Angelina Jolie Will Be Home In New Orleans For The Holidays…And She Is NOT Pregnant!

Angelina Jolie

(In the above pic Angelina and Maddox were snapped in New Orleans on December 3rd) 

The jet-setting Brangelina clan are spending the holidays in … New Orleans!

Angelina Jolie spoke to at Monday’s Hot Pink Party in New Orlean’s Lower Ninth Ward, where Brad Pitt launched his new “Make It Right” foundation. Son Maddox, 6, was also on-hand.

“I’m working on a film [The Changeling in L.A.], but we’ll be back for Christmastime,” Angelina, 32, said. “We’ll be here through Christmas.”

(The family bought a $3.5 million mansion in the French Quarter last January.)

When asked the age-old question if she were pregnant, Angelina’s eyes widened and she replied, “No.”

Source & AP


  1. Chrissy says

    Here’s the entire interview with AJ re: the “blob” comment. You will see for yourself that it was in fact the interviewer that suggested newborns are “blobs” NOT AJ. AJ merely agreed. She did NOT say directly Shiloh was a blob but that newborns compared to older children are like “blobs” because their personalities have yet developed. BUT it was the interviewer that suggested blob.

  2. oriana says

    Deeds, I guess you are getting ready for the big trip! Have fun and enjoy yourself, bundle up! I usually pack two days before but have my list to check over. Have to carry my meds on with me, insulin! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!!

  3. oriana says

    My Dear Nicki, he hasn’t been to Seattle yet, will prob go in March. Too much going on now but he is looking forward to it and he will try out your place and Deeds also.

    I could spend all day in Costco just looking around. They have some nice crystal too. Saw Kitchen Aid set of pots n pans for $99.00. In Red and Black only though. They have a huge one in Hawaii also, right across from Aloha Stadium where they have the huge Flea Market on weekends.

    I will watch that movie very soon, sounds like a good one!

    I am having a good cup of White Choc, hot chocolate! Sounds stupid I know, but good!!!!

    Have a good evening!!!!!!

  4. Nicki says

    Oh yeah and we have here Sams (am a member) and the new one here in the last year is BJ’s. I like BJ’s a bit more, and am a member there also, but love getting everything for the month in one trip!! Take care oriana……Chat with you soon.

  5. Nicki says

    oriana~ watch it if you can on cable oe rent it. Cate is so funny in it near the end, but great in the whole movie. Mind you I have seen it 4-5 times, but for $5 bucks at WalMart you can buy it (our rental fee here at Blockbuster is something like $4.79 for a movie, new or old). The movie came out in 1998-1999. Cate was so funny in it. But it was mostly towards the end. Or the middle on………try to catch it. Your hubby might like Cate in it………..or maybe not if the Elizabeth type movies are his preference.

    I am not a meat eater, but I love a cheese quesadilla, I know boring for you but I do enjoy that. Thats as Mexican as I get but have many friends who won’t eat certain places because it is Tex-Mex. They want REAL mexican food.

    Did your hubby go to Seattle yet?? Where did he go to eat?? Salty’s would have been a great choice for the Salmon. But glad he had a safe trip, if indeed he went already, if he hasn’t been yet, best wishes for his travels yet to be.
    Take care, and Hugs to you.,,,,

  6. oriana says

    Nicki, I didn’t see Pushing Tin, didn’t realize Cate was in it either! She is a beautiful classy woman! I love Mexican food and Fresno has some of the best restaurants. I don’t care for the Tex-Mex types, I want the real authentic Mexican food! Cold again tonight but nice today. Went to Costco, don’t know if they have one there or not, maybe a Sam’s Club, the same thing to me.

    Lisa, maybe you are right, maybe I just took it the wrong way, I am not perfect by any means and have made many mistakes. Hope you are having a nice evening. And again, you are right, I am not an insider or close confidant of them. Just my thoughts and opinions and many people disagree with me.

  7. Lisa says

    Even though I am not for censorship someone should really moderate these comments, some people on this site are just down right rude. How can people make such rude comments about people they don’t know.
    I am beginning to question my own sanity for coming on this site or any other celebrity site. Why do we care about these people or their babies?

    Suzy I’m with you I can’t stay here and waste my life away. Then again I’m at work and bored to tears. I can’t wait to go home, is anyone else in the same predicament? Maybe I should do something constructive to pass the time like write a book.

    Oriana I don’t think Suzy was making a crack at you but just stating the fact that you aren’t the nanny, assistant or any other insider. Although I do agree with you about them not showing Shiloh much affection I know I don’t have any hard evidence to make my case.

