Jennifer Garner & Violet In NYC

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner and Violet, 2, were snapped out for a walk through New York on Wednesday. I love Violet’s hat with the tassles! My daughter has the same hat (and matching mittens) from L.L.Bean but in a violet floral pattern and it is the BEST hat!

Jennifer Garner



  1. Violets Auntie says

    There’s always some horse comment or some get rid of the pacifier comment. Geez, we cannot help how we look and what we put in our baby mouths.

    The papz should lay off of children.

    Incidentally, this two look just fine.

  2. Jeannie says

    Violet usually only has the pacifier when she’s in her stroller. Maybe she doesn’t like being pushed around anymore since she can walk and run so well and so she gets upset when she’s bundled up (another thing little kids don’t always like!) and strapped into the stroller. As said earlier, it’s comforting.

  3. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Yes…it’s indeed interesting that people haven’t mentioned the pacifier with Violet but they raised such a stink about the picture with Seal and Heidi’s Henry, who is also 2.

    And I agree…the bookmark tab seems misplaced.

  4. boo says

    I hear ya with the Pop up bookmark everytime you go to comment, it really is starting to get annoying.
    As For Jen and Violet they are both Beatuiful and Jen is an amazing Mom! defintiely my Favourite celeb Mom out there ( well tied for first with Resse Witherspoon):)!

  5. Denise says

    I love Jennifer she is so down to earth.

    #7 I am glad to hear I am not the only having problems clicking on comments

  6. Who Cares!! says

    I was waiting for someone to comment about the Pacifier…. Quite frankly there is NOTHING wrong with a 2 year old and a pacifier! My child is 2 and a half and still gets a Paci only at bedtime, but gets it none the less, its a comfort thing, some children don’t settle well without them!
    it won’t necessarily harm their teeth… My other child was 3 years before it got taken away and My babes teeth are perfect and straight, even the Dentist has nothing but good things to say about them!! So please people LAY OFF with the Pacifier use,

  7. Janessa says

    P.S. This site is getting increasingly annoying by the minute. It is next to impossible to click on the ‘comment’ link without running into 5 other pull-down links that are scattered all about now. It’s aggravating and it’s not worth the hassle much any more. I will probably stick to just reading People and Just Jared because that is where this person steals 99% of her site’s material anyway.

  8. Jailynn says

    My FAVORITE two to see! Such a down to earth family! They really try to stay as “normal” as possible!

  9. Janessa says

    She is the best Mom. Violet is always, 100% of the time dressed appropriately for the weather. You never see her running around without a jacket on, etc.

  10. Cathi says

    i think very highly of her. she doesn’t put on any airs. jeans, sneakers, no makeup, messy hair, out running errands with her daughter. i like to see that cause with most celebs they have to sit through 3 hours of makeup before they will go out in public! but she is GORGEOUS when she wants to be.

  11. Nina says

    I love that Jennifer wears sneakers everywhere. I look like a doofus with my running shoes and jeans 🙂 but of course she pulls it off!

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