Dennis Quaid's Twins Have Reportedly Fully Recovered

Dennis Quaid

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid’s twins have fully recovered and were recently discharged from the hospital, their lawyer Susan E. Loggans has confirmed.

“The twins are back home,” Susan E. Loggans said of the newborns, Boone and Zoe. “Their condition is fantastic, they’re smiling. Zoe looks like her mom, and Boone looks like his dad. They’ve fully recovered from the accident and it’s doubtful they’ll suffer long-term effects from the overdose.”

The infants, born on November 8th, were hospitalized on November 20th at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after accidentally being given 1,000 times the recommended dose of Heparin on November 18th.

Susan E. Loggans clarified that the twins’ “continued suffering,” as stated in a lawsuit the Quaids filed Tuesday against the makers of Heparin, refers to losses of a financial nature and ongoing invasions of the Quaids’ privacy.

“The Quaids are very religious, and they believe their children’s recovery is a real miracle,” Susan E. Loggans added.

Thank goodness they are okay. What a terrible ordeal for their family.



  1. Squeeky sue says

    I agree with you all, I think that they are suing the pharmaceutical company as a knee jerk reaction. As in you hurt my babies and I’ll hurt you.
    As well as that, lets face it, the Quaid Family have the highest public profile of all the Parents of Babies that were harmed, they have the best chance to change the labelling off anyone, especially as their babies being ill and how it happened was reported World Wide.

  2. oriana says

    HI Sandra, how are you doing? I do agree they could get much more than 50K. It isn’t about the money, I saw a picture of Dennis, he looked so exhausted and you could tell he has been grieving. I feel so bad for what they have endured!

  3. Sandra says

    If it was about money they would certainly sue for more than 50K as I read in another article.

  4. dori#1 says

    I don’t it’s about getting money as much as it is about creating awareness to the fact the drug company needs to take responsibility for their negligence. They have more money than they know what to do with this will be like a slap on the wrist for them

  5. Just me says

    I think they should sue and then give the money to the families who lost their children from this “mistake” or to a charity.

  6. boo says

    I’m so glad to hear that the Babies are doing better!, I’m sure Mommy and Daddy have finally been able to sleep at night knowing that they are now healthy!
    All the best of Luck to this Family in the Future!!!

  7. RedNails says

    I was kind wondering why they would want money, too. I think it is right that the pharmeceutical company should be punished and fix their labeling problem for sure. Maybe the
    Quaids will use the money from the lawsuit to help benefit other children or something. It would be nice….

  8. ANTI says

    If Dennis and his wife are so “religious” isn’t the returned health of their babies blessing enough? No, they also now need to recover money for their “financial losses and ongoing invasion of their privacy.” Interesting…

  9. Cathi says

    hopefully this unfortunate incident and lawsuit will prevent this from ever happening again. i just feel sorry for the parents of the 3 babies that didn’t make it. that is the real trajedy here.

  10. Dianne says

    Thank God they are OK. I prayed for their recovery. These poor children didn’t deserve this and their parents kept believing they would be ok. Tells you that prayer is the most powerful gift of all. Now they can be home for Christmas.

    These hospitals need to be held liable for their mistakes. I hope that the Quaid’s move forward with a lawsuit. And they would definitely win!

  11. Nicki says

    I’m glad the babies are home and seem to be doing great.
    I pray this never happens again to any baby.

  12. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Not only that, this has already happened to other babies besides the twins. Two of them died last year from the same error. I agree, It should be the drug company they sue, first and foremost… and the hospital needs to be held responsible too.

  13. Sandra says

    Amy Yes they should be suing the drug maker, why you ask they need to change the labeling on the bottle. The labels on the bottles are both of similar style and color could make it confusing for anyone. If this drug is that dangerous it would not hurt to change the label to a different color so the children’s dose does not get mixed up with the adult dose. Also they should be suing the hospital in which I am very sure they will be doing soon.

  14. oriana says

    I am glad they are home, I think it is a miracle and a blessing they have recovered. I don’t believe in the fully part with no long lasting affects however. That is yet to be determined. This was a drug that was not just a critical drug but a fatal one.

    I say Sue and Sue again, and I am not one for a lawsuit every time a person blinks. These innocent babies suffered needlessly and it is beyond outrageous! I would sue the drug company and the hospital if I was Dennis!

  15. dori#1 says

    Glad to hear Dennis and his family are doing well. That was pretty terrible. Hope they will enjoy their holiday season and their new babies.

  16. dori#1 says

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  17. Joey says

    Come on K & K’s Mommy…fill us in on your black stories…”and this one time, I met this black man”…blah blah blah

  18. amy says

    I feel they should be suing the person and hospital who is responsible for the overdose, not the maker of the drug. Thank god they are ok.

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