  8. Nicki says

    Wow, I don’t know what I was thinking about while typing #107. I can’t believe I wrote a Tom Cruise movie for Julie Christies’ Away From Her. I KNOW I wasn’t thinking about Tom C.,LOL.

    oriana~ I haven’t seen Cates’ movie either but she is a great actress and I’ve liked her in everything I’ve seen her in. Did you ever see Pushing Tin? It is a John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton movie, but Cate and Angie co-starred. I liked the movie.
    Oceans 13 was way better than 12. I liked it, saw it twice.

    It is colder here today suppossed to be mid sixties. Drive carefully in that fog. I don’t miss that but do miss ALL the malls and resturants in Fresno. Take care.

  9. oriana says

    Suzy, I so hope you aren’t thru with responding to me! I will so miss all the lovely compliments you throw my way!

    FYI, as most people know, I am semi-retired, my husband works with me, and my sister and nephew work for me part time. I don’t think that you should be lumping “stay at home moms” in the category of being obsessed with this couple or other celebs, you must not have much of a life yourself if you are on here reading my posts and others that much!

    I am not a stay at home mom, I have two grown sons, of course I do have three cats and a dog so in some ways I am a stay at home mom.

    And when I said anyone that didn’t realize I was joking about breaking in Brad was a joke, is pitiful in my opinion and that goes for you too!

    As for your cracks to me about not being the kids grandmother, nanny or assistant, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!

  10. oriana says

    Nicki, it has been like 32 and 34 at night, very cold! And very foggy in San Francisco and here as well in the mornings. Fresno is really bad right now with the fog daily! I do like Fresno though. They have some good restaurants down there and that town is really getting big, lots of Malls now.

    You are right about Jody Foster, she is a fantastic actress and a force to be reckoned with. It will be interesting indeed. I haven’t seen any of the other films, my hubby is cheering for Cate, he loves all the films about Elizabeth.

    I can’t believe the warm weather you are having! No White Christmas for you, looks like Tia will be the only one! Lucky Girl!

    I haven’t seen Ocean’s 13 yet but I hear it is a good one, didn’t care for the second one that much but loved and laughed at the first one. I love George and Matt too, and Don Cheadle is one of my all time favorite actors. I do think Bernie Mac is hilarious too, I like his TV show!

    Have a good evening my Dear! Always look forward to hearing from you. Wish there were ten more just like you on here!!!!!!

  11. Nicki says

    OK- In the last month and a half, not having been here much other to pop on (and mostly just the Jolie-Pitts thread), I must have missed something. I remember ~comment~ as a poster of information about the JP’s, not a person who would post #95. That is why I didn’t think it was the real comment. But who knows maybe I am confusing comment with traveler whom I’ve always enjoyed reading. I don’t know maybe in the new year I will be able to follow this, lol.

    oriana~yes, my friend is doing much better. Thank-you for asking. She used to love to read, so I have been sending her books every 3 weeks or so and she actually has some down time to enjoy reading them now. It takes her about 4-5 days to finish one but she is enjoying her little bit of free time. (she used to finish a book in a day in a half, max, lol)
    How cold is it in your area? I am remembering Fresno area and I would bet it’s very chilly now. Foggy also?

  12. Nicki says

    oriana~yes my day is going well. Actually since Monday we have been have wonderfully warm days, 80+ degrees. Today was in the low 70’s, lol. It feels like May not December. It’s crazy. We NEED rain desperately!! But has been wonderful here, lots of time spent oudoors.

    I think Brad looks very much like his Mom, and his Dad is a handsome man. We just watched The Mexican this weekend, while it didn’t do good when it came out, I loved him in that movie. I like him in all different types of movies. Joe Black wasn’t my favorite movie, but he looked yummy in it. I like him pretty and I like him goofy.
    I really enjoyed him in TAOJJ, while he wasn’t playing pretty or goofy in that I really enjoyed it.

    Angie was very good in A Mighty Heart. Not a dry eye in the place when I saw it. I do hope she wins, but I haven’t seen the others in thier movies so hard to say. I did like Kiera K. (sp) in the Pirates movies, I don’t care for her in the interviews I have seen with her. I have seen the previews for Atonement, and it looks like it could be a good movie, but I can’t say. I have read many reviews about Julie Christie in Far and Away, and the majority have been positive, haven’t seen that either.
    Of course Jodie Foster is another nom. and she is usually great in everything she does.
    Awards season should be interesting in the up and coming months.

  13. Suzy says

    Oriana don’t resort to name calling because I said nothing disrespectful to you. You’re calling me pitiful but you seem to spend way too much time on a celeb baby site. I obviously knew you were joking I was just trying to point out that you don’t know these people and their everyday lives but you seem adamant that you do

    ” So if you are in denial about it, you can’t bring yourself to admit it, or you are ashamed to admit it, it isn’t my fault!”

    I am guessing you have no life or are a stay at home mom because these seem to be the two types of people that are obsessed with celebrities and their lives and believe they know them personally even though they’ve never met them. Anyway, I have a life and no time for you so you can go ahead and post till your fingers fall off I’m not responding to you again.

