

    Tia, you are a good and loving mother, and there are many mothers that way also, but there are parents that do have favorite children, they may never admit it, but it does happen.

    Look at the Kennedy’s, the fave son was killed in a plane crash and so was the favorite daughter. JFK was not groomed for the Presidency, his older brother was, and he excelled at practically everything. A tragic story!

  56. oriana says

    alexia, Thank you! I think she is a good actress and very cute too.

    Oh Deeds, I hate to fly too! Hate it! Used to not bother me, but had a bad turbulence experience in 1995 flying back from Hawaii, just horrible! One hour into the flight, the plane dropped, the flight attendant went flying down the aisle, she had just started to serve the meal, everyone had to take their seats and it stayed like that all the way to San Francisco!

    The pilot had to circle three times even before he could land the plane, would start to land and then, swoosh, back up again!

    You will be fine, I guess turbulence could happen any time and sometimes not bad at all, not like what I experienced!

  57. Tia :) says

    I just dont see how a mother could favor one child is all…i dont understand it,,,thats why i dont believe it.

  58. Deeds says

    I’m leaving on the 22nd of this month. I’m afraid to fly, that’s the only way other than drive. So my doc gave me some happy pills to take. I made her give me a note saying I was taking pills to help me fly. So they wouldn’t think I was drunk and not let me on the plane. I’ve flown many times before I don’t know why it scares me now. I couldn’t imagine being a part of AJs family. The way they fly all the time, I’d have to stay doped up all the time.

  59. oriana says

    Shiloh looks just like Jon Voight!!!!!! And that was a gorgeous man in his younger day, and not too shabby even now!

  60. oriana says

    emma, I did get it wrong, yes, folks, it does happen, but I was thinking of the actress that played in The Mummy? What is her name? I am sure her baby is cute now, but when first born, oh dear!!!!!

  61. Jade says

    This is actually my favorite picture of Shiloh-she looks impish and so much like Angelina it’s scary.
    Isn’t it amazing too that TomKat didn’t let Suri be photographed until she was 4 months but since then she is in the rags almost daily-what’s up with that? Do you think Tom made Katie cut her hair so that she looked more like Suri? A bit odd.
    Rock on Brangelinas!

  62. emma says

    oriana you mean kate hudson from what i know Kiera Knightly dosnt have any kids whatsover but i think jenna baby story is downright scarey looking

  63. oriana says

    Most of you are too young to remember Charles Bronson, a wonderful actor, but I think Pax looks like him in this picture!

  64. oriana says

    Julia Roberts kids look sickly to me, very pale and sickly! Uma Thurman’s kids aren’t that gorgeous either, and yep, kimmy is right, Ryder is not a cute child at all. It is amazing that most people think celebs kids should all be beautiful, that isn’t how it goes, I think they are sweet children but far from beautiful.

    I do think Shiloh is beautiful, this is not a good picture of her by any means. I have seen some babies, stars kids and friend’s babies, that were downright scarey looking! Kiera Knightly’s baby was one of them!

  65. avery says

    i think shiloh is more beauitful then suri suri look like the omen little sister samj and coco riley are homely sorry but thoses little girls are homely in my eyes

  66. kimmy says

    #17- you’re right- Suri is very pretty too, but I still think Shiloh is unbelievably gorgeous too. They have 2 different looks so you can’t really compare them. JMO. 🙂 I think of Kate Hudsons son when I think of homely.

  67. oriana says

    Deeds honey, when are you going on your trip? I know you are excited!!

    I really think a law should be passed about these paps out of control when it comes to kids. Privacy rights have gone down the tube and no one respects anything or anyone any more! I guess some celebs enjoy that, like Denise Richards, but many are just sick and disgusted about it.

    Hope you have a good weekend and it isn’t rainy and messy up there!

  68. oriana says

    I do think they are good parents and they are a happy family. I think that Shiloh is a beautiful child and would love to see more expressions out of her. I think that Suri has a personality and is very cute, but a spoiled brat. I think children should have some discipline and limits set, and NO, I don’t mean beatings either!

    Brad is dull to me but I think he is a good man. I love the letter to Santa from Maddox, he is a smart, loving, little boy! I have always liked him and I admire him more all the time.

    I do think Angie has favorites, sorry Tia, I think that Angie definitely prizes Zahara over Shiloh and I have thought so from the beginning, and I think Brad does too. That is not to say they don’t love Shiloh, they aren’t the only family that has ever had a favorite child, and I could be wrong too.

  69. Deeds says

    Hi Oriana, long time no hear. I don’t remember what star did this but I thought it would work for all stars. When they went out in public they would have their security guards hold up blankets on both sides so the paps couldn’t get a pic of them. If AJ did that maybe the children wouldn’t be afraid and the paps would get tired of trying to get pics of them. Or it might make the paps try harder, still it sounds like it would work. Unless what some people say is true about AJ pimping her kids. I think for AJ & BP to complain about the paps rather than taking action shows a lazy lookout of their moral fiber. Now back to Maddox. It is very special that he thinks about what his siblings want for Christmas and he writes to Santa about it. How precious is that! The act of him doing so shows he is a very kind and thoughtful boy.

  70. Tia :) says

    and that is your opinion. I happen to think Shiloh is a hell of a lot cuter than Suri cruise. Shiloh is in no way Homely!!!!

