Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Throw A Baby Shower For 1OO Expectant & New Moms

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have named a foundation in honor of their baby, due in January.

The couple hosted a surprise baby shower Monday for 100 expectant and new moms at the Los Angeles Free Clinic in Hollywood, where they handed out more than $200,000 worth of gifts. “The looks on their faces were priceless,” Nicole told reporters after the shower. “Some of them didn’t even believe us [when they saw the gifts]. They thought we were joking.”

The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation, Joel said, was an idea the couple had when they found out they were expecting. “We grew up in Los Angeles,” he said, “and we want our child to be a part of the community, and to know that there’s a responsibility to help the community.”
And it’s a family affair. “We named it the Richie Madden Children’s Foundation because we each have families and our families are close, and our family is involved,” Nicole said. By her side with his arm stroking her back during moments in the conference, Joel added, “We’re lucky that we have families that get along and love each other,” adding, “I think it’s great that our child will grow up as a part of that family.”

Amongst the goodies given to families in need were Baby Bjorn products, cribs, mattresses and toys from Fisher-Price. “Everything they got, we got,” Nicole says, “so everything that will be in their nursery, will be in our nursery.”

Joel felt good about the event. “Sometimes people don’t want to believe that me and Nicole are just a young couple having a baby and we’re really excited. We don’t really get to share our lives with people. It’s nice to connect with people on a real level.”



  1. oriana says

    I think she is very pretty and I think she will be a good mother. So glad to see her looking healthy.

  2. hmmm... says

    Interesting note on the enzyme in the sperm! I did not know that but could be a factor as to why my BILs identical twin had identical twin girls himself, very neat!

  3. Ruby Jackson says

    Squeeky Sue… they were at the LA Free Clinic… figure it out.

    It’s very refreshing to see a young celebrity couple being conscious and giving. Apparently, they donated to charity all the things they got from their showers.

    I hope Nicole is over whatever it was that was driving her to starve herself, and I hope she keeps on a healthy weight after having the baby.

  4. days says

    I’ve never seen Simple Life. What was on it that would make us believe Nicole wouldn’t be a good mom?

  5. Suzianne says

    Not to be rude but I realize that Nicole was adopted and was wondering if she is part black? She is quite pretty but her skin is not fair.

  6. Liza says

    Actually idential twins are thought to be possibly be caused by an enzyme in the sperm that possibly agitates the egg and causes the cells to quickly split. It is thought that there is a possibility that this enzymes are found in random sperm but men belonging in the same family have a higher possibility of it occuring if another male in their family has idential twins.
    Fraternal twins, when they do run in families, are a trait that is passed through the maternal line, and this is what I think you are getting at.
    However, most twins, identical and fraternal, are more random than not.

  7. CTBmom says

    To Just Me:
    The exact quote was: “Everything they got, we got,” Nicole says, “so everything that will be in their nursery, will be in our nursery.”
    I think she is meaning that the items that were given out, are the same things they bought for their own baby or received as gifts from their friends.

  8. Grip says

    Good to see! I hope that this is a real turn around for her. It could be an inspiration to others.

  9. 2teens3beans says

    Way to give back to the community! I applaud them. They are a great example to other celebrities. Posh should take note… maybe she should buy 100 treehouses for impoverished children in L.A.

  10. Just me says

    And come one, she gets knocked up after dating the guy for like 2 months. And wasn’t she driving home from his house when she was arrested for driving the wrong way on the freeway, and admitted to using Vicodin and pot? They’re taking resopnsibility and that’s good, but that doesn’t mean this relationship has staying power. Sorry, I never write negative posts on here but something about this couple rubs me the wrong way.

  11. Just me says

    What’s ironic about this article and posts is how everyone is praising these two …. Yeah, it’s good they gave away all this stuff, but there’s one line in here where Nicole says, “We get one of everything, too.” Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Lord, they have had like 5 showers already!!

  12. Van says

    Seems like a great family. i dont believe anything the media says about them. Good on them 🙂

  13. Sandra says

    If Madden is a twin, which I do not know about it DOES NOT have any effect on them possibly having twins. Twins is ONLY effected if it is on the mother’s side. Whew some of us can pass 5th grade biology.

  14. squeeky sue says

    No. 18 you do make me laugh, have you looked at the teenage pregnancy rate in the UK, have you looked at the abortion rate in the UK, have you looked at the amount of kids born into poverty in the UK.
    which includes, condoms, the coil, the implant, he pill, abortion and (obviously) everything else. So if Nicole and Joel had started a foundation to hand out brith control it might have reduce the stats, but not by the amount to completly irradicate unwanted pregnancies. People get lazy, people are ignorant, people are unlucky and thats why they fall pregnant.

  15. lillian says

    I think they should have created the Richie Madden Foundation and started handing out birth control and condoms so that instead of people having kids that can’t afford them get free cribs and welfare, we wouldn’t have to support anyone….

  16. Jacquie says

    They seem to have become a pretty down to earth couple since the pregnancy. I wish them all the best and think it is fantastic that 100 mothers-to-be out there will start off with things a little easier for them.

  17. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Celebs with a social conscience always make me so happy. Good for them! I can’t wait till she has her baby….yay for January birthdays! 🙂 Blessings to them.

  18. R says

    WOW! That is the best I’ve ever seen her look! She should just keep getting pregnant. I think it’s great of them to do this. Sure she acted like a nincompoop during the Simple Life, but we ALL act stupid and do stupid things when we’re young before we become parents. It’s easy for people to talk crap about someone, but just think about what would be revealed about all of us if someone had been following us around with a camera.

  19. nicola says

    #9 – If they know that their baby is a boy (which I’m assuming because of the name Richie), I’m sure they know that they only have one baby, not two.

  20. Sandra says

    Wow this couple keeps amazing me. It looks like they will be great parents. No I did not watch the Simple Life, as it was too stupid. I am willing to believe since it is a TV show that it was 100% bad acting and seems they already have a wonderful start to good parenting!

  21. Cathi says

    This couple has totally surprised me! I am so happy that they did this wonderful thing. No matter what their past was (yes, I did see the Simple Life) I think that they are a great influence on each other. This is a couple who bring out the best in each other and it shows. It is so refreshing to see celebrities care enough about regular people to host a baby shower for them. I am also impressed that they mingled with these people and enjoyed it! May they be blessed in return.

  22. Nicki says

    I don’t care for Nicole one way or the other. I do wish them a healthy happy baby.
    This is wonderful of them to do, what a great idea. 100 Moms and thier new babies benefit from thier generousity. Best wishes to them. I wonder if Nicole will have twins? Good chance because Joel is a twin. Wonderful of them to help less fortunate people.

  23. Just me says

    I personally don’t like Nicole Richie and I don’t know anything about Joel, but it seems like he’s the one who turned her around. They probably did this for good PR because of all her problems.

  24. onatear says

    They’ve zoomed to Celeb Couple of the Year in my book.
    #3…how many charity showers have you given and supplied all the gifts? Just asking….

  25. Tia :) says

    #2, i really think she was just putting on a show…I too think she will be an excellent mother. What a wonderful thing for them to do!!!

  26. Amanda says

    Excellent!! I am so proud of them! They are really good people and it shows! Just goes to prove everyone makes mistakes and people can change!! I love this couple! They are going to make excellent parents!

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