  14. oriana says

    comment, are you my ex mother in law or my husband’s old girlfriend? If not, then you have two fans out there that would love you!

  15. comment says

    watch it a few times” ignorance ” is hard to crack, tough to get through to. being ignorant will take a while to sink in ….not just the movie with anything in life as you have shown us

  16. oriana says

    Okay, she was nominated!!! I was looking for the film A Mighty Heart. I think she may have some competition from Atonement, that actress and the film may carry it all off. You know Nicki I am not a huge fan of Angie’s, but I do think she is a wonderful actress and I don’t think anyone can deny that. Haven’t seen Atonement but it looks like a strong film to beat!

  17. oriana says

    HI Nicki, hope you are having a good day my Dear. It is cold here and I am sure it is there too. I saw Legends of the Fall on TV last night, Brad was gorgeous in that movie! And Meet Joe Black too, loved that. I think he looks like his mother, what do you think? His Dad is a handsome man too.

    I have to say I just saw the list of the nominations for the Golden Globes. I was very surprised to see Angie wasn’t listed for A Mighty Heart!!!!!! Now for sure I thought she would be! I was cheering for that movie from day One. I think she should have been and I have always said so.

    How is your friend doing? Has she gotten any help with taking care of her husband? I hope so. Talk to you later honey.

  18. comment says

    she can’t figure out if she is making a true statement or lying again. but she did get it right with #95 now that agreed on I’ll have a wonderful day. AMEN

  19. Nicki says

    oriana~I came late to the convo-but I loved your #94 post about – As a matter of fact, I broke him in! – I thought that was so funny. And even funnier were the posts asking you to prove it , like post pics. (by the way that-#94 doesn’t reaaly sound like comment, but who knows)….So funny, you handle yourself quite fine with a keen humor. I like that.

  20. oriana says

    Suzy, I could ask you the same thing. Are you their publicist? Now, fact, I have seen many, many pictures of them with the adopted kids, being very affectionate, loving and nuturing. How many have you seen like that with Shiloh? Four, five at the most? And they cannot compare to the same level and degree of love exhibited towards the other children.

    I have also seen interviews given with her gushing over Zahara and Maddox, haven’t heard anything to compare with those regarding Shiloh. Have you? When and Where? Where are the pictures?

    So if you are in denial about it, you can’t bring yourself to admit it, or you are ashamed to admit it, it isn’t my fault!

  21. Suzy says

    Oriana “breaking Brad in” does not mean you know him or Angie personally. Are you the nanny or assisstant or grandmother? You have only seen pictures like the rest of us. Maybe Z is the favorite maybe she is not, maybe they don’t play favorites. Although many parents do and don’t realize it we don’t know that they do. It is fine to say “I think “or “I believe”, but just realize that you don’t know the truth and it’s just speculation.

  22. comment says

    nope nope won’t believe it till I see a picture. If you produce the picture it will show you to be the ***** you would be, making the breaking in claim and all, if you dont have the photo then your a lie teller. either one would go along with IGNORANT. which is it?

  23. oriana says

    Suzy, how do you know I don’t know them personally! Brad was one of my old boyfriends! As a matter of fact, I broke him in! That’s right, got him ready for Jen and Angie!

    And yes, I would be happy if I saw him spend some time with Shiloh like he has all the other kids, like he said he was going too, but haven’t seen that happen yet and it has been months. I didn’t say it, he did. I never said either I think they don’t love her, just not as much as the others, especially Princess Zahara, and their actions have made me think that, or should I say, lack of actions and attention.

  24. Andrea says

    I want to say that I wrote something about the difference between adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research and it was deleted. I have absolutely no idea why and can only conclude the person monitoring this site is censoring on differences of viewpoint.
    That’s illegal and I think I will report this if it happens again.

  25. Suzy says

    For the record my post was not entirely directed at Oriana, but everyone that make comments about celebrities like they are family members or best friends. Nonetheless, I welcome attacks from everyone.

  26. Suzy says

    Brad just made an announcement at a press conference saying that he would be taking Shiloh out for her special one on one time in front of the paps so Oriana can see them together and finally be happy. Actually she wouldn’t be happy if she saw thousands of pics of Shiloh with Brad or Angie because then she wouldn’t have fuel for her “Brad and Angie don’t love Shiloh tirade”. Why should these people do anything to please anyone but themselves and their children. It’s so funny because for months people were complaining that they keep Shiloh locked up in the house and take out the other kids. Well I haven’t seen any of the kids in the past few months except for a few pics of Maddox, so where is the outrage of keeping all of their kids locked up. You see it only works when it is Shiloh.
    Please stop pretending like you know these people, how they feel and what they do when cameras are not around because you don’t.
    Go ahead, attack me Oriana I’m guessing you have nothing better to do anyway.