  71. Joey says

    In response to comment #2….Just take a look at Suri…she has more personality and is indeed alot cuter than Shiloh.
    Julia Roberts’ children and Shiloh are just plain homely. Lets hope they get better looking with age.

  72. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Hi Tia! You’re right…we’re going to be a very busy family. 🙂

    My day is going pretty well….I sent out Christmas cards today to those with last names that begin with A through L, and I put the finishing touches on the baby’s nursery. I’m a little frazzled, though, because we had a rough day as far as the little ones’ cooperation. Kimora was rather sure that she didn’t want to take a nap today!!

    Tonight, being the first Friday evening of the month, will be Jamal and my date night (we go out twice a month), so that should be fun and a stress release! I hope you have a great weekend, too, Tia!

  73. anne says

    #12 JANEY are you Jennifer Aniston or j.a fan so criticize Brad . your are wrong. Brad he is best man in the world he helping poor people care about poor people. he is too good to be true. We like this family

  74. lily says


  75. Lily says

    I must say I was surprised too that Shiloh turned out very ordinary with all the hype that surrounded her. She is just a sweet plain Jane.

  76. Janey says

    I feel sick whenever I hear these two complaining about the paps. Hellllllllllloooooooo, stop running around with the kids as if they are brochures. Other celebs do all they can to protect their kids and yet these two will take their kids out in a crowded Indian market or a NY store knowing that the paps will be there and he has the nerve to call for a law against what? I wonder.

    I never knew till recently that Brad Pitt was such a stupid person. I even liked him before. I don’t care whether he had an affair, he has to get some brains. The whole interview sound banal and dumb.

  77. Lauren says

    There really should be laws about the paparazzi and the celeb’s children. Take pix of celebs, fine, that comes with the territory but their kids didn’t ask for that. Don’t shove cameras in their faces.

    Brad’s family is beautiful. I may not agree on how he started his family but all in all, they have created such a beautiful and strong family unit. Shiloh looks like a porcelain doll. 😀

  78. Al&J says

    sorry should read…Also I really hate the idea of those stupid tabloids…
    and should be..Ok, Britney is a mess..if you need to talk about her then fine…

  79. daisy says

    Yeah, yeah, Brad. No one really cares what you think. We just wanna see your baby girl Shiloh.

    What a rip off – this pic is how old??????

    Shiloh is like a breath of fresh air – catching flies with her mouth open and all. She is precious.

  80. Al&J says

    I love hearing this man and any man for that matter gush about their children. Some might find it a bit much, but I love it. It’s been a long time coming for him.
    And this line is absolutely beautiful… “It’s the — I think it’s the greatest gift that I can give my kids is that she is — that they have such a fantastic mother. Dedicated, kids first. Really inventive and great fun for them and very, very protective.”
    The paparazzi thing is out of control. Julia Roberts just recently drove down a photographer and gave him a stern lecture about taking pictures of her children and I say good for her. Take pictures of the parents if you must, but leave the children out of it. They never signed up for this and they are not celebrities.
    Also I really hate the idea on those stupid tabloids putting children on their covers. Bonnie, Janice and tabloid editors who actually have children should ashamed of themselves. Ok, Britney is a mess..if you need to talk about her, but leave her children off the tabloid covers. Same goes for Suri, Zahara, Shiloh and any other child from a celebrity couple. It’s just plain old creepy.

  81. 2teens3beans says

    Here we go with the tired old comments about Shiloh being plain, or Shiloh being special needs, or Angie preferring Z over the others. Yada, yada, yada.
    Some people will look for any excuse to hate AJ, that’s what I think.
    My opinion is that she is a wonderful humanitarian and great example of a mother who loves all of her children unconditionally & equally. Shiloh is beautiful, intelligent and shy. Z, Pax & Mad are beautiful kids too.

  82. Tia :) says

    “Maddox doesn’t know why Z would want her toy to cry,”

    How cute is that??? I really, really dont think Angie has any favourites…thats just ridiculous! I too like the pictures where Angie is carrying both girls 🙂

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy , how are you today? pretty soon you’ll have to juggle 3 babies!! Have a great weekend dear!

  83. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I don’t think so. This is actually an old photo. In more recent pics that I’ve seen, Angie is almost always carrying Shiloh. My favorite ones are when she is carrying both Zaharah and Shiloh…it reminds me of my two daughters and me. 🙂

  84. says

    I agree with Brad, there should be laws as to how far the paparazzi is allowed to go. I love to see the pictures but not the ones where the children look frightened or the celebrity looks upset. I love the way he describes Angelina as a mom, she clearly loves all of the children equally.

  85. kimmy says

    …. and as always Brad is holding Shiloh, and Angelina is holding the other 3. She really does have favorites.

  86. kimmy says

    How can anyone say that those other kids are cuter than Shiloh? Talk about ordinary! Joey- I”d like to see what baby you think is prettier than Shiloh. This baby looks like a magazine model.

  87. Joey says

    I thought their baby would be absolutely gorgeous…Shiloh is ordinary…. I’ve seen way cuter babies.
    As for Brad…well he’s just a dumb shmuck that goes along with whatever Angie wants. Here’s a solution to the paparazzi…Move to a different country and raise your kids.
    A good example is Shania…after she and her husband moved..we never see them in the tabloids. Privacy and a sense of normal can be achieved, but these 2 egotistical maniacs would never sacrifice their careers for their children.

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