  27. oriana says

    Nicki, I paid attention to what he said, and I still got the impression he was trying to focus on Shiloh being born in Namibia. He could just as easily have said, and we have our youngest daughter, Shiloh. Why stress so much on the fact she was born in Namibia? Is he embarrassed she is an American child?

    She was born in Namibia, she is not from that country. And if they find it so hard to admit she isn’t from a Third World country, then they should move to Namibia and raise her there.

    Yes, all the kids are Americans, NOW, after they were adopted. He can say what he wants too, Shiloh is the only one with his DNA. I definitely think he loves the others, not the same, but more than her.

    He always talked about each child had their personal and special day with him taking them out in the community. We saw this months ago, again, still waiting to see Shiloh out with him on her special one on one day?

  28. Nicki says

    oriana~I saw the interview both times it was shown. And while he did say one born in Namibia, thats all he said. It is a fact she was born in Namibia. I didn’t get the impression he was trying to say anything else, just stating a fact.

    My hubby took me to Mimis yesterday for breakfast. It was wonderful even though I didn’t indulge in the Bananas Foster,lol. Next week I will indulge after we have dinner with friends. I will think of you while I am enjoying every bite of it.

    kimmy~Congratulations! I love the name you picked for your little boy. Best wishes.

  29. oriana says

    traveler, I will be happy to answer you.

    1. I am for stem cell research and have read many articles about it.

    2. Yes, Larry King did bring it up, and when Brad answered, he named off which country each child was from, and said they had one born in Namibia. Shiloh is not from there, she was born there and hasn’t been back since.

    3. No one questions her right to give birth or live for that matter, wherever she wants too. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that Brad tried to make it sound like Shiloh was Namibian. She is not, no more than the other kids are.

    4. I do think they have favorites and I think Maddox and Zahara are the ones. That is just my opinion, and I have based that on the many, many pictures of her laughing, cuddling, kissing, showing affection to them that she has NEVER exhibited to that degree with Shiloh.

    5. I don’t think they have pimped out their kids and never have. I also think the paps are just as crazy in Germany, Paris, Prague, and other countries, not just in America.

    6. I think she should be applauded for her efforts but I think the kids are the reason for it, and she had more problems than when she was a youngster. She wasn’t exactly a young kid when she was BBT and she was pyscho then too.

    7. Brad is a puppet and goes along with whomever he is with at the time, even down to the same hair style and color, and it hasn’t been just for films either. She is the Leader and Brad is a Follower.

    And they are doing exactly what works for them regardless of what others think or say.

    And I will add #8. If it wasn’t for the stupid Americans as you say, Brad nor Angie would never have gotten the opportunities they have now, to help themselves, their children, and others.

  30. oriana says

    I sure WILL my darling Kimora’s mommy! And we will have our Bananas Foster which is Nicki’s fave also! They have one in San Jose too!!!!

    Gillian, I would be surprised if that was true! I think Jennifer has realized by now, Brad is a part of history for her. She will prob be with the Arquettes would be my guess. I don’t see anything wrong with her remaining friends with his family and staying in touch, but I think major holidays is a bit much.

    I do have to say, and this is just my own personal opinion, I don’t think Jennifer is all that happy. She has not had a big time movie career like she counted on and she certainly hasn’t had any success at love. I hope she does next year.

  31. Tia :) says

    Kimmy- Congrats!!! I love the name you picked out! How exciting! I cant wait to have another child…all the best!!

  32. Gillian says

    I hope Brad, and Angie, and the chidlren, are having Christmas in New Orleans, because I read an article that the Pitts’, have invited Jennifer WHINNING Aniston, for Christmas, the article furher states that Angie, pitiched a fit (I would to), and poor Brad, has been put in the middle by his own parents. I would be furious with them to. this is Brad and Angie, and the Children’s, first Christmas as a family, she is not one of their family, and if she had any maturity she would gracefully decline the offer. Get on with your OWN life Jennifer, women’s hearts are broken every day, by diviorce, you are rich, something most divorced women don’t have the luxury of having. You can do anything you want….get on with it girl!!! You don’t ever know what you might be missing while you are still trying to revive something that is over. From what I have read Brad, just feels sorry for you. You are waisting your life, you could be: married, with children of your own…give yourself a chance, and quit living in the past. It is done, and over. Get on with your own life before it’s too late to have children of your own.

  33. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oriana- Mimi’s Cafe is on Ashford Crossing, right? I think I went there for breakfast a couple years ago. Let me know if you’re ever back in the area, and we’ll meet there!

  34. traveler says

    Ok, I have to make some I have to make some comments on the discussions.

    1. On stem cell research. All of those who are condenming the sacrifice of a pack of cells for the greater good are hypocrites to the extreme. You don’t seem to have the same problem with the American soldiers’ lives and the lives of innocent locals being sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan for the “greater” good. The U.S. soldiers may have volunteered to sacrifice their lives, but the children of Iraq and Afghanistan certainly haven’t. If using a blastocyst can saves hundred of thousands of lives, then I say go for it. Besides, do you even know what happens to those frozen embryos once the couple are done having kids? They pitch them. Yep, that’s right. They through them in the trash. Why not give them meaning by saving lives with them instead?

    2. Brad was talking about his kids origins because Larry King brought it up. He was trying to get Brad to talk about the recent controversy regarding Z’s adoption. Brad deflected him beautifully. If you have a problem with anyone, it should be Larry King.

    3. For everyone’s information, all of the JP kids are Americans. When an American couple adopts a child, that child automatically becomes an American citizen. So what if they chose it have Shiloh in Namibia. They did it because the country means a lot to them. Especially to Angelina. She was filming in Namibia when she took custody of Maddox. She spent her first few weeks as a parent in Namibia and has even talked about how the local women helped to teach her how to parent a baby. I can see why she would choose to give birth there. The place obviously holds great memories for her. And since she was the one giving birth and not Brad, it should have been her decision where the birth would take place. The man should be there to give support and encouragement for whatever makes the mother feel comfortable. Plus, Namibia offered them protection and privacy from the paps so that Shiloh could be born in peace. Why would anyone criticize that?

    4. I don’t think either AJ or Brad love any of their children more than the others. The fact that they went to the extreme of finding a private place to bring Shiloh into the world shows that they loved her immensely before she was even born. I honestly don’t think they care what color their children are or what country they were born in. Like I said, Brad mentioned the differing origins of his children because Larry King was shamelessly fishing for information that he had no right knowing.

    5. Why does everyone think the JPs are pimping out their kids? Who amoung you has never taken their children to a store? Why should the JP kids be denied outings with their parents just because the rest of America decides to act like idiots. Those kids deserve to do the kinds of things that all other children get to do. It’s not their fault the paps camp out at the end of their driveway. Why should they have to be holed up in a house for the rest of their lives just because Americans are stupid?

    6. So what if AJ had problems as a youngster. Plenty of people do and they recover just fine and go on to live upstanding lives. When an alcoholic gets help and cleans himself up, everyone applauds him and tells him what a great thing he did. Why doesn’t AJ get that same treatment? Why aren’t people applauding her efforts to make herself a better human being rather than beating her down no matter what good things she does for herself or others? Again, you are all hypocrites.

    7. As for Brad’s spine or lack thereof. I can’t comment. I don’t know the man personally and so I don’t pretend that I know the dynamic of his relationships.

    In the end, the JPs should do whatever works for them and their family regardless of what other’s say.

  35. oriana says

    I love the name Luke, My brother named his son Stephen Luke. Good Luck to you kimmy! Keep us informed of how you are doing. Hope no morning sickness! With me, I was sick day and night, and crackers didn’t help any at all, back then people tell me, eat crackers, it will do the trick, and up they came! Ha!

  36. kimmy says

    We’re having a boy. We’re naming him Silas Luke. It’s from the Bible. He weighed 2 1/2 lbs today. 🙂 I’m 27 weeks. Thank you for the congrats!!

  37. Tia :) says

    That is really sad Kimmy. I did look him up…sick man!!!

    I didnt know you were pregnant! Congrats! Do you know what your having?

  38. kimmy says

    Tia and Oriana- It’s true! His name is Dr. Tiller. I call him Tiller the Killer. I’m not sure about his first name, but I’m sure you can look him up on the internet. It really is sick. I got my 3d/4d ultrasound done today and I can’t even imagine doing something like that. It’s really sad, because I think many girls are uneducated about it and just panic when they’re in a situation and they think that that is their only alternative. Plus all the Doctors want is money, so they’ll leave out the fact that they’re about to murder life. I would hate to be judged by God with all that innocent blood on my hands. I think the important thing is to educate people and love them. Have a great day! 🙂

  39. oriana says

    Tia, hello to you my Dear, have a nice weekend! More shopping and wrapping for me! I dread the wrapping!

    I’ve been watching the weather outlook for up there on the TV. You may very well have a White Christmas!!!!!

    Kimora’s mommy, I love Atlanta, haven’t been thru there in about 15 years. My hometown is Bowling Green, Ky, 65 miles from Nashville. Have you ever been to Mimi’s Cafe? Love it!!!!!

    kimmy, that is shocking to hear, I lived in Kansas City, Ks. for five years, happy years too, loved it, went to Topeka, Wichita, loved it, I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!

  40. kimmy says

    Cathi- I back you 100%! We live in a really warped society that thinks killing animals is wrong and killing humans is right. I live in Kansas where there is an abortionist here that will do abortions in the 3rd trimester ( yes, people there are Doctors that will do that) It really upsets me.

  41. Deeds says

    I saw some pics from the Cannes film festival that were of Brad and AJ. When Brad was with AJ he looked stilted, When he was with his friends his smile looked genuine, he looked happy. I believe that he would have a home in NO for the children with or without AJ. From the films both of them have had in theaters this past year or more none of them have been even close to being Oscar worthy.

  42. rola456789 says

    Angelina Jolie is a good mother.but her husband is not a good person, someone saw his picture on a service site, so trrible.

  43. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Yes you’re right Oriana. I’ve been to New Orleans…it’s about 420 miles from Atlanta. I wanted to go to help in a clean up effort three months after the August hurricane, but I didn’t want to leave Kimora who was only 8 months old (and I would find out in the following weeks that was pregnant again with Kariah). So I haven’t been down since Katrina but have been there pre- children and love the people, the jazz music, and the cajun food. 🙂

  44. Tia :) says

    Oriana- Im happy i made you laugh dear!!! I re-read it and laughed myself. No i have no been to new orleans…Iv always wanted to go!!! My aunt went tight before katrina…she said it was wonderful!! The snow isnt too bad here right now…we’re apparently in for it again this weekend though!!!

    Have a good night dear!

  45. oriana says

    clare, had not heard about that! Not surprised though, I think both Brad and Jen did their “relaxing” thing. I think we change as we get older and hopefully get a little more serious about the important things. I think he will stick with his dedication to New Orleans and especially with Angie pushing it.

    I think if she gets nominated for any awards (Oscar, Golden Globe) for A Mighty Heart, it will prove that Hollywood may not be turning their back on them, the verdict is still out on that one. He did get some recognition for Babel and it was deserved.

    I do think the stability of the family life and the children have made a huge difference in her mental state. She was admitted to a mental ward before she married BBT, I know the death of her mother threw her into a tailspin but I think she is stronger in many ways at this stage in her life.

    Brad, poor Brad, he will follow where she leads. He is looking old and tired to me most of the time. He even said his looks aren’t what they used to be.

  46. clare says

    Brad is a douche and has always been a douche even before Angelina. Oriana, he had a cause before, he went to campaign for Cannabis in wahington. I think the reason he looks unfortable in his new ‘suit’ of charitable do gooder is because he knows that the rest of hollywood knows the truth- that he took up charity to save his ass after the brangelina fiasco. He and Angelina were pretty finished with the public against them, their only saving grace is the charity thing they are doing.

    By next year they will be old news.

  47. Tia :) says

    Well for some on who is “slipping” and a “time bomb” She sure in hell has done a lot of great things and seems like a wonderful mother to her children.!!!!!!!!

  48. oriana says

    Melanie my Dear, I do have to agree with you on lots of points. I watched some of the interview, Brad doesn’t speak that well to me, he seemed sincere and I think he will give his support, money wise also, but I do think it was Angie’s idea to take up the cause. Do Gooder Brad wasn’t around before he hooked up with her.

    I don’t remember any crusades he was on when he was married to Jen. Angie will motivate him and encourage him to use his celebrity status to help, and wherever it is, it will be benefiting those in need.

    I have always said, Brad is a celebrity, Angie is the STAR in that family. I am really surprised they haven’t made a Home Base overseas. I see more children, from Third World countries.

    I think this will be a wonderful Christmas for them down there and it will be very festive in New Orleans.

  49. Malayka says

    Whenever I watch a Brad interview I just feel so sad. He sounds so shallow and forced and totally unnatural these days. Like he is a new person who does not understand himself. I feel sorry for him.

  50. Melanie says

    I can’t stand Brad Pitt these days, he bores me to tears and he seems to repeat whatever Angelina says. For instance that comment about kids coming from different places was said by Angelina on Larry King I think. He does not seem like he has a mind of his own or a spine for that matter. He looks and sounds like a loser who run out of his own ideas. Even the nude scene answer was given by Angelina some time. Does she coach him on what to say or what?

    I am so sure the New Orleans idea was Angelinas. ‘Hey Brad why don’t you take up the new orleans cause since am the one for refugees and adopting.’

    I doubt Brad’s parents like Angelina, how can you like a woman who emansculates your son to this level. I bet his sisters hate her. I would!

    And Shiloh is not Namibian, she is American. I bet her father had never even heard of that country before. They went there just to show off. Has the country gotten less poor in the last two years? Who do they think they are fooling?

    And Oriana the only reason these two cannot adopt a child is because the adoption would not be granted and that would be a humiliation. Not many countries can give people with Angelina’s past a child because I can see her slipping back into it some time. She seems rather unstable, like a ticking bomb. Notice that she targets countries with lax adoption laws like Vietnam and Ethiopia.

  51. pat says

    I agree, they move around so much which gives the kids a chance to see the world but I think they need one place to call home, could that be N.O.?

  52. oriana says

    I really think Angie and the kids will enjoy it down there during Christmas time. It is very nice and they will have a great time. I bet Brad’s parents join them down there too for a few days.

  53. comment says

    hey thank folks! at least now the talk is somewhat about the article now that is a lot better. ( probably won’t be for long but it is a start, maybe in time people will learn to do on a more regular basis) Great job!!!

  54. oriana says

    Deeds, don’t think so, their home is close to Bourbon Street where the flooding didn’t get too. It is located in the French Quarters and is very elegant inside, nice outside too with a wrap around balcony.

  55. comment says

    Nicki where are you? Oh I hear she went to get the biscuts! HA Is puss stilll purring? Biscuts are smelling goooooood

  56. oriana says

    Tia, have you ever been to New Orleans? I would love to go, have always wanted too, my brother loves it down there! I know Kimora’s mommy has been! It isn’t that far from Atlanta. I think it is a noble project Brad is working on and I think it will be successful, I certainly hope so. It is heartbreaking the damage that was done by Katrina.

    My whole family, even my Aunt in Medford, Oregon sent money to help and my brother went down for a month with his church to help clean up. Believe me, he doesn’t believe in getting his hands dirty, and he stayed there longer after his church group went back home! He fell in love with New Orleans about five years ago, like I did Hawaii back in 1990 when I first went.

    Hope you aren’t getting snowed in! I wish I could see it!

  57. oriana says

    Well, I just woke up, almost 4:00am, and read Tia’s comment. Now I am laughing and can’t go back to sleep! Guess I will just go eat something!!!!! Ha! Thank you Tia my Dear!!!!!!!

  58. comment says

    has the cat went paws up yet??? come on girls I’m needing some biscuts from the red lobster. and I need to hear some food comments NOW! HAHAHAHAHA

  59. Denise says

    Good luck to Brad if he can get houses built there in New Orleans. With the rampant crime going on there I don’t know who would want to live there anyway. He better watch out for those drive by shootings.

  60. oriana says

    I am not talking about Dual Citizenship and neither was Brad. I understand how it works, either he doesn’t or he doesn’t care. His main point was Shiloh was born in Namibia, which was exactly what he was trying to focus on, she may be a Citizen of that country, she is NOT Namibian, she is an American.

    They will never adopt a child from the U.S., Angie won’t allow it, and when he said to Larry King, they don’t fight, I believe him, he knows who is the Boss of that family and so does everyone else.

    Since Brad is busy adopting kids, I hope he adopts a spine while he is at it!

  61. Shiloh has dual citizenship says

    What is Dual Citizenship: Dual citizenship means that an individual is a citizen of two countries at the same time. It is also possible to be a citizen of three or more countries. However, every country has its own laws regarding dual citizenship. Some countries allow it; others do not, while some have no particular laws regarding dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is not something that can be applied for. It is a process that happens when a person becomes a citizen of another country, in addition to his or her country of birth. Dual citizenship occurs automatically to some individuals, for example: a child is born in the United States to foreign parents. In this example this child has U.S. Dual Citizenship since the child is automatically a citizen of the United States and a citizen of its parent’s home country. *******The same applies to children of U.S. citizens born abroad where the child is both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the country of birth. ********

  62. oriana says

    I wish Angie had told the reporter when asked if she was pregnant, whether I am or not is none of your business! I would have loved it!!!!!

  63. oriana says

    Thank you Cathi my Dear!! Brad should have Angelina explain it to him since she is so intelligent, maybe he will understand it coming from her! And I do think she is much smarter than he is.

    I have seen some of the pictures of the homeless in New Orleans, they have more pride in their appearance than he does, Brad always looks like he needs a bath to me!

  64. Cathi says

    LOL oriana..good point. I wish Brad would take note. It sounds like he is trying too hard to see that Shiloh is the same as his adopted children. Where you are born has no bearing at all upon your personal ancestry. Duh, Brad.

  65. oriana says

    I saw the interview clips with Brad and Larry King talking about his kids. He was stating where each country the kids came from, and said he had one born in Namibia, why is he trying to make it sound like Shiloh is from there? She is an American, he and Angie are Americans. Brad, there isn’t anything negative about Shiloh being an American! Why be hesitant to say so?

    If my niece and her husband go to Germany and their baby is born there, they are coming back home, she won’t be German just because she might be born in a German town.

  66. Lauren says

    I don’t think she is pregnant. If she was, there’d be some evidence proving that fact. Since, she’s so skinny, she’d be showing a little bump. Like Nicole Richie was when she was first pregnant/

  67. oriana says

    Brad does bore me and I think he is dull. However, I do think he is very sincere in wanting to help with the rebuilding of New Orleans and I am glad to see it. I think it is a noble cause and good to see them doing something to help in their home country. I think they can be of tremendous help universally and wherever they choose people will benefit from it.

  68. Sandra says

    Brad bore me to death,and he looks phony talking about his charity. Everything to stay on top.

  69. Lesley says

    Whatever negative comments can be made about Brad & Angelina, I don’t see how we can criticize them wanting to help in New Orleans. A lot of people criticize them for adopting internationally and not doing enough for America, so now they are doing something.

  70. RedNails says

    Maddox is seen the most in public and Zahara is next. Pax and Shiloh are kept out of the public eye more often. I wonder why.

  71. Mirielle says

    I remember a comment somebody made in this site a few months ago. About seeing less of Shiloh, because obviously all is not well with her. I am starting to think that person might be right.

  72. lily says

    Angelina abd Brads family are generous in helping needy and poor people their generosity in this respect serve good example for Hollywood stars . They are too good to be true. We like their movies, they are besy actress and actor.

  73. Melanie says

    How can sh ecall a place home when she has not lived there for a year? She is a liar she probably won’t there. She just bought the house for cheap publicity. Now she is back pimping her kids.

  74. unknown says

    Yes Brad, we the lowly non-Hollywood elite are stupid enough to believe you. You are our savior and we hang on your every word. We mourn your decision to no longer appear nude in movies, as you and your lovely umm…regal mate have shown us the way to live our lives. How would we ever survive without your wisdom and moral guidance. (Are you KIDDING me? LMAOOOOOOOOO sit y’azz down Brad, you’re only an ACTOR). So sick of his sidekick and her litter!

  75. Cathi says

    i have read up on stem cell research using emryos and found it frightening to say the least. first of all, to condone using cells (which is the most fundemental of body parts) from an aborted embryo or fetus i would first have to condone the killing of babies through abortion. i do not. this research also includes the “donating” of frozen embryos from the moms and dads. this is horrifying to me. this is the future of our medical research? this is our answer to curing disease? it’s like something out of a bad science fiction movie. what is the next step? killing hadicapped people or old people so we can benefit in some way? scary. very scary.

  76. dori#1 says

    #9 your name keeps changing but your supid comments are very recognizable. Go get a life and stop comming in here and shooting off your mouth Shouldn’t you be in schooil learning how to read and write?

  77. momof5 says

    Before you start bashing stemcell research you ought to read up on it. They do not use “body parts”, they use cells. I won’t get into a debate about it but I can’t believe people ae still making false statements about it. I have a brother who was assaulted at 19 and paralized from the neck down and if they can take some cells from an unfertilized embryo and use that to make him walk, go for it.

  78. Nina says

    Oh Cathi, I couldn’t agree with you MORE! Thanks for having the guts to say it—I’m sure it won’t be popular 🙂

  79. Cathi says

    so angie went into a fur shop…big deal. we eat animals and use their fur to keep warm. get over it people. why don’t you fight for baby humans being killed through abortion and their baby parts used for science stem cell research. that is 100 times worse than killing an animal that was put here for us to eat anyway.

  80. Al&J says

    Oriana – Yes I agree. She does look very pretty even without makeup, but you are right she could still add maybe 5 more lbs.

    #12 – How do we even know that she purchased fur items. Were you there? Did you get a good look inside her bag or at her bill? Stop trying to make an issue out of nothing.

  81. Tia :) says

    You know what really kills me? People who judge other peoples preferences….#12…it’s your own personal opinion NOT to purchase something that is made of real fur. Just like I wouldn’t…i am all for faux….but what she does or anyone else does is no ones business! It’s just like how i eat meat and my husbands friend who is a vegetarian, constantly tells us how bad we are. Who cares what other people do?? To each his own!

  82. kayla says

    she need to stop adopting these dirty asian kids and da monkey and adopt in the good usa with da pretty white kids

  83. oriana says

    Nice picture. Angie is pretty and looks just as pretty without makeup as she does without it. I still think she is too slim but not sickly looking at all to me.

  84. 2teens3beans says

    I’m glad they bought a house in NO since they love the area so much. Haven’t seen a lot of the other kids lately, I guess they aren’t taking them out as much. I’m really glad that they will have a place to call home now, especially where Brad is so involved with helping rebuild the area.

  85. kimmy says

    It looks like the kiddos are being well taken care of but now it’s time to take care of herself-by eating.

  86. Al&J says

    I doubt she spoke to US Weekly.
    Reporters really need to stop asking her if she’s pregnant. If she is and when she is ready she will say something. No wonder people like J.LO and Christina chose to keep silent about their pregnancies.
    and I love what the Jolie-Pitts are trying to do in NOLA. From what I’ve read the people from New Orleans are really excited about the project and have thanked Angelina and Brad over and over.
    It’s nice to go the extra mile for others especially around the holidays.

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